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Which BB20 House Guest Will....

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  • Which BB20 House Guest Will....

    So BettyBoo asked a question on another thread that made me want to start this one ...

    Which BB20 House Guest will be the first to ...

    ( you ask a question .. then others answer .. and so and and so forth as the season goes on ... it will be fun to see how many BBU'ers get it right )

    1st question ...

    Which BB20 house guest will be the first to climb the rock wall?

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    DADOO on the Wall:


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      That was my first thought too... Tyler ...


      • Playmisty4me
        Playmisty4me commented
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        I think it will be Angela Rummans.

        She says "Not to toot my own horn, but I'm kind of a freak athlete and I LOVE to compete. I'm a fierce competitor and nothing brings me more joy than beating men at sports." And the whole time, we'll get to hear about her being " a professional track-and-field athlete, trained at the Olympic training center with the Olympic team, and am the most headstrong, iron-willed competitor."

        Anybody who lists she who will not be named as her favorite player, can't be socially savvy enough to put aside her need to out physical-ize someone of the opposing gender to boost her own sense of value to realize that the wall thingy will set her up as a physical threat to get picked off early. Of couse: she'll want to challenge a "guy", so ......her side kidk of stupicity will be Tyler. And Brett will watch diligently and be the one that suggests she's a physical threat.....
        Siiiiiigh.......omg...I'm psycho analyzing people already and it hasn't even started......arrrrrrgggghhhhh.......let the games begin....

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