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HG's Relationships with Previous HG's

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  • HG's Relationships with Previous HG's

    Rachel -
    Though he had nothing to do with her getting on the show, Veto King James Rhine knows her personally (they are both from Vegas). He denies ever sleeping with her, but his fiance was in the room when questioned, sooooo....

    Tyler -
    Don't judge this guy based on other surfer HG's of the past (Braden, David.) As already shown on the 2 broadcast episodes, he is a smart cookie. He is a huge Superfan of many seasons and smart, as confirmed by BBOTT's Alex. They became friends when Tyler made finals for BBOTT, but he didn't make it in the house. They were even going to the BB20 Premier Party in New York and when he didn't show, Alex soon saw why.....he made it on BB20.

    I believe that 2 of the "Bro's" were finalist for BB19, but I will have to check which ones and who confirmed it. I wanna say Faysal, but I could be wrong.

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