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    There is a science theory and i want to apply it to Big Brother

    If the above theory is true, then there are zillions of clones of Kaitlyn Herman in alternate realities who go their entire lives from birth to death and beyond without wearing sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes or athletic shoes ever (in those realities the only shoes that her clones wear are high heels, flip flops and sandals)

    I am bringing this up because it would seem those clones of Kaitlyn would be even more earthy and nature oriented than the Kaitlyn of our reality (since they don't wear sneakers or sneaker like shoes)

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    Welcome to BBU landon22perkins. Since this is your first post, I am going to assume you are not aware that we do not post links without approval from our fearless leader, Lexie. Normally, I would delete the link and tell you to submit it using the "contact us" button at the bottom of the page. I read the link, and after my eyes crossed and drool run down my chin, I decided to leave it. There may be people that want to talk about whatever that stuff was about, but it was waaaaaaay over my head.


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      It's kinda like the "MultiVerse" theory in the Marvel Comics.


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