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Drama .. Drama...Drama ... Help!

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  • Drama .. Drama...Drama ... Help!

    Hey BBU'ers...

    Gosh this summer has been filled with drama in the Big Brother house!!

    And, tonight should another dramatic filled live eviction night, with even more drama coming as another new Head of Household takes control.

    This gets to be the time and place where the HG are having to double down and play the game ... no more hiding or blending in the background... you gotta play to stay!

    The drama is awesome but just like every year ( well aside from Season 19 .. yikes ) .... the drama in the house fuels the bandwidth usage here at BBU.

    Last week was epic... loved it ... gotta pay for it!

    We just wanted to reach out and those who are enjoying their time here, reading the live feed updates, reading and/or taking part in the discussions, to ask you to consider making a donation to help us be able to keep BBU up and running.

    If you are new to us, we wanted to point out that we are one of the very few Big Brother websites left, that doesn't have pop up ads popping up every time you login to read, we don't ask you to purchase items through Amazon with our ads, we don't bombard you with ads for this, that and the other. We've always been a website that is just about Big Brother and you. The only ads that we've ever displayed are the banners for subscribing to the Live Feeds.

    If you've been with us a long time.. you know BBU, we're just the little train that could ... if you're new to BBU .... just know that we started this uphill battle way back in Season 2 and have gone through many trials and tribulations to keep chugging along to get us here today - the one factor in all of that - is all of you... because we could not do this without you.

    So... if you are just a reader and there are a ton of you out there ( we see you ) ... and you like the live feed updates, the discussions, or just catching up in the BBU Cafe, please consider making a donation to help support this website.

    If you're a member, I'll pop a donator button on your account to show our support of your support.

    Members, Non-Members, Visitors, - everyone can help support all that we do here by making a donation via our PayPal button.

    Any support is greatly needed and appreciated.

    Much love to all of you,


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    Drama.. Drama.. HELP!!


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      Tomorrow's HOH will be Slip n Slide.

      Brought to you unofficially by Crisco... and officially by @realvegas4sure ( who has yet to be wrong )

      So... get your LIVE FEEDS ready ...

      Don't have the LIVE FEEDS.... wonder where you could get them and help out the BB website that you love the most at the same time ? ( pssst... that's us .. BBU )

      By clicking on the links and banners here, BBU gets a referral credit for your subscription. In turn that referral credit helps us pay the expenses that it takes to keep BBU up and running for you.

      CLICK HERE to start the process to get your FREE TRIAL started today... by clicking on the link here and signing up, you help support this website : )

      Signing up for the Live Feeds not for you right now?

      Like what we do here?

      Like the Discussions?

      Like our Live Feed Updates?

      Like having a great place to call your home away from home for this season of Big Brother?

      A great way to support this website is by making a donation via our PayPal link. It's safe, easy and secure to use.


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        And. while the BB house guests will be burning up the slip and slide.... BBU will be burning through some bandwidth ... it's just the way it goes ... those Endurance Competition always get us!

        Please consider making a donation so we can keep up and not slip out of continuing to cover this season ... any help is much needed and much appreciated.


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