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  • Endurance Competition Special Button ...

    Endurance Slip and Slide Competition set for tomorrow's Live Show ...

    For anyone that makes a donation for tomorrow' night's ENDURANCE COMPETITION ... ( because we expect to slip and slide our way through a ton on bandwidth because so much is on the line inside the BB house ) ...

    We will add this absolutely awesome one of a kind ... special ... BBU Endurance Donator button to your account ...

    Not a BBU member? But you still like to read the updates.. the discussions ... you can still make a donation to help.

    And, hey .. why not join .. it's free and if you make a donation .. you get this button

    (I had to change the button )

    Any help is much appreciated ...

    Post here .. email me... let me know that you made a donation ... member .. non-member .. let me know!!
    You can contact me via email by clicking on the "contact us" button ( all the way down at the bottom of the page )

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    Get your button today!!!!


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      Like the Live Feed Discussion thread?

      Like having a place to add your thoughts on what's happening inside the Big Brother House?

      We LOVE providing all that for you ... but we can't do this all by ourselves... we need your help ...

      And.. today is your lucky day ... today .. if you make a donation ... not only do you receive this very cool ENDURANCE DONATOR button ...

      By making a donation today and earning that button ... you get to double dip - as I will also update your regular donator button at the exact same time...

      We truly need the help ... as tonight's anticipated Slip and Slide Endurance Competition will certainly be a bandwidth burner... so we're trying to get ahead of the increased expense ...

      Any donation is much needed and more than you can know appreciated!


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        It's not too late!!!!!

        Get your special button tonight!

        Help us continue to be able to stay here and do what we do ...


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