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  • Burn Baby Burn ...

    What a flip flop turnabout CRAZY season this has been so far!

    And, while the last endurance competition didn't actually endure .....

    The refreshing and checking for who won the Power of Veto during the long downtime for the Hide and Go Seek Competition certainly put the burn on bandwidth usage here at BBU.

    Many of you earned the ENDURANCE donator button with your donation last Thursday ....

    Tonight, we'll be offering up another special button that you can earn if you make a donation to help with the cost of the extra bandwidth that happened as a result of the PoV Competition and looking ahead to tonight, as a new Head of Household takes control.

    Make a Donation tonight - earn this special one night only button ...

    Pretty appropriate considering how we are burning through the bandwidth and Brett won the veto AND set the house on fire ...those flames were legit!

    Many thanks in advance : )

    ** if you make a donation tonight - post here or email me using the contact button at the bottom of the page ... so I can add your special button : )

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    So.. about the button .. I know that everyone had this one today for a while... thought you'd like to try it on .. see how it felt... . ( that's my story and I'm sticking to it ) ....

    BUT ... really .. I was at work and trying to 50 things at one time and apparently I gave EVERYBODY "Feel the Burn" button .... but I've fixed that now ...

    If you liked how that looked and you want to help out .. please consider making a donation to help us keep doing what we do here ...

    ( Sorry for the confusion ) ..... I literally just walked in the door from work .... it's going to be a long night ... AND I have work tomorrow .. I might die.


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      I made a donation Lexie, so the "burn" hurts a little less. Suzanne aka Magoopy


      • KennyERJ
        KennyERJ commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks for your donation, Suzanne!

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      magoopy - Thank You!


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