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Big Brother 20- Discuss Episode 37- September 19, 2018

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  • Big Brother 20- Discuss Episode 37- September 19, 2018

    Episode 37- Airs Wednesday, September 19, 2018 @ 8/7c PM on CBS

    The POV Competition & Ceremony take place. A Surprise Eviction takes place.

    Current HOH: Angela Rummans
    Currently Nominated for Eviction: Sam Bledsoe & JC Mounduix

    Note: Please don't post spoilers in these Episode Discussion topics as there are some that only watch the TV program. Thanks.

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    It's always so bittersweet... coming up to the end of a Big Brother season and this one ... well this one ... I'm not even going to put it out there ... we'll just say that Big Brother 20 is ending and I found a post that I made during Big Brother 19 and I just don't think that I can say what I want to say .. what I need to say ....any better than I did then .. so with a few tweaks ...

    This is for ALL of you .. active members.... active lurkers... sometime lurkers... always a reader... sometimes a reader ... and even to those just peeking in visitors ...

    First, let me say how thankful we are for all of you being a part of BBU.

    We've been through many, many, many seasons together and I personally couldn't be more thankful to have all of you here with us for WHATEVER Big Brother brings to the table.

    There are a LOT of ups and downs along the way, both inside the Big Brother house and outside the Big Brother house, for all of us game wise and personally.

    A LOT of us have suffered some difficult circumstances over the past year ... I know I struggled last season and even at the beginning of this season with the lost of my mom. Many of you have shared stories of loss and struggles of your own. We have collectively as a community, felt your pain, felt the emptiness that aches inside of you, felt your heartbreak.

    I know that sometimes being here wasn't easy for many of you ... there were memories shared that were no longer shared here .. there were moments where you came here to forget the struggle for just an hour .... and found yourselves feeling guilty for enjoying something so simple as a reality show and a website... BUT ... the support, the kind words, the appreciation of each other that you all shared was extraordinary.

    Personally, for me... you .. all of you ... made it worth every single key stroke, every single day, every single long night.

    I can only hope that someone here ... made you smile.... made you laugh ... made you happy for that one brief moment that you needed it.

    We've had a few bumps in the road this season, the "game" gets personal and emotions run high, but look... here we are on the other side of it.

    No matter who is crowned the winner of this "game", I am genuinely happy that we shared this season together.

    And, even before we close the door on Season 20, we are looking out the window and up the road to see what adventures we can tackle together. The path isn't clear yet... but I know that we can face it together and build on it together - no matter what.

    A special thanks to the watchful and gracious eyes of the BBU Moderators, Kenny, Purrwing, and sdkgeo, - who stepped up when Shan and Linden needed to step away ... those 3 have been here, each and every day, even with tremendous obstacles in their own personal lives. I could not be more thankful for them and their dedication to all of you and to BBU.

    And, yes... here I am again.... advocating for BBU... to ensure that we can stay here ... explore what the BB universe has in store and continue to be here - no matter what - the future brings.

    We always struggle to make ends meet especially when the season ends... and with everything BB up in the air ... it's cause for concern even more.

    We want to be here .. and we will .. even if we have to switch things up ... but we can't be here without your help.

    We'll do what we can on our end and if you can help, please know how very much it's appreciated.

    With a grateful heart...

    for any support you can give : )


    • helenb
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      We are so grateful to you Lexie and everyone at BBU! Thank you!! I really enjoy this amazing community of friends!

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    Well, this season has been fun. I’ve loved hanging out with my BBU buddies this season.
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      Hey there.....Julie calling everyone to LR....surprise....


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        Evening everybody.


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          Guess what! Eviction night has come early to the BB house. Tyler looks shocked. JC looks worried. Sam smiling.


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            Good evening, everyone!


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              Good evening, everyone.


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                Pretty in Pink Julie!


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                  Need to get my eyes fixed, lol. Thought Angela looked topless....just a nude colored top.


                  • Walleye
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                    I’m pretty sure I would have noticed that.😈

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                  She said her full name again


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                    JC is topless in DR.


                    • beckyd30
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                      He thinks he is hot but he is NOT

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                    So cute......Orwell hoots that he is proud of JC.


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                        Time for the POV Competition!


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