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Live Feed Discussion- June 28, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion- June 28, 2018

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      Had to share more Dadoo's memes. He such a gentle but perceptive wit. I'm so bummed for Sam. She really got the suckiest punishment.

      I'm torn since not liking most of this group, except Sam, Kaycee & JC. But will give them a shot. It'll be interesting and eye opening to finally see them unscripted tonight. Last season who would have ever guessed in the beginning that Josh would grow and eventually win? Certainly not me.

      Looks like Steve may get the "senior citizen" ticket out?? It's too bad that production mainly seems to pick those who just look good in a bathing suit. Miss the better mix of generations.

      I despise Facebook so tried to download Kik to vote, but Kindle version won't work with CBS bot, so I won't be able to vote. Gurr!! But then, I never voted with the majority so doesn't really matter.

      Please no more showmances. I get so tired of having to change views to avoid face sucking or worse. Let's see smart game play and leave the bigotry and bullying at the House door.

      Random thoughts before tonight's show and finally getting the cameras turned on.



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        I LOVE Sam. I would love to see her win HOH tonight. Her accent and her sayings are SO funny! I'm interested to see tonight how much interaction she was able to have with the houseguests since she appeared and "disappeared" according to wishes of production. Hopefully, they see that she's liked by a lot of us!


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          She's the one reason I wanted to vote. She's sort of a sparkier version of Donnie.

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        Was anybody able to vote?


        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          I did (10 times) using Facebook Messenger.

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        I tried to vote but didn't get past the first question.


        • LCnSummer
          LCnSummer commented
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          Bummer Adeets, I ran out of time and gack... missed the opportunity. Hopefully this weekend we will have more opportunity.

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        Why does CBS always bungle stuff like voting? I watch live feeds on the Firestick and they updated their app. In doing so, the feeds moved from the top of the page to the bottom, so have to scroll thru 20 seasons to get to it. GURR!! I

        Was in a panic since we had a brown out this afternoon and no cable and couldn't get enough juice to even turn on the tv that's on an antenna. We're back, but doesn't bode well for weekend of 100°. Of course, didn't care I was melting, it was possibility of missing Big Bro tonight. Skewed priorities? 😊


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          I guess I just thought I'd have more time to vote, so I missed out.


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            I can't get the voting to work on any platform


            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              Anyone can set up a quick survey on Twitter and those highly paid professionals at CBS mess it up no matter how they structure voting.
              Last edited by BettyBoo; 06-29-2018, 02:34 AM. Reason: Typed BAD instead of PAID. Freudian slip

            • Shan
              Shan commented
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              ain't that the truth BettyBoo :/

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              Please dont tell me America voted to make the muslim eat ham. That would be so incredibly ... who am I kidding of course they did


              • BettyBoo
                BettyBoo commented
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                He's eating faux ham. But yeah, not nice.

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              I just made a donation using the PayPal button but found no place to note who it was from


              • Lexie
                Lexie commented
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                Yeah .. for whatever reason they took the note section away ... posting here is great or you can always email me... and THANKS so much for your support : )

                I'll go add your button!

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                I'm going with the flow right now still trying to put all faces & names together. But it's so like high school watching them break off into their little clicks.

                ​​​​​​INITIAL THOUGHTS: Angela doesn't appear to be liked. Steve was making an effort with the Kens. Kaitlyn is floating around between groups. Beam me up Scottie is invisible? Bayleigh is the resident hair stylist? The saucer beds will be interesting for the big guys like Steve or Faysel. Robot Sam looked like "she" was sleeping. They have building blocks? That's usually a last month thing. Is there chess! I know fusbol is upstairs, but haven't seen the chess table yet. Winston & Brett are plotting and planning way too early. Doubt they're the brain surgeons they think they are. And there's Steve being awkward with the kids.

                Can't wait to see them in the yard. So POV hasn't been played yet. If anyone knows the bot questions, can you share with the ones like me who can't access them? Thx. Also wonder who the cooks or cleaners will be?


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                  Still catching up and pairing already starting. Please HGs don't make me stop watching because you're burning my retinas with your on camera sex acts! I stopped watching for several seasons between six & ten since I got tired of it. Not a prude, but I want to watch game play not the Playboy Channel.


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