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Live Feed Discussion-June 29, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-June 29, 2018

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Well, it seems that the lines are drawn. We have what Kenny (please correct me if I attribute to the wrong person) has affectionately dubbed the Ken and Barbie group and Chris' group of Misfit Toys.

    I want to see more of why Sam is the target, although JC seems to be working to keep her. I can't wait for the weekend to get some extended feed watching time to figure out what is going on.


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    Finally caught up. My top four this season are: San, Tyler, Winston and Haleigh. I also like Rachel for being the first one to be nice to Robot Sam.

    Sam’s game was essentially ruined by becoming a robot. This led to not having the ability to form bonds with many people. She also becomes an easy target for the first week when many don’t want blood on their hands.

    While everyone wanted Tyler to make a big move this week it is hard straight out of the gate. Aligning himself with the Barbie House is a way to move deeper in the game with physical comps. He knows that he isn’t top in that alliance. Tyler was playing it safe which is all you need to do that first HOH to ensure a deeper spot in the game. Tyler basically was given all the alliances while being HOH and everyone coming to him. I about face palmed when people were ticking off names.

    Winston seems to be playing too hard too fast. He should just lay low and feel everyone out. It’s nice that he has his little workout trio to connect with, but don’t come out the gate too in your face.

    Haleigh hopefully will be better at a social game. She isnt the competitor I thought she would be. Texas girl for the win!

    I do have to say we have an educated group this time. A lot of college graduates and professionals. Hubby commented that he is already enjoying this season more than last. I have to concur with him. The only players that are driving me crazy are Swaggy, Bayleigh, Kaitlyn and JC.


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      Originally posted by Kpercyman View Post
      The only players that are driving me crazy are Swaggy, Bayleigh, Kaitlyn and JC.
      My thoughts exactly. And already the two people I can't stand are in a damn SHOWMANCE together. I really hope it doesn't turn out to be another Cody/Jess or Brenchel....cause that will cause me to boycott the whole season! JC is probably a good person, he's just so LOUD!!!!!! Kaitlyn and "Rock Star" just bug me, and weird me out a little.


      • #5
        Good morning everyone. I haven't had a chance to turn on the feeds yet, but based on the shows, I was really excited after ep 1, but after last night and some of the things I've read from the when the feeds went live, I'm a little less optimistic. You are going to have the 2 bigger alliances, and then the floaters in between who will just get picked off because "it's too early to make a move" against the other side.

        My initial thoughts were I liked Winston, Haleigh, Bayleigh, and Steve. Turns out I may have been wrong about all of them. Winston is going too hard already and will hopefully be backdoored this week (though I doubt it's going to happen). Haleigh may still be alright. Bayleigh is playing off this "princess" crap a little too much. I also think she is going to try and mastermind too much and get herself in trouble pretty early on. Steve is just a Derrick wannabe who doesn't have half the ability.

        I really thought I'd really dislike Sam, and as it turns out, I really like her as a person. Now, she isn't winner material for BB, but I hope she isn't first out.

        I am from the NW, and believe me when I tell you that I know a ton of people like Starshine and Moon Puppy (Rockstar and Kaitlyn). I knew from the interviews I wouldn't be able to stand these 2 and nothing has changed me on that.

        My hope is that the 2 alliances crumble fast because the people actually know each other a bit better now and we get a real game going. The split house can be fun, but I don't see it playing out that way this year with this group. The split house will just end up beating up on Steve, Sam, and Scottie.

        Last thought today, Chris had better stop referring to himself as Swaggy C pretty soon. That is old already and bound to just get worse.


        • #6
          So far concurring with most of our BBU gang's POVs on the HGs.

          Sam reminds me of our beloved Donnie. Being the robot did hurt her game BUT some of this was self -inflicted. The whining and tears doesn't help. Players need to be good natured about it and just for themselves make it fun. It was OK to be down but put a happy mask on, pull up your big girl panties and carry on. It's not just her punishment, but her reaction to the punishment that is sinking her boat.

          It figures since I initially had my money on her going the distance. Steve was another. He is making some inroads with the dudes, but he's too awkward and will never really fit in.

          My 3rd initial pick was Faysal. He seems to be quietly blending in, not ruffling feathers yet. It sucks he got "hammed" but got his vegan ham and not making big deal about it.

          King Ken, aka Winston, will likely be home with his beloved guns and dog soon. Too aggressive too early. Never thought Swag or Bayleigh would last long. They're not dumb, but could be too mouthy. Queen Barbie aka Angela doesn't seem to be fitting in with the core groups as well as Rachel is. Rachel is a bit loud for me but she's working the House pretty well.

          JC has relegated himself to the class clown, not a player spot (think James). Beam Me Up Scottie is the useful spy, think Steve. But wonder if he has the killer ability to make it to the end like Steve did.

          OK, am I the only one who thinks Haleigh is Nicole's doppelganger? The glasses, the pile of hair and the constant flirting and hanging on guys?? Seen this show before.

          Brett apparently has an asset he's keeping close to the chest. EXCEPT he told JC (tell JC tell the world?) who shared news with Tyler. Surfer Dude has been a surprise. I thought he was a Beavis, but he's a Spicola, smarts beneath the casual appearance. Both these guys could do well if they pick the right 3rd and 4ths.

          Waiting to see Kaysee break out. She was luckier with her punishment. Angie has the Crazy Aunt spot, but is down on everyone's totem pole. Kaitlyn is annoying us, but seems to be OK so far with the HGs?

          Of course, this is just our first day so opinions will change. Show won't be as much fun without Sam since she's the only one I really love. But, on the other hand, can be more objective since my heart won't be involved in evaluations.


          • Kpercyman
            Kpercyman commented
            Editing a comment
            Tyler is more attune to the game than previously thought.

            I liked Sam I really did. But come on! You are playing BB and you work in a man dominated field. Man up and don't let the goobers get you down.

          • joebourg62
            joebourg62 commented
            Editing a comment
            Yes Kpercy, Tyler is. Check out my thread under "HG's relationships...." under the BB 20 subforum.
            I project deep jury or F4 with him.

        • #7
          The one that gets under my skin the most is JC.....what a nasty person. When he started trying to expose Rachel to the cameras I wanted to box his ears. I hoped Steve would be a good player but he is not. Yes, Winston is playing too hard too fast and he won’t last. I do think it could be an interesting season.....I’m hoping.


          • #8
            I got Andy flashbacks with Scottie after the feeds came up. Start counting.


            • #9
              SPICCOLI LIVES!

              OMG just spotted the checked shoes by Tyler's bed. I kid you not.


              • #10
                Wow, Sam & Scaggy will never understand each other. She is sweetly naive and he's cynically brutal. She wants this experience, he wants to win no matter what. Sorry little puppy, Sam, but you're over your head with this pit bull.


                • #11
                  Okay can someone clear this up from me. Which five HGs can still be put up on the block that were NOT saved by Chris's 8 people save meat shield? Tyler, Steve and Sam are already accounted for.



                  • #12
                    I think it's Winston, Brett, Angela,JC, and Rachael


                    • #13
                      sorry Rachael and Brett ares safe Bayleigh and Kaleigh are not


                      • #14
                        Want a spoiler about which house guest has Trending Power this week?

                        Click HERE


                        • #15
                          I sure hope the spoiler is true


                          • OutOfTheDarkness
                            OutOfTheDarkness commented
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                            You and ME BOTH!!! That would sure make who gets evicted first interesting.. come on POV comp... lol

                          • gabesrah
                            gabesrah commented
                            Editing a comment
                            That would be great! And then if there is a vote next week, we all vote to give the power to Tyler in case Squilly-Willy or whatever he calls himself does try to come after him.

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