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Live Feed Discussion-July 1, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 1, 2018

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    Good morning, everyone!

    The POV Ceremony might take place today.

    We might find out if anyone has any special powers today too!


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      Morning all. It was good to see Sam working it a little bit yesterday. Here are some things I have realized.

      Winston, Angela, and Chris seem to be the big targets.
      Sam is going to be way down the list of targets after this week. I don't know that anyone really wants her out. There are just some that see Steve as a better member of their side.
      I am a little baffled by Tyler's play. It almost like there is a third group of people and the individuals are making it seem like they are with one of the two main groups.
      This third group seem to be making sure that the two main group cores go after each other so that they are left standing.
      I think things may shift after this week.


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        Good Morning All
        Am I understanding that Kaitlyn and Ha want Sam to stay but Tyler's group don't know this? Tyler's group wants Sam to stay? What group is JC and Scotty in or are they floaters? Tyler knows Sam has power will he need to put up a replacement? If so why is he talking about Bal? Why not Shaggy?


        • herms is here
          herms is here commented
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          Swaggy C is safe due to winning that competition.
          Last edited by herms is here; 07-01-2018, 11:45 AM.

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        We're barely into the season and I'm already bored by this group. The conversations are dull and nobody seems to have a true spirit of fun. I even miss the tutu-wearing pot-clanking parades. Last two seasons I couldn't wait to see what the clowns were up to. Now I find myself fast fowarding through the dvr'd BBAD feeds. Did have a chuckle over the #Baggy label.

        Really dislike that half of them had a hall pass so they could sit back while the rest squirmed. Hopefully next week we'll get some real tooth and nail game play. I don't wanna see a steamroller team dominate the season. Also think it's hilarious how they all think they're experts after one week and are already stars??!!

        And want to see how the groups fall out with the possibility of Sam's power and the vote. There's small cores of teams and/or connections, but we'll see how they fall out or merge in the next couple weeks.

        I would like to see the robot punishment continue, since it really challenges the HG to maintain relationships. Here's the ones I'd most like to see robotized:

        SCAGGY - let's see how the self -appointed Fearless Leader does
        HALEIGH - since her only job seems to be a man blanket
        WINSTON - wait till he finds out he's not controlling the game
        ANGIE - just to see how will production make the Wicked Witch of the West look on the robot face
        ANGELA - now the other Barbies can push her around
        BAYLEIGH - her tears will rust out the circuitry
        SCOTT - will any of the HGs notice him gone (except Steve)
        STEVE - will any of the HGs care he's gone (except Scott)

        Right now I'm on the Sam Train, but I'm afraid it'll be only a short connector route. Will probably jump to the Tyler Train to go the full trip. Nobody else is standing out for me right now who will make me wanna get on board the friendship train.

        Last thought. Close your eyes and Steve sounds just like Vince Vaughn. Vegas, Baby?


        • Walleye
          Walleye commented
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          Another hoh will completely realign this group of followers. They are mostly still getting used to being in the house even if they think they are old crusty veterans already. I just hope there aren’t so many twists to start the game that it ruins it for me. (Man blanket lmao, it is a nice looking blanket tho)

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        Here's some more Dadoo memes that tickled me.


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                  My favorite:


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                    I think JC and Scottie are floaters I think Tyler actually is too. I'm actually not entirely sure how tied Kaitlyn is to the Chris group. The Chris group is him, Steve, Faysal, Bayleigh and Haleigh I think. I'm not entirely sure about Angie.

                    It seems the core of the other group is Angela, Rachel, Winston, and Brett. Kaycee is also with them, but I'm not convinced she's in the core. Same with Tyler,

                    Of course, I haven't been able to sit and watch a lot of the strategy talks. I've just caught some here and there. The first week is always such a jumble trying to catch up with where everyone is.
                    Last edited by sdkgeo; 07-01-2018, 12:54 PM. Reason: Corrected Ashley to Angela.


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                      Still trying to find out who's who, who is Ashley?


                      • sdkgeo
                        sdkgeo commented
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                        Sorry, I meant Angela. It's still early yet.

                      • Nita14
                        Nita14 commented
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                        Okay, thanks....still trying to figure them out!

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                      The house is definitely clearly divided and the paranoia is kicking up. The funniest thing is both sides are complaining about the other side checking up on them lol.


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                        Say Bayleigh gets put on the block & is sitting next to JC come Thursday.... Who gets voted out?


                        • kokomogirl
                          kokomogirl commented
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                          I think Level 6 (you know, the Barbies and Kens) will want Bayleigh gone. Chris will work the other side to keep her and vote out JC who they know is semi-aligned with the other side as he keeps the information flowing to them. Depending on some of the "floaters" who haven't found their place in the game yet, I think JC would leave. And that would be fine with me.

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