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Live Feed Discussion-July 2, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 2, 2018

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    Good morning all!


    • #3
      So much for Sam's "power". Sure isn't a Coup d'etat. More like a Coup de Maybe. Hopefully, the votes will be there to save her.


      • herms is here
        herms is here commented
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        I agree. Hopefully Sam will stay. Positive vibes going out to Sam.

      • kokomogirl
        kokomogirl commented
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        I'm hoping Sam stays. Her power definitely does not sound like a definite - just a CHANCE. Ugh! Come on, Sam, do some serious campaigning and save that power for another week.

      • NicChick
        NicChick commented
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        Sam is about the only one I can stand so far this season, I'm going to be super bummed if this doesn't work out for her and she gets the first boot :/

    • #4
      So right now it's the KEN 'n BARBIES vs. SID'S MUTANT TOYS?


      • #5
        Caught up this morning with last night's show and best laugh was Scaggy's reaction to not being belle of the ball. He's so wrapped up in his narcissism, he has no clue nobody likes him.

        Also curious that his Mutant Toys didn't include Bayleigh on their team. Interesting. Guess she's this season's Zakiyah?
        Last edited by BettyBoo; 07-02-2018, 10:37 AM.


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          Afternoon all! I am slacking, haven't watched the feeds at all yet this season, and I missed last nights' episode. I started a new job this year, so no more feeds at work for me, total bummer! So, to those of you that post LFU's, THANK YOU! You keep me updated when I can't watch myself.

          Also, just a general howdy to you all, hope everyone is doing well, so excited for the next 3 months!


          • belle1
            belle1 commented
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            Howdy back to you

          • kokomogirl
            kokomogirl commented
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            Hi, NicChick!

        • #7
          Good Monday Morning everyone. I was keeping track over the weekend, but didn't have a chance to post anything. My thoughts haven't changed too much. This season could be very interesting, or it could crumble at any time. I don't know if I truly see any real game players in that house. The closest thing to a real game playing I am seeing right now is Tyler.
          Swaggy (I hate having to type that) and Winston will shoot themselves in the foot at some point, but I think Production will also pull strings to make sure both make it at least to jury. They want the rivalry between the two.
          I have said before that Sam wasn't cut out for this game, and I certainly stick by that after watching the show last night and reading all the updates. I like that she is straight forward and says what she means, but that isn't this game. You need to hide your true feelings and emotions. From my recollection, only 2 people who have been straight up themselves the whole way through have won. Evel Dick and Jordan. Sam would have to be carried too far to pull a Jordan out of this.
          Here are my rankings so far:
          1. Tyler - Playing the best game so far even though I hate winning first HOH. He has done a very good job of using that to his advantage so far.
          2. Kaycee - Has laid somewhat low. Got pulled into L6 alliance, but I honestly think she knows she is low on the totem pole there, she is just using them for now I hope.
          3. Scottie - Playing a solid float game and could very well be the next Andy (and I hate that gameplay, but must admit it can work).
          4. Rachel - Laid fairly low even though she is toward the top of L6 alliance.
          5. Sam - This is just on a personal level. Don't like her game so far.
          6. Steve - Again, a personal choice. I hope the old unathletic guy goes a little further.
          7. Brett - I normally hate the Bros, but Brett isn't 100% like that. The little I've seen, he has been trying to talk Winston down and has been pretty smart about it.
          8. Swaggy - I've bagged on Swaggy a lot, but he is kind of entertaining and at least playing the game. He will crash and burn and everyone will love it.
          9. Winston - Kind of like Swaggy, just without the annoying nickname and third person talking.
          10. JC - He annoys me a lot, but could be set up for a deep run.
          11. Angela - I forget she is there most of the time. She will be cannon fodder for someone gunning for Winston and missing. Prejury boot most likely.
          12. Haleigh - Can't stand that she is basically just there for a showmance. She could provide drama if nothing else.
          13. Faysal - I almost forgot about him, so that should tell you a lot. A lot like Angela, he could be prejury boot for someone aiming for Swaggy.
          14. Bayleigh - The princess routine is running real thin, maybe even more annoying than Swaggy's nickname. She can go at anytime.
          15. Kaitlyn - Annoying, but could provide drama.
          16. Rockstar - Please be the first eliminated if no one goes this week. She provides nothing for me.


          • #8
            So which is the true showmance?

            Scaggy & Bayleigh

            Winston & Brett

            Steve & Scott

            Faysal & Haleigh

            Tyler & Hayleigh

            (My vote is the Ken Dolls - Winston & Brett)


            • kokomogirl
              kokomogirl commented
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              Winston and Brett get my vote too.

          • #9
            Sam seems to have NO social skills.


            • #10
              Is Sam's power going to be that if she gets evicted that she will go to sequester and be part of a buyback. Seems that way because if its not used by week 4 then it automatically gets used because they need four to compete for someone to return


              • BettyBoo
                BettyBoo commented
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                Somebody is spreading a Twitter rumor or joke, that she'll compete with Paul to come back in the house. I know Paul isn't in sequester due to Twitter acivity, so think it was thrown out there to freak people out.

            • #11
              These human hamsters are too boring too early in the game. I fear what day 70 is going to be like.


              • #12
                Feel free to correct me if my thinking is wrong, but isn't everyone (in the real world) not liking Swaggy going to work in his favor? Because the App store is based on "trending" versus like or dislike. If everyone that dislikes him goes in to vote him "down" it will still make him a trending topic. Seems to me that the one thing that will work is for no one to choose him for any question- therefore making him no where on the radar. My guess is Sam won because the robot was a big influence. It's not as easy as just voting for a person like last year. Just imho.


                • Walleye
                  Walleye commented
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                  We all know ‘’America’’ is making the choices lol.

                • AmyBeth
                  AmyBeth commented
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                  Julie did say Sunday that the App was based on good or bad things, I think. If there is one person deciding- I'm sure Swaggy will hang around long enough to cause some ratings drama at least. And if he does that- he could end up taking it all like Josh.

                • kokomogirl
                  kokomogirl commented
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                  I'm not voting anything for Skaggy. I wish CBS/BB would explain how the trending works. I would think that whoever gets the most votes, regardless if it's positive or negative, that person would be the one trending the most. The person getting the least votes would be trending last. If Skaggy gets no votes does that mean he's trending the least? That's what I'm going with so he will get no votes from me 'cause I really want him to get a punishment (or nothing at all).

              • #13
                I'm finally getting the chance to watch some feeds today and these folks are really boring today. Bayleigh and Swaggy are way too obvious. The Snapchat glasses just make these folks even more fake than they already are.

                I feel bad for Fessy with the Hamazon stuff though. He is just making lunch and then they stick him with the Hamazon delivery. BB is ruthless with these punishments (besides Kacey's).


                • #14
                  'Big Brother' Fans are Pissed Contestant is Ice Cream Scooping Vaginas

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                  • beckyd30
                    beckyd30 commented
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                    He needs to go home, that is unacceptable behavior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • AmyBeth
                    AmyBeth commented
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                    They obviously have not been told about "Times Up" and "Me Too" prior to walking into the house. But really the thing with the girls didn't bother me as much as him grabbing Tyler. He backed up right away from the girls and they didn't take him seriously. That said- his discussion about it was rather crude and not appropriate. I'm really surprised how unlikeable he is turning out to be. He seemed pretty nice in his video.

                • #15
                  Sam really is nice and quite naive in general. I hope she’s around long enough to learn.


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