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Live Feed Discussion-July 9, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 9, 2018

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  • #2
    Morning everybody.

    Veto ceremony today.


    • #3
      Looks like Tyler & Kaitlyn are going thru with their Adios Scaggy plan. I'm only counting 5 votes for the Scag Meister:

      So he should be toast. Unless, of course, Winston uncorks in the coming days and acts even dumber than he has been, ticking off the Barbies. Wonder when the guys wake up and realize that they're being picked off? (Though for sure the girls are building up steam for a chick fight.)


      • #4
        Any thoughts on EIGHT weeks of power for Tyler???....Certainly, it may be used before then, but eight weeks seems like a long time......and unless I have missed it, is there any way he can keep that secret for that long? Also, I don't see a scenario where Sam gets nominated in week three or four (she appears to safely gotten under the radar), so it will be interesting to see that power automatically play out in week four.


        • Anyaspapa
          Anyaspapa commented
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          Also, if the HOH decides to nominate him, and he uses the cloud at the nomination ceremony, thus stopping his initial nomination, wouldn't he still be able to be a renom at the veto meeting of the same HOH? I don't see it as such a huge advantage as everyone thinks, unless I'm incorrect in how it is able to be used.

        • OhThisHouse
          OhThisHouse commented
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          Think its like the hidden idol in survivor.

      • #5
        Tyler's power really isn't that great. He has to suspect he is being targeted ahead of time to use the app to keep from being nominated. Once he is on the block there is no getting off it unless the Veto is used. He can only do this one time in eight weeks. One good blindside like they are doing to Swaggy today and he's gone.

        Any thoughts on an actual woman's alliance eventually? There are strong women on both sides of the house. It would be great if both sides could put aside the beginnings of the game and join together to continue picking off the guys.


        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          Just trying to explain Tyler's "App" (The Cloud) a little more in case some are confused... he has to either suspect he's going to be originally put on the block or suspect that he is going to be blindsided. He can either use it (The Cloud) at the original Nominations Ceremony or, if he doesn't use it AND he's not put up on the block then, he can use it at the Veto Ceremony to keep from being put on the block if he suspects someone is planning on blindsiding him. He can't use it like a "POV" and take himself off the block if he's originally put up. He would have to win the POV Competition or someone else would have to use the POV on him to come off the block. Since it says he can only use it once at either the Nomination Ceremony OR the POV Ceremony, I'm guessing if he uses it at the original Nominations Ceremony and doesn't win POV, he can then be put on the block (blindsided) during the POV Ceremony. So yeah, it's really not the greatest power.

      • #6
        Originally posted by Lexie View Post
        Rockstar and Haleigh wonder if they can talk Kaitlyn off the ledge...

        They both agree that by doing what she's doing ... she's breaking up their alliance...
        Snort, Kaitlyn blew up your alliance on Thursday.


        • #7
          Originally posted by CubbyBrother View Post
          Any thoughts on EIGHT weeks of power for Tyler???....Certainly, it may be used before then, but eight weeks seems like a long time......and unless I have missed it, is there any way he can keep that secret for that long? Also, I don't see a scenario where Sam gets nominated in week three or four (she appears to safely gotten under the radar), so it will be interesting to see that power automatically play out in week four.
          My thought was that IF Sam is safe next week, then her power has the most "power" & becomes a great bargaining tool. It loses its strength week 4 since she can't control who it goes to. Not sure she'll get it, but Tyler could diagram it for her if he could suss all the details from her. But, It'll be fun to watch when it is in play if the evicted HG returns just to see their faces. Of course, then the revolving door will come into play.


          • SmilemakerRDH
            SmilemakerRDH commented
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            She gave Tyler all the details last night. So I guarantee you his mind is working all scenarios already

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            I watched some of that conversation on BBAD and Sam appeared to have difficulties articulating the rules & he was telling her to ask questions. But we know his brain is working on overload despite his cool demeanor.

        • #8
          Say Tyler gets blindsided next week, gets Sam to use her power to save him and he comes back. Does he still have his power app or does he lose it when he is voted out of the house?


          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            Oh, BB will be sure their 🌟 star 🌟 will keep his power 🔋. 😁

          • LCnSummer
            LCnSummer commented
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            OOoooohhhhh good question.

        • #9
          OK first we hear JP mangling hiatus into yatus? Last night Scottie talked about the FOX grass they have in the yard. Took me a sec to realize he meant FAUX. (Yes, I'm the one who yells at the tv when words are mispronounced or misused and verbs are not properly conjugated. I could go on, but I need to reprimand the newscaster for doing a "Jack and Jill, THEY went up the hill." sentence !!!)


          • #10
            I might be missing something, but Kaitlyn's HOH and her demeanor is really getting on my nerves. She gets upset because her friend in her alliance is getting close to another girl. Because of this, she spills all to Tyler, and he is able to convince her to vote out a member of her own alliance. She breaks that alliance at the first vote, on information received from Tyler, and didn't even verify to find out if it was true. She acts like she's a mastermind, yet Tyler is pulling all of her strings. Don't get me wrong, I like Tyler, and think he is a great player...he is one of my favorites. I'm not sad to see Swaggy go, but good Lord, I wish that Kaitlyn would come up with an original thought. It is my pet peeve to see women make dumb decisions because a man they hardly know tells them to. Maybe this is why we struggle to keep the women in an alliance! Sorry, had to vent. This stuff happens every year


            • Walleye
              Walleye commented
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              I’m sure the women would have a great alliance if Tyler put it together! (Walleye quickly ducks behind some cover)

            • herms is here
              herms is here commented
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              Katlyn , I fear, has put a huge target on her back.

          • #11
            Happy Veto Ceremony day everyone. This day of feeds should be great to watch. I don't even care who goes home this week. I'd be fine with Winston going in a surprise blindside this week, or I'd be fine with the current plan of Swaggy going because he has painted that huge target on his back. I'll be honest, even though it is very early in the game still, I think that 1 of the bottom members of Level 6 should vote to keep Swaggy and boot Winston. You need to keep the biggest target in the house and see if you can realign that side of the house. I would like to see Kaycee, JC, or even Sam make this move. It would benefit their game and there are people that they can pin that vote on as well. Honestly, Kaycee is in the best position to make this move. Kaycee could pull Angela, Rachel, and maybe even Sam into a smaller alliance without telling that she cast the deciding vote against Winston. Brett will also be a free agent who needs to be pulled by someone as well. I could see Tyler working overtime trying to get Brett in with him and that could very well backfire. I'm all about trying to get the best entertainment and feeds for us all and I think that Swaggy staying can accomplish that. Swaggy will always be a huge target.


            • #12
              How can Bayleigh & Chris think they have the votes to keep him? SMH


              • #13
                Well...............this has been a disappointment so far. I was hoping for better. You do have to love that Tyler is still working this. He is talking with Scottie in the SR right now and doing a pretty good job of reeling Scottie in. Tyler is by far the best player in this game right now. He only has Rockstar, Bayleigh, and Fessy targeting him from the looks of it right now. If one of those 3 get HOH, then Tyler needs to probably use his power, but otherwise, I wouldn't really worry about pulling out that power. Tyler has already told someone, JC I think, that he wants to get Rockstar out next. That is a smart play on his part. I've seen people calling him Derrick 2.0. I won't go that far yet, but he certainly has been smart about this so far.


                • kokomogirl
                  kokomogirl commented
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                  His only problem is that he has several side alliances. It may come back to bite him as it has some past players. But he is playing the best game.

              • #14
                Scaggy has watched the game and knows the history, but he doesn't know how to read people or be subtle in any moves. He watched Steve go and couldn't figure it out. He arrogantly thought Kaitlyn was still on HIS team. This weekend he'll be home watching the past shows still trying to get how his greatness was not appreciated (just like his failure to get a power). He never understood that you actually have to do work to get that end win. Scaggy just thought a confident attitude wins all.

                ​​​​​​Wonder what next HOH will be. Faysal doesn't realize that if it endurance that his size could work against him, big feet and all.

                Wed's VETO meet will be amusing to watch as the meltdown starts.


                • #15
                  Kaitlyn is actually saying Swaggy bullied her? I’m so done with her. I’m just done done with her, and most of Twitter is too. She’s taken this wayyy too far. Also, I love that they didn’t get the “blowup” they claimed would come from Swaggy and Baleigh. They were so sure of this to the point where Kaitlyn was acting scared to have them come up to her room after she put Swaggy up, and Tyler and Winston were saying they were going to stay in her room to protect her. WHATT??? Protect her from what? Those two have showed no such aggression to back up this claim. If no one has a problem with this I just don’t understand. It is biased and ridiculous.


                  • beckyd30
                    beckyd30 commented
                    Editing a comment
                    It could be based on how Chris (won't call him that dumb name) acted like a spoiled brat when he didn't get the power app this week. He acts like everyone else is in the house to 'service' his needs, including Bay. It's past time his narcissistic tush is gone from the house.

                  • Raineyc
                    Raineyc commented
                    Editing a comment
                    How would that make him a bully though and justify her saying she feels threatened?

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