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Live Feed Discussion-July 10, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 10, 2018

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  • #2
    Good morning all. Will there be any campaigning today or will Chris just roll over and accept his fate.

    Bayleigh really really does need to learn to talk from her diaphragm. That breathy talk sounds horrible.


    • BettyBoo
      BettyBoo commented
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      Giggle, with all the sex Bayleigh & Scaggy have been having, I initially saw a totally different definition of diaphragm. 😁

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    I'm not confident that Scabby is leaving Thursday. Winston better step it up. Tyler needs to spread his magic. Kristen needs to be babysat by Tyler.
    does anyone know why JC is receiving special treatment? At least some of the HG think he is.


    • kokomogirl
      kokomogirl commented
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      JC does not like the rules nor production enforcing them. He's said some disrespectful things to them, ignores them, talks bad about them, etc. I think production needs to ring his bell and give him consequences. He gets away with stuff because he doesn't think he should have to follow the rules so I can see why the others think he is getting special treatment. But I think BB is also frustrated with him and will talk to him, start enforcing penalties/consequences. Hope so anyway.

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    My guess is because he is the first little person on the show and in this politically correct world, they think BB would want to keep him around longer. Just a idea? Nothing to back it up though.


    • beckyd30
      beckyd30 commented
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      So, he's taking advantage of BB and the HGs. He should be put in his place and told he is giving 'little people' a bad name by not playing by the rules, and disrespecting his LGBT people as well. They need to let Mama Ru (RuPaul) go in and set his tiny tush straight (metaphorically speaking).
      Last edited by beckyd30; 07-10-2018, 10:01 PM.

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    Why are we on fish and reruns?


    • #6
      HoH lockdown? Not sure why though.


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        Heads Up ...

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        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          Thanks. I was wondering what was going on. Kept getting a "Back Soon" sign and a message saying "Sorry for the inconvenience." just a few minutes ago.

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        If you saw this ..

        and this..

        and now you're seeing THIS .. you survive the maintenance and upgrade process - YEAH : )


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          Guessing Scaggy will depart unless there's a shift in the House. Frankly, I don't care if he or Winston go since they're both bags of hot air. At least ScagMan won something. But my mind is already on the next HOH and wonder how the shifting alliances will play out. Expecting the girls to start to kill each other off next now that a couple guys are gone.


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