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Live Feed Discussion-July 11, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 11, 2018

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  • #2
    Good morning, everyone!


    • #3
      I want Sam to adopt me.


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        Good morning everyone. The other day I had speculated that someone like Kaycee or Sam should consider turning on the Level 6 because they are on the bottom of it. The more I think about it, I still like that plan, but Swaggy isn't making that easy now either. Swaggy is throwing a lot of his own alliance under the bus (Rockstar and Fessy in convos with Tyler). I know Sam was considering the possibility of saving Swaggy, but how much of that was DR manipulation setting up footage for Thursday?

        I still think the best person to make this move for real is Kaycee. Throw a hinky vote to see if you can get the vote tied. This does 2 things. It either fully exposes Kaitlyn to her alliance when she casts the tie breaker vote and boots Swaggy, or Kaitlyn keeps Swaggy, boots Winston, and Level 6 is broken apart and the shards come back together a bit differently. In the last scenario, both alliances are still technically broken, as Foutte will never truly be trusting of each other again either. I wish we saw more of Kaycee on the feeds and heard her talk a bit more game. I have no idea where her head is really at and whether she even knows that a game is going on around her. With the amount they are showing her, she seems like another JennCity. I'm hoping that she is just laying low and comes with more game around jury time.


        • Walleye
          Walleye commented
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          I think it is. She is smarter than JennCity or I think she is lol.

        • kokomogirl
          kokomogirl commented
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          I definitely would like to see some game from Kaycee or, at least, talk to us feeders to let us know where her head is at. But I too think she's laying low and letting others do the early work. She's flying under the radar and isn't a serious target for anyone. Not a bad place to be right now.

        • belle1
          belle1 commented
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          Agree with you about Kaycee, Walleye. She seems to be very selective in sharing information.

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        Tomorrow night will be a big night in the Big Brother world.... whether Swaggy goes or stays..... the power in the house changes hands and the stakes are getting higher and higher .. as trust is broken and backs are stabbed...

        We made some upgrades to the server and website last night ... to help manage things here ..bandwidth .. etc.

        Any help anyone can give to support the expense that it takes to keep us going ... is much appreciated.

        The PayPal button is easy to use... you do not need a PayPal account.. and it's safe and secure for you to use.

        As the drama builds so does the bandwidth usage ...

        Again, any help is much needed and much appreciated : )


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          I can’t wait for a new HOH. I’m happy Kaitlyn is getting rid of Chris but now i’m sick of Kaitlyn. She is very needy. I can’t listen to her any more. Hopefully Baleigh grows up a little after Chris is gone. Unfortunately I think Angie will be around a long time because she isn’t a threat. She doesn’t have a clue what is going on and when she talks game I want to puke. Otherwise I’m great! 😀


          • #7
            First random Walleye thought of this season:

            Does Kaitlyn think she is ‘’with’’ Tyler?


            • GrandmaSusan
              GrandmaSusan commented
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              Yes, Fessy, Winston and Brett too! She saved them so now they're hers. Lol needy much!
              Last edited by GrandmaSusan; 07-11-2018, 08:57 PM.

          • #8
            I can see either Rachel or Angela winning the next HOH. Both would nominate Angie (Rockstar), I believe. Just not sure who the other would be for each of them. Think Scottie might the obvious choice for both of them as they already don't trust him and believe he is shady. They won't turn on the BROs for the time being or target Faysal or Tyler. But they might put up Haleigh/Bayliegh as a replacement nom if they had to.

            If Chris does go tomorrow night ... AND one of the Ken/Barbies wins HOH would do you want put up on the block and who do you want to go home next?


            • Diane40
              Diane40 commented
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              Winston and Winston and back door winston. Don’t like him.

            • herms is here
              herms is here commented
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              Annie and Faysal. With Faysal being the target.

          • #9
            Angie, the sooner the better! I can't enjoy the feeds because of her always looking in every mirror and her dancing and posing for feeders! Please let her be gone and then Kaitlyn or man blanket Hailiegh or JC!


            • #10
              It appears we will have another week without a unanimous vote. That’s a nice change this season.


              • #11
                Ok. You veterans here know I lurk every year and I rarely come out of the darkness, but when I do it usually later in the season, BUT I have to say this ... I am so over Kaitlyn and Baileigh. I have been watching the feeds and I just can’t go around in their conversation circle any more. I’m over it.


                • LCnSummer
                  LCnSummer commented
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                  HA! Don't blame you. At least it's not "she who cannot be named" crying in the bushes.

              • #12
                I'm torn with who I want evicted next. It's between Angie & Scottie.

                Angie just annoys me on so many levels. While Scottie is just too sketchy & I don't know if he even knows who he is really aligned with.

                Think Tyler might be misting me as I agree with him Angie needs to go. I just know I would not want Swaggy, Steve or my next three making it to jury.

                My prefered boot order for now is:

                1. Angie
                2. Scottie
                3. Bayleigh
                4. JC
                5. Kaitlyn
                6. Haleigh
                7. Winston
                8. Kaycee
                9. Faysal

                leaving Angela, Rachel, Sam, Brett & Tyler to battle it out to final two.


                • birdiefriend
                  birdiefriend commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I pretty much agree, only I would switch Scottie & Kaitlyn and Kaycee & Angela

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