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Live Feed Discussion-July 12, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 12, 2018

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  • #2
    Good morning, everyone! It's Eviction Day! Woot!


    • BettyBoo
      BettyBoo commented
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      Wonder how long it will take to dry out the HOH room from Kaitlyn 's tears?

    • amykaybb
      amykaybb commented
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      Kenny Hi LOVE BUG!
      long time no talk
      Im having issues with connecting to the "chat"


    • Lynette
      Lynette commented
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      There is no Chat amykaybb. We are in Episode Discussion thread.

  • #3
    This is the week when Sam's power has the most value, since if she's safe, she can give it to an HG who's on the block. (Next week anyone voted out automatically gets the change to complete to come back.) So, wonder if it will come into play?

    For now, I only see Angie (sorry, but event planning doesn't make you a "Rockstar") & Haleigh sussing on to Tyler, so he's immediately in most danger if either of them get HOH. As long as the Six are on the winning side, I doubt they'll target him since they'll go after the remains of Scaggy's clique as easy pickings.

    I'm really expecting the girls to go after each other now, with Kaitlyn, Bayleigh, Angela & Angie being prime targets. JC, Sam & Kaycee look like they can float for now. Winston will continue to plot & plan from the Jenga room, while his cohort Brett coasts along in his shadow.

    Faysal has to be nervous as he's been on the wrong side last two votes and his supposed partner, Kaitlyn, has undercut him twice with her decisions. Scottie also remains an island, with nobody trusting him. Both could be easy targets to get out early. Rachel seems to be like Tyler, getting along well enough with both sides, but could get caught in the crossfire if the girls go to war.

    Guessing tonight's game will be a brain game of some sort, since last week's was random. But, if they're dressed in athletic clothes, it'll be more physical. Like Tyler's hair last week, we'll get a clue when show starts. Logic says somebody from the Mutant Toys are due a win though numbers are against them now.

    My guess is the vote against Scaggy will be 8 - 4 with Scottie going with the majority. A tie would be awesome 📺, since Kaitlyn would drown them in tears and not be able to choke out the necessary tie breaking vote. Julie will be gentle with the ScagMan who will be tearing up when he leaves.

    Honestly, I don't miss the feeds, since the HGs by in large are uninteresting people. I fast forward thru much of BBAD too. Add in the whispered conversations and it becomes a struggle to hear the strategy. So, although I'm curious to see what they will do game wise, I really don't care what they do the rest of the time. Too many self-absorbed twits. No wit or cleverness.

    Oh, well, Aunt Betty will always have the nekkid chief to remember. By the by, tried to watch Paulie & Natalie partnered on MTV's Challenge, but turned it off after a few minutes since the cast was just obnoxious in the extreme.


    • Lynette
      Lynette commented
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      This is only week #2 so Sam still has another week before it automatically goes to #4 voted out.

    • BettyBoo
      BettyBoo commented
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      My mind was jumping ahead since I was considering this 2nd week done and was mentally on week 3 when I said "this week" .

    • Shmennifer
      Shmennifer commented
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      “Scaggy” 😂

  • #4
    So do we think the FIVE will all be wearing Swaggy C shirts tonight as he has stated they will to Kaitlyn & Tyler??


    • Playmisty4me
      Playmisty4me commented
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      I snicker every time he says it will show their support and enhance his "branding". I'd say the only thing he represents is an empty bag of goods.
      Not fond of a couple of others either, but this one came in to do nothing but deceive. Yes, he's playing the game, unlike some others that are just coasting: but he's "playing" in the most offensive manner one could set up.

      Do I think some of them are stupid enough to actually wear the thing? Yes.

      The haters will forget it is a game that he/they signed up for, knowing it wasn't a popularity contest, but that it is a social experiment to see how well the participants adapt/improvise/overcome.....and he 'ain't no Marine.

      What I want to see is one of them wearing the shirt, mouthing all the words, dripping at the eyes, supplying him all the sympathy and support he craves (almost as much as as he psychologically needs to be able to say he was "Trending" and got a "power")....... then have that shirt wearer go in and vote his sorry butt off to home so he can "brand" himself there.

      He doesn't stand for anything except himself and so, I guess ........represents the basest, most selfish, egotistical group of narcissists in existence.....maybe that's his "brand".

      Gosh....I don't think I like the guy. Who'd uh thunk?

    • Shmennifer
      Shmennifer commented
      Editing a comment
      I’m not a fan, he came in like he already won this game. Case in point....the things he said each time he wasn’t America’s choice for the app.....what more does he need to do.....? Ugh and playing on poor Sam's heart strings....ugh....

  • #5
    Let's see:

    Faysal wants Haleigh, Kaitlyn wants Faysal, but JC has Faysal.

    Manage a Quattro?


    • OutOfTheDarkness
      OutOfTheDarkness commented
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      And Haleigh wants to be a warm blanket for any of Faysal, Brett, Winston or Tyler.

    • BettyBoo
      BettyBoo commented
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      While Kaitlyn is the WET blanket to any guy.

  • #6
    Just remembered that there was supposed to be speakers from HOH room to spots in House. Have I missed them being used?

    Surprised the athletic ones aren't using the climbing wall more when they're locked in.


    • #7
      Happy eviction day everyone. No saving Swaggy at this point. My guess is Haleigh goes with the other side. Possibly Scottie as well. I do wish there was a way to save Swaggy, even though he bugs me with his "character" in the DR, he is a fan of the game and has been trying to work deals as much as possible. I even believe he'd honor those deals.

      So given that Swaggy is gone tonight, who are the safest people in the house? Who are people going to let slide? It seems like everyone in the house has been mentioned to go on the block this week except Sam. Between Rockstar and Baleigh, they have mentioned everyone else in L6 and JC as potential noms or even targets. L6 has mentioned Rockstar a lot, Baleigh a lot, and even Haleigh. Fessy is obviously a target for the bros and Scottie's stock fell a lot yesterday among L6. Tyler seems be in ok shape unless Rockstar or Baleigh win HOH. I don't even think Fessy would put him up right now. Kaitlyn is in big trouble with multiple people, so she certainly isn't safe. So in my opinion, the safest person in the house this week is the person with the bonus life app. Tyler is fairly safe, and he has the cloud app even if he wasn't. I do think that Rachel, Kaycee, and JC are very safe as well. They could just be pawns used to reel in the bigger fish.

      I'm torn on who I want to win HOH tonight. I don't want a L6 member to win, but I think that a Scottie or JC win would be interesting. I can't stand Rockstar, I've made that pretty clear here before, but her winning could be pretty fun to watch L6 scramble. She will certainly be after a bro or Tyler. The only people I don't want to see win HOH are Tyler (doesn't need anymore power over this game), Kaycee (she doesn't need it and it could really screw with her game right now) and Baleigh (honestly, it would just be a revenge HOH and her main target would be Kaitlyn which is dumb, take out a bro or Tyler).


      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
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        Sam went from an easy out to safe at home plate. Besides who will cook slop masterpieces if she goes?

    • #8
      Hi BB Family!

      Fair warning - this is a super long post since I'm making up for lost time. I'm swamped with NBA stuff and with Summer League, Free Agency in full gear it's been keeping me hopping. But, had a minute today to get down some thoughts.

      Hope you all are well and are enjoying the season. With that..... my much more than two cents worth of thoughts..............

      Chris – Swaggy C Typical super fan that makes all the newbie mistakes:
      How many times have we witnessed a super fan enter the house only to commit all the fundamental errors they know better than? This is exactly what Swaggy did. Let’s examine the big ones:
      • Dominate a competition early showcasing your athletic prowess
      • Brag about being a super fan and tell housemates you know all the comps.
      • Create a massive alliance
      • Get into a bromance AND a showmance
      • Not guard comments made or who you make them about or to.
      • Arrogantly ASSUME since someone you THINK you control is in power you can lock yourself away from the house with your showmance. In the process losing touch with the pulse of the house and essentially allow the hamsters to say/do what they want without your knowledge.
      • Make negative statements (pre & post HOH comp) about the person in charge and don’t put in the ground work to make that person feel safe or attached to you.
      • Once on the block – in your arguments to stay contradict yourself about who your targets are and who you’ll protect. I mean you can’t tell Rachel and Kaycee two different things because you know they’ll compare notes.
      • Fail to manage your “loyal followers” to get them to help you stay in house or not make statements that will alienate the HOH. There was an opportunity for Bayleigh, Fessy, RS, Haleigh & even Scottie to come up with a strategy to get out Winston. It would have required dispersing them to deal with whoever they were closest with in the house to deliver different messages
      And perhaps most importantly Swaggy failed to read the house accurately. He saw Tyler as being a coward and a floater. He never appealed to Tyler on a rational level offering him a reason to keep him over Winston. Instead of assuming Ty is afraid to stir the pot, perhaps he should have recognized Tyler is the guy STIRRING THE POT.

      Suffice to say Swaggy is a sitting duck. It’s a bit unfortunate Swaggy will leave this early. For as much as his bravado can be annoying he’s entertaining and I do think he’d offer the game more than Winston (who has his own issues with likeability).

      Narcissism and delusion wrapped up in one little package:
      What can I say about Kaitlyn that hasn’t I’m sure already been noted prior to this post? Hmmm. Well, she’s in the running for the most narcissistic, delusional, hamster ever.

      I repeatedly cringed as she took credit for every move ( she was spoon fed) by Tyler or others, told every secret she was asked to keep and claims to be basically running the show.

      It started to seem like she was going to take Tyler down in flames until her narcissism kicked in and she loudly and defiantly claimed this week's move was ALL HERS & HERS ALONE. That little ditty was Ty’s saving grace. You can bet however, Tyler is well aware Swaggy was dead on the money calling her a loose cannon. Once Ty learns precisely how many secrets and information she has divulged (and he will) he’ll be begging someone to put her on the block. She’s almost the perfect patsy to take to F2 b/c the house will hate her if she makes it that far and never give her the big prize, but I think it’s too big of a risk to keep her around that long.

      Certainly there is bound to be some entertaining times ahead when Kaitlyn discovers all these supposed “favors” or “control” she has are figments of her imagination. I almost hope she does get evicted this week just so Sam can tell her sorry I can’t give you the power b/c I asked you not to tell anyone and you told the entire house.

      I’d write it off as simple HOH-itis if it weren’t for how delusional this girl is. When Sam told her she had the power and she claimed “I Fbomb knew it”, I died laughing b/c she was shocked when Ty told her.

      What she’s not aware of is that her position in the house is much lower than she thinks and even her own side is wary. Give Ty, Fes, Haleigh and RS some time to compare notes and she’ll be in even greater danger.

      Yin & Yang Flirt duo:
      Both Haleigh and Fessy are playing the flirt game. Fessy has the athletic ability to win comps, but he has zero game sense. Haleigh on the other hand (although obvious in her strategy) is the safest of Foutte. In fact, she displays the best adaptability (other than Ty) in the house. Case in point watch how she makes sure to position herself in trios where she currently resides in at least three solid trios and is working on a fourth. Those are: RS/Kait, Fessy/Kait Kait/Ty, plus The Bros. And in every single situation except with the Bros she has planted a small seed of distrust. Not enough to have the other member of the trio turn, but just enough to make sure she sits at the top of both members pecking list. I don’t think she repeated Kait’s secret that she was the Foutte member who voted out Steve which she’ll be able to use against Kaitlyn later in the game.

      As for Fessy, his smartest move would be to work on building a stronger relationship with (you guessed it) Tyler and then try to separate Brett and Winston as well as looking to lower the female numbers. Luck is playing a part in his game at the moment because RS can’t hide her intentions and the next player up skyrocketed up the target list via his actions.

      Since he doesn’t seem to be able to dissect the nuances of the game he’ll have to continue to rely on luck. That and be careful what he says and whom he says it to could be the difference between him getting to jury or leaving in the next week or two.

      How to go from goat to hot seat in 3 easy moves –Scottie: what the hell is he doing? After getting off the block instead of happily running to a corner to chill out and fade into Kaycee territory he creates waves. Scottie told unnecessary lies and it could find him walking out the door next if the 6 get power. And, it’s not just the lies he told, but who he said them about (and in some cases truths – but keep your mouth shut buds).
      He had a very good opportunity of being positioned perfectly on both sides b/c Tyler, and the Bros always wanted to work with him & he was still good with Foutte.

      Instead he burnt the Bro’s, Tyler, Kaitlyn and even the other side with his mouth. Initially I thought he was going to be Tyler & Brett’s biggest competition but his over (unnecessary) playing this week drops him firmly in the target seat. In essence he tried to play like Tyler, but he’s either not savvy enough, or hasn’t read the hamsters well enough to recognize what the fallout would be from his actions.

      Rock Star/Angie: The irony of her wearing rose colored glasses is poignantly accurate. RS does understand the need to get out bigger threats, so later in the game the players who are less physically gifted can win and the need for a social game. The problem is she refuses to try with anyone outside of Foutte. The rose colored glasses don’t allow her to admit both sides will demonstrate hypocrisy, but it’s the ones who adapt and see it that will go far. Example: she called the other side fake and no sooner finished bad mouthing Rachel being a waste of time then low and behold Rachel walked in the room. Barely catching her breather she told Rachel how much she liked her pants. RS: POT meet KETTLE!

      She is at high risk of being on the block with only perhaps Scottie being higher. Fes may be a physical beast, but I can see how he may be able to build bonds with the Bros and he still has Haleigh & Kaitlyn wanting him to stay as their shield. Plus if L6 get the power I can see Tyler working to target Rock Star over Fessy to garner favor with him (although I’m sure Kaitlyn will take all the credit for it should that occur).

      Bayleigh - needs to follow the example of Sam and fade into the background. If she decides to rise up and get Swaggy revenge all she’ll do is put the spotlight on herself and subsequently exit that much sooner. There is an opportunity for her to spread the “I have no one” narrative to the 6, the ladies she originally bonded with (Angela, Rachel), work the middle ground of Sam/JC/KC as well as Swaggy’s original alliance. If she plays this right she could go deep and fall right off everyone’s radar. Although she’ll likely be utilized as a pawn, if she goes back to socializing with everyone she might just surprise a few people.

      The Bros: Winston isn’t liked much even by his own group and the one major part Swaggy/Scottie got right about the pair is Brett is definitely the scarier of the two. If the Bros were on the block together Brett could likely use his brains and charm to sway the ladies. Winston doesn’t have that ability. The six will also likely acquiesce and concede Winston should they need to sacrifice someone.

      If RS, Fes or Scottie wins HOH don’t be surprised to see the Bros up on the block. But if Haleigh wins I think she might be influenced to put up Scottie/Winston in B2B weeks. And, in her case she’d have a relevant argument for it.

      Angela became a target by winning early and has done a fairly decent job of sliding into the background. As soon as she performs well in comps again the spotlight will return however. Some of the ladies seem a tad envious of her combo of looks & physical prowess. She needs to swallow her pride over the first week Fessy trouble (he asked her early on to be in a showmance) and rekindle at least a modicum of friendship. Her best move would be to take the lead in consoling Bayleigh this coming week & work the angle with Bay, Kaycee, Rachel and maybe Sam to develop a female alliance. With the men dropping like flies, that would be smart. But, that group can’t include Kait/Haleigh b/c they are too close to one another and they can’t afford to only pull in one (until the other is evicted and even then NEVER Kait b/c of her inability to keep her mouth shut).

      I note some think Kaycee may be channeling Jenn City, but I don’t see it. I think she just got the memo most good BB players do. It might not be flashy, but her goal is flying under the radar for the first few weeks. She’s going to win something at some point, she’s just too athletic not to. And, she’s been at the heart of a few “let’s do an all female alliance” Watch for her to include JC with that group as well. Although I couldn’t bet on it I also think her top allegiance lies with Angela, Rachel, Sam, JC and Tyler (with a penchant to go all female if possible).

      Despite her name being tossed around as a possible pawn by Swaggy’s side she seems relatively safe and it’s doubtful she’ll be in trouble any time soon.

      Rachel: has managed to maneuver into a position where people share information with her and hidden where her true allegiance lies. It’s humorous to me how often Swaggy’s side tells her things unaware she is directly aligned with L6. Credit her social skills for that. She’s got a strong bond with several players in the house. I can’t decipher if she’ll be someone who gets deep in the game or sacrificed to save a stronger player. Overall I’m impressed with her early game play. Next to the man running the show she has the most tangible relationships in the house with L6, the strong trio of Angela and Kaycee, JC and Sam, Tyler and even crazy Kait. Plus of all the L6 (aside from Ty) she’s probably viewed the most likeable by Foutte.

      JC: I vacillate back and forth on JC. Sometimes I think he is playing a brilliant game and at others I find him bordering on narcissism like Kait when he takes credit for things he hasn’t done. At least JC has a decent read of the house, knows who to speak to and when and isn’t anywhere near sitting on the block. He’s expertly maneuvered keeping Fessy thinking they are tight as well as serving as an affiliate of the L6. His closeness to Tyler is strong right now (and they very well could remain close), but I won’t be surprised if he’s the one who tries to blindside Ty or instigate the movement in that direction much later in the game. Still, he won’t do that til much later in the game and not prior to separating the Bros b/c his relationship is stronger with Ty.

      Sam: Initially she couldn’t seem to take a step correctly. Not understanding the game she would repeat things she shouldn’t, not recognize how statements could be twisted and appeared headed out the door. Flash forward a week and she looks like a lock to make F3. Plus, I mean, it’s impossible not to pull for her or like the breath of fresh air she brings to the house. I thought I heard her power lasted 4 weeks so I assume it’s good for two weeks more. If not used this week it will be forced next week. Hopefully she’s received clarification on the semantics of the power, and I’d bet only she and Tyler know precisely what that power is. I think the only people she would use it on this week would be herself or Tyler. If it's not used this week which forces it's use next week I'd also bet Tyler will go to Sam and say let's go to whose leaving and say you don't have the numbers BUT we're going to give you this power so you have a chance to return. I'm not sure if BB would let them do that (use that as a strategy w/o telling the exiting player it was going to be forced anyway), but if they can it would be brilliant.

      Tyler –Oh captain my captain. Okay so I was super worried this week when Kaitlyn appeared headed to Glenn Close boiling bunny territory and blowing up Ty’s game in the process. Somehow he navigated that nightmare (although he’s not out of danger completely) by appealing to her ego so that she loudly proclaimed everything was her decision.

      In the 20 seasons, I’ve had early favorites, but like most seldom pick the winning horse. My propensity is to gravitate toward underdogs though I love great strategists. My favorites include Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes, Janelle, Eric Stein and Ian. I could appreciate Dan and Derrick’s games, but for some reason could never invest in them. Perhaps it was because of how heartless they could be. Every great BB player has to lie and be self motivated and I can’t explain why when Dr. Will or Danielle R did so, it only endeared me to them more whereas it struck a negative chord with me when Derrick or Dan did it.

      To that end, Tyler has won me over. The combination of his likeability mixed with his game skills (strategy/social/comps) has me already hoping he runs the board. Of everyone in the house he has the strongest bonds with the most people. Each of Crazy Kait, JC, and Sam has him as their number one (and maybe even Rachel). He recognizes Rock Star has to go next. But, what is his next move? He wanted to pull in Scottie, but the latter's actions promptly ruined their trust b/c Scottie got caught immediately sharing intel Ty shared with him, so now Ty won't nurture that bond.

      He also has a strong relationship with Angela, Kaycee and the Bros. Plus my bet is he’ll work on pulling in Fessy and Haleigh this week too (or use Kait to do it for him). Based on his comments during his HOH - he wanted the two sides attacking one another. My guess is he also is aware of two overriding dangers: Brett and Winston need to be split (with Brett being the more dangerous of the pair) and he has to be cautious of an all girls group aligning. Brett is definitely on to how well positioned Ty is, but I’ll be surprised if he beats Tyler to the punch. Why? For one, I see Tyler as a better strategist, competition beast and social player. BUT – most important look at the 3 people Tyler is closest to: Sam, JC and Kait (each of them get tidbits of intel from either or both sides and that is how Tyler keeps a step ahead of everyone in terms of learning/knowing when someone has done or said something they don’t want him to know.

      Although he didn’t exit from this week unscathed, he is so good at adapting and being genuine that it feels like he could get out of any trouble that arises. (I know, that’s probably naïve of me to say – but I’ve bought in to the power of Ty). I’m thoroughly enjoying his game and can’t wait to see what he does next. My guess is he’ll try to get Rock Star out next since she’s demonstratively after him. I don’t see anyone except RS or Bayleigh targeting him this week. And, let’s not forget he has the power. My hope though is he’ll be able to save that for later in the game and utilize it when a blindside is coming and get the touche’ moment. How great would it be if someone tries to backdoor him in a double eviction that he’s aligned with and he gets to stop it from happening?

      I haven’t deciphered yet if the L6 would stay tight to the point they wouldn’t target each other ahead of other options. But, I do think Tyler will try to pull Sam, JC and perhaps Rachel (or Kaitlyn if she calms down) with him ahead of the Bros and Angela simply because they’ll be easier to beat. And, I’m not sure, who is his true F2 or if he even knows yet. If I had to bet something tells me it is one of Sam or JC.

      Tonight will be an A & B competition based on Swaggy saying he saw booths in the backyard. Obviously that information was shared since Winston and Kaycee were drilling this morning.

      Who seems likely to win (or will try to win):
      The Bros
      Tyler (only if he has to keep Rock Star or Fessy from winning)

      Hot Seat:

      On Foutte: Rock Star and Scottie (outside shot at Kaitlyn depending on how angry Bay is)

      L6 & Affiliates: The Bros and Angela (Tyler if RS or Bayleigh wins - I think Kaitlyn would keep Ty safe if Haleigh wins & Scottie's game would be over if he won & nominated him after Ty saved him this week).

      • Sam
      • JC
      • Kaycee
      • Rachel
      • Haleigh
      Enjoy the show!
      Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-12-2018, 03:33 PM.


      • LCnSummer
        LCnSummer commented
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        Waving madly to cutie pie TTOT. And......... to add to the Chris list,

        -he took Angie's horrible advice to not talk to the HOH or other side for a week. He is saying Tyler is weak etc, but let a middle aged hippy with no house clout tell him how to play his game. DOH!

      • Lynette
        Lynette commented
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        Welcome back! Thank you for sharing your talent of great analysis and breaking down the nuances and inner workings of the HG’s. I’ll second BettyBoo with the Criminal Minds reference.

      • Walleye
        Walleye commented
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        Hey Ttot! Glad you are back.

    • #9
      Wonder if Kaitlyn will request the Adam & Eve punishment?


      • #10
        Tonight's HOH will come down to who REALLY wants or needs it. At this point in the game individuals throw the comps for a variety of reasons. The ones not needing it or wanting it are: Sam, JC, Kaycee, Haleigh, Rachel, Brett & Tyler.

        Angie, Faysal, Bayleigh, Scottie, Angela & Winston will be gunning for it.

        If Kaycee gets to the end with Winston in an A/B comp she will throw it to him. But I feel it's highly unlikely he would get that far. Sadly even thou neither wants it, I could see it coming down to Kaycee or Rachel winning an A/B comp if they don't throw it and get out on the 2nd question.

        My prediction is it comes down to The "A"'s who actually want it & have a better read on what's been going on in the house to answer questions.
        Last edited by OutOfTheDarkness; 07-12-2018, 04:51 PM.


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          I think Angie is the one most dangerous for the 6 as the rest may want to sit back, since I think she's the angriest. Wonder if the 6 will try to give it to Winston?

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          Yeah I could see that Betty. Especially because it serves multiple purposes (removes one of Foutte & simultaneously increases his target in the group). But, I think his preference to evict would be Scottie over Rock Star (Brett's would be RS & maybe even Bayleigh 2nd, Tyler's would also be RS). .

          I want to see if Foutte are all out whether L6 try to purposely throw it to an L6 affiliate ie: Sam or JC so they can gt them to put the blood on their hands while they look to build some trust with Fes, Hal & Bay.

          Who do you think is the first guy to vocalize it's time for a female to leave? (my guess is Ty or JC)

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
          Editing a comment
          Well Winston is the president of the He-Man Woman Haters Club. 💪

          But I do believe the women will soon begin their usual war on each other. Kaitlyn could be in danger since she's too much work for Ty to control and she got the other side mad at her.

      • #11
        Good evening everyone and happy eviction day!!!! 😊😊😊


        • #12
          I just want to say, “the biggest move in B.B. history” as Kaitlyn called her move putting up Swaggy, kind of feels like a total downer if you cry about it. 🤦‍♀️


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            LMAO - Tooooooooooooooooo good !

        • #13
          Is anyone as surprised as I am? I didn't expect Scottie or JC to vote Swaggy out!!!


          • Lynette
            Lynette commented
            Editing a comment
            No, they were planning to vote him out. Funny that Scotty was wearing a Swaggy T-shirt and still voted him out....BTW we are over in Episode discussion thread if you want to join us!

          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            AND he said "I appreciate the flattery, but I'm nobody's goon" Spoke volumes to me.

        • #14
          If Scottie goes after anyone from the 5 he was with it would make no sense because they aren’t coming after him. He has to go for the other side. I don’t know how Tyler can convince him otherwise. He is expendable to the other side.


          • #15
            Gotta blow my own horn, mainly since I finally got something right. Posted this morning:

            "My guess is the vote against Scaggy will be 8 - 4 with Scottie going with the majority. "

            Also saw Scag from the beginning as road kill. He just never saw what was right in front of him since he was too busy only looking at his own "greatness" .


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