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Live Feed Discussion-July 14, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 14, 2018

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  • #2
    Good morning all. I'm off to find out what happened while I was sleeping.


    • #3
      I didn’t follow all of what Bay says her power is but what are the chances that she’s lying about it? Just curious what you all think.


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        I'm so confused why Ba received power app. Never expected her to be most trending. Except for her hooking up with Scabby what has she done? I don't get it.


        • Raineyc
          Raineyc commented
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          The Swaggy boot was actually very unpopular on other sites unlike this one. I believe it was because of the way it was executed. Many don’t like Kaitlyn and how she played victim at his expense, so I believe in some ways this was a slap in the face to her. They were also calling for her to have the crap app.

          Also she was favorited in some polls as the HOH win. So, I saw this coming.

        • Freebyrd
          Freebyrd commented
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          Hi'ya Raineyc! Good to see you this season! Yes, I agree with your post - Swaggy's eviction was not so well taken on other sites. And I am also in total agreement with you that it was clearly a slap in Kaitlyn's face to "trend' Bay so she would get the BB app. Kaitlyn is probably one of my most unlikable HG's this season - she is annoying, and I hate how (at times) she has said "Oh, I just KNEW that" As though she can read people's minds and predict what is going to happen. What a fake! JMO. (Including her tears; she's awfully good at turning on the waterworks when she wants to.)

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        Good Morning BBU Family,

        We head into week three with the Bros on the block, Brett not surprisingly handling it fairly calmly and Winston on the other end of the spectrum guaranteeing Scottie will be done next week. Scottie told everyone Winston threatened him. I find it fascinating what the BB people consider threats. Mind you I'm no fan of Winston's, but still saying you've drawn a line in the sand & if I'm still here you're gone next week is simply saying you are my target. In my mind a threat is something far more sinister like bodily harm.

        Some other insights:

        Bayleigh wins final power app:

        So, Bayleigh wins the last power app which allows her to replace nominees up to final eight. Based on her conversation with Faysal it sounds like she has to tell TPTB her replacement noms prior to the ceremony (so she has to assume they'll be people she doesn't want up or herself obviously).

        Benefits: The best part of the power is it's length (up to Final 8) and the anonymity (no one knows she is the person holding it, nor will they b/c she doesn't have to reveal that she owns it).

        Negatives: she can still be re-nomed if the POV is used and she has to try to use it in a situation when she thinks she'll be put on the block.

        Intangibles: So far (to my knowledge) she has only told Fessy - can he keep it to himself? And, how does Tyler's power affect her power? That is if she usurps the noms (believing she is going up) and noms Tyler and he also uses his app I assume it would negate her renom and in that scenario does the HOH then replace Tyler with the new renom? Although, one would think Tyler would save his app for a POV re-nom, specifically a double eviction when the house may be most inclined to oust him.

        NOTE: I was shocked she won b/c on most fan boards she ranks in bottom three of hamsters (perhaps TPTB made the call - or based on fans being upset by Swaggy's blindside it helped push her up the rankings--- I'm not complaining though b/c I'm happy someone outside L6 got it and I didn't want Haleigh/RS to get it)

        Her alliances: Bayleigh is smart and without Swaggy will play an intelligent game IMHO. She has remained close to Fessy though and he seems to be her number one since he's the only she told about the app. She's also close to JC and Scottie. I'm not sure how she feels about Tyler - I think she might be convinced to work with him b/c she doesn't know fully that he was the one who orchestrated Swaggy's eviction although she suspects it.

        She talks to many of the ladies, but also doesn't seem too enamored with Rock Star since she's done nothing to warn her she's on everyone's lips. She also talks to Rachel whom I think she would like to get closer with. At season start she bonded with Angela as well, but in the comp where she put balls in Angela's canister it caused a rift which hasn't been rectified.

        Sam: it seemed like Sam wasn't playing very smart by things she chose to share & not share. The truth is she vacillates somewhere in the middle. She will do something like tell Scottie that the Bros voted for her b/c she doesn't like them (which cemented their nomination). But then she'll make a silly choice like make Scottie promise to make her the re-nom.

        Tyler had to explain to her it wasn't a wise decision to do that b/c what if they need the power next week (if she or him or whoever she wants to save- which she has determined to be herself/Tyler/Scottie/Kaitlyn or Kaycee). Again the other issue she's missing is one word "CHANCE". There is no guarantee whatever the competition is would be won. She or whoever competes could still lose the contest and not return to the house.

        And what if she or those she'll share the app with get nommed next week? So, we'll see what happens, but look for Tyler to continue to talk her out of forcing Scottie to put her on the block as the re-nom and push for Kaitlyn (who will likely get ousted--- and then I'll die if Ty talks Sam out of giving her the app to come back, lol).

        On a side note, if I'm Tyler, Sam, Kaitlyn or Kaycee I don't even bother trying to win HOH next week b/c I know the evicted house guest gets to use Sam's power. Why put a spotlight on your head (especially Tyler whose won a bunch already? - Take the week off & lose badly in HOH comp to perhaps sway people into thinking you just lucked out early).

        Sam also said something interesting when talking to Tyler and Scottie. She referenced returning "I love you's" to Rachel and Kaycee but doesn't really mean it, but truly does with the pair of them. Interesting she says this when she's willing to give her app to Kaycee if necessary.

        Tyler - Scottie dynamic: So, I'm trying to figure out Tyler's overall position in terms of who he's truly aligned with. Based on him trying to get Scottie to put up Rock Star (unsuccessfully) it seemed he was firmly entrenched in L6. That said, his most honest conversations seem to occur with JC and sometimes Kaitlyn although those have waned after he learned she can't keep anything secret. He seems to navigate what to say to whom well by giving just enough information. To wit, he has the L6 and regularly checks in with the Bros as well as Kaycee, Rachel and Angela (although less with Angela than the others). He talks with Fessy occasionally, but doesn't seem as invested there - more like it's a necessary evil. Ditto with Haleigh.

        What I'm trying to ascertain is whether his preference is to take as many of L6 plus Sam/JC/Kaitlyn forward meaning his targets are Rock Star (obviously b/c she wants him out first) then Faysal/Haleigh. But - where does Bayleigh fall within that mix. This is where Scottie comes into play. By aligning with Scottie he has him helping on the Foutte side of the house while he has the other side. It seems they've aligned, but based on Tyler relaying info to L6 Scottie seems to fall beneath L6 as well as Sam/JC/Kait. If I had to guess it's Sam/JC who he wants to get to F3 with.

        Brett will be target: between Rock Star's hate for Brett and Scottie recognizing he's the more dangerous if the Bros remain on the block he'll definitely be the target. But here's the rub -- will he actually leave? For the moment we know the Foutte side of RS, Hal, Fay & Bay would vote out Brett. But where would the L6 plus Sam/JC/Kait vote? They still hold the power so their decision could control the vote. It seems likely Tyler and JC would decide who they want to keep and that's who would stay. In addition, since Ty/JC already planted the seeds of doubt over Hal/RS previous votes they could do what they wanted and still tell Scottie I voted how you wanted.

        Scottie lying about vote: Speaking of which I'm still not sure what the decision by Scottie to lie about who he voted for is. The assumption is he wanted to paint someone with a question mark over their heads. He told Tyler how he voted, but lied to others. This created confusion with the Foutte group and angered Haleigh. It's also caused mistrust of him and shone a brighter spotlight on him b/c now RS thinks he also voted out Steve (it was Kait). I'm just not sure what he expects to accomplish by voting that way - then tell Tyler the truth and tell others lies. Maybe I'm missing something.

        Kaitlyn and Scottie both made noms which helped others but not necessarily themselves: Clearly Kaitlyn's vote out of Steve followed by back door of Swaggy did nothing to help her own game. Instead it turned her existing alliance against her and bought no currency from L6 (despite what she believes).

        As for Scottie putting up the bros, the only people that appeases aside from Foutte is the viewers. We'd obviously prefer to keep the split house and not witness an entire season of one side steam rolling the house. I forget who said it (maybe OutOfTheDarkness ) but the POV today will have far reaching effects on the season. If anyone but the Bros win POV we get the spilt we want, but if one of them wins it could end up with both staying.

        The only saving grace might be if Brett wins POV b/c I could still see L6 opting to go along (or Ty/JC/Rachel/Kaycee/Sam at least) electing to support sending him out since Winston isn't liked that much even by his own side. And, the other factor is Tyler could push to save him, however it's likely the renom would be Kait and that would mean having to convince Sam not to give her the "chance app". Too many variables.

        Foutte crumbling? One would think the Foutte side of the house would've gained major momentum from these nominations. But, while they've celebrated it doesn't seem like they are a solid group. Rather, Faysal seems closer to Bay than any of the other 3 women (RS/Hal/Kait). The women are also rocky with Hal recognizing problems exist with both RS (her mouth/inability to adapt) Kait(can't keep a secret/loose cannon). Nor are there people who want to align with those four in the other groups.

        Middle taking over? While the "two sides" of Foutte and L6 exist it sure feels like the middle ground might be who truly holds the power. Definitively in the middle because they aren't "in" one of the two main alliances is Sam, JC and Scottie. Although the latter two are shall we see affiliated to L6 and Foutte respectively.

        In addition, Tyler and Bayleigh would seemingly fall into the middle group. Tyler because of his side alignment with JC, Sam, Kait and Scottie and Bay b/c of her side alignment to Scottie, Rachel and JC. And of course Kaitlyn will fall here regardless of her Foutte allegiance simply because whatever she says, she'll do precisely what Ty tells her (with the possible exception of voting out Faysal) .

        If we assume one of the Bros leaves it's easy to envision Tyler and JC (who I think have controlled things to this point anyway) assuming full control and pushing their agenda. Which would be trying to get L6 to target RS/Faysal/Hal (Scottie?) and Foutte to target remaining Bro/Angela and likely one of Rachel or Kaycee.

        Bottom line, BB fans should be pulling for the Bros to stay on the block (better season). I mean, when is the last season where there were two sides to the house and not just one steam rolling?

        Okay, I'm off to write/edit NBA articles. Have a great day everyone!
        Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-14-2018, 09:09 AM.


        • herms is here
          herms is here commented
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          I agree. I really want the bro broken up. If done there will be no power couples. Will that be a first. Also, it would mean that Sam would not have to put herself in jeopardy. I am pulling for Scottie to win the veto.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          Yeah - Scottie winning would be ideal (though I almost want someone like Haleigh, Faysal or Rock Star to play and win it b/c it will force them to make the move). Haleigh for all her ranting about L6 has loved playing the middle ground, so her winning it would force her to get blood on her hands. Plus although I said I didn't understand Scottie's choice to lie about his vote, I seem to recall early on he said something about thinking Haleigh was hot, but there was no room for "that" in BB. Maybe he doesn't respect her "flirting game play" so he did it to put a light on her? (maybe?).

          As for the power couples - I'm not sure Ty & JC aren't a power couple since although the pair each hold conversations to varying degrees of exposed information with others their conversations together are the most detailed/honest. Tyler is close to Sam, JC to Fessy but the only time they are appear to be talking with no guard up with full disclosure is with each other. I don't know b/c I missed the first part of the season (or rather I missed the "extra stuff" at season start), but I'm inclined to bet on the pair being F2 affiliated. (although it also wouldn't surprise me if Ty was keen to take Sam with them to F3 and be happy with either in F2).

          There are other pairs Angela/Kaycee, Haleigh/Rock Star, Haleigh/Kait, perhaps Baylee/Fessy (now that Swaggy is gone) but I'd only rank Ty/JC as "power" entitled worthy. I'd lean that way with Bay/Fes if he was more adept strategically or if he displayed even a remote ability to read people & if Rachel/Bay hook up we might get a female power couple (as I believe both are underestimated).
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-14-2018, 02:49 PM.

      • #6
        Oh, poor Winnie the Pooh & Tigger! Christopher Robin put them on the block together.

        Winston, are you getting the message you're not well liked? However, Brett is the target so you just may survive for another day.


        • #7
          As usual our FBI profiler has done an excellent job of analyzing the hamsters. I haven't been watching as intently this season since I find most of them too irrationally smug about their game smarts and skills. That combined with dull personalities just makes it impossible for me to watch. The only two I could spend an evening with are Tyler and Sam and even then I'd be wondering the whole time if Tyler is the cat burgler. Tried to watch the recorded BBAD and after an hour deleted it from the dvr.

          Did see a quieter side of Winnie the Pooh while he chatted with Sam. Of course, she was only tolerating him, but gotta admit I liked the boyish side he was showing, all while knowing his bluster would return. Unfortunately, he came into the House thinking it's war and not a game.

          Should Sam play her pesky power? Depends on who are the final noms. If Kaitlyn is on the block, then no since she's too much of a wild card. If it's the Bros, I would consider it to keep numbers and to have a grateful HG owing her. It's a gamble, but why not roll the dice.

          Bayleigh getting the last power surprise? Let's not forget who runs the show and who puts their thumb on the scale. This could be the way to balance the powers? I'm actually more surprised RS didn't get the booby prize, since I think she's more disliked than Haleigh. But, who knows how the CBS computer wizards designed this contest. RS likely got more negative hits, making Haleigh the invisible one? I dunno.

          So whoulda guessed on Day One that Tyler and JC would be the new Derrick & Cody? Nope, not me. Wonder if they'll make it to the end?

          Who will Tyler & JC wave goodbye to from Fantasy Island this Thursday? Stay Tuned.


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            Going off topic for this special announcement... because I do not know what I would do with out this guy.....

            Happy Birthday Kenny!!!!!


            • Whispers
              Whispers commented
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              Very Happy Birthday, Kenny!!! Hope your special day is as amazing as you are.

            • llongori
              llongori commented
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              Happy Birthday, Kenny!! I hope your day was awesome!

            • Freebyrd
              Freebyrd commented
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              Happy belated Birthday Kenny! Hope your day was extra special for you!

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            Turned on the feeds and it is fish. Veto being played?


            • #10
              If Sam does use her power on herself or someone else and they win the challenge than Scottie's HOH would be for nothing. Do they want to throw the veto so that the guys will use it on themselves and that it makes Sam's power come into play?

              The only two that I like watching are Sam and Tyler. Why would Tyler want JC as his #2 and not Sam?


              • TTOTambz
                TTOTambz commented
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                IMHO JC, Sam and Kaycee are his 1,2,3 based on "how" he speaks to them and "what he shares with them". I'm not sure he's completely decided who is his F2. BUT think of how much we like Sam, then factor in that house and who is there. A bitter jury might give her the "Jordan Vote" . He made mention today? or recently about wanting Sam around deep in the game to either JC or Kaycee so he does have her best interest at heart. I'm just not sure if he would risk taking her F2. Though it sure would make a great story if he chose and took her F2 and told the jury - I nominated her 1st week and told her I'm taking you to F2 (we don't know this to be true- but it sure would be awesome if he did that).

                Also, the power won't come into play this week unless Sam chooses to use it. If she doesn't next week it gets used regardless.

            • #11
              Interesting couple of exchanges this morning:

              Kaycee/Tyler -- discuss POV & Ty saying he'll throw it to Bros once Rock Star is out. Tells Kaycee about Sam's offer to go up as renom and how that's bad for them. Then says "Scottie THINKS Kaitlyn is my number 1" I just knew Tyler was purposely positioning it that way hoping people would believe that. I NEVER bought into her being more than a Derrick's Victoria to him. And even then not that strong- she's the bait to the others so none of the L6 Sam or JC go on block beside him--- i.e. expendable!

              Kaycee/Angela: Ticked at Winston for blowing up at Scottie b/c they think in the case of a renom he'll put up one of them. And, both are saying Brett is better to keep. Kaycee also tells Angela her 2 noms next week Faysal/Rock Star (interesting).

              Tyler/JC: followed by JC asking Ty about POV (reiterates he'll throw once Rock Star is out) and MORE INTRIGUING - who they should vote out with what appears to be them both kind of indicating Brett will be harder to beat (READ: JC/Ty will go along with Scottie and take out Brett lol) In the latter scenario we'd get Ty, JC, Faysal, Haleigh, Kaitlyn, RS, Bay vs. potentially Rachel, Angela, Kaycee, and potentially Sam (7 to 4) Brett goes bye-bye. Whereas if Ty/JC elect to keep Brett it shifts to 5 to 6. There are 14 players in the house and JC/Tyler already control it!

              Tyler/Kaitlyn: This convo is hilarious b/c it points to how blatantly oblivious Kait is. Case in point check out all the innuendo to drive her own agenda:
              • Asks Ty who he would put on block he says RS - & who else should I? Her response is Bay (Read: Ty is testing who her target is and avoiding answering, Kait is trying to drive her agenda to take out Bay but via his hands).
              • Kait offers she would nom Rachel/Angela with BD of Scottie the plan when Ty asks is that real she laughs and says no. Plus she switches within seconds of who of the two she wants gone. This after saying she wants a woman to win but clearly she is just saying that since her targets are two females.
              • Perhaps most important part of convo is when Kait calls Kaycee her friend, Ty pushes keeping her b/c she'd be a jury vote for Kait (READ: Ty wants Kaycee around deep in the game).
              • Kait inquires who of Scottie/her would he take to F2 if they are F3 (Read: she be testing him on veracity of new "Core alliance" or may believe Scottie/Ty are closer than they are. When Ty says I can't beat Scottie (Read: I'll take you) but I can't beat you either (Read: playing to her ego & so she'll keep him b/c she eats this sh*t up) she responds with "you could beat Fes" (read: I want it to be you and Fes at end b/c you'll both take me.
              I swear I just can't with Kaitlyn - as long as Ty can control her crazy and keep her outbursts to a minimum he really should keep her around b/c of how smart and manipulative she thinks she is while the reality is every convo they have Ty walks away with so much intel. LMAO


              • Walleye
                Walleye commented
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                I agree he should keep her around but I can’t listen to her. That hoh really went to her head because she thinks it was all her.

            • #12
              The old reruns are great compared to what we used to see.


              • #13
                With Scottie winning the POV, it's time for Sam to work some deals with her Power App & the Bros. America needs to actually see a Power App in play. It would also be fun to see Scottie's HOH be for naught. I don't care if it messes up anyone's game. I'm still rooting for the robot at this point!


                • beckyd30
                  beckyd30 commented
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                  I bet she chose identity theft. Which actually if it is the only one where you don't have to use some trick to get back in the game or. Which is kind of a sleazy one to have available for someone like her to get.

                • herms is here
                  herms is here commented
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                  But who would she use it on. Would they take it knowing that there is only a chance of returning to the game.

              • #14
                Rachel cracks me up. If she has to, she'll take one for the team & make out with Faysal. 😳

                Could you imagine the drama that would create with Kaitlyn & Haleigh. Lmao. Granted they would both gun for Rachel to get the next boot. But..... Ooooh, the drama. Lol


                • Walleye
                  Walleye commented
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                  The girls would never get together after that lmao.

                • GrandmaSusan
                  GrandmaSusan commented
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                  They'll blow up pretty soon, always do! And I bet Kaitlyn or Haliegh start it! Both are very needy!

              • #15
                Scottie has got a bad case of HOHitis too! Tell Kaycee if the veto wea used that person best friend would go up, WOW! Hope he goes out right after Angie, they both creep me out.


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