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Live Feed Discussion-July 17, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 17, 2018

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    Morning all.


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      Doesn't sound like an elaborate set-up for HOH on Thursday since they're doing laundry and thus not locked out? Guessing that'll be next week?? wonder if Fozzy Bear's big feet will get in his way? it'll be fun to watch the Dizzy Bowl for VETO tomorrow night.


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        Morning sdkgeo BettyBoo and BB Family:

        Well, first of all I had an entire entry written for this morning and the b/c date changed over I lost it all (so not a happy camper at the moment). I'll do my best to recall as much as I can, but I'm under time constraints.

        So, I had this dream where my guides came to me and told me an alien ship would float over top the BB house and physically remove their missing life coach...

        Seriously, I called Kaitlyn cray-cray (in my very first post on here this season - I believe I referenced Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction which I feel I now owe that bunny burner character an apology for - since Kaitlyn is in her very own niche of crazy, self absorption.

        The fact she went ballistic with Scottie over the "potential" of going on the block is hilarious given she put him up last week and it was Tyler who took him down NOT HER.

        Not too many (even on her own side) are very fond of Krazy Kait any longer and she has no one to blame but herself. She seems to think this is the KK Show instead of BB. If it weren't for how much jeopardy she puts Tyler's game in I'd want to keep her for the pure entertainment of it. But, I'm so tired of her claiming to have these powers immediately after learning news, it's straight up annoying. She's managed to sell out every person she has ever aligned with and incredibly kept a larger target on herself.

        Anyway here's the takeaways for the day:

        Scottie: If I had to pic a trio of words to describe his HOH I'd select 1) Ballsy 2)hypocritical 3) sloppy

        Sure, electing to go after the Bro's was the right move, especially when we know he was hoping to even up the house. But, to position his reign as being one of "honesty", "loyalty" and "trust" is a joke given what he just did to Swaggy (and the fact that secret has not been kept - he himself told Tyler). And, he outed the Bro's plan of F3 to the house thereby showing he can't be trusted to a) make deals with or b) keep anything private. On top of that he did absolutely NOTHING to garner protection for the coming weeks in his interviews. For a super fan his game lacks the "super" adjective.

        Furthermore, now the Bay Bomb was dropped about Sam's power and KK herself delivered the news he's elected to trash them both to Fessy. Not sure of his motivation here, but it's sure to make it's way back to Tyler which should only serve to send him out the door sooner than he was planned for.

        Scottie definitely wants Brett gone, so although he stated he didn't care who left, he'll be ticked when it's the opposite.

        Bayleigh: wins rising hamster of the week. Super impressed with how Bay is navigating post Swaggy oust. As I suspected she's not seen as aligned to anyone or side so she's using that advantage to re-establish connections on both sides and has been gathering intel like crazy. In fact, I'd say Bay got more out of this HOH than Scottie has.

        The "Bay Bombs" have been expertly placed and she's looking to be someone who'll get far in the game. Just in a few days:
        • Has Foutte believing she is fully aligned to them
        • Made up with Tyler (I do believe she commiserates with him over KK b/c I'd say KK is her least favorite hamster)
        • Re-connected with Rachel, Angela and Kaycee (made a F2 with the latter showcasing how well she reads "no drama" and ability)
        • Established bonds with strong physical players by aligning with Fessy and seems to have as well with Brett (something tells me she'll be the one to drop a Bay Bomb on Tyler about KK talking behind his back - let's see).
        • Speaking of Bay Bombs and collection of secrets
          • Learned Scottie was the one to back stab Swaggy and now won't trust him (and likely will make him/KK her back door targets)
          • KK told her about Sam's power which she first told Scottie (and planted seed about Ty knowing though I'm not sure that was her intention) then Sam confirming it was KK b/c she exposed 'the details' which of course are wrong
          • Confirmed from Sam power isn't what Kait said
          • Planted a few seeds with Fessy about each of KK, JC & Haleigh to drive a bit of wedge away from him (I think she wants to take over as his F2)
          • Made a pact with Rock Star to back door KK & Ty (with RS being the one to target Ty)
          • If she uses the power I'd expect her to nominate KK and possibly Scottie since neither would suspect it was her (though it might also be KK/Haleigh to deflect attention to other side). If she discusses with Fessy he'll want it to be Angela/Kaycee if she tells Kaycee then it'll be KK & prob RS
        Overall I'm super impressed by her moves, adaptability and calmness. Maybe someone can confirm with me if she's told Kaycee about her power - as of now I think Fessy is the only person she's told.

        Sam: Not surprisingly Sam is pissed since she knows KK told everyone she had the power. In conversation with Tyler he told her to tell KK the power ends this week. Assume they want to a) test to see how long it takes for that secret to get out and b) so KK can't tell anyone the person evicted next week will have chance at re-entry.

        Tyler: Is fully cognizant KK is a nightmare and needs to go ASAP. He's working each of Sam, JC and L6 in this direction. When KK had the nerve to tell him his father came to her in a dream and abrasively told her not to trust him, I can't believe he was able to maintain his composure. I'd seriously want to slap her for saying something about my dead father. Who the F does she think she is?

        Although Scottie and KK have both back stabbed him I'll be surprised if he doesn't come out on top. He no doubt has a plethora of secrets to drop in terms of things she said behind Fes/Haleigh/RS & Scotties backs. And as for Scottie he is the one who told Tyler he voted out Swaggy (which again is a really dumb move by Scottie to turn on Ty especially with Fessy - someone who doesn't keep secrets).

        EDITED TO ADD: So Scottie told the entire Foutte side (except KK) that Sam/Tyler were playing him and he wants them both on block and suddenly has no problem backdooring Tyler. Again, I can't see how Scottie can put all his eggs in the basket of what cray cray KK says. Even what Bay told him came from KK to her. He just went through an evening where KK called him out for saying he was putting her up when that wasn't what he said, but he can base his entire attack on taking on Tyler on her words? Where Scottie has to be careful is this has so many opportunities of getting back to Tyler. If any of the others tell KK it will get back to him. If he lands in power one of Haleigh, Bay or Fes will tell him.

        Once the power gets used next week and the house learns what the details of it were Scottie will look like even more of a dumb ass for believing Sam/Ty were trying to pull one over on him instead of pointing out how batsh*t crazy KK is. His entire argument to Foutte is based on Sam/Ty trying to dupe him. So, I hope in between they (Sam/Ty) learn what Scottie is saying. And Kaycee/Ty also discussed the fact Ty purposely lied to Kait about the power so he knew she told everyone b/c of what the house believes the power to be. Regardless, the fall out next week of Sam's power will have far reaching effects b/c Ty never told Scottie lies about the power, he just didn't admit to knowing she had it. After the fact he can tell Scottie I knew she had it but it wasn't my place to say and the details you told me were different than what I knew, so I wasn't lying when I said that's not what I knew.

        Brett: apparently his POV speech spoke of dream allusions (praying BB airs it). Best part of Brett staying is I'll enjoy KK losing her mind over it and Scottie deserves to get nailed for not handling the situation better.

        Other notables:
        • KK told Fessy that JC has the power and it's good for 5 weeks. Not sure if JC or Rachel planted this but she says "JC" told her. I imagine this is a plant to drive the wedge between Fes/KK by JC
        • Woman's alliance will never work b/c RS & Haleigh don't like Angela/Rachel/Kaycee and vice versa
        • L6 continues to be strong and always knew Winston would be sacrificial lamb
        • Rachel and Angela plan to drop little quips so they don't both go on block
        • Likeability and gender will play a role in upcoming nominations b/c the men are wary of another male leaving and both Fessy/Haleigh are more likeable than RS or KK.
        • Winston has zero social game and still doesn't seem to recognize it.
        • Rock Star continues to say dumb things - like Sam "must be related to a celebrity or prior BB player" otherwise how could she win the power (I mean seriously Angie? Sam is the most likeable person in that house - get a grip).
        Where the votes currently lie to evict (7-4):

        Brett: Rock Star, Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Fessy

        Winston: Angela, Rachel, Kaycee, Tyler, Sam, JC *Bay leaning this way as well

        *though she could switch it sure seems like she'll vote this way and depending on how real the Kaycee pact is will know Winston is leaving and want to be on the right side of the vote. Plus she trusts Brett more and can work with him.

        Also notable: KK (who LOVES to say she's dreamed of or been spoken to by her guides expects Brett to leave on Thursday and her GB message that she is freely sharing with all who listen is: "I'm seeing this vision and I'm like i can see your face next to Julie Chen.. i cant help that my spirit guides are here. Good 'F bomb' bye" Can't wait to see her face when Brett stays (AND it sounds like he plans on dropping another bomb in the eviction speech to nail her further. Also kind of hoping he outs Scottie being the one who voted out Swaggy too - we'll see).

        What to watch for:
        • Fessy asking JC about power he doesn't have
        • More Bay Bombs (if she learns of Scottie's betrayal of Sam/Ty will she tell them? .... hope so).
        • To that end, will Bay let Ty know RS plans to back door him? or that KK stated she's fine with him being nominated & ousted?
        • Who will be the one (again Bay?) to tell Fessy that Rock Star and Haleigh are pushing an All Girl's alliance? Or perhaps Rachel will deliver that honor. Can't wait to see that happen b/c Fessy is already nervous about the copious male exits
        • Rachel is pushing for L6 (*L5) to fight for HOH. With Ty/Kaycee knowing about Sam's power I doubt they'll gun for HOH once Fessy/RS are out
        • Anticipate Ty ratcheting up RS/KK noms starting today (or soon). Bay is already on that mission. I also won't be surprised if it's a 10-0 or 9-1 vote b/c Ty can simply say "I knew you were returning" AND it would be less likely they could win the comp to get back in. In the event they did (KK?) a sweep vote could then be pointed to as showing that person Foutte doesn't have their back.
        • Although Tyler is in more jeopardy than he was prior to this week thanks to KK (Bay Bombs) & Scottie I still have faith in his ability to finagle his way out of trouble. He has the benefit of knowing about the ability to get back in the house as well as his power, will likely become Brett's number 1 or 2 and has JC/Sam plus L6 on his side.
        Biggest targets at moment: Krazy Kait, I think Scottie comes out of this HOH poorly, Rock Star, Brett (next week)

        Safest: Bay, Kaycee, Sam, JC

        Middle Ground: Ty (on periphery but has too many bonds to be in top group), Rachel, Angela, Fes (though he's high on some people's lists males may want to wait a week to get him), Haleigh

        That's it for today, have a good one.

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          This is second time in recent days I've posted and the post has been removed. Just curious why that's happening.
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-17-2018, 10:58 AM.


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            I mean I took the time to write it - it got deleted and now the second one was flagged and removed, I do have a busy schedule so just want to know why.

          • Lexie
            Lexie commented
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            TTOTambz ... it wasn't removed and/or edited... for some reason the website flagged it ... it's done this to my post as well... there were some upgrades done on the security of the website ... and it must have something to do with that. Usually, Kenny or I will catch it and release it quickly .. but I'm at work and I haven't been able to check in here today .. until just now. PLEASE accept our apologizes, (it's happened to a couple of other members too... and like I said... even myself .. ) we are working to get the matter fixed. You should see your post above.

            Please know that we appreciate your input and I know that others like to read your insight on all that's going on inside the house .. so please again accept our apologizes...

            There's no rhyme or reason to why it's flagging things... a couple of my Live Feed Updates were flagged and they were just simple sentences...

            We're working on it - bear with us : )

          • TTOTambz
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            Thanks Lexie - I'm was already in a pissy mood b/c I lost my first post. I get it wordpress causes me no end of aggravation with NBA material too so I understand the technical headaches. Thanks for getting back to me.

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          Howdy, had same thing happen to me yesterday, but later it was unflagged & posted.

          Suggestion on long posts. I write my on a notepad app I have. Then when I'm happy with my epic, i do a copy all and paste it in. I can even put in the picture link. This prevents timing issues on the site.


          • TTOTambz
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            Good call, I'm so used to telling my staff to write directly on dashboard (b/c otherwise the spacing in edits gets messed up), but I should know better b/c it's a different platform. I was kicking myself this morning knowing I should've written it on google drive lol

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            Yeah, sometimes I'd write War and Peace and end with a haiku being saved. To be or not to be?

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          Kaitlyn's "ghosts", spirit guides, family members, and otherworldly powers and entities are hovering in the middle ground between earth and her spiritual powers. They are visiting your posts and they feel that you are picking on her; daresay we equate that with ......gasp....bullying? : ergo, the mystical and mysterious, dare I say ......magical......event of deletion/obliteration/and dissolution of your shared wisdom occurs so that your overwhelming insight, pin pointing how her own delusional mindset is what is actually leading her down the hall to the doomsday door, does not lead other readers to gather their cosmic power together as one and push her quickly to her demise. "Ghosts in the Machine".

          Now that I've shoveled that....cosmic doo-doo..... into the mix, let me say: LOVE the way you write, agree 100% (o.k.: not always, but THIS time YEAH!!)..... and always look forward to reading your viewpoint.. Job Well Done!


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            How To Talk With Amazon Alexa About Big Brother 20
            The high-tech BB20 experience continues with the help of Amazon Alexa!


            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              Have Alexa on my Kindle and Firestick, but she is pretty dumb. By the time I explain what I want, I coulda clicked my way there. But I'll give it a try.

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              Ha ha, pressed the Alexa key and said her name, but before I could get the rest out, she responded "Thank You". I'd rather talk to Sambot, Chenbot, or even Zingbot.

            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
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              I have both the Echo and the Echo Show and also have Alexa integrated on my phone (the first phone to come with Alexa on it; the HTC U11) and haven't had any trouble with the Big Brother 20 "skill". Did the poll on my Echo Show this morning.
              That is one bad thing about the Alexa/Echo Home Assistant/A.I.s is you have to ask exact questions and exactly the right questions. They should make it where you just say basic words and it will bring up information... like just say, "Big Brother 20" and it bring up a list of things you can do/ask.

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            HI --not really about live feed update discussion-but does anyone know how the do the live updates? voice recognition or type. I would love to help out but I would love to know how and maybe some advice


            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
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              Hi Rainyday. It's done by typing out what they are saying. You don't have to get word-for-word if you can't, just the main points of the conversation.

              Something like:

              5:55PM BBT (Big Brother Time=West Coast Time), Cams 1 & 2
              Happening in the HOH Room:

              Kaitlyn told Tyler that she cant stand Swaggy C and wants to get him out of the house.
              Tyler agreed with her and said they should backdoor him.
              Kaitlyn says she will put up Scottie & Winston and then take Scottie down with the POV and put Swaggy C up.

              Cams 3 & 4

              Just general chit-chat about jobs and dating by Faysal, RockStar & Haleigh while doing the dishes in the Kitchen.

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            So KK's ascertion JC has a power that lasts 5 weeks was told to Fessy last night (I still haven't deciphered if KK made it up, JC baited her or her grandfather pigeon told her). Since then it's been passed along to Rock Star, Scottie and Sam so it's traveling at the speed of sound at least through the Foutte group.

            My guess is JC set up KK so they can call her out next week for being completely untrustworthy to her group.

            Sam told RS her power ends this week and she isn't going to use it & never wanted to. RS lied to Sam saying she didn't know about it (right you only spent a good hour yesterday trying to figure out which celebrity/prior BB player Sam was related to since she couldn't possibly be most liked.

            KK is such a contradiction. She claims to be pro female, but seems to only care about saving/playing with males. After telling the entire house about Sam's power - including the fact she would save KK with it, now that Sam has told her it's done this week KK is throwing her UTB to Scottie.

            Proving the point of her male attachment she also told Scottie, Tyler didn't know about power until yesterday (saying she told him after she told Scottie). No doubt she's either feeling guilty or Ty's golden touch still exists with her. Not sure if Scottie believes her, but it's enough of a question mark now for Scottie to probably wonder if Ty was being truthful. Either way it's enough of a loophole to force Scottie to rethink his stance I imagine.

            Meanwhile, earlier Scottie was freaking out about Sam's power so he went to Brett about the power telling him "so I found out people have voted a certain way to protect Sam since week one b/c she threatened to use it take another out". Brett then went to Ty and is pushing for him to try to get Sam to use it to keep both bros. Ty explained Sam may not want to b/c KK told the whole house she has it and might be scared.

            Ty is in a precarious situation b/c they want to retain the power in case they need it this coming week for Sam/Ty/Kaycee knowing it will be used regardless.

            I think he'll do what he does best and work something out with Sam where they tell Brett something like Sam feels there is too big of a spotlight on her and if you were getting voted out she would forfeit it, but doesn't want to take the same risk for Winston. Hopefully that will appease Brett. He's laid low not wanting to play early on, so that "should" be enough for him b/c we all know he wouldn't give it to Sam if he had it.


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              Listening to RS talk about who has powers. Not one right lol. It’s like she’s in a different BB house somehow.


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                I am amused that the Tooty Fruity Gang think they have controlled the agenda and are winning with Scottie as HOH. They've lost two of their numbers and Winston, not Brett is likely to go. And Winnie the Pooh is no kill since he has never won a thing or been in charge of anything other than Jenga. Meanwhile, they go in circles chasing partial and wrong powers.

                Had to laugh a couple weeks ago when Winston said he's usually the funny one in his crowd. Wow. Does his group consist only of his 2 loves: guns & dogs? If so, then I'll betcha his dog is a bigger comedian. He is a good looking guy but then he opens his mouth.

                Kra-Kra is like Rachel and Chima had a child. Terrifying that she tells others how to live THEIR lives. She definitely needs some medical attention and a diagnosis.

                Poor Sam, she expects everyone to be as honest and forthright as she is, but not out in the real world and especially not in Big Brother. I wish she could use her power just to further thwart Scottie, but having Brett stay is a victory in itself.

                IF Tyler and Brett had gotten together they would have been dangerous, but they're a little too much alike: covering a clever mind with an easy manner and smile. For now their interests align, but they will eventually come after each other. Tyler has made more good connections than Brett has, so that should help protect him in a head to head.

                As our resident profiler noted, Bayleigh is starting to shine now that she's out from under the glare of the neon lights of Scaggy. (Or just literally out from under Chris 😔)

                Saw an ad for the Dizzy Bowl VETO comp, but can't remember if they were wearing the usual tutus. Can't think of those now without seeing Paul and Josh wearing them doing the Pot Bang Parade. Don't remember anyone wearing them around the House?

                The eventual endurance comp will be interesting just to see which ones will want to battle it out and which ones will feel comfortable enough to wimp out. Also love seeing how production will torture them. Of course, since I don't have feeds, for sure it'll be a long one. Also don't see anyone doing a Caleb sit out or letting the one-footed lady win the race this season. Somebody will be balls to the wall each comp.


                • BettyBoo
                  BettyBoo commented
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                  Brett is definitely smarter than Winston and has likely been holding his fire for now, but Tyler has done better ground work with social bindings. Brett spent too much time only with Winnie, so is behind the curve. Perhaps like Bay he'll step it up once he's orphaned?

                • SmilemakerRDH
                  SmilemakerRDH commented
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                  Haven’t they talked about having to stack cups after spinning. So that wouldn’t be Dizzy Bowl. Didn’t they do one once where they had to spin and then stack dog bones or something? Sounded like Brett would’ve won if understood the rules correctly too but he did it wrong

                • BettyBoo
                  BettyBoo commented
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                  I haven't been watching feeds and only saw the ad. Miss the guys in tutus.
                  Last edited by BettyBoo; 07-18-2018, 05:48 AM. Reason: Guts in tutus? Fat fingers typed a joke.

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                  I hope Sambot is around for Zingbot!!! If KK is by chance still there it will really send her over the cliff of sanity 🤓😳😰😜😅


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                    I’m guessing you don’t have to pass any tests to become a life coach.


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