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Live Feed Discussion-July 20, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 20, 2018

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  • #2
    Morning all. I can't believe I fell asleep on such a good night. The misfit toys have completely imploded and the other side didn't even have to do much except vote out Winston. These are nights of BB I cherish. I have to go back and watch what I missed.


    • belle1
      belle1 commented
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      Great watch. I finally got my mo momma drama

    • Walleye
      Walleye commented
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      I finally had to sleep. It was a lot of fun to watch.

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    What a fun night. Any ideas on who Sam is going to put up?


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      Good morning all. While I'm overjoyed that Sam got HoH, I can't help but point out the irony. No matter who she nominates, and ultimately evicts, they'll probably be coming back into the house thanks to HER power APP. If only she had used it last night. I'm glad she gets to be HoH, but I think this is a wasted week for her....


      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        It looks likely to be two of three Foutte girls.

        Partly through process of elimination because she told Rachel, Angela, Brett (I think Kaycee), Ty they were safe. She was friendly with Scottie and also seemed to imply to Bay/Fex with less conviction (read: she didn't vocalize it). I didn't see her have a convo with JC.

        But, she did not have anything close to that nature with Rock Star (who she came downstairs and specifically had to ask several times to stop banging pots and pans and stop talking game to her. Nor did she give Haleigh or Kaitlyn any sign (remembering these were the two girls she felt were most fake, were mean to her in "have you ever" and KK is also the one who ran around sharing Sam's secret power and bragging Sam would use it on. her. If I had to guess Haleight may benefit by Rock Star acting out last night.

        And, by the way, I just love Sam more and more. ""I'm not doing one on ones, I don't want to talk game. My room is off limits unless I am here with you and you are invited". Like - yes thank you. It reminded me of the old school BB Days when people didn't take it over. In the current era they converge on the room, use the TV eat all the HOH's food . I agree with Sam it should be somewhere you can ascend to for relaxation and enjoy the privilege you've earned.

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      On one hand, yes, she doesn't actually get to truly evict anyone, although they do keep wanting to point out that it's a CHANCE to come back in the house and maybe not necessarily for sure. On the other hand, this is perfect for her strategy of getting people to have a "relaxing week" like she wanted to keep pointing out. She can totally use this to her advantage, tell her noms that she really wanted the HoH this week because she knew about the power that's guaranteed in play this week and knew that whoever gets voted out will be able to come right back in. It's kind of brilliant really, she gets the perks of being the HoH, but likely won't get as much blood on her hands and will potentially pull someone (or some-more) closer to her because she's not really sending them out of the house, she knows it isn't a death sentence for whoever she puts up. My guess is she'll use that play to her advantage come nomination time.


      • belle1
        belle1 commented
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        I mentioned this last night. One other possibility is that she indicates she is putting Bay on block thus forcing Bay to use her power to over ride her nominations. Bay would most likely nominate from Level 6. Two powers used in one week would be fun to watch. This is risky because while Tyler and Brett believe that Bay got last power, they don’t know what the power is.
        Last edited by belle1; 07-20-2018, 11:02 AM.

      • CubbyBrother
        CubbyBrother commented
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        ---and then Bay makes like Tyler is going up and he uses his power.....a 3 for 1.

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      I've been up all night dealing with another trade (OKC got rid of Carmelo Anthony albatross salary - woot) so after articles went up I couldn't pull myself away for the drama in BB house. Anyway my quick morning ramble and then off to write/edit for Thunderous Intentions and sleep at some point.

      As per above I think Sam will nominate from trio of female Foutte members. Was leaning toward Haleigh and KK but think now it might be RS & KK.

      At one point Fes & Bay discussed using her power b/c he was worried and Bay reluctantly said she'd prefer to save it but would if he went up. (I thought she had to do it prior to noms - guess not). Bay was very annoyed Fes constantly questions her, but never the others who she feels are the liars.

      Bay also put KK in her place - which I thoroughly enjoyed. In fact the trio of Hal, Fes & Bay they all put went at KK at one point last night. Bay called her out for pushing conversations when they don't feel inclined to either talk or share information ie: is disrespectful. Hal & Bay were angry by how she calls them out in front of others often asking inappropriate game questions (Hal - who she voted for in front of Brett). And,Fes for lying being hypocritical. KK responded to his claims stating she has never lied and he pointed to her back dooring/ sending his best friend (Swaggy) home and first vote. She always just ignores the facts. And, he finally said, look I'm still working with you after that, but no more lies.

      Fes also implied he knows a secret about KK(to JC) that he would never tell b/c he would n't want it on TV. (curiosity killing the cat here).

      KK implied a "power" was used to switch two votes. At this point no one in Foutte/Bay trust each other, though Hal/Bay seem to be the most secure. As Brett so astutely pointed out they would announce if a power had been used and Ty/Brett are in shock at how easily shook that side was and how little trust exists.

      At night's start Bay seemed on a mission to go after Tyler but (and I could be wrong) there appeared to be a shift. Bay asked if he swore on his Dad's grave and he said no & I don't believe you should force people to do that (so Bay caught KK in a lie and liked his answer) and KK implied Tyler overheard the Rock Star / Brett convo and he said no I mean I see everyone talk in passing, but I don't appreciate being pulled into something I have nothing to do with and then being used to make someone's argument.

      In turn Bay was able to talk to him about KK driving her insane. He commiserated with her over KK's insanity since he deals with it daily. Tyler told her to find him so she doesn't hurt her game and he'll help her work through it or just vent. Bay's greatest issue with Ty was she thought he was so tightly tied to KK but he told her he's sick of drama and is going to play his own game, chill out (away from drama) and from now on vote how he wants not how he's told.

      On an evening when Bay was desperate for an olive branch and needing it to come from Fes - it was Tyler who made her feel safe and being someone she could turn to. Not sure if this will change the dynamics of Bay wanting to oust him. But, look for Ty to try to build upon their bond. Ty in turn told L6 he doesn't care who goes of the 3 females (but clearly it's RS) but did suggest keeping KK for Bay to have as a target would be smart and that Bay may be someone they can pull to their side.

      Angela, Brett and Tyler all want Rock Star out because she has vocalized them as targets. The group noted Rachel gets a little paranoid, so to make sure she feels included. The group also cited Fessy as an imperative must boot ideally next week. (they seem to want the order to be RS, Fes, KK). Although Rachel seems keen to take out Fes/Scottie first.

      As predicted Brett told Tyler they need to stick together to the end now given the dynamic of the house.

      Should be an extremely interesting week because Sam has aske for no drama and yet if the nominations are who I think it's bound to produce the most drama ever in the house.


      • CubbyBrother
        CubbyBrother commented
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        Ok Big Brother/Allison---if you are reading this--please focus in on KK implying a power of switching two votes. There is your power for next year...give a houseguest the ability to switch two votes during a single eviction...please. In this case, say Haleigh had the power...while in the room she could tell Julie that she wanted to switch, for example, Rachel and Angela's votes. In that case Brett would have been eliminated by a vote of 7-4 and everyone would have been questioning who voted for/against whom and thrown the house into chaos. Brilliant idea!!!! Even in the case of an "apparent unanimous" vote it could throw a wrench into game play.

        But, also include that Haleigh, with this power is only guessing who Rachel and Angela were voting only switches the votes of how they were actually cast.

    • #7
      Hey Bayleigh are you going to call Angie out for her BULLYING Brett last night???? You know the woman who says the others aren't tolerant of others, racist etc.

      After her (Angie) pot banging and non stop verbal assault on Brett while Sam was trying to talk to her nicely, asking to stop & she continued; it should not be a surprise to Angie or anyone else if she is on the block this week.

      Is she just plain stupid, having a meltdown or WANTING to be put on the block?
      Last edited by KennyERJ; 07-20-2018, 09:14 PM.


      • ophelia__
        ophelia__ commented
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        thank you Raineyc. I hope she goes ballistic on him, that miserable piece of crap. The 'cool kids' hatred of RS is indeed bullying, I totally get where she's coming from. Feeling badly for her that she's had to resort to pot banging and trouble making, but hey, those same tactics were tolerated last season...wondering why there is so much bad mouthing of RS for the same actions the eventual winner indulged in last season.

      • Raineyc
        Raineyc commented
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        OutOfTheDarkness I understand what you are trying to say. However, I’m pretty sure that was her giving Kaitlyn a dose of her own medicine like when she pulled the bully card when referring to Swaggy, who never bullied Kaitlyn at all.

      • sdkgeo
        sdkgeo commented
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        Sorry Raineyc, the post showed up as needing approval. I know this is a glitch that they've been working on. No idea why it pops up sometimes. I'll try to go in and approve the original post.

    • #8
      I just watched a YouTube thingie of Rockstar yelling at Brett. The memory Wall was partially shown. Winston didn’t seem to be grayed out.

      Did she start yelling before BB could gray it out or ..... ? Is it grayed out now?

      NoFeeds Here


      • #9
        So, BB 101 would say that when you have a power that expires this week, DON'T WIN HOH!!! Now I will say that this feels a bit different because Sam is such a wildcard. I do love that she has told people not to come to the HOH to talk game, and not to come unless invited. A lot of former players are praising this season as an old school feel. I mostly agree with that.

        Now, on to a real old school move.......Brett in his speech pinning the about to be flipped vote on Angie. It had the exact response that he wanted it to have. Angie was pissed, acting out of control and painting a huge target on her back, and the Foutte alliance no longer trust each other at all. It was a great move by Brett, because his target wasn't shrinking anyway. It also helped Scottie (escapes pretty much unscathed from his HOH now when it looked like he was L6's main target) and Tyler (Angie and Brett are now the main targets in the house, followed by Kaitlyn's crazy self).

        I have to assume that Sam's noms are going to be Kaitlyn and Angie. Makes the most sense from a blood on your hand standpoint. Although, knowing about the power, and the word CHANCE to return, if she actually wants the evictee to return, then she'd put up a combo of Fessy, Brett, and Tyler. Tyler won't want that, but doesn't seem like he'd have a choice. Here is a question, if Tyler were to somehow get evicted this week, would he lose his power even if he wins his chance to get back in?

        My feelings on Angie have been made pretty clear this whole season. I'm not a fan of her. Her behavior last night just shows me that she doesn't understand this game. Of course people are going throw your name out. She thinks this game is like the real world. She preaches about treating everyone with respect and equality, but doesn't practice what she preaches. Brett and her have not gotten along this entire time. She uses prejudices and stereotypes, just not about people of color, she uses them on Brett. She thinks that because Brett is white and went to college and acts like a frat boy, he must be a rich, privileged, bigoted person. She is judging him the same way she doesn't want to be judged. People on Twitter praise Angie as this "woke" person who is a Queen, Legend, and so much other crap. In reality she isn't really any different than anyone else.

        And now Kaitlyn. I really hope that she gets evicted this week and doesn't win the challenge to come back in. This woman is 16 kinds of crazy. I hate that BB edited the show to make her attempted BD seem like a "vision" that she had. We all know that Baileigh told her that info. I hate that she takes everything so personally. What completely pushed me over the edge with her though was the convo she had with Fessy last night just before the HOH room reveal. Fessy was understandably upset about 3 votes in a row not going his way. Kaitlyn said she only trusted Tyler and Fessy, and when Fessy replied that he didn't trust anyone, she got pissed off at him. What does she expect? This is the first week that she wasn't the reason for Fessy getting blindsided. She flipped week 1 on him, and then also BD'd his best friend. Why in the world would Fessy trust you? How does she not understand this? How has Fessy, Baileigh, or Hailiegh not told her exactly this? Baileigh seems ready to snap on her, and I'm really rooting for that.

        Who is at most risk today for nominations? Of course I'm probably completely wrong about this list.
        1. Angie
        2. Kaitlyn
        3. Fessy
        4. Haileigh
        5. Brett
        6. Tyler
        7. JC
        8. Baileigh
        9. Rachel
        10. Angela
        11. Scottie
        12. Kaycee


        • Raineyc
          Raineyc commented
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          Hi maxxum26 not sure if you have feeds but Sam told Angie/Rockstar face to face last night that she isn’t putting her up so no more pots and relax. My thought is she puts up Kaitlyn and Haleigh.
          Last edited by Raineyc; 07-20-2018, 01:34 PM.

        • maxxum26
          maxxum26 commented
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          Raineyc I did just see that. I also saw that she said it again today to Angie. I don't understand that, but Sam obviously has something in mind. For the life of me, I'm having a hard time figuring it out. Kaitlyn seems the most obvious at this point. I still like the thought of putting up a combo of Fessy/Brett/Tyler and letting the evicted fight to come back in. She can sell that I think. Not put much blood on her hands. if she put up Fessy/Brett and veto is won, maybe Tyler senses something and burns his Cloud app for the veto ceremony? That could be fun.

      • #10
        I can’t wait to see what she does. I love how she is handling her HOH. She has them all wondering. 😆


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          When she told them "I'm not dong one on ones" I had a Kaitlyn vision of a mic drop.

      • #11
        I actually think what Bret did garnered sympathy from Sam toward Rockstar, and so that is why Rockstar isn’t going up.


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          Hello BBU'ers

          So, now we're playing Big Brother!

          Last night was one of the busiest nights ( visitor/member/bandwidth usage wise ) in years. I mentioned yesterday about how you guys know that we try to scale back the expense that it takes to keep BBU up and running, we do it during the off-season, we do it when we can.... but last night blew that scaling back right out of the water, and it doesn't look like that upscale is slowing down, our new HoH Sam, has everyone wondering, second guessing what she will do with her nominations today.

          We burned through the bandwidth last night and I can only imagine that no matter who Sam puts up, the house is so tightly wound right now, that the drama is going to continue to build and with that, the usage of bandwidth right here at BBU.

          So, we are reaching out to those of you who are enjoying your time here, to ask you to please consider making a donation, if you can to help with the cost that it takes to keep BBU going.

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          Any support is greatly needed and appreciated : )


          • MrsEmmaPeel
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            Done! Please let me know if it doesn't show up as in my attempt to get them to NOT link my account to my Facebook Messenger account...are they owned by Zuckerberg too now?...I may have screwed it up. Thank you so much for all you guys do!

          • mimichick
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            In Honor of Sam's HOH, I've made a donation! I hope KK is nominated, evicted, and does NOT win the chance to get back in the house. She can go home and ask her Spirit Guides, "What the HE** did you do to me inside that house?"

          • Lexie
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            Thanks to all of you Raineyc MrsEmmaPeel mimichick ... we appreciate your support so much! I've updated your donator buttons : )

        • #13
          Oh boo hoo hoo the poor Foo Fighters got buffaloed again. Let's put on the oldie, "Cry Me a River".


          • #14
            So Sam seems like a Jordan but maybe more game aware. I’m just liking her and so are most of them in the house. She’s creating a brand as kind and looking for peace. I’d love to see her go far.


            • #15
              Loving Major Sam. Finally realized whom she reminds me of: Renee Zellweger in "Cold Mountain" . I'm so proud of her from coming back from sub-zero on week one.


              • birdiefriend
                birdiefriend commented
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                You're right! I've been thinking she reminded me of someone but I didn't know who.

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