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Live Feed Discussion-July 29, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 29, 2018

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Well, looks like Tyler is going to try to maintain his cover by not using the veto. I'm not sure how he can get away with that with his alliance. They have to see that he's not really with them right?

    I guess he's trying to say that Bayleigh said she would put up Angela, but I don't know how that would make sense since Bayleigh was adamant to so many people that she wouldn't put Angela up. Looks like they may be trying to set up Rachel to leave instead of Brett when the nominees stay the same.

    Brett and Faysal were talking about the female alliance this morning in the hot tub, so Faysal may be on board with keeping Brett.


    • #3
      Good Morning BBU Family!

      Based on the daily comments there are mixed reviews on the cast and season 20. I'm on the side of wildly entertained. Unlike past seasons when the votes were all unanimous this year there is a direct split in the house and then multiple side alliances. This week is turning out to be my favorite so far (and that's saying a lot given KK left last week). That may be because my personal favorites (keep reading ​) made huge moves today and clarified something I've suspected for weeks (their F2). Normally I'd say he might not be able to pull this off - but read on. I had to keep updating this post as things I suggested could happen were occurring throughout the night lol. With that let's dive into the craziness of the past day and subsequent events.

      HOH-itis running amok:

      I missed posting Saturday, so let me just drop in here how hilarious Fessy's play was Friday-Saturday. In perhaps a first, Faysal demonstrated HOH-itis without actually holding the title. That's not to say Bayleigh wasn't struck by the same malady as one after another she requested unwavering loyalty from her housemates. Bay is intelligent though, so her motivation was multi-tiered; get the person on record as being committed to her over others and look them in the eyes to determine how truthful they are.

      Bayleigh - what we've learned:
      After lying low post Swaggy exit she won HOH at a time when she probably should've stayed hidden in the shadows. With safety on the Foutte side, the ladies alliance and Scottie it meant entering her meetings the only people she had no direct ties to were Tyler and Brett with JC indirectly aligned via Fessy. However, in a gesture of good will she offered an olive branch to Tyler to provide him a week of safety in order to regain his footing. Their conversations have been some of the most frank in the house for non-aligned parties. My feeling is Bay wants a ride or die male and hasn't been satisfied with her Fessy relationship (for good reason) and doesn't completely trust Scottie. As for Tyler I'll dive in to his play below b/c it's been brilliant this week IMHO.

      The only reason I can figure as to why Bay shared her app info with Rachel is her offering allegiance to Bay (which is what she was trying to get from everyone). Given what's transpired since nominations and POV play I'd bank on that secret making it's way throughout the house shortly.

      If Swaggy hadn't been in the house I'm not sure Bay would ever have aligned with Foutte b/c she doesn't suffer fools, poor game play, drama, disloyalty or weakness all things she's spotted with the people she's most closely associated with.

      Fes, Hal & RS:
      It's hard not to laugh at Fes, even his body language changed as Bay came into power. The fact he puts people he's aligned with in jeopardy b/c he doesn't understand nuances or the game speaks to why he's a detriment to be too closely aligned with. We learned Bay is aware Hal knew about Swaggy going up & knew about the hinky vote (assume she means KK's or perhaps she also means Scotties). Although aligned to Fes it hasn't stopped her from working her relationships with Ty, Scottie & Brett. And, if Rachel keeps acting nutty Hal might even vote her out.

      RS claims to be a super fan but has zero filter. If Brett ends up staying I hope they do a close up on her face (LOL).

      He's keen to work with Foutte & Bay (with Ty as his sixth) b/c he sees them as beatable (except Ty). He'll gun for HOH and if he wins Angela (and whoever stays this week will end up back up on the block). He says Ty is his backdoor, but I think Bay may try to talk him out of that if things continue on the path they appear to be this week.

      Continues to think he runs things though he panicked briefly about landing on the block. He promised loyalty to Bay's side, but he is ticked at Fes & I think he'll re-align with L5 (soon to be L4) at week's end.

      So impressed with his game play this week I can't expound enough about it. He's correctly ascertained Scottie was probably closest to Bay & Hal. Given that he's playing up to Bay how much he trusts Scottie. This has multiple layers to it. First, he knows Bay will share with Scottie how much Ty likes/trusts him, second it may move him down Scottie's boot list and most importantly Ty knows more females need to leave prior to Scottie b/c only four males are in the house (only 3 with wins: Ty/Scottie & Fes).

      Ty knows about the female alliance and therefore knows it's imperative more females leave. I finally got confirmation of my assumption Ty/Kaycee's F2 (which I'm thrilled about). Diving in further I think his preference for F5 expands to include Sam and my guess is JC & Hal. He won't want to take Angela or Brett deep but he'll want them around until they can oust Fessy, RS, Scottie and Bay (unless he gets a commitment from her).

      That 5 is smart b/c Sam & Hal don't like/trust each other & he/Kaycee can likely win most comps among those 5 and pull Sam with them to F3. Watch for him to tell Brett - I can't use the POV, but I have your 5 votes (Angela, Kaycee, Sam, JC & himself). He'll explain if he uses it they will just go on the block every week whereas Bay is so annoyed by Rachel he might even be able to get her to want Rachel out. AND based on Rachel knowing about the power it stands to reason Ty could be right and not know why.

      Tyler also expertly got Angela believing Rachel is bat s*it crazy (though she did most of that work herself) and it served to make Angela wary of trusting Bay too much which will help drive a wedge in the all-female alliance. This action will (for now) pull her back to L5. Should Rachel leave it will mean Brett/Angela will be viewed as targets on one side with Fes/Scottie & Bay on the other.

      Kayee & Ty (who are stealth like at talking/meeting) aren't viewed even in their own alliance as being aligned. Again, I'm so happy they have a F2 and are perfectly positioned to help each other.

      Ty doesn't intend to use the POV and that action will garner him currency with Bay, Fes, Hal & even Scottie. With no one knowing his alliance is to L5 (Sam/JC) over Foutte he finds himself in an excellent position in the house. He's also played up Rachel being the vote to Bay who'll end up sharing that with Fes/Scottie at some point. This was another brilliant move by Ty. Unlike Fessy who won POV unnecessarily and then made a mess of how he orchestrated it's use Tyler's situation is completely different. Via winning it he accomplished so much especially with his plan to not use it.
      • Bay will want to work more closely with him (she's already trying to steer RS off nominating Ty and even told her she would beat him in F2 (LMAO). AND she's also bought into Ty/Scottie closeness hook, line and sinker suggesting if Ty wins HOH then Scottie can prob talk Ty into putting up the other side.
      • Scottie ends up trusting Ty more
      • Fes/Hal will believe he's on "their side"
      • JC will be happy not to be considered for re-nom
      • Brett won't initially like the plan, but once Ty finishes setting things up he'll be happy as it also won't expose the main alliance.
      • Angela believes he is protecting HER & Kaycee.
      • This makes keeping Brett easier & also helps to reach his objective of getting out a female this week.
      • Breaks up Angela/Rachel pairing (and he's got Kaycee, Brett tied to him)
      I'm not sure he could've done much more just by winning POV and then via not using it.

      He's also correctly assessed Bay has the power, so his move to get closer to her is super smart b/c given that circumstance if one of Brett, Angela Sam or Kaycee win HOH next week I think Bay would hesitate nominating him now. And, I think since he knows what power apps existed he'll correctly assume Bay has the "Identity theft". In the event one of those 4 win HOH (JC is unlikely to try) I want to see if he tries to get her to use it by incorrectly planting the seed of either Fessy plus one of Hal, Scottie or her going on the block. We'll get a much better read on where Bay sits if she learns Fessy is in danger and doesn't use her power or if he says her name. And, I'd also bank on Tyler not trying to win HOH next week since he's only a back door option (IMHO) for RS as I don't see even Fessy/Scottie wanting to BD him with Brett/Angela in the house still.

      Note: I know some believe Tyler winning POV was a bad thing & not using it even worse. My opinion is he needed to do this to get Bay on his side (& remove the opportunity to backdoor him). Given what she said to Scottie/RS last night I think he has sufficiently convinced her he's on her side. AND - Rachel played right into his hand by acting crazy. Since Bay already told Ang that Rachel threw up her & KC as nomination options believing Ty over Rachel is a far easier choice. JC wanted to originally set up Rachel, so if Ty tells him I won't use veto, but we need to take out Rachel (I believe he'll agree to it - plus JC is trying to work Brett to align with him which tells me maybe JC/Ty already decided this prior given JC's vote which he originally planned to pin on Rachel and I think only shifted to Scottie after Bay won HOH). I honestly believe Ty comes out of this week safer than he entered it.

      She must have a very genuine read up close based on Bay revealing her secret and prior to losing her mind was only Scottie's target. Her constant meltdowns have killed her game. As of this moment Rachel is far more likely to leave Thursday than Brett.

      What to watch for:
      • How Brett deals with Ty not using POV (can he see the long term benefit?)
      • Ty spending a lot more time with Scottie, Bay & Fes in order to keep the illusion going
      • Brett going to Bay telling her no hard feelings, lying low so Rachel continues to put target on herself
      • Angela/KC electing to keep Brett (as will Sam/JC) but tell Rachel the opposite
      • To cement Rachel's exit - will Angela tell Bay she knows about her power?
      • Brett will talk to Scottie -Faysal to push guys sticking together at least until house is more evenly divided (currently 7 females -4 males)
      • Will Angela share the Bay app intel with Kaycee or anyone in L5? (if she does we'll know she's gone off the all-female alliance and the group can plot a strategy on how to handle it
      • Tonight was the first time L5 mentioned outing JC's votes to the other side. I think they've been keeping that hidden (for now) with the goal of dropping it when one of RS/Hal/Scottie or Fes gains power
      • The All-Female alliance is a fantasy. RS is plotting how to get out Kaycee-Anglea, Bay likes those two, but has dropped Bay bombs with all the ladies lying about things Rachel said to Ang/KC. She told Ang things about RS/Hal & each sides has issues with the other.

      And the biggest one -- we know it's coming --- Rachel is going to have some major meltdown and start telling everyone she needs votes from about Bay's power!

      Btw --- did I mention how thrilled I am Tyler and Kaycee have a F2
      Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-29-2018, 03:00 PM.


      • Grasslands
        Grasslands commented
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        I’m confused. Who are you referring to when you write “amp;”?

      • Mary4BB
        Mary4BB commented
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        Grasslands it's an editing/writing software thing. Notice it's right after the "and" sign. It stands for ampersand, which is the "proper" name for the "and" sign.

      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
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        When you type in a different format such as notes, then copy and paste into the BBU site a "&" picks up the " & " coding.

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      sdkgeo I went in to edit something & it's flagged again - system not liking me this morning


      • sdkgeo
        sdkgeo commented
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        I've got it. Not sure why it does that sometimes.

      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Went in to take out those "amps" and got flagged yet again lol

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      What are your thoughts about there being a third group that is working to keep the two main groups pitted against each other. I know JC is trying to do that and I think Tyler is riding that fence. I agree Kaycee is more attached to Tyler then to L6, which started with the core 4 that brought in Tyler and Kaycee, so I would include Kaycee in that too. Then there is Sam, who is not really tied to any "side", but is more tied to individuals. I think Tyler is the one she may be most tied to, with Bay being a pretty close second. We didn't really see that until this week, but there were rumors about it.

      I just kind of see Tyler as the leader of this rag tag band of "floaters", who he will scoop up once the two main groups are decimated. For so many years I have been waiting for someone to go in and do just that.


      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Also----- depending on how the timing for oust's go the middle group are pretty endeared with Haleigh (other than Sam) and don't see her as a threat. Much like I felt Bay was more adept than initially showcased I also think Hal is much better than given credit for. The men are all smitten & the women make excuses for her youth--- but she's smart as a whip & reads social settings well.

        If they (read: Ty/KC/JC) sleep on her it'll cost them.

        Funny how Sam picked out both KK/Hal and cited them using their "wiles" to get ahead. In reality I just think Sam's bulls*it meter is the best in the house. lol

      • herms is here
        herms is here commented
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        Sdgkeo, I agree with you. It seems as though so far the people on the two main groups have been the targets. The two main groups thought that Sam,JC and maybe Scottie could be used. It would be a pleasant surprise if they went far, and that the two main groups continued to go after one another. I was hoping that Tyler number 2 was Sam, but I am okay with it being Tyler.

    • #6
      Hey sdkgeo tbh I've always kind of felt the middle group was the one controlling the house. Yet for as much as this is the case it's more by virtue of Ty/KC planting seeds & driving the agenda. The four (Ty/KC/JC/Sam) are not in an alliance or cognizant of how tight Ty/KC are.

      IMHO that duo is driving the majority of actions in the house without anyone really knowing. A great example was only once KC said KK has to go did Ty acquiesced. They prefer L5 (for now).

      Just like JC doesn't know about "L6" he also doesn't know about Sam/Ty/KC.

      Ty/KC adapt to everything & protect each other. The only two names Ty consecutively protects are KC (always) & Sam (95%). Likewise pay attn to how often KC will be the one to say "okay I'll let Ty know" or drop yeah I don't know where Ty is aligned but I like him as a person. Sam listens first (and foremost ) to those 2 & was even willing to break the tie to keep KK (once Ty asked) until things shifted which he smartly went back and told her "you're right - she's gotta go". Last night it was KC who warned him of pending danger (but she sure didn't worry about Rachel acting cray cray - right?)

      As for Sam & Bay - Sam''s able to like someone without being loyal to them ie: if Ty said put JC on the block (she would). Interesting that all 3 have made efforts to align with Bay though (meaning they view her as a threat).

      I'm not convinced once they get Bay & Scottie (and maybe one of the (Foutte trio out they won't turn their attn to ousting Angela or Brett via Foutte or Bay. In a double evict should one be on the block (again if Scottie is out esp) then I could see Angela or Brett leaving via their votes.

      Ty has definitely worked with JC, but also accurately determined he expects his agenda to take precedence (KK's oust was to pull Ty to him & I suspect he'll turn his attn to Hal soon in order to do the same with Fes. Plus he'll want Bay out just for the suggestion he could go on the block. And, it's why Ty NEVER let's him know how close he is with KC (they keep their convo's to a limit & almost always in private: SR, BR, have not room).

      I think they underestimate Haleigh who they may drag along (and JC) b/c the more dangerous players in the house are Scottie, Fes, Angela, Brett & Bay. I think the only reason they'll keep Brett is he has no true attachment to anyone and the duo of Brett/Angela will be in front of Ty/KC.

      Sorry - (long answer) but I'm so pumped to be correct about that F2 as I've been dialed into their actions as soon as I suspected them of being F2 partners. The one thing I'm wondering is whether the jury would select him over KC if it's full of females who ALL say they want a girl to win. Regardless I viewed them as the "most complete" of the hamsters and along with Sam those 3 became my early favorites. I was pretty keen on Bay's play - and then she became HOH lol.

      I believe the duo have a pecking order which has a top tier of threats: Scottie, Bay, Fessy, Angela, Brett, but they prefer L5 and Ty specifically wants to make sure a few more females exit prior to taking out both Scottie/Fessy. Because of that factor & knowing they can rely more on Angela I think it moves Bay/Hal/RS up higher in the boot order although I suspect if they can oust Hal they'll keep RS around to F4 or F5

      I mean it's all conjecture - but that's my thoughts on the matter.


      • TTOTambz
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        Thanks Mary4BB & Walleye (after what? 5, 6, 7 years?) I guess you're used to me idiosyncrasiesWink

      • Kpercyman
        Kpercyman commented
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        TTOTambz I didn't catch the Ty and KC. Ty, KC, and Sam have been in my top 4 for about the last three weeks now. KC is playing a smart game and I am ready for her to make some big moves so if she is by Ty and Sam she can be the winner. It is almost like they have the same setup as Derrick, Cody, and what was Ninja boy's name? Can't remember.

      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Kpercyman Caleb?

    • #7
      I'm really enjoying Tyler's gameplay. Hope he wins it all.


      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Sign me up on that list! -- he's already in my top 10 and moving up each week. I've enjoyed this season so much. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kaycee & Sam. And, I've enjoyed the ebbs and flows rise/fall of Bay for example. Then again I like nice people which I think Ty/KC/Sam. My favorite game play involves a mixture of strategy, social and comp ability which if we're lucky we get one who combines all those elements in a season.. Hence my delight with this season. Probably also doesn't hurt those were my 3 favorites from the start.

    • #8
      And I just see now that Sam confirmed with Kaycee while she may like many the ONLY 2 she truly cares about and is "with" are Ty & KC. I'm telling you if Ty (& KC) can stay alive through the next few rounds this trio is going to be extremely powerful.

      AND Kaycee just confirmed to Sam THAT is precisely the goal to keep the THREE of them hidden for as long as possible (and basically confirmed to Sam she & Ty both want the 3 of them in the end). I don't want to get too giddy (suffice to say --- fingers crossed).
      Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-29-2018, 01:45 PM.


      • Mary4BB
        Mary4BB commented
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        These 3 quickly became my faves. I think Sam got me as the robot cuz she sounded so much like Jordan, and she held me cuz she's just awesome. Ty made me want to cry at first - he seemed like the stereotypical surfer dude. But he has shown surfers have smarts, too. Soooooo glad he got to cut his anchor loose last week - byeeee KK. But I'd really like to see Kaycee take the win. She ticks off more diversity boxes, a good addition to the list of winners. I feel Sam or Ty are in good shape for AFP, if Sam's HOH speech edit that CBS aired doesn't hurt her too much with the broadcast only viewers.
        I feel like there's more game sense this season than in a good while.
        Last edited by Mary4BB; 07-29-2018, 02:19 PM. Reason: I had left out the part after byeeee KK

    • #9
      That conversation with Kaycee and Sam this morning was interesting. I've seen Sam and Tyler together and knew she was loyal to him (didn't know if it was reciprocal though), but never picked up on how loyal Sam and Kaycee are to each other..

      Who knew those three have been together since day one and Tyler put Sam on the block week one.
      Last edited by sdkgeo; 07-29-2018, 02:14 PM.


      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Yeah - if you get a chance go check out Ty's convo with Sam last week (eviction day) when he talks her into keeping KK. Then he talks to L5 (then alone with KC which is when he fully commits & that was telling). Then goes back to Sam & tells her (in his ever charming misting way b/c he wants her to feel her relevance) - yeah you're right let's cut her loose. I mean I joke about the mist, but he truly does care about those 2 the most.

        . In almost all Sam/Ty convo's she will say something like who do you want to keep?/are you safe?t, who does KC want to keep? /is she safe? - the Kaycee one was super under the radar but if you go way back you'll find Tyler (who never gives names unless he's trying to set someone up) has always been less guarded & far more open with KC.

        Remember when Sam won HOH (that week he said to Sam two different times & once to KC - BY FAR my happiest moment in the game was us 3 being the last people standing on that wall, and he was grinning from ear to ear.
        Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-29-2018, 02:21 PM.

    • #10
      POW! BAM! OOF!

      This was an important week for Tyler to win the POV.

      The win has given him most of the opportunities an alpha male target can only dream of.

      Had he not won, all the things GEO and TTOT laid out as his advantages earlier this morning would be in the hands of someone else.

      This is a pivotal week and lets him shore up any existing weak strategies and lay the ground work for new ones.

      I am really enjoying the game this year. Especially now that KK is gone.

      And a few house guests will probably get cast for a future BB and Amazing Race. LOL, and Tyler might get a role in a TV Soap Opera.


      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Soap opera (lol). Hey if some network is smart they'll book him to do a show traveling the world to do charitable events for the oceans (& big bodies of water). Remember he said if he won a good portion of the money would go to educating/saving the oceans.

    • #11
      YUP ------------- there it is, Angela told KayCee that Bay shared the Power App info with Rachel who told her! Tyler came in on tail end (but KC will no doubt fill him in) & NOW The whole house will know shortly about Bay's power app.

      Just prior to this the girls were plotting how to get her out knowing they have 4 votes (themselves/Ty & Sam) so they need one of JC, Scottie or Fessy

      I'm running out so hopefully someone catches that convo for live updates. (kind of pivotal)
      Ty also told Brett not to worry he's staying they'll have the 5 votes.

      Notable: Scottie who isn't a Rachel fan heard directly from Bay that Rachel was pushing for him to go on the block. Originally I thought he might be the hardest vote of trio (Fes/JC) to flip but that will make it easier. And - with JC almost hitting the block if he learns Bay has the power (knowing he was almost on the block) he will want to keep 5 voters happy (Ty/Brett/KC/Ange/Sam) especially with RS not winning Hal (prob not trying to win), Fes preferring to win POVs & only Scotttie possibly being able to win a comp.
      Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-29-2018, 03:24 PM.


      • #12
        LOL, Sam is so funny with her pet spider Charlene.


        • #13
          Faysal is so dumb.


          • #14
            Golf running late. Any idea when tonight's episode will air?


            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
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              They just announced that they're getting ready to end the golf coverage in the East and Central time zones so if they go right to 60 Minutes it may start on time here.

            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
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              Yeah, they went straight to 60 Minutes so it will start on time in the East and Central time zones.

          • #15
            So - we get some insight -

            -JC is just learning about the girls alliance today (wish they would have told him the name b/c Fessy blew it off). Fessy is blowing it off (b/c his side is in power this week but you can bet if the other side had power he wouldn't be so nonchalant). Fes tells Bay everything Brett said & blew off JC when he asked about GA.

            I'm DYING for someone to say to Fessy -okay buds well your girlfriend is the one who named it Man Eaters -- gee I wonder what your story line is this summer.

            - JC who was panicky about both going up & GA went to Ty to tell him "you can't use POV" Ty said I'm not, to ensure your safety, but you HAVE to vote to keep Brett. JC balks at this initially, but says he'll do what Ty wants & tells him he's the only one he talks real game too (--excuse me while I stop laughing). Anyway Ty got aggressive & said promise me right now - I'll be pissed at you if you don't do this when I"m not using it, so you'll be protected. I doubt JC would chance going against Ty and piss him off.

            Oh, and JC wants to take out Sam & as I predicted he's dropping the Hal-Fessy showmance now with Hal the obvious target in his mind -- I knew it. (he's so transparent with his targets).

            As of now Scottie/Fessy are sticking with voting out Brett. Tyler isn't using POV (& told Scottie as much plus they discussed Rachel being the vote). And Ty KNOWS if Scottie wins HOH he'll put up 2 girls from his side. Ty is planting news to go back to Bay to keep her happy & in the dark (that confirms Ty has no intention of working with her - he is just placating Bay & Scottie & has them both fooled).

            Let's see if Ty can come up with this plan...... (for Brett to drop on Scottie on Thursday just prior to evictions)

            Brett must tell Scottie that Hal named the GA - Man Eaters & they (Hal/RS/Bay) approached the other side's ladies. Brett has to tell Scottie to get Hal alone to ask her if she named the Man Eaters (to get a genuine response) then pull RS in a room & ask her to tell him about the Man Eaters. Brett must also tell them that's why the girls were all so mad at Sam last week b/c they wanted her to put up 2 men. They'll either deny or say it's not really a thing. But if that's the case why did Hal name it? Why didn't you know about it & WHY did RACHEL tell me about it? Along with the news if she came down Bayleigh had promised to put YOU up in her place! And he should hint at something he'll tell him if he stays in the house about Bay that will 1) blow his mind & 2) prove you are on the bottom of that side.

            Of course that's Bay's power app:

            I'm thinking they might want to hold on to this tidbit since as it stands today they have the 5 votes to keep Brett for the moment. Once HOH is played they can use it & in a perfect world Brett wins HOH. Since Bay has to put her noms in prior to the ceremony, how great would it be if Brett tells TPTB (let me have a little intro speech) If I'm him I stand up and say,

            "As HOH it's my responsibility to nominate two players - but today instead we're going to do something different - Bayleigh is going to cancel my nominations of her and another female with her identity theft application. Oh, that's right it was supposed to be anonymous, but she told Rachel who told me and whoever else. So - I'll just let you take over the meeting shall I Bay?

            Now THAT would make for GREAT TV lol


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