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Live Feed Discussion-July 31, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 31, 2018

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  • #2
    Morning everybody.

    The gaming continues. These people are relentless, but what else do they have to do.

    FYI-Hayliegh is a really good flirter. I think the only guy she hasn't flirted with is JC. She sounds genuine with all of them, like they are the one that she is really in to.


    • gabesrah
      gabesrah commented
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      Don't know if she was really flirting or not, but Haleigh was rubbing all over JC in the hammock last night.

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    Can’t wait for Thursday! If they stick to the plan and Brett stays I’m excited to see everyone’s expressions!!! And I sure do miss KeninVA daily analysis!
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    • kokomogirl
      kokomogirl commented
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      HunnyBunny, no. I haven't seen KeninVA but sure do miss his input here.

    • herms is here
      herms is here commented
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      I do too. What is he doing these days. So is the plan in place to evict Rachel?

    • Mary4BB
      Mary4BB commented
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      HunnyBunny kokomogirl @herms is here

      I think it was early this season I recall reading that Ken had big life stuff going on and would have limited presence here. Can any other regular lurkers add?

      Yes plan is to evict Rachel and to love love love the reactions!

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    Good Morning BBU Family:

    Notables from Monday.

    Game Moves:
    • Ty, Kaycee, Angela are recommitted .
    • The trio (plus Sam/JC) will keep Brett & the group with ask forgiveness after the fact rather than permission prior.
    • I'm not convinced Angela/Kaycee are determined to oust Bay over Scottie or Fes .... BUT if they are nominated via her power then by all means they'll shift to wanting her out.
    • To that end, Angela intends to talk to Bay & share the different stories re: POV use (Rachel vs. Tyler) She'll do this Wednesday night to imply she's angry at Tyler. Bay may say either or given her lies this week (but it will serve to continue to hide L4)
    • So far everyone has implied to Rachel she'll probably stay via unanimous vote & Angela/KC are talking about things 2 - 3 weeks down road with Rachel's name included to sell this narrative.
    • JC is hanging out with Rachel to hide his vote this week which he confirmed with Brett, in turn Brett is hanging with Scottie so they can paint him as the flipper of JC's vote.
    Bay is back to dropping bombs specifically within her own alliance. Her strategy -appear supportive while attacking hamster's main alliance. Example: telling Faysal Haleigh is back to flirting with boys | with Hal implying Fessy is jealous (there are overtures made by Bay that Fessy should just do what they tell him).

    Rock Star wants to put up Angela & Kaycee with intention of Tyler back door. Fes loves this idea, but not sure about Bay who I think bought into Ty's loyalty act, And, perhaps someone can explain to me how RS intends to win back the females once she nominates two of them.

    Haleigh & Brett laid in the hammock til quite early this morning & the minute they came in to head to bed Fessy got up & went into BR. It was almost as if to say to Brett - I know what you're doing. Fessy is a smitten kitten and I can't help but be reminded of Mark from last season. Thursday will be drama if things stay the same. What could add fuel to the fire is Brett is implying he has no one & asked Hal for a sympathy vote. I wonder if she thinks things are unanimous if she would do it to garner favor with Brett outside the house (who she seems to prefer to Fessy).

    Imagine if the vote is 6-3 instead of 5-4 (NOW THAT would be hilarious). It's not unreasonable especially if Fessy continues to push for obedience from her & she assumes Brett is going out 9-0.

    Also of note, Brett was still pretty salty Ty didn't use the POV (but once he stays he should come around - & it will serve as a buffer if Ty elects to switch over to Brett getting deeper with him in the game - BUT Ty better hope Brett doesn't hold grudges. That said, Ty is the main person securing Brett's votes from JC/Sam).

    Rachel her own worst enemy:
    The sad part for Rachel is she over thinks things. She has been extremely loyal to her alliances and will pay the price of simply allowing her mind to jump too far ahead. She has the best intentions, but her inability to control her emotions will very likely send her out the door. She'll be crushed. It's unfortunate given her loyalty & read of the house, but remaining calm under pressure is a key to BB.

    Fes & Bay: it will be interesting if he suspects Hal of voting for Brett given them hanging out (and I wouldn't be surprised if that is Brett's intention).

    To reiterate from previous post: if it's possible for someone to have a bigger case of HOHitis than the HOH surely it is Fessy. He said he would smoke ANYONE including Tyler in a POV and he told RS he's pretty confident their 5 make F5 - it's pretty much a done deal (not sure if his 5th is JC or Scottie). Meanwhile Bay counts those 6 as "their side" (& Scottie came up with "the Hive" as an alliance name for same group sans JC).

    In essence Fes's lack of game prohibits him from reading the house clearly & Bay believes she is good with both sides and only seems worried about JC to any extent. Much of this is based on her "anonymous" power app. She's indicated to Foutte she would nom Angela/Kaycee, but this makes no sense given she told Rachel about the power. Assuming she's thought through the semantics of doing that it seems more likely Bay would put up JC with someone possibly Tyler, Sam or someone on Foutte thinking she's covering her tracks.

    If things remain on status quo the Foutte/Bay/Scottie side of the house will be thrown over ONE vote again on Thursday with spotlights shining most prominently on Scottie & Hal.

    Love some feedback on BBU fans insight: The L4 group seemed to indicate they would tell Bay they know about the Power & it seemed they were saying once Rachel left. I'm hoping I misinterpreted that detail b/c IMHO telling her beforehand will only serve to force her to put up power houses (which all of L4 are). I'm thinking the better bet (and what will give us better TV - which come on is what we want) is if they call her out during the noms so she's outed to the entire house.

    This would then have RS/Hal/Scottie pissed she didn't tell them & whoever she nominates will be able to call her out on her demanded loyalty from them.

    L4+1 will gun for upcoming HOH:
    Up til now Angela has been throwing comps, but based on the intel which came out this week (lies/power app) I think she ups her game in an effort to win & gain safety. If possible they may try to throw HOH to Brett. In truth the only person L5 need to be truly concerned about beating is Scottie since RS is unlikely to win, Fes won't try, Hal won't want to win & Bay can't play. I'm not sure I buy JC wanting HOH b/c it will show his hand, we'll see.

    Bits and Pieces:

    Read a great take yesterday on social media stating Sam is MacGyver-ing the house (LOL)

    Caught KK's goodbye messages on youtube & I guess TPTB decided not to air the salty, trolling secondary offerings from Fes/Ty. Unless they were lying about leaving nasty messages. Faysal's was downright sweet "BFF", Tyler was much more honest, but also polite. KK says she wants Ty to win the game.

    Now that JC is safe he's back to being obnoxious "I run the house JC". He basically called out Sam as being a lesbian which she took great offense to and told him she's not. (she was genuinely hurt by him doing that). And, he told Tyler that Brett isn't hanging out enough with Scottie. Basically he's trying to exert his non existent power and he needs to be careful b/c as funny as he can be his act is wearing thin on many in the house.

    It's doubtful JC would test Tyler's ire by not voting to keep Brett (or the L6 ladies for that matter) especially knowing Bay is on to him. I'm dying to see a DR from Tyler to see if he's figured out it was JC or just assumes it was Scottie for voted out KK.

    House Standing:
    • Getting evicted: Rachel by a vote of 5-4
    • Safest: Haleigh
    • In most danger:
      • if L4 win HOH - Bay, Scottie, Fes
      • ]if Foutte/Scottie win HOH - Angela/Kaycee Brett (Ty would use power)
    • Spotlight increasing: JC, Bay
    • Most people aligned: Fessy (Hal, RS, Bay, Scottie, JC) & Tyler (Angela, Kaycee, Brett, JC, Sam & maybe Bay)
    • Worst read of house: Fessy/RS
    • Hardest Noms to guess: JC (Haleigh? Sam? Bay? or power player?)
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    • BettyBoo
      BettyBoo commented
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      Since Bay has threatened bodily harm or death to anyone who goes against her rule, I would hide all sharp objects and possible weapons.

    • Stay_zee
      Stay_zee commented
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      LOL @ Sam for being hurt about being called a lesbian. Who cares.... I have worked @ two jobs where I was constantly accused of being a lesbian. I neither confirmed nor denied. It Doesn't matter.

    • Mary4BB
      Mary4BB commented
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      Has Bay threatened bodily harm to every single HG by this point? I can usually feel <meh> about it, but enough already. Poor Mark was just big and had to be talked to about being threatening.

  • #5
    I would love to see Brett tell someone that he's going to get rid of Tyler because he's a threat to him and they go tell Tyler. Bet you Brett goes home on Thursday with that news! Brett is mad at Tyler for not using Veto, so get off you bu** and win it for yourself. That is one of the things that bothers me the most, if you can't win it don't expect the person that does to blow up their game for your worthless bu**. If they had a look in the mirror and admire yourself contest Brett, Rachel, Hal, and Rocksalt would have a tie! Rant over for now!


    • #6
      Just read that they're doing a movie version of Fantasy Island, so JC could have a movie role in his future.


      • #7
        Also, tested my favorite Spanglish speaker and he could say Ying Yang, so it's something with JC and his hearing or accent that makes him say, Jing Jang.


        • Mary4BB
          Mary4BB commented
          Editing a comment
          I'm thinking it's a dialect thing BettyBoo. I can't remember which Spanish dialect has the hard Y's (Jing Jang)
          Like my mom - born in Finland, spent lot of time in Germany, been in the states for almost 50 years but switches her V's and W's once in a while.

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          My Mom was raised in the country in Canada by a Scottish mother and their dialect & pronunciations were different from Detroit. For example, she didn't sweat, she prespired. And yes, that's how she'd say it, not perspired. JC has a Castilian accent which involves a lisp. Story behind that is their old king had a lisp so they copied it.

        • Rerejean
          Rerejean commented
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          It definitely is a regional accent. He is from Spain and the “y” sound in Spain is pronounced like a “j.” They don’t have a “y” sound in their language. So it makes perfect sense how he says Jing and Jang. This difference in pronunciation coupled with the Spanish accent makes Castilian Spanish sound more melodic when spoken than Latin American Spanish.

      • #8
        The HGs will be on indoor lockdown starting tonight/early morning. Sounds like a big set up for Thursday.


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          wonder if it's slip & slide? Fessy said he'd win that (I think he'll be falling all over) - I'd say that one is built for Kaycee to win (or Anglea/Ty/Scottie) Don't know what Brett's endurance is like I"ve only seen him with weights & stretching.

        • Walleye
          Walleye commented
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          Throughout BB history there has been a lot of big talk lol. I want to see Fessy fight for a veto when he’s on the block. ‘’I threw it to.....’’ insert winner here lol.

      • #9
        This HOH has really gone to Bay's head, & Fessy who thinks he's running everything . In fact entire Hive think they have the game on lock & are pissing off KayCee, Angela, Ty, Brett by how they're acting.
        • Bay buying Tyler loyalty & his/Scottie seed plant of being close
        • Bay apparently didn't realize her HOH ended with POV Monday (no ties with 9 voting)
        • Fes ticked at Hal (over the hammock - knew it)
        • JC planting all kinds of seeds:
          • doesn't trust Sam
          • Rock Star can't be trusted with info
          • saw RS in room x 2 talking with Brett
          • Angela didn't confirm where her vote lies
          • (all of this to push his agenda, delflect & so he can sell his "fake power" to Foutte when things go adrift (I'm beginning to believe he buys his own hype)
        • Tyler told L4 ladies - NOT to disclose they know about power (thank god) just the hinky vote/F2's with ladies
        • Bay annoyed with Fes/Hal jealousy fight (but she planted initial seeds)
        • L4 continues to try to keep Rachel calm - but remain committed to voting out Rachel & will GUN for HOH so they have the re-nom. Angela wants to back door Fessy, Kaycee may too, I think Ty wants to take out Fessy
        • JC said he'll win HOH & shake up house then mentions Bay almost put him up (wouldn't hold my breathe he even tries to win)
        • Ty & Kaycee's alliance is "coast to coast" they do a hand signal for it & Kayce told him they aren't a showmance or romance, but rather a bun-mance (LOL)

        Needless to say I CAN'T WAIT FOR THURSDAY & another messed up vote.Since Hal/Fessy are on the outs he might blame her. JC has planted seeds about RS, Angela & Brett continues to hang out with Scottie who is obvlious to what's going on.


        • #10
          Lmao at Bay talking about who she wants out and threatening people. Sorry, your HOH is already over. I hope they don’t tell her Rachel is going. She will have a fit.


          • #11
            Watched Fear Factor. Here's contestants with each two in teams:
            1. Abi-Maria Gomes, Survivor
            2. Sierra Dawn Thomas, Survivor
            3. Cody Calafiore, Big Brother
            4. Zach Rance, Big Brother
            5. Brendon Villegas, Big Brother and Amazing Race
            6. Rachel Reilly, Big Brother and Amazing Race
            7. Caleb Reynolds, Survivor and Big Brother
            8. Blake Reynolds, Survivor
            Round one: crawl in a plexiglass tunnel w/dirt filled with bugs, snakes & crabs while matching shape pieces
            Round Two: hang upside down as water fills the tub your head is in
            Round Three: land in a helicopter on a moving truck, pick up a code, repel down into the truck to put the code into a computer, then get back on copter before 30 seconds pass & "bomb" goes off in truck

            Hate to tell you who won since it'll not make most on BBU happy.


            • Walleye
              Walleye commented
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              Oh come on, I’m dying here! Beast mode?

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              OK, don't want to be responsible for any deaths. 😁

              Abi & Sierra went out first on the box comp.
              Caleb & Blake went out second in the water comp.
              Cody & Zach then lost the bomb comp to (ugh) Rachel & Brendan. She was her usual obnoxious self, bragging about being reality royalty and screaming like a banchee about how afraid she was of everything, then knocking a victory out. At least prize money went to charity.

          • #12
            My girl Racheal I bet!!!!


            • #13
              Originally posted by Yaya1300 View Post
              Can’t wait for Thursday! If they stick to the plan and Brett stays I’m excited to see everyone’s expressions!!! And I sure do miss KeninVA daily analysis!
              Me too!


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