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Live Feed Discussion-August 1, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 1, 2018

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  • #2
    Morning all. Indoor lockdown today so look for people to find corners to talk.


    • #3
      Not that anybody cares, but before Fear Factor, MTV runs The Challenge which Paulie & Natalie and DeVonne & Jozea are teamed on. Just saw the last few minutes and Paulie was going berserk on another player and had to be restrained. Then, it was strange to see him comfort Nat while she tried to take responsibility for the comp loss. After the fights they had on BB its not what we would expect. Also, apparently DeVonne & Jozea won the comp. Don't follow the show, but it was a deju vu moment back to BB18.


      • #4
        Curious, Is there any rhyme or reason to which chair the ones on the block sit in? Brett has stated in his speech he will tell everyone Rachel told him about the all girls alliance and that she told him about Bailey's power. Wonder if Rachel will out the L5 alliance if she speaks after him?


        • AmyBeth
          AmyBeth commented
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          My guess is, if they talked about it in the DR, the powers that be will put which ever one will cause the most stir in the house first. But there actually might be a set routine. Don't remember there being a pattern.

      • #5
        @augie23 Yeah I saw where Brett said he was going to do that - I don't think outing the "Man Eaters" is a problem, but I DO think telling about Bay's power is straight up a bad move. They are far better off not saying anything & going into HOH without the other side knowing. If Brett outs the power then Fes, Scotty will gun for HOH whereas Fes won't really care or try for HOH since he knows Bay has the app. Besides Brett already knows he has the votes.

        Regardless of when they out it there will be conflict on Foutte b/c she didn't tell Scottie/RS/Hal she has it. But, if Brett doesn't say anything they can play Bay & tell her they are putting up two arbitrary people like RS/Sam or RS/Scottie (or someone she wants out). Then she might not use the power app & they can blindside her, put her & Scottie up with Fessy as the BD option. They remove all their flexibility with Bay & the power app by outing it. It's just a dumb move IMHO. I hope Tyler figures that out & tells him not to say anything.


        • HunnyBunny
          HunnyBunny commented
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          I think Tyler will see this clearly and talk him down. I hope so.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          Not so sure, b/c Tyler was going to use it to tell Bay (just prior to vote) that Rachel told him that. BUT... Angela & Kaycee are figuring things out saying if Brett goes too hard Rachel will expose Level 6. but then they say it will shift the target off them.

          Sooooooooooooo I would expect a Brett/Ty/KC/Ang talk at some point tonight where they decide it's best not to out the power app & save it so Rachel doesn't expose L6. With Brett/Ty not seeing it clearly & Angela/KC thinking it helps them I'm not sure but hopefully one of these 4 can decipher staying quiet works to their benefit b/c outing the power only ensures 2 of the 4 go on the block.

          What they need to do is win HOH and tell Bay they are targeting someone like JC & Sam b/c then she'll hold on to her power & they can nominate her & say I was buying into your "be loyal to me above all nonsense" but then we learned you have a power app that can change the nominations so why not just put you up so that can't be used. IMHO that would be the best way for L4 to proceed.
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-01-2018, 05:29 PM.

      • #6
        All the conversations today have really confused me. I donโ€™t even know who said what anymore ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


        • LCnSummer
          LCnSummer commented
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          LOL YAYA,

          I'm in the same boat. It took forever to remember who was who while just reading the updates. I had a back log of the shows to watch so NOW I finally at least can keep Angela straight from Starrock. (:

      • #7
        A while back I was debating who Tyler's final 2 was with. From the start I thought it was Kaycee and there was always the possibility it was Sam or JC. Sam moved down the list in my mind b/c I couldn't see anyone wanting to chance going against someone everyone likes.

        The JC thing went by the wayside based on witnessing Ty/KC shake on their F2 and toasting it. BUT... based on conversations today it appears Ty may have made a double F2 (the second with JC). I'm not sure how real this second one is, but some of the things they discussed do make sense. For one, Ty/JC have ascertained certain parties wouldn't vote for a guy sitting beside a girl.

        I'm not sure how committed Ty is to JC (I still believe KC is his priority) but this move makes full sense b/c Ty uses JC to help him with Fessy (in the event he won power) and it's an option if KC gets voted out.


        • #8
          BettyBoo did you see Ty & JC talking today? (Ty mentioned them getting to end being important b/c of all the women esp RS who would vote for any female over a guy). So, now I think the reason I couldn't figure out if Ty's F2 was with KC or JC is b/c he might have one with each of them.


          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            I don't have Access this season, so didn't hear convo. That pesky Jury Mgt. that tripped up Paul twice. Think Ty keeps his options open as game continues since you can't know in advance who will win HOH or VETO, so have to constantly adjust (which Ty has done well so far).

        • #9
          So where are Sam & Brett while the two study groups are happening?


          • #10
            I think Sam was in the DR, Brett was in with his group but Tyler left and was lying down on the sofa in the LR


          • #11
            So is it the photo comp? Those questions can be so tricky. Besides Ty wonder who else will have a good memory?

            Also wondering if Jury starts after Thursday, or will Rachel go into a deep freeze for possible buy back? Doesn't sound likely since first 4 went home, BUT Kaitlyn 's failure did mess up the numbers for a double evict.


            • SmilemakerRDH
              SmilemakerRDH commented
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              Seems like I remember Sam saying she had a photographic memory so she could be good. But I donโ€™t know if she will want to win it.

            • TTOTambz
              TTOTambz commented
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              Scottie will be good at this (Fessy "says" he'll be good - but then again he said he'd be good at the endurance and was 2nd down). How Brett's speech and the after math effects them will be interesting.

              Could go either way - Fes/Scottie may not want to win thinking everyone will be after Bay, they may feel they have to win or they may be so freaked out they go out in first round. Personally I want L4 to win so Bay has to use her power. For as much as Bay reintegrated in the house when Swaggy left the way she spoke to people this week took all her advantages away. It's never wise to get too full of oneself in BB and Bay began believing early in her HOH she was set to win the game. She's in for a huge shock tomorrow night & has no one to blame but herself b/c she stopped listening & switched to preaching.

            • kokomogirl
              kokomogirl commented
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              Bay kind of reminds me of Paulie when he got too big for his BB britches and thought he was in complete control. Sorry BettyBoo. I know he's your boy, your naked chef.

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