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Live Feed Discussion-August 2, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 2, 2018

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    Morning all. Happy Eviction Day!


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      Who is part of The Hive? I have sent that posted and am lost.


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        The Hive is Bayleigh. Haleigh, Faysal, Angie, and Scottie.


        • Kpercyman
          Kpercyman commented
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          Thanks. Now I know I don't want them to win.

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        Also, just read that people are saying Hayleigh and Fessy are cheating for the comp today. They had a cheat sheet written on paper. Anyone see/hear this?


        • Nita14
          Nita14 commented
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          I just read on another site that Scottie was called into the DR and told to bring the cereal box with him!

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          Besides, don't the HGs know, only TPTB are allowed to cheat. 😉

        • sofieckcs
          sofieckcs commented
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          If you look close at the video, you can see a pencil/eyeliner pencil in Fessy’s left hand between his forefinger and thumb. It looks like a long white paper sort of like a grocery receipt.

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          And no matter which way the vote goes tonight, this will be some of the faces:


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            Happy dethroning of Queen B**ch Bay day! So excited to see their faces when Rachel goes home! I feel sorry for Rachel, but she messed up her game.


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              Happy Eviction Day BBU Family:

              As per above, let's hope TPTB address this immediately. Moving into the eviction tonight the Hive (Bay, Hal, RS, Fes & Scottie) have two players who were expected to do well prior (Fes/Scottie) without cheating. On the L4 side Brett seemed to have a lot down & Ty was good in a previous comp which required answering questions. Best drama would be L4 winning so Queen Bay completes the full 180 in 24 hours time.

              The Nominees:
              Rachel, although still worrying (mostly about Brett not speaking to her) is likely to leave on a 5-4 vote this evening. I do feel bad for her as she was one of the most loyal members of the alliance and most valuable in terms of bringing back information. Case in point, her swan song will be outing Bayleigh's power which is critical information at this juncture of the game

              Brett is set to deliver a speech sure to set the house into full on pandemonium. His targets range from Rachel (primarily) and Rock Star who he'll out as the creators of the All-Female alliance called Man Eaters. But, his piece d' resistance will be telling everyone about Bay's power which enables her to replace the HOH's nominees and again will paint Rachel for outing this information.

              The cameramen will need to be sharp tonight as reaction is sure to be wide reaching. The likely effect will be Rachel crying (hopefully too stunned to out information), Rock Star attacking Brett and Bay could either pass out when her jaw hits the floor or she could get aggressive (something she's repeatedly warned she would do if anyone crossed her). The reality is Fessy will know it's true b/c he knows the details. Scottie, Rock Star & Haleigh will be stunned she hasn't shared this information with them and people like Kaycee & Tyler who straight up asked if she had it now have reason to call her out for lying. Pandemonium - welcome to BB20.

              Yet, the best part may well be when Brett stays since the entire Hive side expects Brett's eviction by a unanimous vote. When he stays things could get lit. Still, the only way it truly matters is if anyone but a Hive member wins HOH. (again the cheating will be an issue)

              Best shot to win HOH:
              Depending on what TPTB decide to do about the cheat sheet: Scottie, Fes, Tyler, Brett. Sam has said she has photographic memory (as has Scottie), Rock Star performed well in the last questions comp so she might surprise. Recalling Scottie's win in the last similar comp it was Rachel who pushed him to the tiebreak. The question here is whether Angela, Kaycee or JC were truly trying. L4 knows they have to win or not only will one of them be leaving, but it will give the Hive another shot at back to back HOH nominations with Bay still holding the power. Still, I'd expect Haleigh and JC to purposely throw the comp.

              Safest: Haleigh, JC, Sam, Tyler by virtue of his power app and being a poor wounded bird
              Most in Danger: Bayleigh and Brett
              Middle Ground: Angela, Kaycee
              Perfect Back Door Options:Bayleigh is the most likely option here for anyone outside the Hive. Although Fessy and Scottie are also options. (Tyler would be, but isn't due to his power app).

              Who is targeted if (hamster) wins HOH re: nominations:
              The main take away is if any of L4 win (and possibly Sam or JC) is Bay is likely a given to be nominated to force her using the power, then they'll gun for POV to back door her. As for the Hive Fessy/Scottie want females out, and Brett is likely to see the block either directly or via back door. Bay who was on board with the boys will now want Brett to be the main target though I won't be surprised if she puts up JC with him (despite what Fessy says). Hal/RS both have suggested targeting Sam with Kaycee & Angela as their respective secondary targets and a commonality of Tyler via the backdoor (in spite of Bay/Scottie & Fes' best efforts to dissuade this direction).

              I've been adamantly against Brett disclosing the app information in his speech b/c I do feel L4 would be better served to wait & try to convince Bayleigh they are nominating other people in the hopes she won't use her power (then put her up anyway).

              In the event Sam wins HOH I think Kaycee/Tyler will be much more aggressive in trying to influence who she puts up given the circumstances. It's a good thing Sam is so close to Ty/KC because Brett's speech will bother her sensibilities and if not for that association she might keep Rachel, although the fact Rachel doesn't clean or do anything to help around the house truly bothers her. And, in the off chance JC doesn't throw it I'd imagine Ty will be extremely aggressive at getting Bay included in the initial nominations.

              Scottie has been adamant the next 3 evictions in succession have to be Angela, Kaycee and Rachel. Although he hinted at wanting to back door Tyler, I think this past week Ty has gained some ground with Scottie. Every time Bay or Fessy ask him about Ty - Scottie implies Tyler is dumb, has no ties & isn't a concern which send me into bouts of laughter. Oh Scottie if you only knew (Tyler you poor broken baby bird- lmao).

              Because Ty has never hid the fact he'll likely evict Rachel & plans on pretending to be surprised by the vote it should still garner him some currency with Scottie who'll likely shoot at Brett in a re-nom. That said, I'll be the most curious to see Scottie's reaction to Bay not sharing her power app information with him, but obviously sharing it with Rachel. That might not sit well with him (or RS/Hal for that matter).

              Fessy, Bay, and most of the hive are acting like they've won the game this past week. And while I love a great bit of live TV drama their dictatorship, smugness and disregard for the nuances and ever evolving game will make tonight's surprise eviction all the more enjoyable. HOWEVER, if Fessy wins HOH based on being allowed to cheat that won't sit very well for the super fans. In truth Fessy should recognize he's pretty much the lowest of the power players on his side (except he has zero game sense) and just take a step back.

              It is with incredulous awe that I type the following - The hive (JC and Sam) have yet to figure out the Level alliance. I mean the Hive is all in one room studying while the Levelers are in another - yet still, nobody has caught on. They lost the Steve, Swaggy and Winston vote and this will make 4 of 5 votes they've lost despite going in believing they have control. While they sit back opining on how the vote is likely to be unanimous or maybe 8-1 they deserve the impending humiliation coming there way. No doubt, the vote out will be followed by more paranoia over JC's vote since he will say he voted out Brett. Expect finger pointing at RS, Scottie & Hal.

              Tyler played a flawless game this week (one of my favorites in BB history). Hearing Bay & RS constantly say "he's like a wounded bird, poor wounded bird Tyler" made me howl with appreciation. He has Bay, RS & Hal ALL questioning Scottie b/c they are buying Ty's "he's the only one I trust" narrative. Angela going into the HOH to demonstrate distrust of Tyler also worked to make it look like there is a disconnect between her/Ty, but the hilarious part was Bay running to Rachel concerned about Ty hearing this & being upset (I just can't - lol). Knowing Scottie is likely favored to win HOH given it's memory, Tyler made a point of studying with him (another wise move). Both Scottie & Fes think Tyler will put up Angela & Kaycee (HILARIOUS - I CAN'T) so if it's the 3 of them standing at end of HOH I could see them throwing it to Ty especially given how volatile the house will be tonight.

              In fact, the power Hive trio (Bay, Fes, Scottie) have bought into what Tyler is selling so completely he's moved from priority back door all the way up to sixth at worst. The ONLY two who aren't in agreement are the least likely to win HOH (Hal/RS).

              And, for as much as Tyler has been the conductor and main strategist the L4 group have all executed their roles expertly: Brett sticking to Scottie & keeping Fes more occupied on what Hal's doing with him than playing game. Angela/Kaycee acting like the loyal friends to Rachel and sucking up to Bay while planting seeds of Ty mistrust (not enough to throw him UTB just enough to make it seem like Ty is a free agent. Kaycee nipping paranoia in the bud and exercising loyalty to both Ty & Level 4

              Delusional Line of the week: Rock Star "I mean it's so annoying that most of these people aren't playing the game and have no idea what's going on, their oblivious" Ummm this from the woman who has yet to be on the right side of a vote! (she was on the block vs. KK)

              That's it for today. Counting down the hours to Brett's speech. Despite wishing he wouldn't out the fact L4 know about Bay's power I'll still thoroughly enjoy the immediate fallout, particularly if one of them wins HOH - oh please BB God's hear my prayer.

              Have a great day all


              • breakingwave
                breakingwave commented
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                I hope Brett goes first so Rachel can out the L6 crew next that would give them something to think about and I hope she mentions Sam and JC are not included . Fair is only fair time for the look on their faces to resemble the others. I was not a fan of just how easy they toasted one of heir own so go Rachel go!

              • TTOTambz
                TTOTambz commented
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                breakingwave you are also right. I do feel bad for Rachel, but the problem is when she's manic everything she says/does comes across as disingenuous. Which is the worst case scenario b/c her strength is her genuineness.

                As for Brett's speech it's hard to rationalize the benefits of attacking Rachel. I think it would be wiser as OutOfTheDarkness points out to tell the truth re RS/Hal being the creators of the alliance. Presumably it's b/c the others will remain in the house & Brett's not willing to put more targets on himself than RS & Bay. Mostly it's smoke & mirrors with the purpose of causing confusion and wide spread paranoia.

                And, for as much as I feel for Rachel I can't find the same empathy for the Hive who continually misread the house even when the truth is slapping them in the face. Bay demanded loyalty oaths but she was the chief distributor of partial truths & lies. Anything someone told her was immediately repeated and she only got away with it b/c she's HOH. Prior to this week I though Bay was positioned so well in the house and I still have no idea why she told Rachel knowing this isn't the first sign of her acting that way under pressure.

                Scottie seemingly has the potential to be a solid player, but has zero clues how hard Ty is playing him. Instead he refers to Ty as dumb & easily taken out.

                To your point however, I'm constantly drawn to a saying my grandfather told me in my youth when explaining there was a proper way to lose (with grace) and an equally proper way to win (again, with grace). He said "don't ever take something or someone for granted, b/c no matter what you are capable of the reality is someone else is equally capable and you could just as easily be in each other's shoes."
                Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-02-2018, 07:53 PM.

              • Kimbers
                Kimbers commented
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                Another snooze week for me .. only person playing the game is Ty .. and everyone else .. STOP CHEATIN' .. just saying

            • #10
              kokomogirl Hi, yes my beloved Nekkid Chef is frequently an *ss, but I don't remember that he threatened every player with violent deaths if they weren't only loyal to him. He was a nasty jerk to Natalie but that was because she lied/exaggerated about the under the bed joke. He did get physically aggressive with James, but I question if he would have actually gotten violent with him. He says it's game play to intimidate players. I don't support those actions, but have to note how close & friendly he & Natalie appear to be now so he does have redeeming qualities. But, like Paulie did, Bay will pay a price for her actions and she, like Kaitlyn, will not be missed in this House


              • #11
                All this is great until someone tells Rachel an hour before eviction that she is going. Someone will feel bad for her and she will know, thus giving plenty of time for word to spread. I would really like those from L4 remaining NOT to tell her ahead of the live show. We'll get the usual "I knew something was up today when xxx wouldn't look me in the eye...."

                Above all there are a lot of GREAT players this year---I'm just hoping it really plays out on live TV.


                • #12
                  I wonder if Brett will throw Kaitlyn under the bus in his speech tonight stating everyone knows about the Maneaters All Girls Alliance as she told them and that it was Rockstars idea & Haliegh named the alliance.

                  Hope he doesn't mention one word of Bay's power app. They need to keep that under wraps to target her & Fessy.


                  • TTOTambz
                    TTOTambz commented
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                    See in reality that ^^^^^ is the truth, but Brett is electing to pin it on Rachel. I'm shocked no one sees the leverage of telling the truth. If Fessy/Scottie were to learn it was Rock Star's idea & Haleigh named it they might not be so cavalier about it. And, as you've seen I fully agree Level group should NOT out Bay's power app b/c it removes their options. Obviously they see it differently.

                • #13
                  I wish Brett would keep his mouth shut tonight about Bay's power. I wish they all would, so we could have a great blindside of her later on. Brett is kind of a show boat, I'm afraid, and wants to make "great TV".


                  • #14
                    What is the cheating conspiracy? And who is TPTB helping?


                    • TTOTambz
                      TTOTambz commented
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                      Apparently Fessy has a cheat sheet crafted from a long receipt/piece of paper & it looks like an eyeliner pencil was used to write down everything so they could study it. Paper/writing instruments are expressly forbidden in the house. There is also some social media picture of Fessy hiding the paper under the blanket.

                      Today Scottie was called into the DR & asked to bring a "cereal box" not sure if that has any correlation. Many feel it was an unfair advantage for Fes/Hal/Scottie/ & whoever else was using the sheet b/c it helped them remember details.

                      I often find the comp ends up asking things people never thought to look at. They get caught up memorizing the obvious & missing arbitrary minor things. We'll see.

                      All I know is if the Hive wins we won't have as much drama as we will should a Leveler +Sam or JC win. (Owning it - I'm all about the drama).

                  • #15
                    So I have time today and put on the live be treated to Britney, Karan, Enzo, even Rachel and what’s his name. Best feeds this season. I thought maybe I had just outgrown BB, but it really is this cast. Tyler has all these dumb cats herded, so go Tyler. Bays hohitis May send her to the ER!


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