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Live Feed Discussion-August 5, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 5, 2018

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    Good morning all.

    I am off to catch up. Sundays are usually lazy around the BB house. Something tells me that today might not be so lazy with all the scrambling.


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      Can the hacker (Hal) nullify a vote or change it? I'm confused on that point. Of course, if Bay is up she might see the wisdom of getting her out this week as well, probably not.


      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        My understanding is they can cancel one vote. So they pick whose vote won't count which is why Ty & Angela were saying they needed him off the block. Their presumption at the time was Scottie would vote with the Hive making the votes: Bay/Hal/Scottie/Fessy vs Sam/JC/Brett/KC with one vote cancelled that meant Ty would leave.

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      Good morning BBU Family,

      With bated breath I awaited the results of the POV yesterday hoping to hear this new Hacker app hadn't ruined what for me is a first (my personal favs all solidly safe in the game and looking well positioned for a deep run). Granted, other than Scottie the POV draw definitely fell in L4's favor with all four of them playing. Scottie was the question mark given it was a physical challenge in the heat.

      Angela is beasting this week and proving to be a strong player:
      With Angela winning the POV it afforded her all the power and boy oh boy has she fully utilized it. The original remaining members of Foutte think they have the game sewn up again as they came up with a preposterous offer and are already celebrating their success. In reality, the bids they made last evening and their inability to stop getting hooked by L4's plots only punctuates their egos and gullibility.

      The broken baby bird is now the "innocent little lamb":
      Granted I did see a few chinks in Tyler's armor as he seemingly stayed awake all night plotting over the top scenarios in the event things didn't turn out today such as saying Rock Star and Scottie are siblings. Thankfully it won't come to that and instead the more relaxed version of Tyler can continue in the house. Still, like his other L4 allies you have to hand it to him for being able to sell his plot line. Each of the Hive members believes him to be this sweet guy who prefers to be ordered around and while adept at competitions not very bright.

      I'm dying for him to get to a F2 chair just so we get to see the simultaneous jaw drop of Bay, Hal, Fes and Rock Star upon learning about L6 and how he played them from the beginning and was the key catalyst behind getting KK to vote out Steve and back door Swaggy.

      He has so completely fooled the other side they have bought everything he's selling. His "Scottie is my BFF" storyline is so believable (see the pitch) that not only others are believing, but so is Scottie.

      The Hive dwellers think he is alone in the house outside of the Scottie alliance (and Sam) which might explain why Hal went with Tyler as her Hacker nom. She wanted to take out Ty anyway, but her ire for Sam is second to none, so hearing her thoughts that Sam would have no one if Tyler left is her way of getting in a shot at Sam simultaneously. Since Tyler did what Bay wanted last week this has also led Hal/Bay to believe he's just a yes man awaiting his orders. Haleigh literally called him an innocent little lamb thrown into a pack of lions - I can't.

      Scottie appears to have exited the Hive:
      In truth, Scottie may just be playing, but it feels genuine and it makes sense for him to buy in. Learning about Bay's power app coupled with the timing of another hinky vote had to give Scottie pause. Since he knows the Hacker has to be from either Bay or Hal and he was made to look like the Hacker it probably was the final straw.

      By aligning with Tyler he doesn't have to swear on bibles and has 4 people more likely to be targeted with him who would give the house at least some pause in terms of their votes. Whereas sitting alongside any of Hive's blind 4-some would likely end up in his expulsion. This may have turned out to be Scottie's best week in the house (and luckiest break).

      Brett has tagged in as the new Ty in Hive group:
      Just as remarkably Fessy and Haleigh are buying the story of Brett being a lone wolf who has no allies. This came about b/c L4 were worried Angela saving Tyler might expose the group. Fessy is all in on this Brett story and discussed buddying up to him with Hal. It seems logical to me that Fessy never liked having competition from Tyler with the women and this kind of cements it for me. Why pick Brett to partner up with instead of Tyler unless it's a jealousy thing?

      Seriously folks, how the hell Bay, Hal, RS & Fessy all haven't figured the L4some + JC/Sam out is beyond me. It's clear as day and I had hope for Hal given her nominations but their (Bay/Hal) plan showcased they have zero clues.

      The "pitch":
      So, Rock Star is back on her all female rant which led to the Hive's trio trotting up to the HOH to re-iterate this pitch. It's almost laughable though b/c every part of the pitch should have a flashing red light going off over the girl's (Angela/KC) heads:

      "We are a strong trio (RS/Hal/Bay) and you are a strong duo (Ang/KC), so if we work together we can run the house." Um so you want us to work with you on something you had no intention of honoring, but now that you aren't safe you promise you'll change and to give you majority vote in the alliance? Yeah, that sounds good... NOT.

      Sensing the nods and okays from Ang/KC are working Bay/Hal amp up their pitch and this is where it really gets fun. When Ang asks Bay if she'll use her power to protect her Bay gives her a non committed "my heart wants to, but we'd have to agree on it as a consensus b/c that would put me in jeopardy" Read: remember we have 3 votes to your two, so if I'm not in personal danger your SOL.

      The myriad of game intel Bay and Hal dropped was mind blowing. They laid out who the targets are, who is closest and did this all while asking Angela to make the worst possible move for her personal game and somehow believe it's going to happen. SMDH. Here's just a smattering of the information Angela received:
      • The Hive trio of females are firmly united
      • Fessy is their fourth and has strong ties to each woman as well as JC
      • AND Faysal will NEVER be someone they put on the block or take out (READ: the girls alliance would not take priority)
      • Bay/Hal name Tyler/Scottie as targets with secondary focus on Sam/JC
      • Bay is intent on using her app next week if someone she doesn't want wins HOH (Read: time to get her out before she can hurt L4)
      • They want Angela to pull down RS & put up Scottie
      • In essence they want Angela to go back on her pinky swear promises to BOTH Ty/Scottie, and if she can't than to put up anyone that isn't on their side including Fessy. Right b/c this time their promise of a girl's alliance is different and it makes sense for Angela during her HOH to help the opposite side of the house who has yet to prove they can be trusted or honor commitments.
      • Bay tells Ang that Fes is closer to Scottie (than Ty) and she tells her Skyler is a real thing
      The funny part about almost everything the girls pitch outside of laying down their entire game is none of this is a surprise to Angela b/c Tyler told L4 he was trying to push him & Scottie as BFFs so none of L4 would go on the block with him if the Hive won power.

      Although I wasn't awake to see if Angela updated L4 the initial reaction was her telling Sam the Hive female trio was pushing the girl's thing again but not including her (Sam was upset - telling Ang she could leave which I'm not sure if that's an insecurity thing or Sam playing up the underdog card. Either way Ang told her NO you are good with KC and I - don't worry).

      Angela is laughing at the fact the Hive group is so blind to who she is. They think she is dumb and she stated more than once to KC the fact they came to her AFTER the POV shows how desperate they are.

      Haleigh is a cold blooded killer:
      Clearly Hal has a bit more depth than originally suspected. That said, it's more evil than nice. She tells Bay to agree to use the power and just lie to Ang next week saying it expired. She is playing up with Fessy how they'll be in a relationship outside the house, flirting up a storm with Brett (when Fessy isn't around) and it seems she might take out Scottie if (and it won't) Ang had done their wishes.

      Obviously Scottie is the only "brain" Hal is concerned with since Ty has her believing he's dumb. THAT will be her undoing b/c Ty, Ang, Brett are all intelligent as is KC I'm just not sure on her knowledge of dates which is where it will matter. L4 will need to take out Hal prior to RS/Fes and long before any date competitions arise.

      Odds are if Hal is outed as the Hacker after Bay goes on the block she could easily be the one to follow her out the door.

      Other tidbits:

      One funny aside - Fessy wants to try to carry JC out the door with him over his shoulder when he gets evicted (which would be pretty funny).

      Fessy continues to display how little he knows about the game believing Angela going back on two pinky promises would be the biggest move ever made in BB history. (note to Fessy buddies: queue up Dan's funeral, Derrick's gummy bear nominations and any of Dr. Will's myriad of charming moves).

      As Bay, Hal and Fessy stood in front of the BR mirror celebrating their game prowess I found myself shaking my head at their audacity, naivety and absolute lack of game sense. Why on earth would Angela run her HOH to put those 3 (4 if you count RS) in their best possible position? She hasn't been aligned with them the entirety of the game, but the first time she has power they think her smartest move would be run her HOH like any of them would. I guess it never occurs to them to ask themselves if I was HOH this would be the same as Angela requesting I put up two of their four b/c she could get Ty/KC/Brett to ensure their safety.

      Moving forward it sucks we'll have to wait until Wednesday to get the full POV speech and reaction when Bay lands on the block. Though we'll see some of the fallout on feeds still that event may out trump Rachel's eviction blindside.

      Today should offer ample drama in terms of filling in L4 on the audacious requests. Will Fessy spill to Brett? As for Scottie and JC we might have to wait til Monday as Angela won't want any outing of what's about to happen to Bay. To that end, I suspect JC will be furious over the fact he wasn't even a factor to be included in the group's plans and this will also cement Scottie's choice for him once he discovers how the Hive plotted for his removal.


      • SmilemakerRDH
        SmilemakerRDH commented
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        Bayleigh complained about how many times Rachel came to her room last week after being nominated. She isn’t even nominated yet and she was in Angela’s room at least 4 times last night talking a 100 mph. I cannot wait to see how many times she goes up there after she’s on the block! I think she is going to be shocked initially and then immediately pissed. She’s going to be throwing everybody under the bus

      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
        Editing a comment
        SmilemakerRDH yup - glass houses right? Hypocrisy is always a factor with BB. You know the craziest part of this whole this is Bay was positioned so well the week after Fessy was evicted. She got juicy information from both sides of the house, had begun to re-establish her bonds with Angela and reintegrated seamlessly.

        Presumably she went to Fessy b/c Swaggy trusted him the most, but that was just the first of many mistakes she made. Not that she allied with him, but that she shared her information about the power with him. Hearing her tell the story she makes it sound like she had no choice - but that's ALL she had. She was in a better position than Scottie at that time. I was so impressed by her first week and how she would expertly gather information and dissect which Bay Bombs to drop. But, after aligning wih FOUTTE the minute Winston was evicted she should of cut bait & run. She pulled Scottie in (wisely) but she should've worked on Sam and JC using rational thought to let the big dogs gun for each other and their 4 votes could've been the difference in who left each week.

        Instead she got full of the Queen Bay nonsense ridiculing everyone including those closest to her and demanded loyalty and respect. What is coming - she deserves b/c even this week she still had an opportunity (had she played things the way she did that post Swaggy week). Ultimately, (and perhaps subconsciously) she just couldn't relinquish being in charge as a Type A female. Winning HOH fed her need to be in charge and once gained she just couldn't let go of that control.

        On one hand I'm disappointed in what she could've been, on the other the desire for mo-drama, mo-drama overrides that desire, lol.

      • SmilemakerRDH
        SmilemakerRDH commented
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        Agreed. I didn’t like her from the start, her attitude bugged me. But I was super impressed with how she handled her position after Swaggy left and even after Swaggy was put on the block, she maneuvered things well. Her HOH was her downfall. She had already seen that she could easily be the leader of the FOUTTE group and I think she loved that idea and used her HOH to train and gain more people she could control, hence her demanding loyalty to Bay only. What she failed to understand is people talk to each other and stories spread, especially lies. And she told so many she couldn’t keep them straight. She had potential to position herself well and blew it so she deserves what she gets. She is feeling totally safe right now cause she thinks she has full control of everyone and is gonna be pissed when she is the one blindsided. I saw on Twitter where Swaggy even said when he was put on the block he stayed calm cause he thought there was a chance he’d stay but Bay will know there is no chance and she will go off. So there will be plenty of drama from Monday on I’m sure...and tears from Rockstar I’m sure.

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      Originally posted by TTOTambz View Post
      My understanding is they can cancel one vote. So they pick whose vote won't count which is why Ty & Angela were saying they needed him off the block. Their presumption at the time was Scottie would vote with the Hive making the votes: Bay/Hal/Scottie/Fessy vs Sam/JC/Brett/KC with one vote cancelled that meant Ty would leave.
      So, if Ty comes off and Bay goes up, then the votes could be
      Which means even with one vote cancelled it would be at least 4/3 with Bay leaving, right? Most likely, Scottie could be convinced to vote Bay out, and if some how we ending up with a tie vote - Angel would get the honor of kicking Bay to Jury.


      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        We don't know whose vote Haleigh will veto, but there can't be a tie. Eight people vote and one gets cancelled so only seven count.

        Given the POV speech which is coming that will out how Bay/Hal tried to get Scottie put back up on the block orchestrated by Bay/Hal my guess is he'll be 100 percent in on voting with however Angela (and Ty) want. For as much as this season has served up blindside after blindside with the votes and the Swaggy nomination was a blindside THIS ceremony (especially if L4 keep it quiet) may go down in history as the best BB TV moment ever!

        Here's how I envision it plays out....

        Once Bay's jaw gets picked up off the floor, Fessy gets coaxed out of the corner from sucking his thumb, RS stops crying and Haleigh returns from the doctors having bitten all her fingernails off then the self appointed Queen B will kick into what she calls her more aggressive self (which is a tad frightening she thinks she hasn't gone there yet given the slapping, bible oaths and yelling already displayed.) Two weeks ago I could easily see Bay's end game path, but the manner she conducted her HOH coupled with how aggressively she's playing this week will sink her. I'll forever be asking myself why Bay needed to push to come out of Angela's HOH with every single one of her top allies safety when she could've maybe secured just her own safety by being calm and genuine.

        Instead, with her nom I suspect we'll get a series of tantrums and attacks.

        First she'll cal out Scottie (as the hacker). Once it's clear he isn't she'll get into a fight with Rock Star at some point to try to throw her UTB and finally if she stops long enough to figure out Angela knew it had to either be Bay or Hal who became the Hacker. At that point she'll attack Hal and offer her power to Angela the next week to take out one of Fessy/Hal. Or at least that's which way I think she'll proceed.

        On top of all this Fessy/Haleigh's hands will be tied. Granted they've played dumb and there is a chance Fessy will think he can pull in JC & Brett (and maybe even Scottie) to vote with him and Hal. Fes doesn't like to do the social stuff though so it might be Hal kicking her game into gear to try to achieve this.

        JC will make Fessy jump through hoops b/c he'll have the knowledge that he went along with Hal/Bay's plan which put JC in danger of being the re-nom and didn't even bother to tell him. Plus we know how much Brett & L4 love a challenge, so they might even play along with Hal/Fessy just so they get another blindside on Thursday while simultaneously showing Rock Star the only two votes against her were Hal/Fes (her F3). Bottom line I think it's either a 7-0 vote out of Bay or 5-2.

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      L6 is basically working like a corporation. Anyone that hinders the growth of the company has to go. That is why members are expendable and they vote generally based on the good of the company.


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        If Angela follows through and takes down Tyler and puts up Bayleigh (99.99% sure she will), then I can see this being a unanimous vote. That's not even taking into account any blowup Bayleigh may have. Haleigh and Faysal are closer to Rockstar than they are Bayleigh. Scottie will almost certainly vote out Bayleigh. As long as JC doesn't try to get cute with another hinky vote, it will be unanimous.


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          Found a peanut, found a peanut,
          Found a peanut just now,
          Just now I found a peanut,
          Found a peanut just now.

          (Yes, that is a real kid's song with several choruses.)


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            Why is the Hive so blind to what we see as the obvious? I keep thinking of something Hayleigh said. She talked about being the only grandchild in either family for 10 years and how much she resented it when her cousin was born. Meanwhile, Bayleigh's own family calls her Queen. And I suspect Faysal is the pampered male child in his family.

            When you're treated as something particularly special in your family, you can get blind to others and their needs, since your own needs take precedence. The "only child syndrome" even if there's other siblings or a "golden child syndrome".

            To be successful, you need to anticipate others' needs and figure out a way to fulfill it. Neither of these three can see beyond their own nose. Not that they don't observe other's actions, but their perception is too colored by their own needs and lack of sensitivity as to what they need to offer others to achieve a satisfactory deal.

            So all three have been shocked each week, but only get mad at being fooled, rather than understanding why and how they were fooled and learning from it. And so they continue to make the same mistakes.

            RS was the typical awkward kid, unattractive and made fun of. So she plays into being even more different to get noticed. But obviously that chip on her shoulder makes her express over and over her resentment toward "rich white guys". Like the Golden Ones, she is locked into her own need of resentment that locks her out of the full picture. Curiously, she is observant based on her performance on memory comps, but she just isn't capable of profitably using that info.

            The POV aftermath should be epic, as long as Angela follows the script. Bay & Hay should have a meltdown. Faysal will be throwing another temper tantrum. JC could be pissed he was out of the loop. RS will shocked she's still on the block and will begin the teary breakdown, again.

            Hopefully, tonight we'll get some answers to the Hacker App & Hayleigh's thinking. Once again TPTB have come up with a dud twist. They never learn. Remember the bell nobody rang last season? Yep, these guys in production are just as people blind as the Hive are.


            • Border57
              Border57 commented
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              I actually feel sorry for RS, even as I pretty much dislike her. Her image as, what, Earth Goddess? has to trump her game play, so she went with "the cool kids" that she wants to fit in with (as BettyBoo says, that she's wanted to do forever), even as she gets abused by them, by Bay, at least.

              All the crying is ridiculous, though. Honestly, has she no dignity at all? You name yourself "Rock Star", all right, act like you've got some self esteem.

            • breakingwave
              breakingwave commented
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              That is amazing as I watched last night so many similar thoughts were going through my head most definitely did I hear these people right? The nerve they possessed was crazy. But your explanation was so spot on but not just for them it has helped me understand why one of the loves of my life ,a beautiful grandchild behaves similar to Haleigh and how to understand that better. Thank you!

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              We've all seen and experienced examples of these self-absorbed kids from childhood on. It just gets worse in this Selfie age of fewer kids. Explains so much of all the growing rude behavior in public. The ME is more important than the WE.

          • #10
            Great insight and points this morning, as always. I did not like the hacker twist at all, and I am even more frustrated that it's more than one time. But, if it must continue, I just hope it somehow works against Bay, hay, rd and fes every time.


            • #11
              About the hacker twist, how long does it last? More than a week? If there are three elements to it, can each element be used in separate weeks? Or is it use it or lose it this week?


              • TTOTambz
                TTOTambz commented
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                They'll clarify on the show tonight, but my understanding is all 3 aspects of the app must be used in the week it is won (ie: no carry over). What hasn't been resolved is if the winner HAS to use it (or every component). For example say L4 had won this week, they may not have wanted to change the HOH noms, but they may have wanted to ensure a certain person played in POV and cancel a vote. I'm not sure if they could exercise just two of the three options. I guess we'll learn tonight.
                Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-05-2018, 12:12 PM.

              • Border57
                Border57 commented
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                Thanks, TT, I thought they made it clear on one of the shows and I just missed it.

                I'm not sure if I dislike the twist or not, I'd sure hate to see Tyler go out on something that is just bad luck for him, but all the scrambling is fun to hear about. I do love to see Hamsters dance!

              • Yaya1300
                Yaya1300 commented
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                I have also been wondering if Haleigh is eligible to win it again.

            • #12
              I just really wish, especially at this point in the game, that they would let the remaining houseguests duke it out without all these stupid twists. There has been some beautiful strategy in this season, and it's getting tangled in all these ridiculous add-ons


              • #13
                Every season there usually is one narcissist who can't stop staring in the mirror. I mean, I guess knowing you are constantly being filmed you would want to look your best. But, the person I'm referring to is the one who seems enamored with their own image aka like the Greek God Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool and stared at it until he died.

                The year Ian Terry won it was Danielle who drove me crazy with that bad habit of mirror gazing. This year there is no one who comes close to Faysal who not only stares but poses for his own pleasure. At first it was comical, but I noticed when he's feeling his oats he ups his stare and posing rate. Last night Bay, Hal & Fes were discussing him going up to ensure Angela's safety as they stood in front of the BR mirror. Mid conversation Fes said 'look at these arms though'. I swear if Fessy spent even a portion of the time spent mirror gazing on the game perhaps he'd have a better clue what was going on.


                • Walleye
                  Walleye commented
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                  I doubt it lol. He is the preverbial clueless person this year.

              • #14
                For some reason I've been thinking Josh from last year was around 19 or 20 and that Fes was acting as young as Josh on occasion. However, Josh was 23 when he played the game. Josh also checked himself out constantly, fussing with his bandanna, etc.

                Mirror boy Fes is 26. Wonder how well Josh would have done if any girl had latched onto him on day one. Would he have spent 3/8 of his game crying if a girl was paying attention to him all season? Would he have been able to keep his focus?

                With Fes I think even without Hal latching onto him as a shield, he still would have been lost, been a follower but still grasping for those bits of male superiority for which he seems so desperate. Like demanding JC THANK him for saving him from being on the block... he acts like an 8 year old on the playground.


                • SmilemakerRDH
                  SmilemakerRDH commented
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                  I truly think Fes thought all he needed to do to win this was win all the competitions. The fact that there is way more to it is boggling his mind. And now that he’s in love his only strategy is to get rid of anyone she might look at besides him or that might look at her.

                • LCnSummer
                  LCnSummer commented
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                  Yah TTOT... when he said he would flatter Angela's ego... I totally cracked up. Ya, since he is such a hunk of a man, she will be all melty at his attention.

                  Yah Walleye, it is amazing how immature he acts. His lack of the needs and wants of others is like a brick wall. Even his beloved Hal is bombarded by his demanding she do xyz his way. She's not gonna have anything to do with him after she leaves the house, and she will prolly not kiss him in the jury house.

                  Yah Smile, even in one of his interviews, he said he was just gonna power all the comps to win.... DOH!

                  He even has his own "in house tutor,,, JC".. and he ignores the wisdom JC imparts to him.

                • TTOTambz
                  TTOTambz commented
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                  LCnSummer you hit the nail on the head .... BUT.... how much do you think JC will want to help him once he hears Ang's POV re-nom speech tomorrow? If not then Ty or Ang will MAKE SURE to tell him FOUTTE all wanted safety & offered it in return (but without guarantee of protection via her app) & that Ty/Scottie/JC & Sam were the main targets. The kicker will be Fes knowing all about it & not telling/warning JC. That could cause an irreparable separation. I think JC will still joke around with him, but he'll make it his mission to take him out (and or Hal) b/c of the betrayal.

              • #15
                There were some pondering if Ty would have done this to himself prior to the announcement Haleigh had won. The reason I couldn't' buy it was because of the vote (he would know a cancelled vote would be too much of a risk).

                With that said, I'm anxious to see how the POV played out. Seemingly Ty took 3rd, Scottie 2nd and Angela first. So, here's my diabolical mind at work. What if once Ty realized it was just Scottie/Angela he decided to act -- shall we say naive. Last week he began operation BFF Scottie and made inroads moving from Scottie's priority back door up to sixth (and possibly even higher given Scottie wasn't impressed with his Bay HOH bible treatment). Entering POV Ty knew Scottie was nervous about being back doored and had assured him he'd make sure he was safe with Angela.

                Some discussion I caught seemed to imply neither Ty nor Scottie wanted to not claim the POV win, yet others implied it was silly they gave it up via pinky swears of safety.

                Here's the thing, we know Ty has heard feedback from JC & L4 how he is referred to as an "obedient" player who "just wants to please". Last night Bay, Hal, Fes and Rock Star all referred to him with less than complimentary terms regarding his intelligence with the highlight being of the two (Scottie/Ty) Scottie should go first b/c Tyler is the little lamb in the wolf's den (poor broken baby bird).

                So......... I'm wondering knowing both Scottie & Ang would save him did he act daft on purpose to play into that persona? Is he intelligent enough to grow that seed? He knows moving forward he's positioned himself to go up against Scottie (which saves him from being on the block with anyone in L4, Sam or JC and he'd have the votes. If he did think of that I'm impressed. Or I'm just thirsting for crazy strategy. Either way Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmm
                Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-05-2018, 02:57 PM.


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