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Live Feed Discussion-August 9, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 9, 2018

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    Good morning all.

    Happy Eviction Day!


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      Happy Eviction Day BBU Family:

      We've reached the halfway point of the season and subsequently tensions are running high. It's at the stage where the hamsters begin looking cross eyed at each other searching for any little reason to belittle or target one another. It's also difficult for viewers b/c by this point many of us have selected a favorite or side.

      Since this is a social game that means it's easy for us to rationalize why a preferred hamster/side said/did something. My favorite part of BB is the strategic aspect, therefore I love coming on BBU and reading a different take as it offers an alternative way to view a player's game. I bring this up as this season has been lit with drama and while I may see things one way I want to note my opinion is just that - an opinion.

      With that, here's how I see the house as the first eviction to form the jury occurs tonight: (fair warning as with every eviction night posting this is extensive so those not wanting a long read may want to skip to the next post)

      The Hacker House Meeting:
      The weight of carrying being the Hacker particularly with Bay taking the heat became too much of a burden for Hal. From a game perspective spilling the beans was absolutely the wrong thing to do. From a personal perspective, I can understand why Hal did it. Witnessing how upset Bay was about incorrectly being labeled the Hacker and subsequent ostracizing that comes from being on the block sent her spiraling.

      Hal's speech was designed to clear Bay and explain why she targeted Tyler. She did so by using an evicted hamster's comments (KK) as to things she knew about Ty. Hal ended her speech stating last week Tyler said he'd only use the POV if Angela would be the re-nom. This part of the speech (for me) was the most annoying since it demonstrated she conspired with Bay on what would be said and since Hal wasn't in the room it was strictly hearsay. This led to the Ty-Bay confrontation and ironically it also had L4 thinking Hal still might not be the hacker.

      As for the fight, (again - just my opinion) I do believe Bay was keen to work with both Angela and Tyler and that she genuinely felt she was protecting Ty. Bay has always viewed Ty as a strong "comp competitor", but she sees him as a weak strategist who is a yes man. For that reason I don't think Bay expected Ty to stand up for himself. It's why Bay chose to attack Ty instead of Angela (and to get Hal to target him in the speech). Based on what I've seen Angela's sassy comments to Bay were far more egregious than Tyler stating he'd vote her out. Clearly her anger stems from what she feels is Tyler's disrespect, but I also think she expected Ty (poor little baby bird, wounded lamb) to roll over and play dead. In fairness to Bay, L4 have kept their alliance hidden all season. Eventually when that side of the house learns about them being aligned and Ty's role in the crew it will clarify why things were handled the way the were.

      House Standing:

      The Middle Ground:

      JC: For one of the first times in the game JC is in a little trouble. Following the house meeting JC ran up to the HOH and was bashing Hal for outing she was the hacker, RS for rolling over and playing dead, Bay for being a bully and having double standards and Fes as being an idiot. He was speaking so loud the whole house could hear and it's put him potentially in trouble with FOUTTE (F) -Fes/Hal/Bay/RS.

      Sam: Tough week for Sammy as she learned of ME 2.0 which she was excluded from, had RS in her ear telling her she might be the mastermind and she's clearly not enjoying the game or the attacks. Figuring her out is either as simple as she just wants everyone to get along and likes everyone (except Haleigh) or she's brilliant as she spends the most time with the player who'll exit which sets her up well for jury votes should she make a F2 chair. She's still MacGyvering the house, but she's lost some shimmer b/c she's asking people not to play the game. She tells Bay she asked TPTB to trade places with her and was denied. Who knows if that's real, but b/c she's become such a wild card it's may make her an easy cut if she's sitting beside the right person. She remains well down the pecking order, but not nearly as safe as she once was.

      Scottie: Discovered a ton of information this week about the Hive and disclosed a bunch too. I feel Scottie has suffered some bad luck as timing always seems to get him in trouble. He innocently discloses how he mentioned to Fes the only chance of saving Bay "might be" if the hacker revealed themselves. Unfortunately, L4 took this honesty as a good excuse for him having knowledge the entire time especially since he's close to Hal. He's a strong player in all types of comps which makes him a target, though he won't be the priority of the house on either side he'll will always be option as a secondary target given his game prowess and lack of a secure alliance.

      Knowing Bay/Hal pushed for his POV re-nom it should've cemented his lost faith in the other side. But a few hours of playing chess with Hal and she black widows him into believing she is aligned with him. He tells her to vote out Bay so she isn't on an island. Presumably he figures he can play the middle ground. Prior to the chess match Scottie claimed he'd put up Fes/Hal now I'm not so sure he will or that he'll even try to win HOH. If he did win he'd have to pick a side and that would make him the number one target for the side he targets.

      FOUTTE (F) minus nominees:

      Faysal: He's a likeable guy who is this year's mirror man. Fessy seldom trashes other people unless it's Angela and it feels like he does that b/c of Hal's insecurity about her. He came into the house hoping to get into a showmance and to win comps. He's an athlete who is used to winning so we can forgive him for believing he'll win all the comps (it's a natural thing for athlete's to be confident). The reality is his two POV's weren't indicative of beasting since the first came in week one with Ty throwing it to him and the second came facing KK, Hal, RS, JC and Sam (not exactly stiff competition). Kudos to Fes for repeatedly suspecting Hal was the hacker (though she denied it) as well as knowing Hal shouldn't expose the fact. Perhaps b/c he spends so much time with her it made her easy to read, but if Fessy has a weakness clearly it is in his inability to read the house.

      Case in point - he has bought into Brett's lone wolf story line, firmly believing he has him wrapped around his little finger. Likewise he thinks he controls JC, RS and Haleigh. The other interesting aspect of Fessy's game is when he feels like his side is in power he displays a swagger and wants to take out Brett, Tyler and Scottie. Conversely, when not in power he tries to sell the all male alliance.

      Haleigh: after disclosing her hacker status she pushed her game into full on aggressive mode. Among the lies she told Scottie were she removed him from the block b/c he is closer to her than RS and she was trying to save him (really Hal? If that was true then why not share that detail with him to garner his loyalty?). Said she only ever questioned him b/c she heard he had a F2 with Ty. And adamantly denied pitching him being the POV re-nom. Hal moved on to Brett next and told him she wants to work with him and will keep him to F3 or F4. Brett is playing along, but doesn't buy a word of what she's saying. She entered the week as one of the safest and leaves it with a firm target to be nominated if L4, JC or Sam win HOH.

      Side note: she told Fessy TPTB were asking what she does well (one was a word game she plays with her mother and was similar to the Hacker comp) and she's implied she expects TPTB to tailor the next comp for her to win again. The fact she said that out loud will likely result in her losing.


      : She remains one of the most likeable people in the house and while she's not completely safe it's unlikely she'll be anyone's top target. Her ties to Angela were exposed this past week. KC cried over Bay being upset and was distraught over Sam feeling people were making fun of her. At her heart KC is a truly good person and it's doubtful anyone would begrudge her being a finalist or winning the game.

      Angela: Let's get real - this lady is cut throat. Maybe it's the competitor in her, but she takes no prisoners and seems to revel in taking out her targets with zero empathy for their feelings. On one hand I appreciate her ability to separate game, on the other she can come across as a mean girl. She raised her target this week via her actions despite not going against her word to Scottie/Ty.

      Brett: It's insane to me how easily he was able to replace Ty's role as lone wolf. All of FOUTTE think they have pulled him in with Fessy saying he's got Brett wrapped (will vote to keep Bay), Hal thinks she can black widow him and even Bay/RS have shifted on their view. This RS/Brett revelation is crazy given how much she hated him. Ironically I expect even though he'll vote to keep RS by doing so he'll once again become her target lol. The question is whether he'll be able to give some sort of explanation for his vote so he can maintain his lone wolf role.

      Tyler: Tough week for Ty as he got targeted by Hal (hacker) to land on the block and got into the confrontation with Bay. He exits the week as a target, but in fairness was he not already a target of Hal, Fessy and RS? (yes). Ty was arguably getting a little too comfortable, so this week may have been the wake up call he needed as he said the Hacker outing has taught him not to underestimate anyone. Also notable was he got shook via the nomination and showed cracks in his easy going demeanor.

      Heading into F10 I suspect Ty will gun for HOH in order to nominate Hal/Fes and so he guarantees his safety and can hang on to his power for what I believe will be a double eviction a week from tonight. With that, I do think Tyler would prefer to not use his power if he can avoid it. As I noted previously, although Ty will need to be aware of taking out Brett and Angela soon, this week may have served to make that 4-some want to stick together longer just in case there are other curve balls thrown. Though I think the L4 group would rather Fes leave next I wonder if this week will focus them on ousting Hal next given she'll clearly be targeting Ty/Angela.

      If L4 successfully take out Bay and one of Hal/Fes next week Tyler's chances to get to F4 improve exponentially with his L4 alliance plus Sam and JC (and potentially Scottie). At that point votes will favor Ty against almost anyone b/c even if Brett or Ang decide to flip Ty would have 3 guaranteed votes (Sam/JC/KC) plus Scottie would know if Ty leaves he'll move up as the target so it's likely he'll have 4 guaranteed votes. That is a ton of leverage to carry this late in the game.

      The Nominees:
      Rock Star: I'm befuddled by this lady. She's celebrating Hal being the Hacker and electing not to save her. She's with her F troop discussing how to save Bay and joining in on the attack of Ty. She claims to be a superfan but plays like a bystander. Hearing her state "no one is playing BB and they don't know how to play" makes me wonder if she's assumed Fessy's mirror viewing role. That said, RS has come close to winning HOH on a couple occasions so it feels like the longer she stays an HOH is inevitable. I sure hope she rethinks her proposed speech to call out all the privileged white kids. The saddest part of this week was although she did her punishment without too much complaining she failed to utilize it to build bonds with the other side of the house.

      Bay: Is Bayleigh the most polarizing player in the house? It's been a very tough week for her with the nomination and what she perceives as being targeted, attacked and bullied. On one hand I feel for Bayleigh b/c she did get targeted for something that wasn't fair (she's not the hacker) and I don't think she had Ty at the top of her hit list. On the other hand (like many in the house) she has a double standard and selective memory. Factually - Bay told copious lies, got players to swear on bibles and stated she'd gut people if they don't do as she asks. She did try to get Angela to commit to ME 2.0 plus Fessy and she did aggressively push for Scottie to be the re-nom. Still the players on the opposite side aren't angels they've also told lies, made disparaging comments and have multiple alliances.

      I think it depends on whether you're a Bay fan or not on whether you can justify her actions and words. Would we look at her differently if she hadn't yelled? Would it be easier to accept her blow up if she owned up to some of her own actions? Again, it depends on how you view her.

      Bottom line - Bay should never have told Rachel about her power. Her re-nom has more to do with that power than suspicion she was the hacker. She didn't do herself any favors by pushing her own agenda. Angela's speech was condescending and I don't blame Bay for being ticked about it.

      If Angela's speech had been:

      "Bay, you were never my initial target. However, at week's start you came to me asking for a re-commitment to ME 2.0 without Sam. Then after POV you stated Fessy had to be protected as well. So you wanted me to commit to an alliance with your top 3 allies and you aggressively pushed for Scottie to be the re-nom against Tyler, but were unwilling to use your power app to save me next week until just prior to the re-nom when you also pushed for a F2. My issue was this wasn't presented at week's start but after the POV was played and therefore I couldn't trust it. On top of all this you made someone swear on a bible I would be one of their targets. This plus the concern of many that you are the hacker left me with no choice but to put you up as I feel you have too much power, are the strength in your group and I can't trust I'm your priority. This is a respectful nomination based on your game prowess."

      If Angela had delivered that speech Bay still would've been upset, but I suspect it would've at least let Bay feel she was being recognized for her ability instead of being attacked (or maybe I'm wrong and she would've felt attacked no matter what was said).

      Eviction Night:

      Although Sam is fond of Bay the telling part of their conversation was "you'll be going to the small house, and I'll be joining you soon". That's about as definitive as Sam has ever been in terms of outing her vote. Scottie telling Hal to vote out Bay so she's aligned with the house also makes his vote transparent and JC won't chance a hinky vote.

      The final tally depends on whether Brett decides to push his "I'll keep Bay" to Fes and then they try to force Scottie or JC to vote with them as to whether it will be a 5-2 vote out of Bay. The duo (Hal/Fes) may elect to give sympathy votes since RS sure doesn't seem offended her alliance doesn't want to keep her as the priority. The final count may end up being a unanimous vote out if the duo determines it would be better for their games.

      Next Week:
      Haleigh and Fessy are most in jeopardy if L4 win HOH with Hal being a likely unanimous nominee with all but RS/Fes (and maybe Scottie depending on whether he's misting her or has bought back in to her wiles). Watch for Brett to spend some time with Scottie to share with him how Hal is telling him he's a F3 with her or if he straight up tells Scottie she's playing him in order to get Scottie fully back with their side.

      Brett seems to think JC is a target for the Hive (I'm not so sure). Hal/Fes/RS would likely all put up Ty/Ang although there's an outside chance RS or Fes might still consider Brett. Doubtful JC or Sam would nominate Fes - L4 will push them to do that but JC would likely put up either RS - Brett or RS - Hal whereas Sam I'm thinking would target the Hive's remaining women.

      Although KC would target Hal/Fes there is still a possibility she would look at Scottie as she is the first to not trust what he says. KC catches how easily Hal pulls him back in and knows he's a strong competitor so he would likely be her re-nom.

      One aspect of the hacker app which seems unclear is whether the hacker HAS TO change a nominee (I think it's a choice) otherwise it would affect the initial nominations. If TPTB have their way a FOUTTE HOH win will likely result in an L4 hacker win and vice versa.

      That ends the eviction missive - enjoy eviction night.


      • AmyBeth
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        Oh my TOT- I would never skip one of your posts! I love them... but I will confess that I got up and got a little snack before I read on.

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      I can’t figure out Scottie right now and what the heck is Sam going to do today? Doesn’t seem like she’s talked to Tyler much, which is odd. I would be so bad at this game 😂😂😂😂


      • BettyBoo
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        Kaycee was working her yesterday in the SR, when angry Bay stalked in (right after her spat with Angela), so she couldn't seal the deal with Sam. But having Bay give her the stink eye wasn't helpful to winning Sam's vote.

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      I watched a couple hours of BBAD last night and saw an amazing case of willful game blindness. There were the members of L6 holding smack court in HOH, running in and out with new bits of info as they chatted with the other HGs.. Sitting right outside the HOH door sat Hacker Hal, trying to Mata Hari Scottie, totally missing what should have been obvious right in front of her. Instead she was assuring Scottie that Bay was staying. Some sleuth she be. 😁 Had me talking to her to look up, you twit!!


      • Walleye
        Walleye commented
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        Lol, I saw that too. I was thinkIng gee, Brett has been in there a long time and Hay is right outside? She was oblivious. Wow.

      • Tina182
        Tina182 commented
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        but she was def working Scottie for his vote to keep bay ( she kept telling him everything Angela was telling him was a lie)- and I was under the impression he just might

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      Nothing makes a verbal bully more crazy than having a person not scream back at them. The more you stay calm and cool, the louder they get. I've experienced this with the crazy family member & some work beatchs. This is what we saw with Bay and Ty, then Angela. They don't know what to do if you refuse to go there with them. If you're cool & confident, they eventually give up, which is what Bay did.

      She is going to be stewing all week while she's alone in the House. Imagine if Ty or Angela show up she'll go another round like deVonne did with Paulie in Jury.

      For those who think L6 are the Big Meanies, remember that their days in the hot seat will come as the numbers whittle down and they turn on each other. So far only Kaycee has remained above the fray. But tonight will be watching to see if Bay stomps out, then goes beauty queen with Julie, and who will win HOH. S/B a good hour.


      • Walleye
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        I think when Bay sees the crowd, the beauty queen training will kick in. She is pretty smart, just not BB smart.

      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
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        Yeah Walleye I keep picturing her doing the pageant queen wave all while mouthing "World Peace". (Thank you Sandra Bullock for the image)

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      Thanks to whoever said Bay's fight was on YouTube. I was able to watch it (my internet will not do four streaming vids, which is why I can't watch the live feeds, but it will do one OK) and once again I'm reminded that all the updates in the world let you know what's going on, but it doesn't convey everything. Holy Cow. I've pretty much changed my entire opinion about Bay having seen that. The girl has extreme anger problems. That was total rage, and it's way beyond something I can understand. She needs anger management, and she needs a reality check, and when she's voted out, I don't think she's going to be in the jury house very fast, I think she'll be talking to a psychologist for a few days.
      I don't see that anyone was treating her that bad, next to other BB seasons. And I think the smack talking by the HOH crew, is no worse than I've seen other years, and I don't think Tyler fooling Scottie is anything different, either?

      If people in the cast don't know what they are getting into, shame on CBS. They are simply casting the wrong bunch. If the show is so popular, why aren't they casting people who at least know about it?

      While I'm at it, this has been bugging me a long time: What kind of mother leaves their very young child for months, yet is willing to sacrifice their position in the game for someone they just met? Rock Star can't fall back on the "doing it for the financial future of her children" if she's giving the opportunity away. I'm wondering just who the hated "privileged white kids" are? If she can afford to lose the opportunity, it sounds like she's one herself. I've said it other years, and I said it the other day, I wouldn't leave my dogs for this long.

      I don't know, these people are weird.


      • Playmisty4me
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        Wow. Thank's to the person telling us about the YouTube video. THAT was more than even I had expected.

        Bay is not just a drama queen or spoiled brat not getting her own way. She is totally crazy. I wouldn't sleep in the same room with her. And not having any lockable doors anywhere except the HoH room.....I'd be in the DR demanding her eviction.

        That much anger, hatred spewing, and delusional ranting and screaming, especially following all of those vehemently verbalized threats of killing someone for much lesser "insults" is a time bomb that will not hold herself to just clapping hands at the face of her perceived enemy. I'd have her locked in the have not room until TPTB remove her. As to the "you are on the block, not me" thing.....that's her own insecurity and excuse used to be the victim.

        And let's face it: when it comes to Tyler......"the sarcasm is strong with this one"...... Bay is so wrapped up in herself that she ignores the pragmatic language coming from other (and all it carries or conveys): so of course she will conveniently warp it into what she wants it to be: an insult/derogatory comment.

        I hope Bayleigh just totally convinced anyone even considering saving her, to think again. Maybe with HER gone, RS will have a little less of anyone else's BS/Hate to carry around and will actually play the game with people that started out liking her....

        And poor Sam. She's not "broken", she is strong and should still be able to hold it together; she needs to just hang with Kaycee. And have a talk with Tyler. I feel like she's just disillusioned about people she cared about who are seemingly so different from what she thought, and needs to re-center. She's just not meant to deal with all the anger, hatred, and selfishness. She is smart. She is sensitive. She is also a loving, generous soul. She probably already had all this drama in her life (woman in a man's world, artist, etc....) and just thought it was no longer part of what she had to deal with. Or she didn't like the way SHE acted when she went through it all, and wants others to spare themselves that same journey.

        She may make suggestions or comments that are then taken by the listener and twisted into their own, selfish, twisted, me first, how can I use this against someone else mentality, and thrown out for others to rip apart: but even her suggestion of "make me the hacker" was really a selfless action. Misconstrued and misinterpreted, but IMHO: selfless.

        I am sorry, but I didn't and still don't see it as her "trying to get control". The people who said that (Bay,Rachel/Rockstar etc...) are the ones that twist a simple intake of breath into an insult, who interpret a raised eyebrow as a bullying or mocking action toward them, or someone speaking in a soft voice as being demeaning or treating them like they are stupid. So their interpretation of her suggestion will of course be voiced as a suspicion based on what THEY would do if they had that power.

        So to Rachel: you ARE being a dishonest, condescending bi-atch: but not to intentionally hurt a specific anyone, just within the parameters of "accepted" game play.

        Tyler: thank you for holding onto the sanity in that situation and not giving in to the stupidity. Hearing my phrase of "just because you are louder doesn't make you right and me wrong", come from someone else's mouth in just slightly different words, was gratifying.

        And to Bayleigh:

        If you can't take the heat, but don't want to get out of the kitchen, try not throwing gas on the fire!

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      And I*'m off to make a donation for all of the hard work the updaters do! You guys make the season for me!


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        What exactly was said between Hal and Scottie last night at the chess game? My hearing is not good, and they were whispering, so I couldn't hear what was going on.


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          They broke Sam yesterday.

          She simply could not take the conflict between people she likes. There are questions about how she will vote. In the past she has always followed Ty’s lead even when she liked the person. Good example was the vote between Rachel and Brett. Sam likes Rachel, does not like Brett, yet she voted to evict Rachel. Tonight I think she will vote to keep RS maybe because of Ty but maybe more so because of the time she spent with RS this week.

          Ty needs to spend time with Sam, to mend this break in their friendship and renew their trust of each other.


          • birdiefriend
            birdiefriend commented
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            I seem to have missed something in all the chaos - why is there a conflict with Sam & Ty?

          • belle1
            belle1 commented
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            Not necessarily a conflict but confusion and hurt feelings. Sam went to Bay to comfort her, Ty was hurt that she didn’t check to see if he was ok

          • birdiefriend
            birdiefriend commented
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            Oh, ok .... emotion overload strikes again!

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          Maybe someone can enlighten me on the hacker power. Will there be another hacker competition with the exact same powers, or will the powers possibly be different. I am hoping the latter.


          • kokomogirl
            kokomogirl commented
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            There is another comp but I don't think anyone knows what it will be or what it will do. Haleigh seems to think that BB will structure it so she again wins. I do expect that it will have the same power that it did this week but BB could change things up.

        • #12
          I could not sleep last night so watched the 4+ hour chess game. Hal definitely used her feminine wiles on Scottie to pull him back to the Hive. Then the 2 of them were together in the geo lounge for quite a while as Fessy waited his turn for time with the fair maiden. Poor Scottie is so smitten with her that the love hearts were flashing from his eyes. Unless he's acting is so superb that even I was fooled, he has flipped back to Hal and that side. They made a F2 together. They tried to look at every hg and every angle to try to secure 4 votes for Bay to stay. Hal convinced him that Bay would use her power to keep him safe next week, blah, blah, and etc. L6 did not act in their best interest yesterday by staying locked up in HOH all day. They neglected to pull Scottie in and make sure he was still with them. Ty will need to work today to talk with him but I think he's a goner for them. I was also irritated as Ang, Ty, and KC watched early this am as Sam was having a rough time, standing at the kitchen counter with her hands covering her face. They talked about how bad of a day she was having and about how wonderful she is as a human being but not one of them went down to comfort her or talk to her. Yet they sat there and said that someone needed to go talk to her. L6 slipped up yesterday and did not do damage control with Scottie and Sam. I still think Sam will vote to evict Bay but they seem to have lost Scottie.
          Last edited by kokomogirl; 08-09-2018, 12:01 PM.


          • TTOTambz
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            It may be at a different time but KC went to Sam in the storage room to see how she was and let her know she hated seeing her upset. KC told her that she matters to her beyond game & she never wants to see her suffering like she is. During this exchange Bay came in and pushed to know what they were talking about to which they told her it wasn't game related. Eventually Bay left. Afterward KC hugged Sam for quite a while and reiterated her initial message.

            I do think the blow up truly affected Sam, but I also think her brother's birthday (tomorrow) is on her mind. B/c of that (and Tyler reminding her of him). Sam has been keeping her distance from Ty saying just looking at him upsets her. The thing here is Ty/Sam came up with a word to say to one another when they needed to talk privately whether it be game related or just to talk. As much as I think you're correct about them needing to include her I also think Ty was upset that Sam ran straight to Bay, but didn't show the same concern for him (ie: his feelings were hurt).

            I might be wrong but I think L4 are purposely not bombarding Sam b/c she hates to talk game and people being too pushy. KC has figured out the other side is playing on Sam's sweetness - desire not to hurt anyone. Was it the wrong decision to stay away completely - yeah probably. But, I doubt she'll ever turn completely away from KC/Ty.

            As for Scottie the minute Hal showed him the slightest attention he was right back in with her (he's smitten). He bought all her lies though deep down he knows she is lying. He told Brett "I can tell by Hal's body language she's not into Fes". That sounds much more like someone trying to talk themselves into something.

            Tyler had a couple conversations and Brett also checked in with him. My big thing is all week Scottie was the one checking in upstairs b/c Hal was keeping her distance. It was also his choice to spend all that time upstairs, so it also falls on Scottie. Short of someone sitting watching them play chess and looking obvious there wasn't much to be done. THIS is also why KC doesn't trust him since he stayed close to the HOH all week & all it took was a come hither moment for Hal for him to run back.

            From a game perspective it's a brilliant move by Scottie b/c if he can orchestrate Fes' oust next it will pull Hal directly to him as her number 1 (with no competition). Furthermore, sitting in a F2 chair beside her would all but guarantee him winning. My hope is he's playing along b/c he likes her, but that he truly does see the bigger picture.

        • #13
          I really hope they change up the power this time, make it one thing instead of three very powerful things. That was just ridiculous. I hope it's something more minimal.


          • #14
            Wonder if the hack app will be used to trigger a buyback or a reset of the week.


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              Drama .. Drama...Drama ... Help!

              Gosh this summer has been filled with drama in the Big Brother house!!

              And, tonight should another dramatic filled live eviction night, with even more drama coming as another new Head of Household takes control.

              This gets to be the time and place where the HG are having to double down and play the game ... no more hiding or blending in the background... you gotta play to stay!

              The drama is awesome but just like every year ( well aside from Season 19 .. yikes ) .... the drama in the house fuels the bandwidth usage here at BBU.

              Last week was epic... loved it ... gotta pay for it!

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