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Live Feed Discussion-August 13, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 13, 2018

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  • #2
    Good Morning all.
    Veto ceremony today. Looks like the Hive will be blindsided again.


    • #3
      Good morning everyone!-
      If Haleigh is so sure Kaycee has a power and can take herself off the block, why did she put Kaycee up in her original nominations on Friday? Does she not realize that if Kaycee had the power then that she would have taken herself off then?


      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
        Editing a comment
        The Hive were required to check all logical thinking at the Gate.

    • #4
      Just a note that Brett said that went right over Hal's head. Both of the women he thinks are stunners are Angela Jolie & Katie Holmes. They are both brunettes, so I'd say he has a type. He did say she was a blond Katie (I don't see any resemblance). Weirdly, Brett does remind me a bit of Tom Cruise.

      Hal barely tolerates Fessie's kisses, but purrs like a kitten with Brett. However, when RS said he could "relieve" himself in the HOH shower & the girls would give him privacy, he said he'd gone this long and would be OK. So, Dr Betty says he's not THAT excited to be flirting with Haleigh. More business than pleasure?

      Come on VETO meeting, so we can watch the Hive preen at how brilliant they are. Pride cometh before fall? Which vote will KC pull? Fessie is logical move, unless somebody is seeing something different. Now the long slog to Thursday night, then giddyup for a couple days, then back to Wait for It.


      • Mary4BB
        Mary4BB commented
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        That's why I don't like to look at Brett - the TC resemblance. I couldn't figure it out; objectively, he is a good looking young fella. But I cannot stand TC. Thanks for the enlightenment, BettyBoo.

        And, yeah, he is 100% working Hal. He's good, but you can see it in his eyes when she looks away. I am getting some twisted enjoyment from this, karma for how she treats Fessy.

    • #5
      Has Kaycee said whose vote she is going to cancel?

      And is this vote going to "out" L4 or can they continue to confuse Hay and Co.?

      Oh, and good morning.
      Last edited by Border57; 08-13-2018, 07:45 AM. Reason: I just sent in a small donation in honor of Lexie's work. I don't know how you do it, Lexie, I'd can't stay up at night and get up in the morning anymore!


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        Good morning BBU Family:

        Well, well, well. Lots of fun, surprises, shockers and 'pulling hive moves' this weekend. The hacker and POV comp lead to an interesting night of feeds followed by a rather slow Sunday of ROCK-n-Roll following Tyler all over the house. There is a clear delineation of strategy and knowledge between the the two major fractions of the house.

        Despite no one (including yours truly) thinking ROCK candyhad a shot in hell at winning OTEV she apparently came oh so close to doing just that. Although I knew she was adept at the question part, I presumed everyone would know the answers and therefore beat her physically. Not so much. Post POV (which Tyler won) she kept going on (as did Fes/Hal) about how she blew it by telling him the answer. Ty's take sounds like he happened to see RS's answer & went back down realizing his was wrong. The truth? Probably somewhere in the middle.

        For most of Saturday night it was a wash, rinse, repeat of Tyler hear "let's ROCK-n-roll" for the next 3 weeks if you use the POV on me I guarantee four of us will keep you safe.

        Rub a dub dub, the lamb pitch from a tub:

        Prior to ROCK-the-boat grabbing Ty for her pitch Haleigh spoke of her black widow abilities & noted how to take down the lost little lamb (flirt) en route to taking over the house and arriving at the end with FOUTTE. Punctuating this weekend's trendiest tune the ladies pitch to Tyler is "such a hive move".

        While Hal bats her eyelashes, giggles and smiles at Tyler, Between-ROCK-&-A-Hard-Place proceeds to out among other things:
        • Sam talks game to her constantly
        • Offers 3 weeks of safety from Hal, RS, Fessy & Sam (implying these 4 envisions themselves going at least through the next 3 weeks).
        • Hal speaks to how much she trusts Scottie and at one point references "the six" implying the previous 4 plus Brett/Scottie.
        • Hive ladies make no bones about their negative feelings toward Angela & KC (RS in particular implies Angela is only there to further her modeling, they are alone in the game KC/Angela) & only used Ty recently out of convenience.
        Walking out of the drunken HOH pitch Ty confirmed:
        • JC is NOT safe with the named 4-some (which will help Ty turn JC against Fes/Hal)
        • Hal thinks she is good with everyone but Angela, KC and Ty
        • Sam is viewed by the other side as completely a part of their alliance and made promises to them. She's lied to the Hive ladies claiming she's made no other promises (which both Scottie/Tyler know is untrue)
        • Hal believes KC has the power app
        • Hal disclosed Scottie is her favorite person (read #1 aka they have a F2)
        • And either b/c Hal isn't thinking or is drunk reveals Scottie has told her pretty much everything & this explains why Angela/KC were targets: (b/c she's mad they revealed her "Legendary" pitch)
        • Combination of comments that Brett is lone wolf & Angela/KC only using Ty now that they need him confirms L6/5/4 is still hidden to everyone remarkably
        Sam back to normal? All game strategy?:
        Brett, Scottie, Fessy, Angela and Tyler all note how Sam is suddenly okay with L4 now that Ty has the power again. Brett and Scottie both see how Sam is playing and neither wants her there long term. Sam is caught game talking on camera figuring out her moves.

        There were some extremely disturbing moments on the National Sunday show. In particular her "curb stomp" explanation to JC (Ty in room) from American History X was jarring.

        At this point it's hard to decipher if Sam is losing it, is playing a brilliant game or lands somewhere in between the two. There is no doubt she cares about people but here's what has surfaced in the past 3 or so days:
        • has a crush on Brett
        • jealous of Hal
        • cheated on by her ex
        • shared secrets/pinky promises ("I want Tyler/Angela out") with ROCKbottom which were immediately spilled to Hal/Fes
        • DumbAsROCKs goes through eviction order & each time a name is said (such as Tyler, Scottie, KC) Sam's general reply is "I can't do that" or "that's not happening"
        • tells KC she thought she'd been replaced (referring to Angela with Ty in her position)
        • After giving Angela some pretty major unsolicited attitude when alone in the backyard Sam apologizes and tells her she was having a moment. She also chatted with KC again.
        What we're left to ponder is whether Sam is just playing the game. It looks like she plays the "woe is me" card to whoever is in power - says I just want to go. But, is it reverse psychology? With her actions it's making Fessy, JC, L4 & Scottie look at her differently. As soon as Tyler won POV for example she suddenly was fine with L4 again. To my knowledge she has F3 deals with KC/Tyler, Scottie/Tyler & Hal/RS (there are probably others which include JC). It feels like this will be the week she gets caught since KC will be the renom and Sam's promised both her vote.

        DE won't allow for her to play out her normal routine so it will be interesting to see how she acts in that quick paced setting.

        POV Meeting:
        Shockingly between a ROCK-n-Hard-Place fully believed Ty would remove her from the block stating why would he give up such a great deal. That initial enthusiasm transferred to concern by Sunday. No doubt Hal/Rock will scream bloody murder when Ty takes down Angela today (& KC goes up) but the irony is Hal/Fes both stated they have no intention of honoring the deal to keep Ty safe anyway, so when they start complaining let's remember Ty saw through their false promises.

        What to watch for:
        • Fes/Hal had their first kiss & JC is running around telling all they are a showmance
        • Ty told JC some of the Hive's comments, but he'll keep pushing this narrative to pull JC closer
        • KC has votes to stay (Brett, Angela, Ty, JC at a minimum).
        • My gut says Sam will vote out KC b/c I think her goal is to reach F2 having never personally evicted a jury member. Odds are the minute ROCK-out leaves Sam will try to align back with L4, but they may not be willing to welcome her back with open arms. Scottie already said if he wins HOH he's putting up JC-Sam & I'm not so sure he wants to backdoor Ty anymore given he knows Fes wants him out and he told Ty with both of them getting pitched F6 of Hal/Fes/RS/Sam they know they'd be that group's first targets.
        • ROCK-a-BLOCK and Hal may snap post POV ceremony and if that happens it could lead to Angela/KC outing the LEGENDARY lies of Hal.
        • With JC confirmed to keep KC, it means L4 don't need to aggressively pursue Sam or Scottie's vote. The question is will they look to set them up by not sharing how they'll vote? Or will they leave them on an island? Will Brett for example say he's voting out KC to trap Scottie & then say it was Sam/JC who flipped? Fessy's vote will likely be hacked so if there are 2 votes to oust KC (Sam/Scottie) it will paint targets on both.
        • Conversely, could Brett tell Scottie it's not happening to garner favor with him?
        • Longer term this week is if L4 tell Sam that KC is staying & she still votes against her how that will affect Sam moving forward. Sam promised KC so long ago she would never vote against her (recommitted this week) so if she does it will likely lead to KC giving Sam the cold shoulder.
        Incredibly the Hive, JC, Scottie and Sam have yet to figure out L4's existence. Scottie is smart, so the only explanation is he's smitten by the black widow Hal. The Hive ladies talk themselves into believing Ty would use the POV just b/c they are promising something. Meanwhile, half their alliance (Hal/Fes) has no intention of honoring the promise. After the POV Hal is bound to get nervous about how big the target is on her (particularly if she figures out KC is staying).

        In reality, there is a simple reason why the Hive are failing. Their world exists as they view the house through ROCK-bottom's rose colored glasses. They have selective memory and make the repeated mistake of only considering circumstances from their own needs and desires. Case in point, Rock-a-BYE spouts out the eviction list order to Sam never once asking Sam if this order works for her or if there is a different order she'd prefer. And, she and Hal TELL Tyler why he should use the POV with the people they are aligned to selling him on how he should be grateful for that opportunity. Ignoring the fact he'll always be their priority boot and he can see through this. Hal won't consider altering her game path (even in her alliance), it's her way or no way. Forget the fact Fessy wants Scottie and Brett gone as does ROCK-a-Bye. The core Hive group all have different boot orders and refuse to consider each other's priorities.

        Conversely, as L4 discuss their predicament Tyler asks KC "if I take down Angela are you okay with that, b/c you'll probably be the re-nom". They download what they learn from the other hamsters so there is never any dissension among them. As a group they discuss their best moves and how to achieve them as a unit. They analyze what each of their opponent's desires are, what each of their needs are and how to best make their opponents believe they can attain that end. Their actions are delivered with precision & each one of the four have a specific role to play within each week's narrative. As someone previously stated on BBU it's like they function as a corporation. Moving forward, the question is how long they can keep their existence hidden, whether they can maitain their current win streak and who of the four will take the first shot at one of their own members. With Scottie, Fessy and Hal still in the house it's unlikely they'll need to make that decision at least for another couple weeks.


        • Grasslands
          Grasslands commented
          Editing a comment
          I love reading your posts every morning with my coffee- always insightful. 😎

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          I think what you've basically stated is a secret to being a success is the be an active, effective listener. It's where the Hive continually fails. On top of that I keep thinking of last week when Hal and Scottie were so into their chess conference in the bridge that they totally missed the executive meeting going on in Angela's HOH room. The DE is really going to test the L6 team and they need to spend time preparing for it in order to come out of it successfully.

        • Mary4BB
          Mary4BB commented
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          Dang, TTOTambz saw the RS compilation list and said "Hold my beer." Well done!

      • #7
        it looks like Rocks-in-her-head is about to sink the river boat the hive rides on. She has no observational skills, is unable to read people at all, yep Rock Quarry everything going out, nothing coming in.


        • #8
          If Haleigh doesn't put up Kaycee because she thinks Kaycee has a power, who would she put up? JC? Kaycee will probably cancel Fessy's vote. When JC stays would Haleigh blame Fessy for flipping the vote (he has told her that he sees Rockwall as a liability to them.) even though he didn't get to vote? Not the most ridiculous thing this group has done. And if by some chance Kaycee cancels Scottie's vote instead, Fessy would have to choose who to save, his best friend or his showmance's best friend. I see him voting out JC now that he is in good with Haleigh, but then she wouldn't believe he didn't flip his vote. I don't see this scenario playing out, but wouldn't it be fun to watch?


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            Deep down Haleigh knows Tyler is taking Angela off the block. L4 discussed the situation and if it wasn't for Sam telling KC she couldn't guarantee keeping Angela like she could her (KC) perhaps they would've left noms the same. I tend to think they know JC will go along either way, but keeping KC is an easier sell.

            As for whose vote they block it seems a given it would be Fessy's vote. It just makes more sense b/c Brett can then play up he voted out KC and Sam/Scottie will be questioned. JC may evenly play up how he voted.

            The thing is Sam is going to be in hot water no matter how she votes (& since L4 know the existing 4 votes if it's 4-2 then they'll know Sam didn't stick to her word). Sam maybe could've navigated a switch by citing new relationships, but she told KC after POV was played she still had her back & wouldn't vote her out. Problem is she's also told Rock-a-BYE the same thing.

        • #9
          I thought it would be a DE week for quite a while, but Julie didn't say that last Thursday did she? Doesn't she normally advise the week prior when a DE is coming?


          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            Don't you think likely next week since Allison has said there will be one and on this Thursday the Hacker crapola will be done.

        • #10
          I haven't laughed so hard at the comments the last two days as I have when Paul/Vic acted silly. The Orwell mob enforcer and Paul's CIA agent rolling over the sofa.


          • Mary4BB
            Mary4BB commented
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            Ah those were fun times. I hit youtube for a Victor/Baldwin fix from time to time. That will never get old for me!

          • JeanK
            JeanK commented
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            Omg, I always mess that up. Baldwin! The eagle, "gimme my money" "I have kids". Oh I laughed so hard.

        • #11
          Have to say that L4 is a very well oiled machine. One of the best BB alliances I've seen in a long time.
          I am so over Sam. I really hope she does not get dragged into the final two, or even the final three.


          • #12
            More humor from last night’s hive discussion in HOH- Hayleigh asks RockyRoad and Scotty,
            “What are the benefits to Tyler saving Angela?”
            And Scottie says,
            ”A little Hilton Head.”


            • #13
              Gotta say, Hal came out to play when she was given the Hacker & HOH comps. Unfortunately she was playing T-ball while L6 is playing major league ball. To have your teammates go out when you have powers shows her game weaknesses. So what does she resort to? Her old flirting game, which failed with Ty & Brett, who only use her. Any success with Scottie or playing suck face with Fessie is lost since she hasn't moved up in the game. She's just a player to be eliminated now.

              And I doubt she & Fessie will both survive the DE. Sam could well be another eviction. Scottie is the only one of the floaters who will understand how the DE works, but which team will he work on? Will he stay on the Titanic or transfer back to the Good Ship Lollipop? It's going to be a fun night to see if the well-oiled machine of L6 can weather that night. Then the bloody battle for Final Two begins.
              AND YES, WE ARE AMUSED.


              • Walleye
                Walleye commented
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                The good ship lollipop may not be taking on any more passengers.

              • TTOTambz
                TTOTambz commented
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                Totally agree @BettyBoo

                Hal's problem is she has the balls, but she's too arrogant. And, you're also right about her vacillating to the flirt game when things don't work via the more challenging option. Brett told her he'd vote out KC (setting up the blindside). What I find the funniest is she is falling prey to Brett in the manner she wants the men to fall for her.

                RS already told KC she's sorry she'll be going (KC) - I mean talk about not having a clue where the house sits. They are buying into the HOH ass kiss & false sense safety.

                Hal has no one but herself to blame b/c Scottie tried to warn her suggesting she either put up one floater or two (JC/Sam) b/c he knows you don't swing at 3 big targets & then miss all 3.

                As for which side Scottie will pick, I think he lost that option when he ran back to Hal & disclosed EVERYTHING he learned last week & in turn Hal & Glitter ROCK told Ty (including the LEGENDARY re-nom). The irony is the L4 trio could've told Hal everything they knew from Scottie & never told her anything.

                The other quick tell is Sam is telling Tyler she's aligned with KC/him based on the pinky swear . Will that shift? will she tell RS? Perhaps Sam truly does like Rock-a-Bye or maybe this was all an elaborate ruse to keep her off the block
                Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-13-2018, 03:02 PM.

            • #14
              DE eviction next week should be interesting. Presuming RockBottom gets the boot this Thursday; odds are Kaycee is due to win the HOH. But who would she take a shot @ Haleigh or Scottie? I would lean towards Scottie. Take him out first part of DE night; letting Brett/Tyler/Angela fight for the HOH to take out Faysal. I wouldn't want a non Haleigh Faysal in the game as he might actually start to play the game & is a physical threat in comps. Also it would be HILARIOUS to see him walk out the door while Brett puts his arm around Haliegh saying he will take care of her or comfort her. Add Sam being the next boot going to jury house telling Faysal how close Haleigh has become to Brett And well that's just TV GOLD right there!!


              • Yaya1300
                Yaya1300 commented
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                I think she puts Faysal and Haleigh up and leaves open the Scottie option.

              • OutOfTheDarkness
                OutOfTheDarkness commented
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                I agree. Have someone win POV take Haleigh down & throw Scortie up as a backdoor. Vote Scottie out, throw a hinky vote towards Faysal, then JC tell him it had to be Haleigh. Cause confusion & emotional outbursts among Faysal & Haleigh going into the DE HOH to ensure they don't win it. Emotions will still be too raw during the POV for Faysal to win it. Bye bye Faysal.

            • #15
              The problem for Tyler with a F3 of him//Kaycee/Angela is neither of them would take him to F2 with them. He would have to win the final HOH to get himself into F2.


              • Walleye
                Walleye commented
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                I don’t think Tyler wants to take Angela to F3 at all. She could easily beat him.

              • TTOTambz
                TTOTambz commented
                Editing a comment
                He doesn't - originally he wanted a F3 of KC/Sam. Maybe JC takes that spot or perhaps Brett could. But, Angela should be the first cut of L4 except she's really disliked by the Hive side of the house. She put up Bay, Sam doesn't like her nor Hal. And RS thinks she's stuck up, so he might have Angela in a vote.

                Angela/Rachel were attached whereas Ty/KC have been 1-2 forever (I doubt they vacillate). Even what Ty said to JC last night "serious JC no more messing around with the vote KayCee isn't going anywhere" (he told KC he would threaten JC and he kind of did.

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