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Live Feed Discussion-August 15, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 15, 2018

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    Good morning all!


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      Good Morning BBU family:

      Over the past two days feeds have been like watching the movie Ground Hog Day with Rocknado running down her confirmed voters to ask them 500 times each if they are still voting for her, spew her expletive hate filled attacks on Angela and reiterate 1,985,62,938,764 version of her eviction speech. In spite of that I've round a few new Rockisms for LCnSummer which are getting harder and harder to come up with.

      ROCKBottom makes it extremely difficult to watch her OCD habits, delusions & edited versions of reality. Still, there were a few provocative items aside from the buzzers' nonsense.

      ROCK PIT pulled Brett into the SR to discuss formalizing a F2 with him called Mr. & Mrs Smith. (Guess they never saw Jase & Dianne). Brett humored ROCKSlide prior to telling L4 to their delight. Angela asked if she could include it in her GB Message as Brett intends to (an area I disagree with b/c there may be a battleback & since the fumblebees can't figure out L4 why help them out now).

      In addition, Brett is helping out Rocky-N-Bull(winkle) with her speech. This is relevant b/c of the hilarity contained within it. In the first or second draft she included among other things:

      1. Kaycee has a F2 with Angela
      2. Angela has a F2 AND A SHOWMANCE with Tyler
      3. Angela is an entitled floater who only sun tans and flips her hair
      4. The above group has a F3
      5. Tyler is a puppy who needs a female to lead him around the house
      6. She will put up Angela/Tyler to take out out BECAUSE as per her THE REST OF THE HOUSE IS ALIGNED
      7. But - then her selling point is she is adaptable in a house full of lone soldiers.

      So let's take this a part:
      The only F2 we're aware of in L4 is Tyler/Kaycee. As for showmances only Fessy seems interested in having one, but he has to get alone time with Haleigh to make it come to fruition, albeit they've moved up their physical contact when he's not sitting on sinks and breaking them.

      Although I think Angela is a stone cold killer, I wouldn't say she's entitled. She served her time on the block without drama or fanfare.

      At some point this season the fumblebees and those in the middle ground will get the shock of their lives as Tyler has driven (for the most part) who is targeted, how nominations go & who exits. This is not the poor broken baby bird or little lost lamb - this is the calculating tiger driving the game. It's likely Tyler loves being viewed as this weak strategically b/c if he's smart a few well worded GB Messages which aren't too arrogant (detailing his role in driving the game) could be the difference in him winning or getting Paul'd

      The fumblee's continue to POUND-THE-ROCK but gain no leverage. Although (no. 7) isn't the funniest part of the speech it is the most inane. Rock-A-BYE-BYE just spent the first part of the week pushing for Tyler to take a deal from her 4 alliance members giving him 3 weeks of safety & additionally told him she has alignment with Brett, Scottie & JC. So, how do you go from selling your multiple alliances to suddenly being a lone soldier? The truth is she's does have alliance members, but not who she thinks. The fact no one in that bee's nest can figure out L4 begs the question - 'then how can you presume we have a F2?"

      Most anticipated speech in history?
      So as I posted yesterday Brett is reveling in agreeing to be speech writer & secret Mr. Smith to ROCKYMountainHigh. The best part is when Brett runs back to tell his L4 comrades how Angela & Tyler are the primary focus of her speech. Since Brett is working on making the speech perfect his job is to get FRAGGLEROCK to add "level" to her Angela entitled section with the ultimate goal of saying "Angela’s entitlement is on the next level like LEVEL 6 ENTITLEMENT."Seriously if this comes to pass we're talking Ian telling Boogie about him being the reason behind his eviction, Brittany mouthing "help me" or Dan's Funeral. This might rival Chill Town's very best moments if Brett can pull it off & as Mo Drama mama's we'd get to see it play out live.

      As someone mentioned she would assume it's b/c she's ROCKING OUT if the audience erupts BUT it would also tell L6 how much their blindsides & game play are being appreciated on the outside.

      Other Tidbits:
      • JC is laying the groundwork with Sam to tell her last minute he's voting to keep KC (I think this is so he can set up Scottie as the lone vote against her or so he can still get the jury vote via a clean sweep eviction)
      • Scottie is trying to warn Hal that JC/Sam & possibly Brett's votes might not be solid.
      • Scottie tells Hal he remembered her from auditions (but with scary detail): what she ate, wore. Basically he was a smitten kitten before ever meeting her. I still think Scottie's goal is to have her tied to him but I'm not convinced his vote won't be to save KC
      • Hal/RockBottom proclaim they "are the show" & the audience would be furious if it wasn't them going deep in the game since no one else is playing. I mean - do they have a comedy writer creating this material for them? Seriously - it's hard to believe the delusions. Bad enough they don't see L4, but despite continual blindsides, letting enemies write their speeches all while repeatedly getting outplayed they refuse to acknowledge reality. They truly are playing in another dimension.
      • Scottie says his ideal F3 is Brett & Hal saying he's Cody, Brett is Victoria & the Queen WannaBee Hal must've got stung by BB hunger games Tracker Jacker (Hacker) Bees as she proclaims her game is most like Derrick's.
      What to watch for:
      The one BIG thing to watch for is Scottie & Brett - they have very detailed conversations about what to do voting wise while positioning themselves in the middle. Scottie is extremely forthcoming about details. He mistakenly believes JC wants to vote out KC though. They discussed potential duos with Fes maybe having F2s with each of Hal, JC & Sam and note how close RockPit - Sam are. Scottie is worried no matter who they vote out one side is angered.

      Brett maneuvers this conversation masterfully & his response kind of cements he's L6 to the end (Note: in L6 he is the one who'll be most pleased by a loud audience cheer to RockyBalNo's Angela Level 6 speech comment. It will reinforce him wanting to go to the end with that group, b/c he loves the whole audience popularity aspect of the game). Anyway Brett tells Scottie that keeping Kaycee makes more sense as it severs FraggleRock-Sam duo, maintains a re-nom who the Hive think is the hacker (KC) while still having Angela/Ty in front of them & who both like them. This also points to the likelihood Rock-A-Bye-BYE will be the first unanimous vote out of the season. B/c JC won't chance it, Scottie wants to align with Brett, Fessy will be hacked & Sam knows if she pulls another stunt she'll be the target plus she promised KC/Ty she's keeping KC.

      Still, watch to see if Brett does a download on this convo to L4. I think Scottie may be the priority target (at least for Angela/KC) but, if he remains much longer he is extremely dangerous as having potential to team up with Brett. Hat tip to Brett for his superb social game; he has Hal, Rock-a-BYE & Scottie in particular buying everything he's saying. Fes only wants him out b/c of Queen Wannabee & Sam has her typical astute moments of seeing right through what people are up to while JC has never developed a bond with him like he has with Fes/Ty.

      Otherwise, even though they've told Rock-N-Hard-Place to ease off bugging JC I'd still expect her to get manic at some point today & only serve to cement why she'll be ousted.

      Heading into the day the delusional swarm believe they have everyone except Ty & Angela's votes. They are confident they have Brett, JC and Sam which is ironic b/c those 3 votes are CONFIRMED for KC. The only question mark is Scottie.

      Can't wait for eviction night and hope I get to witness the "Level 6" speech.
      Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-15-2018, 09:18 AM.


      • Yaya1300
        Yaya1300 commented
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        Thank you Belle!!!

      • OhThisHouse
        OhThisHouse commented
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        Well, wonder or hope ROCKYTALK when game is over will come to BBUpdates and see how she is viewed by some awesome fans of BB. She will be shocked.

      • Border57
        Border57 commented
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        Oops, I meant to say, maybe they do the rope pulling comp for HOH tomorrow, not tonight. I'm getting ahead of myself. Can't wait for that vote, I guess!

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      As much as Flopstar annoys me , I hope she doesn't look at social media....It would crush her self esteem as it is pretty fragile in the first place. I don't wish her any ill will...I just want her to go earn her stipend in the Jury house lol


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        question: why are Sam and Flobstar not outside with their coffee? What could production be doing outside?
        also I just love Brett, i get his humor, I also think he is playing a pretty good game for sure! I like Tyler for his game play and his personality, I think he is the smartest player this season for sure! I also enjoy JC , for entertainment purposes.... lol I find Scottie interesting and I think Kacee is a great person....the rest of those fools are just eating each other alive!


        • gabesrah
          gabesrah commented
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          Tyler said last night that the backyard is always off-limits on Wednesdays. Don't know how long it takes to put some of these comps together, but apparently the houseguests are inside every Wed.

        • augie33
          augie33 commented
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          We have the exact same taste
          in players.

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        Could be on inside lockdown while production builds for upcoming HOH comp


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          Was there any have nots this week? I can't seem to recall there being. If there are no Have nots, that generally means there is an endurance comp coming. I would guess the slip and slide, but it could be the sitting on a ball swinging and banging into something comp, or the stand on a wall catching balls type of comp. If it is the slip and slide, then Brett, Fessy and Tyler have the advantage. If it is the sit on a ball and bang into crap comp, then I'm not sure who has the best shot at that. Possibly Scottie and Tyler. The stand on a wall and catch stuff comp would favor Kaycee, Tyler, and Brett. Fessy is too big for the big ball and and stand on a wall comp. Which comp do you think is coming up tomorrow night?


          • OhThisHouse
            OhThisHouse commented
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            If its slip and slide, KC should excell being a football player.

          • TEAMTYLER
            TEAMTYLER commented
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            i agree OnthisHouse! JC and slip and slide would be awesome! pretty much any of them on it will be awesome to watch!

          • belle1
            belle1 commented
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            Earlier I noted that Brett feels good about the slip and slide because he is an ice skater

        • #8
          Brett making pancake people hahahahaha
          while Flopstar tries to get Sam to talk game NO AVAIL hahahahahahaha


          • #9
            ok how did Sam get a greenhouse?


            • belle1
              belle1 commented
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              Not sure if she asked or if the tomato plants were already in back yard. Many seasons ago there were tomato plants in the back yard

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            Rocks 💎 and stars 🌟 OH MY! (zzz)

            My BBU BFF have taken to sneakily hiding Rockisms within their posts and making me laugh too much to be able to do my job. Last night I lost it when I read:

            Hal's delusions lead me to suspect.. she was in the center of the hive when a ROCK hit it full force. Authored by our own basketball babe blogger ~ TTOTambz

            SO, it is all your faults 😏 that it has taken me so long to compile our updatedly dated list along with the names of the newest pageant players... 👙💃🏽👑

   well as some new silly busy 🐝 bee cleverness. 🤓

            And on a business note, a Talented Talent Scout, ~Beckyd30 has offered to aid the BBU Family in the correct compilation of creative creativity.

            As of 2:30 PM yesterday up to 4:30 PM today, here are our newest pageant players:









            At the end of the list you will see a few additions to the pet names of the Hive members as well as a new R.T.I.S. Reality Tv Insect Species.

            ~BagOfRocks OutOfTheDarkness
            ~blockblab LCnSummer
            ~blockblock LCnSummer
            ~Blockhead Diane40
            ~blockrock LCnSummer
            ~blocksink LCnSummer
            ~blockstar LCnSummer
            ~CrazyRock Walleye
            ~DumbAsRocks OutOfTheDarkness
            ~facitless-rock Pukahs
            ~FallingRocks Polgara
            ~FallingStar OutOfTheDarkness
            ~Flopstar TEAMTYLER
            ~Fraggle-Rock liongori
            ~GlitterRock TTOTambz
            ~KickRocks Mary4BB
            ~LargeMouthRock belle1
            ~LooseRocks Polgara
            ~MAMA-ROCK OhThisHouse
            ~OffHerRocker Lynette
            ~Pebbles misscmm
            ~PetRock OutOfTheDarkness
            ~PoundRocks OutOfTheDarkness
            ~Pound-The-Rocks TTOTambz
            ~Rock-a-Bye-Bye TTOTambz
            ~Rock-a-Block TTOTambz
            ~Rock-a-Doodle kokomogirl
            ~RockBottoms OutOfTheDarkness
            ~RockBrain Walleye
            ~RockCandy TTOTambz
            ~Rock-Drone TTOTambz
            ~Rockdud TEAMTYLER
            ~Rockfish lyriele2
            ~Rockhound belle1
            ~Rockgarden lyriele2
            ~ROCKHEAD OutOfTheDarkness
            ~Rock-in-her-head Pukahs
            ~ROCKING-OUT TTOTambz
            ~RockLobster flarsen
            ~Rocknado TTOTambz
            ~RockNBolt TTOTambz
            ~Rock'nDud beckyd30
            ~Rock-N-Hard-Places TTOTambz
            ~Rock-N-Roll TTOTambz
            ~Rock-Not-So-Solid Alliance YaYa1300
            ~Rock'nStuffHerFace beckyd30
            ~Rock-Out TTOTambz
            ~RockPit TTOTambz
            ~RockSalt BettyBoo
            ~rocksink LCnSummer
            ~RockSlide JeanK
            ~Rocksrat Lexie
            ~ROCK-the-beat TTOTambz
            ~RockQuarry Pukahs
            ~RockWall Gabesrah
            ~Rockwitch GrandmaSusan
            ~RockyBalNo’s TTOTambz
            ~ROCKYMountainHIgh TTOTambz
            ~Rocky-N-Bull(Winkle) TTOTambz
            ~RockyRoad Walleye
            ~RockyShores OutOfTheDarkness
            ~ROCKYTALK OhThisHouse
            ~RockyTop Diane40
            ~sinkrock LCnSummer
            ~starrock LCnSummer
            ~Star-Ship Nita14
            ~WackyRocky misscmm
            So off we go with our cute 🐝 names found in
            ~~~~The Kindom 0f Fumblebees
            ~Fumblebees 🐝🐝 Squishy
            ~BuzzBrain 🐝 JeanK
            ~Dying Bee Hive kokomogirl
            ~Waxed Up Glasses kokomogirl
            ~Drone Bee Brett kokomogirl
            SWAGGY - Fessie -Fessy
            ~Fester JeanK
            ~King Bee Fessy kokomogirl
            ~Shaggy JeanK
            ~Snaggy JeanK
            ~Hayseed JeanK
            ~Honey Bee Hal kokomogirl
            ~Queen Wanna BEE TTOTambz
            🐝 HIVE Move 🐝 BettyBoo
            🐝 HIVE Move Treatise 🐝 Squishy
            !*! NEW🐝SPECIES🐝Offshoot
            !*!*! Anthophila of BB Hunger Games
            ~Tracker Jacker (Hacker) Bees TTOTambz
            ~umnnn scarrrry eeeee

            Last edited by LCnSummer; 08-15-2018, 07:33 PM.


            • Nita14
              Nita14 commented
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              I am enjoying these so much!! I would like to add, in a brain f--t moment yesterday, I was calling her Star Ship, cause she is "out there"!

            • BigMur
              BigMur commented
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              Fraggle Rock? That's awesome!!! Cause she looks like Red. Not good with the posting of stuff, but google it and you'll see what I mean. Big bug eyes, 2 big red pony tail things...

            • beckyd30
              beckyd30 commented
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              Can we please start calling her Rock'nSTFU???

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            I read this on another site:
            11:33 am BBT. Sam and Rockstar in the game area outside the HOHR. Rockstar says “I’m gonna talk your ear off for a minute.” She says I do not mean to be such a hateful b***h. She says I want to win so bad and it seems like this spoiled rich girl who has a $3500 a month in LA and bought herself a range rover and probably has a trust fund and whose has dreams of owning a marina one day. Sam says, I thought that was Brett’s dad? Rockstar says well one of them, between them they have a lot of money. Rockstar says u don’t get a $3500 a month apartment on your own. Sam says yes she does. Rockstar says yeah she has help. Sam says no, she works for it herself. Rockstar says models don’t make that much money, I know models who travel the world and only make $1500 a month. Sam says I don’t think she’s as villainess as u make her out to be. Rockstar says I think she is a b***h who is not nice to me and has refused to work with me on multiple occassions. Sam says "just stop, u don’t have to convince me one way or another". Rockstar says i’m just talking out loud b'cuz it helps me. If I had a journal I would write it down. I don’t like having angry or vile thoughts. I’m not a JEALOUS, vindictive, spiteful person, but I’m human. Sam says I know it bothers u that her name is Angela and she takes the purple thing and gets the purple shirt. Rockstar says she comes fom momey, doesn’t have kids, doesn’t need to be here and is a princess who has people serve her. Sam says "I don’t get that, what do u mean?" Wacky Rocky says she has Tyler and Kaycee’s undying loyalty. Sam gets up and looks down into the downstairs.
            So the reason I posted this that I found Sam's responses interesting. Is she actually defending Angela to the very jealous RS? Wha????


            • kokomogirl
              kokomogirl commented
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              Wash, rinse, repeat. Everyone in that house is getting tired of hearing the same story line from RS. She hasn't deviated since this season started ... trust fund babies, entitled, I need the money the most, my kids, and so on. Sam has heard it all week. She just wants her alone time and doesn't want to get caught up in the trashing of others. If RS doesn't like her life and lifestyle, she can do something about it. I'm sure Earth and Moon Goddesses and spell casters don't make much money. Go back to school, take on-line courses, better yourself and your job prospects if you want the life you so envy.

            • LCnSummer
              LCnSummer commented
              Editing a comment
              HA HA, see what I mean about the hidden hiddey hidders trying to escape notice?

              An informative paragraph with over 24 sentences...

              And... ~Wacky Rocky~ is buried in the 4th to the last sentence .. REALLY?? really.... (<'

            • misscmm
              misscmm commented
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              Pebbles can't have it that badly - she was talking about her trip to Europe. Sheesh ... she's entitled ... I am old and retired and I've NEVER been to Europe... What a "beach"... lol

          • #12
            Just heard convo between Scottie and KC. He was telling her she was not the target that she was third or fourth on their boot list. So from this I take it that Scottie is aligned with Hay and that he will vote to evict KC


            • #13
              Fessy trying to get RockBottom to change her speech. Um, why do I think Brett will just mist her & she will be back to using what he supplied her 100%.


              • #14
                Man, Haleigh ran upstairs to tell Angie that Brett said he's not sure that Sam is going to keep Angie. There was barely a blip of a freakout on why would he say that and then of course, they talk themselves out of questioning it with, "Oh, he's probably just saying that because she voted to evict you last week".

                Oh, the paranoia is still there, but Angie seems convinced.

                Time to catch up.


                • #15
                  Tomorrow's HOH will be Slip & Slide. ( RealVegas4sure on Twitter)


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