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Live Feed Discussion-August 23, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 23, 2018

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  • #2
    Happy Eviction Day everyone.

    From RealVegas-HoH tonight will be the ball rolling comp. That is the one with the tickets they have to find to get tickets to trade for balls. They then have to roll the target through a track to get it in a hol

    This comp is the one that Paul won last year after most HGs gave their tickets to Paul.


    • JeanK
      JeanK commented
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      Thanks. I couldn't remember who they were handing their tickets to. If it was season 18 or 19.

    • SmilemakerRDH
      SmilemakerRDH commented
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      This is the perfect comp for right now since it’s everyone against Haleigh. And easiest one to throw to one person. They will probably all give their tickets to Brett or Kaycee is my guess

    • beckyd30
      beckyd30 commented
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      Please don't have Paul there handing out the balls again. NO MORE PAUL ON BB PLEASE!!!!!!

  • #3
    The way this season is going, watch one of them win on the first roll.


    • soflaguy
      soflaguy commented
      Editing a comment
      or Haleigh and Fessy will be convinced to give their tickets to someone on the other side

    • gabesrah
      gabesrah commented
      Editing a comment
      Fessy can't play so it will all be on Haleigh's shoulders to win and keep them both safe this week. It would be an incredible Hive Move for her to give her tickets to someone else at this point in the game. Fessy is the only one left who trusts her. Although Haleigh isn't exactly known for making smart moves this season.

  • #4
    Put good thoughts out there. This took a while last year because it's a difficult track. I wonder if Tyler's bowling skills will come in to play.


    • Yaya1300
      Yaya1300 commented
      Editing a comment
      Likely it would be something he’s good at, but I’m guessing he will throw the comp to Brett as best he can without being obvious.

  • #5

    7 AM PST…. Here are a few new nicknames, and an updated chart since 8-17. Also, I moved the RS names to the bottom of the chart.

    3:50 PM PST…. OH Goodie now list updated with: New Nicky-Nameys for our BBU Archives.

    ....Re: BBU ---- ❤️ 💙 💚 BBU

    ....Re: Fessy ---- Festering Boil

    ....Re: Fessy ---- Festivus

    ....Re: BRETT---- FIRE!--man
    ….Re: SAM---- Broken-Little-Finger

    ....Re: Scottie---- Sketchy, and kind of a thief

    ....Re: Scottie---- Sketchy

    ....Re:Fessy---- The Big Dumb Muppet

    ....Re: Fessy---- Flopte

    RE---- HIVE

    ...Re:--- HAL

    ....Re:Fessy and Hal
    ~FAIL-Leigh showmance

    …Re: Sam---- Bat-chit-Samzy

    ….Re: Scottie----
    ~Showmance wannabee

    ….Re: RS ----
    ~StarBee sting of death

    ~~~~The Kingdom 0f Fumblebees
    ~Fumblebees 🐝🐝 Squishy
    ~BUSYBees TTOTambz
    ~BuzzBrain 🐝 JeanK
    ~Dying Bee Hive kokomogirl
    ~Waxed Up Glasses kokomogirl
    ~celeBRETT TTOTambz
    ~Fire-Man LCnSummer
    ~~BRETT's impact on the ~~~Bumbles/HIVE/FOUTE
    ~bee smoker TTOTambz
    ~Drone Bee Brett kokomogirl
    ~Gets their Rocks off TTOTambz
    ~Hand That Rocks The Cradle TTOTambz
    ~ROCKet Blast TTOTambz
    ~ROCK the boat TTOTambz
    ~RS has hit RockBottom TTOTambz
    ~Feast Babben
    ~Fester JeanK
    ~Festering Boil Beckyd30
    ~Festicles! JeanK
    ~ Festivus EmyITT
    ~Flopte Squishy
    ~FraggleRock TTOTambz
    ~inFEStile TTOTambz
    ~King Bee Fessy kokomogirl
    ~Playing Dating Game diacav
    ~The Big Dumb Muppet Pammer
    ~Hayseed JeanK
    ~Honey Bee Hal kokomogirl
    ~Queen Wanna BEE TTOTambz
    ~Texas Princess Misscmm
    ~WannaBee TTOTambz
    ~~HAL and Fessy
    ~FAIL-Leigh showmance -- TTOTambz
    ~FAIL-mance TTOTambz
    Jocular Caginess TTOTambz
    ~Bat-chit-Samzy TTOTambz
    ~Broken-Little-Finge LCnSummer
    ~ diSAMbiguation TTOTambz
    ~hypROCKical TTOTambz
    ~Kathy bates on Brett Yaya1300
    ~nucking-futs Pammer
    ~STARS in her eyes TTOTambz
    ~HAYWIRE JeanK
    ~Haywood JeanK
    ~hopeless Scottmantic TTOTambz
    ~Sketchy OutOfTheDarkness
    ~Sketchy, and kind of a thief Lyrele2
    ~Scandy Kokomogirl
    ~Scooter OutOfTheDarkness
    ~Showmance-wannabee TTOTambz
    ~Snotty JeanK
    ~Threw-my-game-away-mance: TTOTambz
    ~Shaggy JeanK
    ~Snaggy JeanK
    ~Cloud-Power-Savior lyriele2
    ~Silver-Surfer BettyBoo
    ~JURYSTAR, Bret's names for Juror# 2
    ~~L4 - L6
    ~ANGling for a stereoTYpical blindside TTOTambz
    ~ Kings Council prevails TTOTambz
    ~Masterminds Amj0715
    🐝 HIVE Move 🐝
    🐝 HIVE Move Treatise 🐝 Squishy
    ~Clueless plate lyriele2
    ~blindsided by stingers lyriele2
    ~FAIL-liannce TTOTambz
    ~BUSYBees TTOTambz
    ~Masterminds? Amj0715
    *!*! NEW🐝SPECIES🐝Offshoot
    !*!*! Anthophila of BBHunger Games
    ~Tracker Jacker (Hacker) Bees TTOTambz
    ~umnmm scarrrry eeeee
    ~BagOfRocks OutOfTheDarkness
    ~blockblab LCnSummer
    ~blockblock LCnSummer
    ~Blockhead Diane40
    ~blockrock LCnSummer
    ~blocksink LCnSummer
    ~blockstar LCnSummer
    ~CrazyRock Walleye
    ~DumbAsRocks OutOfTheDarkness
    ~facitless-rock Pukahs
    ~FallingRocks Polgara
    ~FallingStar OutOfTheDarkness
    ~Flopstar TEAMTYLER
    ~Fraggle-Rock liongori
    ~GlitterRock TTOTambz
    ~Haystack JeanK
    ~HIDEMEUnderARockNow Lynette
    ~JURYSTAR Lynette
    ~KickRocks Mary4BB
    ~LargeMouthRock belle1
    ~LooseRocks Polgara
    ~MAMA-ROCK OhThisHouse
    ~NOTstar LCnSummer
    ~OffHerRocker Lynette
    ~Pebbles misscmm
    ~PetRock OutOfTheDarkness
    ~PoundRocks OutOfTheDarkness
    ~Pound-The-Rocks TTOTambz
    ~Rock-a-Bye-Bye TTOTambz
    ~Rock-a-Block TTOTambz
    ~Rock-a-Doodle kokomogirl
    ~RockBottoms OutOfTheDarkness
    ~RockBrain Walleye
    ~Rock-Brain-Less Lynette
    ~RockCandy TTOTambz
    ~Rock-Drone TTOTambz
    ~Rock drill lyriele2
    ~Rockdud TEAMTYLER
    ~Rockfish lyriele2
    ~Rock-for-brains Lynette LShowD 8-15 5:45PM
    ~Rock-for-brains Yaya1300 LFD 8-15 6PM
    ~Rockhound belle1
    ~Rockgarden lyriele2
    ~ROCKHEAD OutOfTheDarkness
    ~Rock-in-her-head Pukahs
    ~RockLobster flarsen
    ~Rocknado TTOTambz
    ~RockNBolt TTOTambz
    ~Rock'nDud beckyd30
    ~Rock-N-Hard-Places TTOTambz
    ~Rock-N-Roll TTOTambz
    ~Rock-Not-So-Solid Alliance YaYa1300
    ~Rock'nStuffHerFace beckyd30
    ~Rock'nSTFU beckyd30
    ~Rock-Out TTOTambz
    ~RockOnTheBlock's mimichick
    ~Rock-Paper-Scissors purrwing
    ~RockPit TTOTambz
    ~RockSalt BettyBoo
    ~RocksFor-Brains Lynette
    ~rocksink LCnSummer
    ~RockSlide JeanK
    ~RockSkunk BettyBoo
    ~Rocksrat Lexie
    ~ROCK-the-beat TTOTambz
    ~ROCK this joint OUT(the door)! TTOTambz
    ~RockQuarry Pukahs
    ~RockWall Gabesrah
    ~Rockwitch GrandmaSusan
    ~RockyBalNo’s TTOTambz
    ~ROCKYMountainHIgh TTOTambz
    ~Rocky-n-Bullwhisperer TTOTambz
    ~Rocky-N-Bull(Winkle) TTOTambz
    ~RockyRoad Walleye
    ~ROCKSHEEEET OhThisHouse
    ~RockyShores OutOfTheDarkness
    ~Rock-whatever Barbso
    ~ROCKYTALK OhThisHouse
    ~RockyTop Diane40
    ~sinkrock LCnSummer
    ~starrock LCnSummer
    ~Star-Ship Nita14
    ~StarBee sting of death TTOTambz
    ~WackyRocky misscmm

    Sorry about the formatting. Don't know why sometimes I can copy and past new info and it is NOT all bold... stopid bold.n.stuff.
    ....Or the extra lines magically disappear ..... bot NO, not this time.. LE Sigh.

    Last edited by LCnSummer; 08-23-2018, 06:33 PM.


    • #6
      Well it's nice to know there will be no more trickery, AKA twists. Let's just finish out this awesome season with good old-fashioned BB gameplay. I'm going to be sorry to see this one end LOL. It's been so great.


      • #7
        LOL, I was so excited to see LFD, but by habit just refreshed the page I had been on last night. And.. happily commented on OutOfTheDarkness post explaining that there would not be a buy back.

        "YAY....The only way I'd want a buyback is if Tyler or JC got evicted during the DE."

        And Walleye replied after my reply, "I hate buybacks. They Did that to get a second DE which has good ratings."

        So thinking about DE ratings and commercial dollars those Thursday evenings usually garner, ... I'm surprised Production didn't try to find a way to do a buy back.


        • #8
          Will Tyler's Power definitely last through next week's DE so he will be able to use it?


          • OhThisHouse
            OhThisHouse commented
            Editing a comment
            Should be good for the first elimination as didn’t it state good til 8 people left.

          • beckyd30
            beckyd30 commented
            Editing a comment
            No, his power app is good for 2 months, there was no stipulation on how many people where there. Bay's power was the one that was only good to 8 people left, not Tyler's.

          • SmilemakerRDH
            SmilemakerRDH commented
            Editing a comment
            This is his last week to use it

        • #9
          Good morning to my BBU Buds, I'm really looking forward to tonights show, I haven't felt this good about a season in a while. I love it when CBS does all fresh faces. And, they knocked it out of the park on casting this year.

          Also would like to say...Thank you for the live feed poster BUTTON! I'm honored to say the least. Happy Thursday to all.


          • LCnSummer
            LCnSummer commented
            Editing a comment
            YAY Pammer,

            I have BBU withdrawals every season. This one will be the worst. GACK. G...😢...A..😪..c.😓.k.😭

        • #10
          Originally posted by OutOfTheDarkness View Post
          There will be NO buyback or reset this season of BB. Aftter Sketchy leaves tomorrow there will be down to 8 houseguests.

          On 8/30 there will be a DE getting us to 6 HGs remaining.
          On 9/6 that eviction gets us to 5 HGs.
          On 9/13 that eviction gets us to 4 HGs.
          On 9/20 that eviction gets us to F3.
          On 9/23 the final HG is evicted leaving us the F2.
          On 9/26 the winner of BB20 is crowned.

          Hope that helps & clears everything up for everyone.
          I was looking at this schedule tired & it didn't make sense.. I still think it's off though b/c the F3 go into finale night so someone else leaves on 9/23 which means (I think) we have to have a reset week. No?


          • beckyd30
            beckyd30 commented
            Editing a comment
            Doubt there will be a reset week. More then likely this year they are letting the F2 have some more alone time then they normally do. There were times the last evicted houseguest would make it to Jury with enough time to do Dr. Will's round table and that is great. Having them leave moments before they have to vote isn't fair to them or the 2 left in the house.

          • OutOfTheDarkness
            OutOfTheDarkness commented
            Editing a comment
            Border57. The BB Finale is on 9/26 after the Survivor Premier. BB will air from 9-11pm.

          • Border57
            Border57 commented
            Editing a comment
            OK. I thought Survivor was a 2 hour premier each time, and that it wouldn't fit otherwise.

        • #11
          I don't think anyone leaves on the 23. Isn't that the jury roundtable? Also, the 3 remaining HG talk about memories, etc.. Possible Part 1 of the 3 part HOH? Ok, that's all that's in my memory of the last week of the show lol.


          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
            Editing a comment
            Oh, heck, by the time TPTB are done messing with this season, they'll bring Paul back in just to finally give him that 1/2 mil. (Oh stop throwing up all you non-fans of Paul 😁). Actually, wouldn't be surprised to see him host tonight's game.

          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            Based on last year OutOfTheDarkness has all the eviction days dead on the money in terms of evictions it's just that someone has to leave on Sept 23, but it can't be the F3 member who never actually joins the jury until finale night.

          • lyriele2
            lyriele2 commented
            Editing a comment
            Paul fan here LOL. I actually think he should have won his season.

        • #12


          • LCnSummer
            LCnSummer commented
            Editing a comment
            Is it my imagination .. 🤔

            ... orrrr haassss this season been especially hard 🤕 on beauty 💃🏽 queens?

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
            Editing a comment
            And he is definitely the most vainest of all the Queens. 👸,

            (Excuse poor English, I've been conversing with JC)

        • #13
          Think we'll get any live feeds today before eviction tonight??


          • #14
            Im thinking after last night's show, there is no way a double eviction, at least not tonight. They didn't show the POV ceremony so it will be shown tonight. Im guessing no way we get to see the HOH competition tonight since POV ceremony will already be cutting into live eviction night.


            • #15
              What a flip flop turnabout CRAZY season this has been so far!

              And, while the last endurance competition didn't actually endure .....

              The refreshing and checking for who won the Power of Veto during the long downtime for the Hide and Go Seek Competition certainly put the burn on bandwidth usage here at BBU.

              Many of you earned the ENDURANCE donator button with your donation last Thursday ....

              Tonight, we'll be offering up another special button that you can earn if you make a donation to help with the cost of the extra bandwidth that happened as a result of the PoV Competition and looking ahead to tonight, as a new Head of Household takes control.

              Make a Donation tonight - earn this special one night only button ...

              Pretty appropriate considering how we are burning through the bandwidth and Brett won the veto AND set the house on fire ...those flames were legit!

              Many thanks in advance : )

              ** if you make a donation tonight - post here or email me using the contact button at the bottom of the page ... so I can add your special button : )


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