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Live Feed Discussion-August 25, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 25, 2018

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Veto comp today.

    I hope Faysal has learned something from this (not that it does him much good at this point). You have to put up 2 people that are not with you, who you are okay with being evicted. I watch Ross and Marisa's show Off the Block this morning and they made a great point. He put up Scottie and Brett because he said one was lying to him (questionable on whether that was actually his motivation). That meant that one was not lying and was with him. He had to strike at the other side and diminish their numbers. Haleigh knows the game and knew that but didn't fight.

    Angela is called the ice queen, but she just made the basic, obvious move. You have to decimate the other side because they are coming for you. That's just basic strategy.

    The more complex strategy (which Faysal would never be able to grasp) is not actually the HoHs and beasting the comps. It is positioning in the house and making people believe your motivation is actually their motivation too. There's more, but I will leave the deeper dives to others.

    Basic point-Angela made the obvious basic move and even that part completely escaped Faysal. hahahahahaha


    • LCnSummer
      LCnSummer commented
      Editing a comment
      "and even that part completely escaped Faysal."

      LOL GEO..

      If some "I've got lots of time to waste*" soul were to make an excell sheet thingy of:

      All The *PARTS* ....that have escaped his and the other HIVE members this season....

      well lets say, the upcoming new season of the Female Dr Who will have already been in syndicated re-runs.

      ...and lots of time to *waist* cause typing that much dumb data would entale-tail munching on massive quantities of libation requiring food stuffs.
      Last edited by LCnSummer; 08-25-2018, 03:21 PM.

  • #3
    Yep, Angela did exactly what she should have done, and there is one of the big differences between L6 and the others. Logical, smart moves. My hope today is that KC or JC wins veto and dont use it, get a little blood on their hands. That helps Tyler, and I'm all about team Tyler LOL

    Last edited by lyriele2; 08-25-2018, 10:45 AM.


    • #4
      Good Morning BBU Family,

      So the GNAWmance is on the block and spent the night discussing how they must look like idiots, asking for a power from America (haven't you been given enough already?), bemoaning Angela not honoring a deal created only to protect themselves in DE and stating they'll refuse to vote for Angela (and Tyler is also way down their list). It's understandable they would be upset they've been getting played for months and continue to be.

      The fact the FAILmance still don't understand how integral JC has been to their demise is a bomb which could be the one thing that removes the smile from Fester's face.

      maxxum26 I was thinking about you watching JC try to spin his next web (he is a damn good player) with Brett. The problem is JC has failed to see something the entire season. And, that isn't a knock on JC's game b/c no one has connected the dots of Tyler-KC-Ang-Brett being a solid 4 which began as a solid 6. The remarkable aspect of L6 is how they've ebbed and flowed, adapted and while the opposite side were connected at the hip L6 never made that mistake. Like Rocky said to Brett "that's my favorite --hiding in plain sight". Well that's precisely what L6 have done throughout the game.

      Diving into the semantics of L6:

      When critical decisions are required they discuss, strategize and strike:
      • Rachel displayed high anxiety under pressure- L6 abruptly evicted her
      • Fessy wins HOH - Brett claims the hinky vote to get at least one non L6 member on the block
      • Angela wins HOH - as much as she'd prefer to have put up Hal/Sam L6 recognize it's essential one of the FAILmance has to leave as it gives them the numbers for the remainder of the game (i.e. unlike FOUTTE/HIVE who make nominations only for personal gain L6 always does what's best for the group).
      • Sensing dates comps are on the horizon the team is meeting to jedi train
      Role play & seamless transitions:
      • Tyler began the game in the role of information gatherer/lone solidier
      • Once Angela removed him with the POV Brett stepped in to fulfill that role.
      • To add veracity to Brett's hinky vote KC's uncharacteristic outburst somewhat sealed Scottie's fate
      Hiding in plain site:
      • KC spent the majority of the game on her own careful to never spend too much time with any one person
      • Up until Tyler was linked with Angela he spent the majority of his time with KK, then Scottie as well as with Sam & JC
      • Brett has perfected the lone wolf role with each of Rocky, Scottie, Hal, Sam (and now JC) each garnering his allegiance.
      • Angela viewed as cold and emotionless was only linked to KC until she removed Ty from the block
      Each of their characters fits like a glove to allow optimal success of the alliance.
      • I'm still trying to figure out how no one on the other side hasn't figured out how intelligent and strategic Tyler is. Instead he is viewed as a 'yes man' something that started with his KK relationship & has extended now with Angela. The poor broken baby bird, wounded lamb role
      • Angela is viewed as the cold hearted, 'entitled', emotionless player. Depending on your viewpoint some of these facts are true. She definitely performs well under pressure.
      • KC is the steadying force in the group - for anyone who thinks she's just floating, often times the voice of reason comes from her lips. Noting to Angela how important it was to put up the GNAWmance together and how Ang needs to tell JC that Fessy pushed for him to go on the block (b/c she knows JC will want to keep Fes over Haleigh).
      • Brett - every group needs someone who showcases bravado. The truth is the other side see Brett as a loose cannon which is probably why no one (including JC) has put the 4-some together. The only unfortunate aspect of Brett's game is 'timing' and his role made it virtually impossible for him to develop the type of side alliances Tyler has.
      • All four are extremely loyal to L6. Each time I think Brett will be the one to venture off we get a DR video of him espousing L6's dominance. He's reveling in that fact and as much as he's held back a few details from the group they always seem to leak out albeit sometimes several days later. Plus recalling Winston's eviction and how often he brings up Winston it leads me to believe he'd prefer to get to F4 with L6 just so they could celebrate the alliance's dominance and he probably also thinks he could win at that stage given his date knowledge.
      Up until QueenSting caught them celebrating post HOH comp L6 had failed to ever be caught together. With that knowledge WannaBee thinks she's figured things out but she's missing the fact Sam/JC are branches of L6 (despite them also not knowing of L6's existence).

      Is JC casting his own net?
      Which brings me back to JC. He's an extremely intelligent and calculating player. He began to work on Brett once Scottie's demise was certain. He is pitching Tyler that KC/Ang cannot both be in F4 which is one aspect of his game which he doesn't hide well. JC cites the reason he doesn't want both females in F4 is b/c it will threaten him/Ty being on the block together. The truth is he doesn't trust Ty not to take Angela over him. The reality is he'll take KC over JC - which is the other part of the game JC hasn't figured out --- (hey - it's hiding in plain sight!).

      JC also began his pitch to Brett about how he needs to pull Angela to him so "they" JC/Brett/Ang can be a trio who'll have the voting power --- he's implying to take out Tyler, but what JC hopes is Brett will put up Ang/Ty together so he can get Angela out of the game (IMHO).

      Tyler wisely doesn't want to take Brett to F4 b/c he'll pose the greatest threat to win comps both physically & date knowledge which you can guarantee there are at least three of those coming. Before/After, the F4 POV, P2 of Final HOH and possibly even the Part 3 (if they follow what Canada did this year by abandoning the practice of what a house guest said. (side note: I hope they do abandon that b/c bitter jurors can throw in hinky answers just to F with the players. I like what Canada did by making it more factual).

      I digress... here's the rub if Brett tells Angela or any of L6 what JC is doing it will put JC in jeopardy b/c then the group might decide to vote him out earlier than F4 b/c he's trying to create waves. If Brett tells Tyler what JC said last night JC will become the target at F6 even ahead of Brett. Sam could end up getting to F4 if JC keeps this up and any of it leaks back to Tyler.

      POV today:
      L6 will try to beast for a POV win to keep nominations the same. Angela in particular will want to win given she's already up to her elbows in blood. The comp could be the comics or the counting/betting or the one where things blow up in your face. In the event either Hal or Fes win Sam will likely be the re-nom.

      The other debate is currently L6 want to take out Fes which isn't necessarily the wisest move. Yes, he's better at comps and has the dates nailed. But, since the team already anticipate a battle back is Hal the wiser decision given Scottie could beat everyone to return and realigned as the smitten kitten beside her. QueenSting told SirFakeSwag if she's evicted she'd fill him in so he'd work with Fes, but given the battle back is this Thursday there may not be time or occasion for her to tell him. Moreover, once Scottie lands in jury he may learn from Rocky & Bay that Hal was pushing the All-Female alliance & did try to get Scottie put up as the renom to back door him. Plus Scooter left the house on good terms with Ty/Brett so his goal may be to return the favor of his own eviction by targeting Fes.

      The argument to oust Fes/keep Hal is b/c Sam and JC won't work with her whereas they would feasibly align with Fessy although Fes remains susceptible to, well - anything you tell him. If Fes stays w/o Hal he'll target Angela (maybe Brett). BUT ... if he wins HOH I won't be surprised if L6 spills the JC Bomb which would likely result in JC landing on the block. Should Hal stay & win HOH she'll put up Angela (for sure) & likely Tyler. But again, should she learn of JC's deception she may also put him on the block.

      The biggest question is what will Fessy do if he wins POV - will he remove himself or make the grand gesture to take Hal down? If he does the latter unbeknownst to him it would set him up to potentially exit and return the same night. I'm not buying WannaBee's pitch to Fes that she'll bite the bullet to leave over him. IMHO she's trying to set it up for him to save her and remove her with the POV. The debate offers viable options to vote out either of the duo. What L6 needs to weigh is comp winning potential (Fes), ties to remaining players (Fes) vs. who could return in battle back to pair up with who stays (Hal if Scottie or Fes win BB). Either way one of the duo is leaving this week.

      Edited to add: was I the only laughing at the FAILmance stating they had the votes to win if they got to F2. Is that b/c they'll comprise a big portion of the jury? I don't see how either could win unless they sat beside each other. QueenSting would "maybe" have one additional vote b/c of Scottie, but that's still only 4 votes: Bay/Rocky/Scooter/Fes whereas say for example she sat beside the least active L6 member (KC) who would have Brett/Ty/Ang/Sam/JC. And the the likelihood of those two reaching that point is likely at the bottom end of the odds chart.

      The other point I meant to make is how annoyed I got at QueenBrokenStinger claiming she was pissed at how good Angela has played & therefore will be a bitter juror giving anyone but her the win. After what's occurred in recent seasons I sure hope someone is savvy enough (Tyler?) to say to the jury:

      "Each of you in your own way helped me reach this chair. I made some strategic moves like getting KK to vote out Steve & backdoor Swaggy plus I won some critical comps along the way. But, ultimately it's the relationships we form in this house that matter. Luck played a role as the team & people I put my greatest faith & trust in early were committed to moving our entire alliance ahead and did so unselfishly.

      It's also why I never needed to use the Cloud power app I received in week 2. At any time up to F8 I had the ability to jettison to safety either in initial noms or POV renoms. But, I felt my personal relationships & team were so solid I never considered using it. Likewise, I feel anyone of L6 or JC could be sitting here b/c of how well we functioned as a team. Still, I know if the situation was reversed I would want to vote for who I felt played the best game to represent what I believe was a great season. IMHO that person is me and I hope you feel the same way and vote me as the winner.

      Plus, as I said last night I sure hope Dr. Will, Dan, Derek, Ian or whoever manages the jury round table rips the HIVE a new one telling them don't ruin the best season in forever by not selecting the rightful winner. Tyler, Brett, JC or Angela all have viable arguments (though my preference is Tyler) to win & there is still game to be played where others could factor like KC, a returning Scottie & depending on her speech & how much was strategy potentially Sam (no one else in opinion warrants the title).
      Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-25-2018, 01:03 PM.


      • CubbyBrother
        CubbyBrother commented
        Editing a comment
        IF he makes it to the final two, I don’t think Tyler has any problem winning—and with eight left, may be in position to threaten Dan’s only unanimous vote. We all really need to understand that the final outcome of this game is NOT determined by how people play the game, it’s determined by those who vote. TTO, last year you and completely disagreed about Paul with my contention that at no time in the next 1,000 years would Cody ever vote for Paul. Somewhat ironic that is was Cody’s vote that decided the whole thing.

        Here’s the major difference in this season compared to last season (again with eight players left)—there is nobody in jury nor this house that has anything near a major disdain for Tyler. Last year Paul was reviled by some in the house and a large, large portion of the viewing population. AND—-those that were with Paul in the house got stabbed in the back on the way out by him (largely by Josh’s goodbye messages). At this point only Haleigh has even an inkling to the solid game Tyler is playing and nowhere near to the level that Cody had the read on Paul about two weeks in. And furthermore, neither Sam nor JC understand that there is a L4 that is stringing them along.

        It’s hard to come up with a scenario that two L4 players aren’t up against each other in the finale. The only chance is Sam and JC to alternate HOHs until the point one can win out. That’s not going to happen.

        I also think the only way Tyler doesn’t make the final two is IF Angela want to insure a female winner and takes KC if she wins the final HOH.

      • beckyd30
        beckyd30 commented
        Editing a comment
        It is too bad there isn't a way to sneak that speech into Tyler, so he can see it and make it his own. TTOTambz, you really need to get on this show and kick some major Barbie and Ken butts next year.

      • Mary4BB
        Mary4BB commented
        Editing a comment
        After that speech, I cast my vote to win BB20 for TTOTambz !! That is a thing of beauty.

    • #5
      Not a great POV draw for L6 with Sam, JC & KC being selected. The one time they needed Ty or Brett and neither got pulled. Wonder if Hal/Fes got house guests choice. (Apparently Hal got house guest choice had planned to pick Brett but SirFakeSwag barked at her to pick Sam b/c he could beat her---- so she did). This b/c Fessy thinks he can beat any of the females & JC. The thing is if he does & leaves Hal on the block I wonder how that will go over. Hopefully the POV is something better suited for light weight, short people. Or even better Sam wins & leaves noms the same lol.

      If it's the comic challenge I think Fes will be too heavy to do well (that's one Tyler would do well in). KC/Angela/Hal might all do well though. I expect JC to throw it as per usual b/c he won't want to get blood on his hands. ALTHOUGH - the fact Fes/Hal tried to get him nominated might motivate him to perform in order to be seen as something other than a floater (but, I doubt it).
      Last edited by TTOTambz; 08-25-2018, 01:59 PM.


      • belle1
        belle1 commented
        Editing a comment
        Agree not such a great line up for L6 but this might be KC’s time to shine. She is very good with visuals. No matter who wins one of the two go home.

    • #6
      Agreed In hoping that whoever is managing the jury Roundtable convinces these houseguests NOT to vote personally. I have a feeling that will take some huge effort with some of them, though.
      For once, I'm very happy that Tyler is hosting the veto and not playing it. Both Bay and Fay will take it very personally if the veto is not used to take them off the block, so not having to make that decision is much better for Tyler's game.


      • Kimbers
        Kimbers commented
        Editing a comment
        They really need Dan at that round table, imo

    • #7
      Originally posted by sdkgeo View Post
      Basic point-Angela made the obvious basic move and even that part completely escaped Faysal. hahahahahaha

      ​​​​​​​Heck, If getting the name ICE ❄️ Queen meant playing the game doing exactly what an HOH should do.... it would be worth it. Again, having help judge Pole Vault Insa.ny.te.ra.tors (P.V.I) in High School...

      .... you stand near enough to be BENEATH 😳 the P.V.I as

      -they are UPSIDE 🙃 DOWN holding onto a pole 🎣
      -flying💫 UP to the 🌥 clouds doing an upside down jack knife over a pole
      -that's been supported by two other poles.

      Those are a lot of poles ☠ that can ruin your day! 🚨

      It takes guts. Like Tyler says of her, "She is tough."


      • JeanK
        JeanK commented
        Editing a comment
        I have no idea what you said but I'll concur since we're on the same page anyway, lol.

      • LCnSummer
        LCnSummer commented
        Editing a comment
        LOL Jean,

        It means it takes nerves of steel and balls.......( what Fessy was trying to showoff without having been invited.)

    • #8
      OH MY GOSH! Just for fun I went back to the first week discussions. For the most part we have all been consistent with our favorites and stayed true to L6, lol. The really funny thing is I couldn't find much support for J.C. and no one pegged him to have any game, lol. I know I didn't. I didn't think I'd like him but he made me laugh and now look at the little puppetmaster.


      • #9
        So I read that they were told to go to the lounge and bring snacks...which means it’s gonna be a long veto comp. Guessing an individual one like the face morph or comics? I really hope neither Haleigh or Fess wins so they both have to stay on the block...I wanna see if they go against each other at all. I feel like Haleigh will turn on him in order to stay...


        • Walleye
          Walleye commented
          Editing a comment
          Fessy already went against her when he told her to pick Sam because HE could beat Sam.

      • #10
        A Sam win would be epic, so she could throw it in Fessy's face, for having Haleigh choose her because there is no way that she is going to win. If it is the morph comp than maybe Sam has a chance, because she has talked to everyone. I want Sam to win so that she can keep the nominations the same along with preventing herself from being the replacement nominee.


        • SmilemakerRDH
          SmilemakerRDH commented
          Editing a comment
          Yep. They all seem to forget she won one of the hardest HOH comps so far. I honestly don’t think she’s been trying to win anything since then.

        • Mary4BB
          Mary4BB commented
          Editing a comment
          And didn't Sam say at some point she has something like photographic memory? Yes, I know she's said lots of crazy things lately. But, this was much earlier in the season.

          Simply for Messy's behavior after the Hide N Go Veto I so wish for Sam to win.

      • #11
        YAY… Since after Thursday night's live show discussion, here are noteables, new nickys, and future possible nickys as of around 3 PM PST today. Hugs.

        Noteable Notes…

        1. From TTOTambz, a ONE WORD synopsis preceding and following every FOUTE action.

        …………IF…….. KK could put together an 8 piece puzzle

        2.From all of US who are hoping that the JURY MANAGER is the ultimate TRUTH -TELLER

        New nick names.

        beckyd30 ….
        Re: HAY ....HayLayOnTheGuys

        Re: Fessy
        …. FesTheMess
        …. Battle-of-Heads

        beckyd30 …. (Ghost Writter - misscmm)
        Re: FOUTE
        ...............…. SSDSMPB

        Re: BBU Boards…. Been.TYLERizedd

        Re: Scottie ….Nottie

        Re: Tyler…. BO-TYLER

        Re: Sam….’Aside From'


        Re: Brett ….LoneWolfe

        Re: Fessy ….SirFakeSwag

        Re: Hal….

        BBU’ers aka US
        Re: Jury Manager…. Truth-Teller

        IF RS wins Battle Back
        Walleye…. ~MIND-Block


        ~Block-Block-A-Dieux... (when she is evicted right
        back out)

        IF SCOTTIE Wins Battle Back....
        (aka if Production set up Battle Back to Help Him..)


        PRODUCTION Destruction
        ~Hive sickness

        ~Feelin-da-🌡BURN 🔥

        Sweet Shot Comp has been CLOWN--Shoe'd

        BBU Boards….
        ~Been.TYLERizedd LCnSummer
        ~Truth-Teller JURY Manager
        Possible Battle Back Nick Names
        ~Rock-BACK LCnSummer
        ~Block-Block-A-Dieux LCnSummer
        ~MIND-Block.......(if she wins) Walleye
        ~Pitty-Back LCnSummer
        PRODUCTION Destruction
        ~CLOWN-Shoe’d LCnSummer
        ~Feelin-da-🌡BURN 🔥 LCnSummer
        ~Fumblebee'd LCnSummer
        ~HIVE.sickness sdkgeo
        ~~~~The Kindom 0f Fumblebees
        ~Fumblebees 🐝🐝 Squishy
        ~BUSYBees TTOTambz
        ~BuzzBrain 🐝 JeanK
        ~Dying Bee Hive kokomogirl
        ~Waxed Up Glasses kokomogirl
        ~celeBRETT TTOTambz
        ~Fire-Man LCnSummer
        ~Lone-Wolfe TTOTambz
        BRETT's impact on Bumbles/HIVE/FOUTE
        ~bee smoker TTOTambz
        ~Drone Bee Brett kokomogirl
        ~Gets their Rocks off TTOTambz
        ~Hand That Rocks The Cradle TTOTambz
        ~POP-ROCKS TTOTambz
        ~ROCKet Blast TTOTambz
        ~ROCK the boat TTOTambz
        ~RS has hit RockBottom TTOTambz
        ~Battle-of-Heads Beckyd30
        ~FAIL-Leigh showmance -- TTOTambz
        ~Feast Babben
        ~Fes-Buy-My-Own-Swag TTOTambz
        ~FesTheMess Beckyd30
        ~Fester JeanK
        ~Festering Boil Beckyd30
        ~Festicles! JeanK
        ~ Festivus EmyITT
        ~Flopte Squishy
        ~FraggleRock TTOTambz
        ~inFEStile TTOTambz
        ~King Bee Fessy kokomogirl
        ~Playing Dating Game diacav
        ~SirFakeSwag TTOTambz
        ~The Big Dumb Muppet Pammer
        ~Hayseed JeanK
        ~Honey Bee Hal kokomogirl
        ~FAIL-Leigh showmance -- TTOTambz
        ~GNAW-mance TTOTambz
        ~HayLayOnTheGuys beckyd30
        ~KK 2.0 beckyd30
        ~Texas Princess Misscmm
        ~Queen Wanna BEE TTOTambz
        ~QueenBrokenStinger TTOTambz
        ~QueenSting TTOTambz
        ~WannaBee TTOTambz
        Jocular Cagines TTOTambz
        ~’Aside From' sdkgeo
        ~ diSAMbiguation TTOTambz
        ~hypROCKical TTOTambz
        ~Kathy bates on Brett Yaya1300
        ~nucking-futs Pammer
        ~STARS in her eyes TTOTambz
        ~HAYWIRE JeanK
        ~Haywood JeanK
        ~hopeless Scottmantic TTOTambz
        ~Nottie LCnSummer
        ~On-the-way-out-the-door-mance .... TTOTambz
        ~Sketchy OutOfTheDarkness
        ~Sketchy, and kind of a thief Lyrele2
        ~Scandy Kokomogirl
        ~Scooter OutOfTheDarkness
        ~Snotty JeanK
        ~Shaggy JeanK
        ~Snaggy JeanK
        BO-TYLER LCnSummer
        ~Cloud-Power-Savior lyriele2
        ~Silver-Surfer BettyBoo
        ~JURYSTAR, Bret's names for Juror# 2
        L4 - L6
        ~ANGling for a stereoTYpical blindside TTOTambz
        ~ Kings Council prevails TTOTambz
        ~Masterminds Amj0715
        🐝 HIVE Move 🐝 BettyBoo
        🐝 HIVE Move Treatise 🐝 Squishy
        ~Clueless plate lyriele2
        ~blindsided by stingers lyriele2
        ~BUSYBees TTOTambz
        ~Masterminds? Amj0715
        ~The-Loser-Brigade beckyd30
        ~SSDSMPB Ghost beckyd30--Ghost Writter
        *!*! NEW 🐝SPECIES 🐝 Offshoot
        !*!*! Anthophila of BB Hunger Games
        ~Tracker Jacker (Hacker) Bees TTOTambz
        ~umnnn scarrrry eeeee
        ~BagOfRocks OutOfTheDarkness
        ~blockblab LCnSummer
        ~blockblock LCnSummer
        ~Blockhead Diane40
        ~blockrock LCnSummer
        ~blocksink LCnSummer
        ~blockstar LCnSummer
        ~CrazyRock Walleye
        ~DumbAsRocks OutOfTheDarkness
        ~facitless-rock Pukahs
        ~FallingRocks Polgara
        ~FallingStar OutOfTheDarkness
        ~Flopstar TEAMTYLER
        ~Fraggle-Rock liongori
        ~GlitterRock TTOTambz
        ~Haystack JeanK
        ~HIDEMEUnderARockNow Lynette
        ~JURYSTAR Lynette
        ~KickRocks Mary4BB
        ~LargeMouthRock belle1
        ~LooseRocks Polgara
        ~MAMA-ROCK OhThisHouse
        ~MIND-Block Walleye
        ~NOTstar LCnSummer
        ~OffHerRocker Lynette
        ~Pebbles misscmm
        ~PetRock OutOfTheDarkness
        ~POP-ROCKS TTOTambz
        ~PoundRocks OutOfTheDarkness
        ~Pound-The-Rocks TTOTambz
        ~Rock-a-Bye-Bye TTOTambz
        ~Rock-a-Block TTOTambz
        ~Rock-a-Doodle kokomogirl
        ~RockBottoms OutOfTheDarkness
        ~RockBrain Walleye
        ~Rock-Brain-Less Lynette
        ~RockCandy TTOTambz
        ~Rock-Drone TTOTambz
        ~Rock drill lyriele2
        ~Rockdud TEAMTYLER
        ~Rockfish lyriele2
        ~Rock-for-brains Lynette LShowD 8-15 5:45PM
        ~Rock-for-brains Yaya1300 LFD 8-15 6PM
        ~Rockhound belle1
        ~Rockgarden lyriele2
        ~ROCKHEAD OutOfTheDarkness
        ~Rock-in-her-head Pukahs
        ~ROCKING-OUT TTOTambz
        ~RockLobster flarsen
        ~Rocknado TTOTambz
        ~RockNBolt TTOTambz
        ~Rock'nDud beckyd30
        ~Rock-N-Hard-Places TTOTambz
        ~Rock-N-Roll TTOTambz
        ~Rock-Not-So-Solid Alliance YaYa1300
        ~Rock'nStuffHerFace beckyd30
        ~Rock'nSTFU beckyd30
        ~Rock-Out TTOTambz
        ~RockOnTheBlock's mimichick
        ~Rock-Paper-Scissors purrwing
        ~RockPit TTOTambz
        ~RockSalt BettyBoo
        ~RocksFor-Brains Lynette
        ~rocksink LCnSummer
        ~RockSlide JeanK
        ~RockSkunk BettyBoo
        ~Rocksrat Lexie
        ~ROCK-the-beat TTOTambz
        ~ROCK this joint OUT(the door)! TTOTambz
        ~RockQuarry Pukahs
        ~RockWall Gabesrah
        ~Rockwitch GrandmaSusan
        ~RockyBalNo’s TTOTambz
        ~ROCKYMountainHIgh TTOTambz
        ~Rocky-N-Bull(Winkle) TTOTambz
        ~RockyRoad Walleye
        ~ROCKSHEEEET OhThisHouse
        ~RockyShores OutOfTheDarkness
        ~Rock-whatever Barbso
        ~ROCKYTALK OhThisHouse
        ~RockyTop Diane40
        ~sinkrock LCnSummer
        ~starrock LCnSummer
        ~Star-Ship Nita14
        ~WackyRocky misscmm


        • LCnSummer
          LCnSummer commented
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          TTOT..... I like those new Tyler nick names.. they are super cute and I will add them fer sure.

        • LCnSummer
          LCnSummer commented
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          Becky...... as misscmm said.... YOU are the author of the great line:

          Spoiled, Selfish, Entitled, Stupid Morons and Petty Bitches..

          And misscmm true BBU fashion....created the original alpha--acronym it deserved.

          YAY BBU'ers.

        • beckyd30
          beckyd30 commented
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          Sorry, my brain is a bit slow today, think FessyMoron is rubbing off on me.

      • #12
        I don't think anyone has mentioned, but apparently "we" broke RealVegas since she's decided to go radio silent. Here's what she wrote:

        "No veto comp spoiler today due to the ridiculous amount of demands (not even a please in the bunch).

        Take for granted & be entitled = no info. I tried to nicely tell everyone this numerous times but it didn't work.

        So it'l be a blackout until the entitled demands stop. "

        Not sure what precipitated this, but sounds like some bad apples spoiled it for the rest of us. I'm still surprised CBS hasn't detected and silenced her since it's obvious she's employed there. So we're back out in the darkness.


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          I actually thought it might be Rachel lol

        • MrsEmmaPeel
          MrsEmmaPeel commented
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          There is literally no way that the Real Vegas account isn't approved by Grodner if not Grodner herself.

        • AmyBeth
          AmyBeth commented
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          My first thought was- thank god it's not TTOTambz that is going on blackout! I would miss her (His?) ramblings much more than a silly spoiler from Vegas now and then. What would I do during my morning coffee???

      • #13
        Real locked their twitter from everyone that isn't following them. Directly from her/his/their page:

        This account's Tweets are protected.

        Only confirmed followers have access to @realvegas4sure's Tweets and complete profile. Click the "Follow" button to send a follow request.


        • #14
          Is it just me or are this year's houseguests taking waaaayyyyy to long for these comps? Or are they just making them harder comps? Live feeders are really missing out this year.


          • misscmm
            misscmm commented
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            I think like on OTEV, they had to stop to clean. Candy comp things kept breaking ... props slowing things down?

        • #15
          CBS we need another BBOTT with full-time feeds.


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