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Live Feed Discussion-August 27, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 27, 2018

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Veto meeting today.


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      Good morning. A lot of viewers are anxiously waiting for L6 to implode, steamrolling and such. I have to appreciate J.C.'s early work to keep the sides even. If MY side is steamrolling, I'm all for it, lol. However, when they start to get ****y and boast to each other how great they are I am done with them. They are doing that now.
      J.C.'s jig is almost up, he's worked hard.
      Sam's game has become obvious and I hope she doesn't float to the end.
      Ty/J.C./Ang deserve F3, each for different but great game.
      That's all I have to offer without rambling. Going to be a looooong wait until Thursday unless something blows up.


      • CubbyBrother
        CubbyBrother commented
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        The only real question for the next few weeks is can Brett ever win an HOH and when to the other three in the alliance decide to take him out.

      • herms is here
        herms is here commented
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        To me Sam and Brett are in the same category. Except Brett is being shielded by the L6 alliance. I am one of the people that can't wait for L6 to have to turn on each other.

    • #4
      Going to be a slow week this week. Just wonder what the battle back is going to be.


      • #5
        Part of me wishes it was one of those battle backs where it was combined with the head of household, and if one of them did not win they did not get back in the house. The other part of me wouldn't want that, because then they would be in charge for a week. At the very least, I wish the winner was not eligible for head of household


        • CubbyBrother
          CubbyBrother commented
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          The absolute beauty of this season, so far, is that not a single twist nor power has given any player an unfair advantage or additional information in the game. Even with the battle back, the only way the game changes slightly is IF the person COMING BACK WINS HOH. All six of the remaining other than Haleigh or Fess will put up Haleigh or Fess with the winner of the battle back. Haleigh is the only one who has a clue on that side any way but knows the numbers are so stacked against her that she doesn’t have a chance.

          In so many past years (all of them) there was, at least, the appearance that TPTB were manipulating that game. It has been so refreshing to watch a season that has been only dictated by the players, mostly good and quite occasionally bad (Foutte).

          We have a battle back ever year and expect this year, like many others, will not have a huge cause and effect on the game.

        • lyriele2
          lyriele2 commented
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          I can recall seasons with no battle back, so I know it hasn't been every year. I just hope whoever comes back goes right back out, especially because of having heard their goodbye messages.
          Last edited by lyriele2; 08-28-2018, 02:16 AM.

      • #6
        Do the HG have any idea there is a Battle Back? If so, they would be smart to evict Hay. Hopefully get Scotty back who will help get Fessy out. But then this us why I'm a BB couch player and not in the BB House. I'd be horrible at this


        • kokomogirl
          kokomogirl commented
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          Brett and KC have both brought it up to L6 and they have discussed it a little. No one knows for sure but they have figured out the # of days left if there is a DE means there has to be a Battle Back.

      • #7
        Well, I must say, at this point, with the game being so interesting this season, that I'm ready for some carnage. Just a nice little flurry of back stabbing. I do want Tyler and KayCee to get to the end, though I kind of doubt Tyler can make it all the way.


        • #8
          Don’t think that convo with Tyler and
          JC went to well. Interesting to see what JC does now.


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            I had an entire post ready for this morning on this specific situation (JC situation) & then fell asleep sitting up at my laptop I'll try to tweak it for tomorrow but in essence it's how this week has hurt JC the most

          • Yaya1300
            Yaya1300 commented
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            Can’t wait to read your thoughts. He’s just pushing too hard right now. He raised his eviction profile for sure. On a funny note—Tyler with straight hair cracked me up

        • #9
          Son of Fabio !!!

          How sad that this is the most interesting thing going on in the house tonight.


          • beckyd30
            beckyd30 commented
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            Wowza Wowza Wowza mama like

        • #10
          In case you missed Ty with his French braids done by Haleigh:


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