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Live Feed Discussion-August 28, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 28, 2018

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    Wow, big glitch last night with the intercom. Poor Sam, hearing what they're saying about her behind her back.


    • JeanK
      JeanK commented
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      I want to see what they were saying and I can't find it. Was Sam in the kitchen? Did she really hear it? She's not acting like she heard it because she would have gone all kinds of crazy. I think she would have stormed up there and confronted them.

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    Good Morning BBU Family,

    So---- I had an entire post written yesterday and ended up falling asleep sitting up at my laptop. Yeah - the fun of August NBA edits lol. Anyway, I'm a little annoyed at myself for falling asleep, but the post content is virtually the same today given the 'easy' non eventful week we'll experience, but I've added in the developments from Monday. So with no further adieu ... here is yesterday's post (with a Monday additions)

    This week will be relatively tame in comparison to the past few. Logically that's because L6 is in power and are all on the same page. Five people with vote which mean L6 control the votes even if they are in HOH since they are half the house. Even if Scottie or Fessy return in the buyback unless two L6 members are on the block they maintain control.

    Because of this dynamic we've reached another stage in the game where the players who feel they are on the bottom of the controlling portion of the house begin to make some uncharacteristic moves. A scan of the players find them landing in two positions - among the controlling faction or lobbying to create a new path to the end. Two players in particularly have experienced the greatest shifts this week (obviously outside of the FAILmance).

    L6 takes control and reinforces loyalty:

    Brett: (who btw - continues to rise up my rankings) he experienced some lucky situational actions this week. Angela winning meant he was safe. Fessy being the target leaves someone in the house (Haleigh) who'll most likely gravitate to him primarily among the players remaining. No matter who returns via the battle back they'll most likely attach right back to Haleigh, but Brett will be the safest of the other six players in the house. This because Hal's pecking order will be Angela/Tyler/Kaycee. She despises Sam and odds are if she wins HOH she'll discover JC has been betraying that side since the onset. Whether that will move JC ahead of anyone in L6 is uncertain.

    The second lucky break for Brett was getting to spend alone time (were talking eight plus hours) with Tyler to reinforce their L6 bond and afforded Brett the opportunity to make a F2 with Ty. This was also a positive for Tyler who has the best (and most) individual bonds in the house. I'll reiterate what I said while waiting for that never ending POV comp Saturday. Brett successfully stepped in as pinch hitter into the early game Tyler role and did an excellent job up until Haleigh caught the 4-some celebrating Ang's HOH win. As much as I pondered Brett possibly doing something hinky he does seem committed to L6 and his actions with Winston point to that fact. Brett wants L6 to make F4 and now that he feels he isn't an automatic oust at F4 he'll be even more inclined to push to get the four to this stage in the game.

    Kaycee: seems to be stepping up her game with a public win (Hacker comp win kept secret). KC came very close to winning HOH, and based on what we saw on the show hitting mid to high 30's several times. Makes you wonder how much she's been holding back. Of the L6 group she seems the worst with dates. If another physical HOH occurs don't be surprised if KC is the winner. She moves forward fully committed to L6, Tyler as her F2 with solid relationships with both Sam and JC.

    Angela: has simultaneously raised her profile winning her second HOH. While her ability to function calmly under pressure has helped wins competitions and stick to strategy it's also resulted in anyone not part of L6 (and JC) not particularly liking her. I'm not sure if Angela has a F2 commitment although she's dedicated to a F3 with Ty/KC. B/c she's smart I'm not sure if she'll want to bring both Ty & Brett to F4 - she's asked KC some questions about Ty having the other power app & also is the first in the group to point out Brett's flaws. The blossoming relationship between herself & Tyler seems genuine. Initially I thought perhaps it wasn't but Sunday she asked him to stay upstairs with her even knowing it's drawing more attn to them.

    Tyler: knowing Angela is now viewed as the best player by some in the house having Brett offer up the F2 gives him options. Most importantly, it won't hurt to try to get L6 to F4 now b/c it gives credibility to their actions. And, if Tyler can win F4 HOH it sure would make his life a lot simpler. He knows if KC or Ang win F4 POV they'll evict Brett whereas Brett will evict Angela. Either way he keeps his favorite (KC) in the game to take to F2 if he gets the option. Plus he would be KC or Brett's top pick (although Brett could pull a fast one). The more I view the board the more I think Ty will find a way to pull Sam to F4 or F3 so he & KC make the choice (& remove two potential winners in Ang/Brett), but we'll have to watch what happens as the game progresses.


    With KC winning POV the shomance will remain on the block. Fester seemingly thought he had the comp in the bag & it finally dawned on him that his game is over. On top of this he barked at Hal for going upstairs ONCE on Sunday sending her to the hammock crying, where -- you guessed it Brett was Johnny on the spot to console her. WannaBee will try to amp up her flirt game with Brett and Ty now & if Fes keeps being mean their future outside the house looks failed before it begins. Most interesting aspect of this situation is how this week's action will affect the pair if Fes is the one to win the battle back.

    Quit smoking and is dealing with the mental stress of that decision (can't imagine how much more difficult it would be doing it inside BB). Overtly tried to take back-to-back weeks as a have not so she could work on her jury vote with Fessy. Angela saw through it and refused to allow it. L6 is going to try not to tell Sam which way to vote in the hopes she is the lone vote for Fessy to keep Haleigh's sights set on her. She's experiencing an up & down week -- Her up was not being nominated which renewed her sense of safety with Angela (and she seems to feel safer with Tyler again). Her down is she senses JC is trying to push the target onto her (ahead of himself). Whether it's the ceasing of smoking or just feeling less secure she's talking a lot more to herself. On Monday, the intercom in the HOH was broken & it's highly possible Sam heard the group discussing her. She fed into this partially by not allowing Angela/Hal into the bathroom while she straightened Ty's hair (but inexplicably everyone else was allowed to be in there). If she heard it gives Sam merit in saying "they're making fun of me". On the same token, she feeds into herself by throwing out passive, aggressive digs particularly to Hal/Ang. Depending on how long the intercom was on the people who are in the biggest trouble (complained the most are Brett, JC and Ang though they all made comments).

    More than anyone remaining JC seems to be acting out of character. Perhaps he underestimated his positioning. Or maybe he expected the transition would be easier as he shifted into the game without Fes. Let's face it he's definitely had control of Fes (over Haleigh) throughout the game. Now with Fes headed out the door he's beginning to recognize not everyone will just do what he says or what he wants. It started with him telling Tyler they could NOT go to F4 with KC and Angela. When Tyler didn't automatically agree it begin JC's odd behavior.

    Since that conversation he's tried to force an alliance on Brett that includes himself and Haleigh, he's amped up putting the spotlight on Sam, been talking a LOT about Tyler and Angela being so close and he keeps telling L6 (minus Brett) how "we" have controlled the game. It's coming across as desperate. If the luck of the POV players worked in Tyler and Brett's benefit it was JC specifically who it hurt as it resulted in the boys comparing notes. Up until that point in the game Tyler was keen to bring JC to F4, but I think JC's over playing this week is going to end up finding Brett moving past him (or Sam or both).

    Prior to this week Tyler felt confident in JC, but all the things which have come out points to JC not being as trustworthy as he first seemed. Everyone in the house expects JC to freak out if he hits the block (he remains the only player to never be nominated). In fact if L6 are able to remain intact after the battle back HOH & also win DE HOH I won't be surprised if JC ends up being the DE target, just so the house doesn't have to deal with his dramatics on the block.

    JC has played the middle ground well. His high came via convincing Fester to put up his own alliance member which led to Scottie's oust who was JC's greatest nemesis in the game. It also served to lessen JCs value to L6. And, while Hal has told JC that Brett is with L6 I'm not sure JC sees it yet (or perhaps that's why he's fumbling this week). But, unless JC is able to figure out how to calm down & fix the damage he did to his game this week he'll likely be in trouble sooner than later.

    Edited to add in Monday convos:
    So, I felt it coming & JC did major damage Monday via his actions/conversations. He is INSISTENT that KC/Ang get put up & broken up this coming week as he anticipates a DE (not a buy back). Ty did everything in his power to make JC recognize it's a dumb move to keep Hal in house longer. This is such an obvious strategy for JC's game as he suspects his relationship with Brett, Sam, Hal is better than Ty's while Ty's is better with Ang/KC. I don't blame JC for trying to push his game forward. The problem is he's being far too obvious in his demands. On top of this JC is insisting Brett cannot make it to F4 or F3 b/c he is closer to Brett than Tyler so it would mean Ty doesn't make a F2 chair.

    This again, is where JC is over playing b/c he's trying to exert control over Tyler like he was able to with Fessy. His inability to read that Brett is part of L6 is partly to blame. But, is this also a matter of JC underestimating how good Tyler is? (I think so).

    Later he had another chat with Brett where he discussed taking out Ang/KC. The irony is if (when?) Ty/Brett compare notes there are major inconsistencies. For example JC is telling Ty that Brett cannot get to F5, F4 or F3 (different iterations produce different oust number from JC), telling Brett Ty needs to be separated from the girls. In both instances it's clear JC wants to bring Ty, Sam & Hal to F4 b/c he feels that's his best bet at winning. Again, it's not a bad 4-some for him but it's HIGHLY unlikely to happen unless L6 suddenly all turn on one another. Moreover if JC were to attack L6 in this manner you can bet your butt he would be the #1 target the following week. Bottom line- JC is treading on choppy water & the only thing currently saving him IMHO is Brett's concern over who returns in a BB. I'm anxious to see if Brett/Ty talk today & download any of this. The L6 group is strong enough to stay focused in knowing Hal/Battle Back winner CANNOT be kept in the house over ousting JC. (Again - I'll reiterate more & more JC looks to be a viable DE candidate esp if they can't get Hal & if not the week after --- I'm trying to figure out how JC back peddles from this week and the more he talks the deeper the hole he is digging gets.

    Key mistakes JC made in chats:
    • tells Tyler "I control Brett if he gets HOH & can protect you" (you know this chit is going right back to Brett) AND once Ty tells him JC wants Brett out prior to F5 how willing will Brett be to go rouge with JC? (ummm - not very)
    • Says Hal will run to Brett/JC when Fes leaves (shows JC's hand in that he wants to create a F3 with Brett/Hal & with Ty/KC or Ty/Sam) JCs target is definitely Angela!
    • Reinforces he is the one pushing Brett to believe Ang/KC have a F2 & that he's (JC) worried Brett will target Ty (contradictory stories from JC shows his desperation)
    • Perhaps the WORST part of JC's speech to Tyler is telling him "we need to organize this that it’s me and you together and everyone else is hating each other" That little tidbit might have buried JC b/c now Tyler knows it's JC intention to plant negative seeds all over the house. By not recognizing how close Brett is to L6 AND TO TY he's burying himself.

    Moving Forward:
    I suspect someone in L6 will figure out to tell Fes (just before Thursday's show in case there is a battle back) it was JC who was telling the other side everything & has been voting with them all along & laughing about it. This so he can 1) share with the jury 2) compensate for any thoughts Fessy has about voting for JC at game end & 3) in case he returns to the house b/c that would work to focus his ire on JC (maybe). The other option could be via a GBM from one of KC, Brett or Angela (I just don't think Ty would do it, but maybe) which could also set up JC.

    It might be a moot point regarding the jury b/c if Scottie spent anytime (they are sequestered a few days) with Bay/Rocky the 3 would've determined it could only be JC since Scottie knows it wasn't Hal & the group know Fes was too angry for it to have been him. So, JC could be in trouble no matter what. Certainly if Scottie returns I doubt he'd ever trust JC as Hal will spill how hard JC pushed for his oust.

    As for the battle back unless it's a total crap shoot (think the spinning table & throwing in colored discs that Nicole won) then odds are Scottie or Fes will win their way back into the house. They'll be earmarked as targets (with Hal) regardless of whichever returns. That is unless they re-enter with a week of safety (& come on production you've already tweaked the game so much in an effort to help one side be relevant - please just stop).

    Conversely, should Hal win HOH it's bound to be Angela/KC on the block with a view to backdoor Tyler if he isn't nominated initially. A Fes return would likely find Fes finally doing what Hal wants unless this week goes badly. And in the event Scottie returns we'll have to see if he's still susceptible to Hal or would target JC b/c of his role in Scottie's oust.

    Edited after Monday to add: As for the rest of this week there isn't the typical action going on.
    • Will L6 start to reconsider voting out Hal given KC & Brett suspect a battle back. In this scenario the likely returnee would be Scottie who "might" work with Fessy but maybe not. It's likely L6 sticks with the Fessy oust though.
    • How much damage can Fes do to his "relationship" with Hal since he's acting like a petulant child when she speaks to anyone other than him. His current plan is to call out Angela as being demeaning to everyone to paint a target on her & believes the entire house will leave Hal alone if he does this (Festerbubble never ceases to amaze - b/c all that will do is make L6 more protective than ever of her).
    • Will Tyler download (or should I say "when will") his JC conversation with L6? Will he tell them separately i.e. let KC know JCs intent to target her & Angela if it's a DE? Will (when) he tell Brett that JC is bragging about having him under his spell (akin to Fessy) & wants him out prior to F5 and will L6 set up JC for a big fall knowing this is his current modus operandi. If they are smart they will get Brett to say "okay so Im' gunning for HOH & I'll put up KC/Ang" to see if JC tells Ty or not.
    • The latter action would need to be handled with kid gloves b/c if JC starts catches on (ie: stops believing Ty or figures out how close Brett is to L6) then if Fes returns in BB & one of Fes/Hal win HOH he could work to break up L6 and possibly even turn on Ty. It "could" get messy. This would take a perfect series of events to occur though
      • 1) Both Ty/Brett would have to make huge mistakes uncharacteristic to how they've played so far
      • 2) Fes would have to win BB (b/c Scottie won't trust JC fully)
      • 3. someone outside of L6/Sam would have to win HOH
      • 4) Sam would have to stop working with Ty/KC/Brett (this last point feels like the biggest stretch even with the intercom issue b/c of all the hamsters Sam despises Hal the most).
    One clear takeaway for me at this stage in the game is witnessing Princess Sting-ker trying to "sell her story to L6" to infiltrate their group & only being after Sam and JC trying to push what is best for him on Brett/Tyler while simultaneously trying to pull WannaBee into him is this - -

    Although JC talked to Ty often he didn't recognize how much L6 were controlling the game. JC in earnest thought "he" was controlling the game. In reality he was a tool for L6 to gain information, a vote for their side & a branch of L6 (but NOT a member). I recall early in the game Ty telling L6 we can't share too much with JC & telling Brett he (JC) takes credit for everything - let him, but don't tell him too much information.

    With Fes leaving (& Hal not being as tied to JC) his usefulness isn't as high for L6. Still, he had a decent shot of being F4, F3 but his over playing actions & refusal to recognize L6 is pushing him up the pecking order. And, for both him/Hal to wait until this point in the game to start having "game" conversations with L6 members puts them at a disadvantage b/c neither recognize all the information L6 have. Every time they try to "sell" a story or "lie" it only serves to reinforce they are the next two targets (three once BB player returns).


    • TTOTambz
      TTOTambz commented
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      NYGIANTSLOVER56 B/c I'm a big Tyler fan I see the rationale to take out Haleigh. If Tyler has a blind spot in this game it's been recognizing her ability. He knows Hal is intent on targeting him, but he also knows he'll likely sit beside Angela and in that scenario he stays. There are pros and cons to each -- Sam despises Haleigh and JC does NOT have the same solid relationship with her he has with Fes who is a better competitor and knows the dates cold. Here's how I talked myself into the Fes vote out based on a series of what ifs.

      WHAT IF:
      1) they vote out Hal & it's a crap shoot battle back which Bayleigh wins? We know she immediately realigns with Fessy.
      2) Bay or Fes win HOH - they won't put up Sam or JC, so for sure one of L6 leaves. Likely Angela or Brett
      3) then in DE Sam lucks out an HOH win - who will she put up? it certainly won't be any of the guys & she loves Bay. With no Hal in the house that means KC/Ang or KC/Brett end up on the block & if Brett left the week prior suddenly Fes, Bay, JC & Sam control the house with Ty & whoever remains in the downward position.

      That's why Fes has to go (even if he returns) b/c it keeps Sam focused on taking out Hal as her primary. Moreover, the two players who'll be most pissed off about JC's playing that side the entire game are FAILleigh, which is why I think JCs overplay this week is going to lead to that intel being outed. In virtually any POV (since they are physical) the 4 members of L6 have a far better shot at beating Haleigh than they do two of the others unless it's Rock Star & Hay. At this stage of the game you have to play the odds, you can't bet on a battle back even though we know it's coming.

      Scottie isn't a horrible return even though he'll re-align with Hal b/c JC will NOT want to work with him. L6 know he's dangerous so he'll become the priority boot. And, I still think Scottie may be potentially coerced into believing the guys need to work together b/c he has a solid relationship with Brett/Ty. If Scottie won HOH I think he would put up Sam/JC (as he had intended) with a view to a backdoor (Ang?) but L6 would gun for POV in order to stay off the block, keep noms the same and my guess (especially after this week - send out JC). Then in DE Hal would HAVE to win or Scottie/her would be nominated (Scottie being the target, but Hal an equally satisfying oust.) From that point whoever stayed would need to win out.

      Ultimately keeping Fes is more dangerous b/c of the combination of his abilities and his connections to Sam/JC.

      NYGIANTSLOVER56 commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you @ TTOTambz, you always have a way of putting everything in perspective for us here @ BBU. You made excellent points, and I do see how it is better for Fes to go first.

    • BellaLuna
      BellaLuna commented
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      TTOTambz— thank you for your updates! I look forward to them everyday.

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    Well I read some stuff on Twitter that Kaycee went downstairs and could hear the conversation in the HOH room from the living room and that they even showed up on the tv. I’m not positive if Sam heard them or not. I really honestly hope she did. From what I read it was stuff like how Sam’s backhanded comments drive them crazy and she flipped out on Brett about laundry and Angela said something about how Sam doesn’t like Brett being around Haleigh. There were other things said but I don’t remember it all right now.


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      The other thing I failed to mention is the behavior of Tyler. Or more specifically - who he is spending his time with. (Angela) Anyone thinking this is so out of character for Tyler or is worried he's losing sight of the game should recognize THIS is a pattern Ty has done the entire game.

      Firstly, let me note I do think Ty genuinely is interested in Angela BUT...........if we back track & think about his game the commonality is Tyler ALWAYS tries to be seen the most with whoever he wants to go on the block with him.

      Initally that was KK, then Scottie - so doesn't it make sense he's not worried about being attached to Angela? She would likely leave in any vote if they sat side by side based on people who either don't like her/think she's beasting the game/leading Ty around (LMAO they can't figure that aspect of Ty's game out) or who see her too attached to KC & Ty.

      Next to Angela Ty for sure gets Sam, JC (and likely KC/Brett with Hal also a logical nod in his direction ie: a clean sweep).

      Even though Ty should be able to win a vote sitting next to anyone in the house if he's put up with Angela it offers the most certainty he'll remain (& keep his priority F2 KC safe). That said, Ty's also right that breaking up Ang/KC now before Hal leaves is ONLY good for Hal (I'm not even sure it's that good for JC b/c of the repercussions of instigating that action).

      It boggles my mind how the entire game so many people have failed to see Ty's strength (KK, Bay, Rocky, Fes & obviously JC) ---Broken Baby Bird, poor little lamb. It's beyond crazy to me JC who has worked so closely to Tyler doesn't recognize his strategic skillset. Some of the others can be excused for their naivety, but for JC to not see it only reinforces why Tyler is one of the best to ever play this game.
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      • BettyBoo
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        The one problem Ty could have at the end is IF they continue to undervalue his game and see him only as a follower, not the director of the moves. I do think he's verbally able to present his case but he has to walk a fine line to the end not to totally out himself OR to stay too hidden. Sure is fun to watch him balancing on the high wire.

      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Yeah - fortunately at least one of L6 will get to jury & spill the beans. Once Tyler tells them he was the one who got KK to switch her vote to keep Sam & convinced her to back door Swaggy, then pulled in JC to work as a liaison to L6 and finally never used the power app those things will start to add up. AND I think the big clincher might be if he takes KC & not Angela the jury will be like damn Tyler you're all business! lol

    • #6
      I think the reason the other side has failed to "see" Tyler is because of his Golden Retriever puppy look and personality (which is why he'd better get his fuzzy hair back quickly ! ) I mean, I'd like to take him home and cuddle with him, wouldn't you? LOL!


      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Well - he's far too young for my taste lol. You bring up a great point about the poor little lamb, wounded baby bird though. He's easily been able to sell that persona. Like someone who has resting b*tch face would never get away with it. On the other hand it's the tiny little things he does that are essential in BB.

        For example: Scottie is leaving (Tyler knows this) but right up to the last minute he's still talking to him to see what Haleigh is saying & whether Fes will break the tie in his favor if they can get a 3rd vote (Sam proposed via Ty). Or in the last HOH comp he's giving Hal tickets while Sam asked for safety in exchange for tickets & Angela just didn't give her any. And this morning he's consoliing her over Fes being cruel.

        These little endearments go a long way, particularly when people vote at the end. And yet, they also demonstrate how Tyler takes advantage of "any little thing". He knows there may be a battle back & Scottie may win (plus he's a potential jury vote for now) he had zero desire to win HOH so sure give Hal tix, and moving forward b/c Hal is staying he so he needs to continue to nurture that relationship.

        I always felt Will was the most charming hamster (and beguiling), Dan had the ability (as did Derrick) to make personal connections which allowed them to build trust & then pry game information when required. Tyler (at least for me & he still needs to win) lands somewhere between Will & Dan b/c his mist is so powerful he has the hamsters completely blind to how devious he is. I'm not saying he's disingenuous b/c I do believe he likes everyone.

        I've just never witnessed a hamster so completely fool the majority of the house without doing it by blatantly lying like Dr Will: "I hate you all & I'm lying to your faces". The crazy part is Ty somehow has each person tied to him and all are equally invested in protecting him as they are themselves. His game may still get blown to smithereens, but he's my favorite since Dr. Will, Eric Stein & Danielle Reyes (who I consider the BB killer triad).

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      Okay --- so JC just made the SECOND pitch to Brett to take out Angela, KC & Tyler by teaming up with Haleigh & Sam. This time it's more aggressive suggesting they take out one of the trio (but in the same breathe makes sure to say one of Ang/KC) & also says they form a new alliance with the two of them Hal & Sam (gee that outta work out real well - I can just see Sam stoked to work with Haleigh can't you? LMAO.

      I wonder if Brett knows how close Sam is to Tyler. if Brett doesn't tell them & JC goes to Sam with this ---(insert serious thriller music here). JC is PUSHING his agenda hardcore b/c he wants to break up the trio (or let's be real TAKE OUT ANGELA & separate Ty/Ang). Brett might keep quiet, but I think he'll be too worried JC will try to pin it on him. OR Hal uses it to go to Ang/KC to form a trio & tattles on JC/Sam.

      Bottom line: JC is sooooooooooooooooo jealous of Ty-Angela relationship he can't sit still & wants her out now. The funny part is although Ty wants to keep Angela to F4 he has no intention on going F2 with her. Unless something odd happens I think my prediction of Sammy replacing JC may come true.

      EDITED TO ADD: JC's intention here is to take out Angela & then he'll be fine taking out Haleigh/Brett. That's the hilarious part he doesn't want to work with Brett just use him to move his agenda. BUT ---- once Tyler learns about this JC is cooked b/c it means JC (who wants to go F2 with Ty) is so jealous of Ang he's willing to put Ty in jeopardy just to take her out. After all the talk JC has spouted about "showmances" ruining Fes game & cautioning Ty about Angela - it seems to me JC's obsession with Tyler is what is ruining his own game.

      He's also delusional -- could it be the entire game b/c L6 haven't told JC everything he thinks he (JC) has been driving the house? Does he really believe he has Brett wrapped & that Sam will put him first above everyone? Or that Hal will cling to him just b/c Fes is leaving? Hmmmm forget Dr. Will's charm & Dan's mist - Tyler has owns the power spray & L6 are the plane who is bulk blasting it on the house.

      Suffice to say I'm dying for Tyler to tell Brett that JC spoke to him about targeting KC/Ang AND Brett & then watch the fireworks. L6 will likely do more of an implosion, but JC will be a marked man.

      As a side note: Why is it JC never has to get out of bed? It's after 1:30pm BB time & he's still in bed & complaining about BB asking him to get up. Faysal is too (and also took a hot shower yesterday despite being a have not) but Fessy's doing it b/c he's pouting. JC does it on a daily basis.
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      • beckyd30
        beckyd30 commented
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        Does JC think he has a shot in HE!! with Tyler? He seems more like a jealous boyfriend then he did with PuppetBoy (Fessy)
        TTOTambz, haven't you noticed JC is a lazy you know what and just does what he wants in the house - to he!! with the rules. Someone needs to make him feel the block and then vote him out that week. Why torture the dude by putting him up more then once? Plus, he and Bay are SUCH close friends - NOT!!
        Last edited by beckyd30; 08-28-2018, 08:02 PM.

      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        beckyd30 yeah I think all the beans get spilled this week I can see Brett & KC surprising in back-to-back HOH wins sending out the Battle Back winner this week then in the DE they shift to JC over Hal as the target b/c of all the nonsense this past week. Although they want Hal out the allure of getting JC out without time to scramble could be far too appealing. .

        Can't you just see Brett winning a DE putting up Hal/JC & using that moment to tell JC

        "you used to say Fessy was your big dumb puppet. Laughing about how you controlled him & FOUTTE & kept voting out their people. But what you didn't know is when you tried to turn people against each other on this side - is you were our puppet, a loveable puppet but one who was on the outside of an alliance formed week one. We didn't stay loyal this long just to turn on each other & let you sail untouched to the end. You said you want chaos & you've yet to experience the ultimate chaotic feeling - on the block. We love you but it's time to cut your strings so you can go to jury & re-join your big puppet." (It's just such a Brett thing to do)

      • beckyd30
        beckyd30 commented
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        TTOTambz, that is a Brett thing, but not sure he would blow L6 up like that with Sam and Hal still there, despite their mutual dislike of each other. More then likely he will just say something to JC about how 'the Puppet is now the Master' but not quite as concise or elegant as you or I would state it.

    • #8
      Jc just proposed that? I don’t have feeds on at work. I’m reading updates but I didn’t see that anywhere?


      • #9
        Did I miss it? Did someone get a pic of Tyler with his hair straightened?


        • #10
          Here's the early Fabio look:


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            The best part of it was how funny Brett thought it was watching Tyler freak out about it

          • catb1966
            catb1966 commented
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            Oh no no no. I need those curls back lol.

          • beckyd30
            beckyd30 commented
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            Here is hoping the show this on the Live Eviction show.

        • #11
          Note: Hay french-braided it and he went even more berserk. He thinks the straight hair makes him look feminine and hated it. Of course all the girls had to tell him how handsome he looks. Funny was Sam's reaction since she couldn't tell he hated it. She does live in a small village in her head, where only her point of view exists, so she has a bad read on others.


          • #12
            OMG --- BettyBoo can you put up a screen shot of Brett (Sam did his hair - I almost peed my pants laughing) suffice to say I think Sammy got her payback for the laundry rant tonight. I laughed so hard I cried (too funny).


            • #13


              • Walleye
                Walleye commented
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                Lmao wow!!!

              • beckyd30
                beckyd30 commented
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                The Next Wolverine

              • Kimberly77
                Kimberly77 commented
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                Oh dear Lord...he looks like he belongs in Whoville lol

            • #14
              At least Brett can laugh about it. Ty went full hissy fit.


              • #15
                So, who wore it best? (That's a horse of a different color!)


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