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Live Feed Discussion-September 2, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 2, 2018

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  • #2
    Good Morning all.

    I predict a lazy day by the pool for most of them.


    • #3
      Honestly, an argument can be made for any of L6 to win the game, depending on which ones make it to the end. In order of my choices:

      TY has best resume he can point to and we know he has controlled the game from the beginning.

      ANGELA has solid resume she can show and has been at core of group decisions.

      KAYCEE is building a resume, though no HOH yet, so not as showy.

      BRETT has survived & thrived, playing sneaky mind games with the opposition, but no win resume to brag about.

      After that JC can say he was a puppet master, but without wins he has so visible resume. Sam can point to an HOH, but nothing else.

      Hayleigh and Scottie have had some wins, despite their ultimate failures. We know the four Hivers in Jury will vote for either one of them if they made it to Final Two (both will not after this week). But will need to gain a fifth vote to flip the vote.

      So I'm guessing at the end, the Hivers will be choosing between 2 L6s, so their grand plan will mean nothing. BUZZ


      • herms is here
        herms is here commented
        Editing a comment
        Out of the four of them, I would pick Tyler and Brett. Just because to me how many wins you have does make you any less deserving. He has had to fight his way back into the good graces of all the house guests. Plus the game is also based on the socIal aspect and both of those guys have played a terrific social game
        Angela to me has not played a good social game. People have been coming to her instead of the other way around.

        I still would like Sam to start winning and somehow make it to the final 2.

        I am looking forward to how Tyler works the rest of the game without getting any
        blood on his hands.
        Last edited by herms is here; 09-02-2018, 09:51 AM.

      • Border57
        Border57 commented
        Editing a comment
        I would like to see KayCee, Angela, and Tyler as Final 3. I don't really care who gets to the Final 2. Part of me would like to see Angela and KayCee make it to Final 2 because women usually (always?) lose to the guys in the end. But I think Tyler deserves the win if he makes it all the way. I thought earlier in the season, before Scottie was in trouble, that he and KayCee might get to the end, and I still think KayCee has a big shot at it.

        I'm not a Brett fan. I don't dislike him but he's got this way about him that reminds me of the guys in Brittney's season where they enjoyed letting her know she had no chance when it was down to the four of them. I STILL dislike Enzo when I think about that as he was by far the worst about it. People I have admired in the game before would never do that. Derrick would never have acted that way, for example. In this game, KayCee, Angela, and Tyler wouldn't act that way. So that idea makes me shy away from Brett. It might not be justified, though. Maybe just my prejudices.

        JC is going to be furious when he goes out. I'll be surprised if he's not nasty about it. Sure won't miss him when he goes. I've just found out too much about him in the last week or two to like him now. Being outside of L6 he has no chance at this point, anyway.

        It's sure been a great season, though! Next year (I assume it will be renewed) I hope they can cast some good people again. Leave the arrogant snots off the program, please, give us people we feel good about rooting for.

        Lexie, I'm off to make a donation! Thanks for all you do, it's REALLY appreciated!

    • #4
      I have a bad feeling Tyler may be in trouble next week. I actually think it’s better for him for Scottie to stay, but I hope i’m wrong.


      • Barbso
        Barbso commented
        Editing a comment
        I agree with you yaya1300 I really want to see Ty in final 2 and if Hal is not out this week, it may come back to prevent that from happening. She's good at getting in their faces.....playing the "I'm so sorry" card and I think it can be working. This group is good....and they are even a challenge for us guessing what may happen!

    • #5
      Tyler has played a great social game, and hiding his 5 final 2 is remarkable.. so his game play cover while Sam's has been over. I am probably one of few people that would like Tyler sitting next to either Brett or Sam. He should pick Sam as his goat. I don't see JC getting much farther. I guess I wouldn't be opposed to Kaycee, Angela and Sam fighting it out to the end.

      kind of off topic. I was thinking about the winners and 2nd place winners and it seems that a lot of them got there winning few comps they are.

      Dr Wil

      It definitely takes the ability to socialize as well.



      • #6
        I think Tyler may be in a good position unless others start talking about their F2’s with him. However this is unlikely because it is in each partner’s benefit to keep this information a secret at this point in the game. Should Tyler go on the block, he has all of his F2 partners to keep him in the game. Brett will be his biggest challenger as the game progresses.


        • #7
          I very much want Tyler to win it all, but I'll be happy to see two L4 players in the final two. Here is hoping that the hive gets stung hard with that scenario!
          I also think that Scotty is much more of a wild card then Hay as far as who he would put up if he won HOH. I think she would target Ty. So in that light, I think they should get her out first.
          Last edited by lyriele2; 09-02-2018, 02:44 PM.


          • SmilemakerRDH
            SmilemakerRDH commented
            Editing a comment
            I agree, I think they are crazy to let her survive another week. I think it’s gonna come back to bite them hard. They need to get her out now and then use Scottie to get JC out. All they have to do is tell him JC was responsible for his initial oust and he will be Scottie’s #1 target.

          • lyriele2
            lyriele2 commented
            Editing a comment
            Exactly. Scottie may or may not target JC, but he's certainly more likely to do so than Hay.

        • #8
          With the latest revelations re: the Jury votes, Tyler cant take KC because I think the girls will vote for her (Girl Power) and I definitely think Fesstooge and Scotty will vote for KC for spite. He needs to take Brett because he's not liked by the Fesstooge group.


          • beckyd30
            beckyd30 commented
            Editing a comment
            Actually, Angela is his best bet, since they all hate her and think she is a spoiled rich girl (HayLay2.0)

        • #9
          Something we must always keep in mind is that the HGs do not see all as we do and are personally affected, so their views of the vote are skewed differently then ours. That's why the resume of wins counts for them more than it does for us. We hope they can be objective, but how can you be when your own dream of winning was taken from you. In the end though it's nice to have good sportsmanship in recognizing someone else did play a better game than you did.

          There's still a lot of game to go and loyalties will change. I always look at Vanessa's season as to what can happen to the front runner.


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            OMG remember all the crying - I remember the first week when Vanessa had safety & I said this girl is playing a con she's here to win. Which of course she was. I did not like that season at all. I guess there was nothing inherently wrong with any of the hamsters I just never warmed to Austin, the twins, Vanessa, -- well in truth I wasn't a fan of many in that season.

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
            Editing a comment
            I've always wondered if she deliberately missed that last question on the quiz thinking he'd still take her to the final, as Cody did with Derrick.

        • #10
          Originally posted by joniw1 View Post
          With the latest revelations re: the Jury votes, Tyler cant take KC because I think the girls will vote for her (Girl Power) and I definitely think Fesstooge and Scotty will vote for KC for spite. He needs to take Brett because he's not liked by the Fesstoogegroup.

          Fesstooge and Scotty will vote for KC for spite.🤐

          Brett's 😛 not liked by the

          Cute and clever nickys for the 🤡 clowns 🎪of the season.


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            I'm not so sure Fes would vote for KC b/c 1) he's more of a guy's guy 2) although he didn't like Ang putting him up & going against the "deal" that was her not Tyler 3) KCs goodbye message really annoyed him (i.e. it was okay for him to say "it was a long time coming" re: her POV win but not okay for her to throw it back at him).

            As for Brett he'd have Hal's vote b/c she's repeatedly said he's playing the best game and it seems the remainder of the group aren't as angry at Brett since his actions were either to save himself or so overt they kind of expected it from him. Where Rocky at one time hated him that seemed to shift even with his goodbye message where she thought it was funny/expected.

            At this point based on what I've heard it appears Bay is the driving force of this group and it's Tyler who is the marked man with Angela a close second. But, I'll have something in the morning for how this entire situation might be able to be spun in Ty's favor. (read: could be my wishful thinking lol)

        • #11
          Happy Labor Day Holiday --here is our Sunday 5 PM PST Nicky Update

          Well, it is time for BBU’ers to dredge out their precognition hats and toss out potential nicknames for the winner. I will pass the blame to lyriele2 who already tossed out..


          I created a new group header:

          That contains

          ..IF __ WINS-Nick-Name
          ..GAME PLAY VOTERS


          Joniw1 gives us today's new nicknames.

          Regarding Fessy

          Regarding FOUTE...........

          ..IF __ WINS-Nick-Name
          ~TYied-up-in-a-neat-little-TY-dyed-bow lyriele2
          ~Fessyfussy belle1
          ~RockSalty belle1
          ..GAME PLAY VOTERS
          ~Bayfume belle1
          ~Hayflirt belle1
          ..BBU Boards….
          ~Been.TYLERizedd LCnSummer
          ~Truth-Teller JURY Manager
          ..BBU HOUSE
          ~Tylerized Lynette
          ..FES and HAY
          ~FAIL-Leigh showmance -- TTOTambz
          ~GNAW-mance TTOTambz
          ~HONEYhivemance TTOTambz
          ~Playing-Dating-Game diacav
          ~Clueless-plate lyriele2
          ~blindsided-by-stingers lyriele2
          ~BUSYBees TTOTambz
          ~Fesstooge-group joniw1
          ~FOUTTE *** becky3do
          🐝 HIVE Move 🐝 BettyBoo
          🐝 HIVE Move Treatise 🐝 Squishy
          ~Masterminds? Amj0715
          ~The-Loser-Brigade Beckyd30
          ~SSESMPB* (See Below) Beckyd30--Ghost Writter
          ~Tracker-Jacker-(Hacker)-Bees TTOTambz
          ~JURYSTAR, ------Bret's name for Juror# 2
          ..The Kingdom 0f Fumblebees 🐝
          ~Fumblebees 🐝🐝 Squishy
          ~BUSYBees TTOTambz
          ~BuzzBrain 🐝 JeanK
          ~Dying-Bee-Hive kokomogirl
          ~Waxed-Up-Glasses kokomogirl
          .. L4 - L6
          ~ANGling-for-a-stereoTYpical-blindside TTOTambz
          ~Kings-Council-prevails TTOTambz
          ~Masterminds Amj0715
          ..Possible Battle Back Nick Names
          ~Rock-BACK LCnSummer
          ~Block-Block-A-Dieux LCnSummer
          ~MIND-Block.......(if she wins) Walleye
          ~Pitty-Back LCnSummer
          ..PRODUCTION Destruction
          ~CLOWN-Shoe’d LCnSummer
          ~Feelin-da-🌡BURN 🔥 LCnSummer
          ~Fumblebee'd LCnSummer
          ~HIVE.sickness sdkgeo
          ..SCOTTIE and HAY
          ~Scoleigh misscmm
          ..TYLER and ANGELA
          ~Angler Lynette
          ~EnTYcing~ANGles TTOTambz
          ~Tangelo TTOTambz
          ~Tangler Lynette
          ~TangY TTOTambz
          ~Beyby-Scaggy Mary4BB
          ~Swabay-bee misscmm
          ~celeBRETT TTOTambz
          ~Fire-Man LCnSummer
          ~Lone-Wolfe TTOTambz
          ..BRETT's impact on ..Bumbles/HIVE/FOUTE
          ~bee-smoker TTOTambz
          ~Drone-Bee-Brett kokomogirl
          ~Gets-their-Rocks-off TTOTambz
          ~Hand-That-Rocks-The-Cradle TTOTambz
          ~POP-ROCKS TTOTambz
          ~ROCKet-Blast TTOTambz
          ~ROCK-the-boat TTOTambz
          ~RS-has-hit-RockBottom TTOTambz
          ..FAYSAL ~ FESSIE ~ FESSY
          ..S.M.I.M.I.S. ** Beckyd30
          ~Failsy Yaya
          ~Battle-of-Heads Beckyd30
          ~Feast Babben
          ~Feizure Oh this House
          ~Fes-Buy-My-Own-Swag TTOTambz
          ~FessBuckets TTOTambz
          ~Fesstooge joniw1
          ~Fester JeanK
          ~Festerbubble TTOTambz
          ~Festering-Boil Beckyd30
          ~Festering-Inferno TTOTambz
          ~FesTheMess Beckyd30
          ~Festicles! JeanK
          ~Festivus EmyITT
          ~Festoon TTOTambz
          ~FEStooned-To-Jury TTOTambz
          ~FessyMoron Beckyd30
          ~Flopte Squishy
          ~FraggleRock TTOTambz
          ~Fussybits TTOTambz
          ~inFEStile TTOTambz
          ~junior-puppet-master Beckyd30
          ~King-Bee-Fessy kokomogirl
          ~'Lost-My-Swag TTOTambz
          ~Messy-Fessy GrandmaSusan
          ~Pouty-McFesterson TTOTambz
          ~SirFakeSwag TTOTambz
          ~The-Big-Dumb-Muppet Pammer
          ..HAY ~ HALEIGH
          ~Complainleigh Diane40
          ~Cryleith GrandmaSusan
          ~Hayblanket GrandmaSusan
          ~Hayflirt belle1
          ~HayLay Mary4BB
          ~HayLayOnTheGuys Beckyd30
          ~Hayseed JeanK
          ~Heizure OhThisHouse
          ~Honey-Bee-Hal kokomogirl
          ~KK 2.0 Beckyd30
          ~NoGameleigh Beckyd30
          ~Princess-Sting-ker TTOTambz
          ~Texas-Princess Misscmm
          ~Queen-Wanna-BEE TTOTambz
          ~QueenBrokenStinger TTOTambz
          ~QueenSting TTOTambz
          ~Stinger TTOTambz
          ~Sting-ker TTOTambz
          ~WannaBee TTOTambz
          ~Jocular-Cagines TTOTambz
          ~ShowMANce (JC & TY) misscmm
          ​​​​​​​~After-the-nominations-Sam Lexie
          ~’Aside-From' sdkgeo
          ~Before-the-nominations-Sam Lexie
          ~diSAMbiguation TTOTambz
          ~hypROCKical TTOTambz
          ~Kathy-bates-on-Brett Yaya1300
          ~nucking-futs Pammer
          ~Samcrazy GrandmaSusan
          ~STARS-in-her-eyes TTOTambz
          ~HAYWIRE JeanK
          ~Haywood JeanK
          ~hopeless-Scottmantic TTOTambz
          ~Nottie LCnSummer
          ~On-the-way-out-the-door-mance .... TTOTambz
          ~Sketchy OutOfTheDarkness
          ~Sketchy,-and-kind-of-a-thief Lyrele2
          ~Scandy Kokomogirl
          ~Scooter OutOfTheDarkness
          ~Snotty JeanK
          ~Shaggy JeanK
          ~Snaggy JeanK
          ~BO-TYLER LCnSummer
          ~I'm-On-CLOUD-9-SURFING TTOTambz
          ~CLOUD9Surfer TTOTambz
          ~Cloud-Power-Savior lyriele2
          ~Master Ty lyriele2
          ~Silver-Surfer BettyBoo
          ~Tongue-Tyed LCnSummer
          ~BagOfRocks OutOfTheDarkness
          ~blockblab LCnSummer
          ~blockblock LCnSummer
          ~Blockhead Diane40
          ~blockrock LCnSummer
          ~blocksink LCnSummer
          ~blockstar LCnSummer
          ~CrazyRock Walleye
          ~DumbAsRocks OutOfTheDarkness
          ~facitless-rock Pukahs
          ~FallingRocks Polgara
          ~FallingStar OutOfTheDarkness
          ~Flopstar TEAMTYLER
          ~Fraggle-Rock liongori
          ~GlitterRock TTOTambz
          ~Haystack JeanK
          ~HIDEMEUnderARockNow Lynette
          ~JURYSTAR Lynette
          ~KickRocks Mary4BB
          ~LargeMouthRock belle1
          ~LooseRocks Polgara
          ~MAMA-ROCK OhThisHouse
          ~MIND-Block Walleye
          ~NOTstar LCnSummer
          ~OffHerRocker Lynette
          ~Pebbles misscmm
          ~PetRock OutOfTheDarkness
          ~POP-ROCKS TTOTambz
          ~PoundRocks OutOfTheDarkness
          ~Pound-The-Rocks TTOTambz
          ~Rock-a-Bye-Bye TTOTambz
          ~Rock-a-Block TTOTambz
          ~Rock-a-Doodle kokomogirl
          ~RockBottoms OutOfTheDarkness
          ~RockBrain Walleye
          ~Rock-Brain-Less Lynette
          ~RockCandy TTOTambz
          ~Rock-Drone TTOTambz
          ~Rock drill lyriele2
          ~Rockdud TEAMTYLER
          ~Rockfish lyriele2
          ~Rock-for-brains Lynette LShowD 8-15 5:45PM
          ~Rock-for-brains Yaya1300 LFD 8-15 6PM
          ~Rock-GUT lyriele2
          ~Rockhound belle1
          ~Rockgarden lyriele2
          ~ROCKHEAD OutOfTheDarkness
          ~Rock-in-her-head Pukahs
          ~ROCKING-OUT TTOTambz
          ~RockLobster flarsen
          ~Rocknado TTOTambz
          ~RockNBolt TTOTambz
          ~Rock'nDud Beckyd30
          ~Rock-N-Hard-Places TTOTambz
          ~Rock-N-Roll TTOTambz
          ~Rock-Not-So-Solid Alliance YaYa1300
          ~Rock'nStuffHerFace Beckyd30
          ~Rock'nSTFU Beckyd30
          ~Rock-Out TTOTambz
          ~RockOnTheBlock's mimichick
          ~Rock-Paper-Scissors purrwing
          ~RockPit TTOTambz
          ~RockSalt BettyBoo
          ~RocksFor-Brains Lynette
          ~rocksink LCnSummer
          ~RockSlide JeanK
          ~RockSkunk BettyBoo
          ~Rocksrat Lexie
          ~ROCK-the-beat TTOTambz
          ~ROCK-this-joint-OUT(the door)! TTOTambz
          ~RockQuarry Pukahs
          ~RockWall Gabesrah
          ~Rockwitch GrandmaSusan
          ~RockyBalNo’s TTOTambz
          ~ROCKYMountainHIgh TTOTambz
          ~Rocky-N-Bull(Winkle) TTOTambz
          ~RockyRoad Walleye
          ~ROCKSHEEEET OhThisHouse
          ~RockyShores OutOfTheDarkness
          ~Rock-whatever Barbso
          ~ROCKYTALK OhThisHouse
          ~RockyTop Diane40
          ~sinkrock LCnSummer
          ~starrock LCnSummer
          ~Star-Ship Nita14
          ~WackyRocky misscmm
          *Spoiled, Selfish, Entitled, Stupid Morons And Petty Bitches
          **Stupidest, Most Idiotic, Moronic Imbecilic Statement
          ***Fraudulently Omitting Unjustifiably Their Top Entitlements


          • Lynette
            Lynette commented
            Editing a comment
            That is some list you have compiled besides creating new t-shirts and running the haberdashery....take Labor Day off and rest.

          • Polgara
            Polgara commented
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            This deserves it's own thread! Good job.

        • #12
          Read on Twitter that Ty caught Scottie eavesdropping with his ear right up to the HOH door.


          • Kimbers
            Kimbers commented
            Editing a comment
            I can't see it being that much of an issue, L6 will just brush it off. I really, really can't wait until they start turning on themselves. LOL

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
            Editing a comment
            A gif was posted, but he's on his knees listening. Don't know how Ty found out but he was annoyed. It just further seals his fate this week.

          • beckyd30
            beckyd30 commented
            Editing a comment
            I actually watch that happen live on the feeds and Scotty tried to play it off like he was trying to scare Tyler as he came out

        • #13
          Shocker, Haleigh is up in the HoH again.


          • lyriele2
            lyriele2 commented
            Editing a comment
            She's a pesky little bee lol

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
            Editing a comment
            Hey, Ty, the door locks. Ask Sam.

        • #14
          Originally posted by Lynette View Post
          That is some list you have compiled besides creating new t-shirts and running the haberdashery....take Labor Day off and rest.

          WHEW. ..... ya but... umnnn... there were all those new nickys that sprang forth during the episode discussion thread. What to do, what to do.....

          Will they float around feeling unclaimed... Ok prolly not.. CAUSE I did mention each one when I saw it... soooo we can all sleep tonight not feeling guilty that we've

          cast out unawares any unclaimed nickys.n.stuff.
          And I admit I've not paid attention to the upkeep around the BBU Haberdashery. So, as you wander the isles try to ignore the dust and wee spiddy-webs.

          We sell BBU-A-Gee Pills, so you are covered if you start sneezing, Oh and the BBU Ca-Lean-X is really soft...


          • #15
            WOW really must be a slow day in the BB house based upon the live feed updates, all the houseguests are still in bed.


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