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Live Feed Discussion-September 5, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 5, 2018

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  • #2
    Good morning all.

    I think Tyler/Angela are getting kind of complacent and lazy now. I wasn't able to watch much yesterday, but every time I did they were up in the HoH with only brief forays out. Kaycee slept a lot, but then went up to HoH. Haleigh was up there a bit. I hate when a group stays in the HoH all the time. It really starts becoming obvious. Brett has a play ground with the people downstairs..


    • amj0715
      amj0715 commented
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      Angela only spent about 3 hours (if that) in the HOH room yesterday and very little of that was alone with Tyler. The vast majority of it was with other HG.

      You must have only caught the times they were in the HOH because Angela and Tyler were only alone for about 30 minutes (if that) yesterday.
      Haleigh slept most of the afternoon as did JC. Angela was up about 10 a.m. and she didn't go up to the HOH room at all until mid to late afternoon. She and Tyler were there for about 30 minutes before Brett came up there. The three of them talked for a little while and then JC came up there. Brett and JC stayed for a long time. Tyler was in and out (DR called him) and then Angela went downstairs. Later in the evening, she went back to the HOH room and Kaycee came up and then Haleigh. Eventually, it was just Angela, Kaycee and Haleigh for a while and then Angela left. Tyler came back in and stayed with Kaycee and Haleigh for a while. Angela never went back up to the HOH room.

      In fact, she spent most of the day downstairs playing various games they came up with and talking. She did a really good job yesterday of interacting with everyone. She and Brett even had a nice one-on-one chat in the BBR for a while last night as well.

      There have been days when Angela and Tyler have spent way too much time alone but yesterday was definitely not one of those days.

    • AmyBeth
      AmyBeth commented
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      Interesting to get a perspective amj0715. I too felt like Ty/Ang were spending too much time alone together. Was worried for their game mostly. With the backyard closed, it is harder to spend any time alone inside the house. Way too obvious for everyone.

    • sdkgeo
      sdkgeo commented
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      Thanks amj, like Amy said it is good to get that perspective. It's not always easy to see the whole picture when you can only pop in occasionally.

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    I was listening to Brett and Angela talk last night. It was an interesting conversation between the two of them. Both reiterated that they wanted the F4 to be the four remaining members of Level 6 and then they will just go for it at that point. They also discussed Scottie's revelations from the jury house. Angela and Brett both realize that neither one of them are going to get a jury vote from Rockstar. They did joke around and say it would be fun if they were the F2 and Rockstar HAD to vote for one of them to win the game. They said that would be Rockstar's worst nightmare and she might refuse to cast a vote if Brett/Angela were the F2. They also discussed how Tyler and Kaycee are liked by most of the jury members.

    They did not make a F2 deal but I think that is where the conversation was heading before they were interrupted. Brett told Angela that she was his favorite person and that she doesn't seem to talk to him anymore. She asked him if his lone wolf stage was done yet. They discussed who should be in the F5 with Level 6, JC or Sam. Angela said that she goes back and forth as she really wants Sam out but she wonders if it would be better to try and get JC out as he is a better at talking to people than Sam is. Brett said he thought JC was better because there was no chance he could win any competitions.

    And while I don't think either of them were actually serious, they both said that they would be happy as long as they made it to the F4 and that Level 6 was the final four. They also talked about how the last place they wanted to go was the jury house as everyone in that house hates them.

    It was an interesting conversation between the two of them. Let's see if they start talking a little bit more and if they both begin to realize that their best shot of winning will be against each other. I am not sure either of them have any chance of winning against Tyler or Kaycee. And if it is Sam or JC, they might also have a difficult road to winning if the jury is bitter and votes based on who they like better, not who played a better game.

    The next couple of weeks are shaping up to be very interesting. There is speculation that the double eviction will be September 13. There has been no official announcement, just speculation. If that is the case, they will go from 7-5 in one night. And if it were me ... I would aim to get JC out on the double eviction night. I just think it would be the easiest thing for everyone in the house. He is so grumpy/irritable just being a have-not, can you imagine if he were on the block for an entire week?


    • beckyd30
      beckyd30 commented
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      I agree JC needs to go quick, he is the only one in BB history to prevent himself from going on the block by speaking out at the POV Ceremony, and if that was his reaction to the 'thought' of being on the block. Put him up and out FAST.

    • amj0715
      amj0715 commented
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      I think Angela may have a chance to win the game depending on the thought process of the jury. If the jury is going to go based on game play, she has a chance to win, depending on who is sitting beside her. However, if they are going to go off their personal feelings toward the last two standing, she has no chance to win against anyone except, Brett, possibly.

      However, it all depends on whether the jury is going to be bitter or if they go towards actual game play.

    • soflaguy
      soflaguy commented
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      Angela and Brett have both had poor judgement in their goodbye messages. Once you get to jury, never give an additional reason for someone not to give you the prize.

  • #4
    Hay: "Tyler lives in a bush and all he does is beat his way around it." Lolololol! Ok, THAT was funny.


    • #5
      Hay is frustrating for me. She sees and understands what's going on around her, like her early seeing Ty as a player to get out. But she is so self-centered that she can't see what others need to play on her team. That's a talent Ty & Brett have shown.

      When she told Bay about her having the Hacker app it was because she didn't want Bay & Bay's family to be mad at HER. She played the passive aggressive game with Fessie and when they were nommed, she forced him to say SHE was right. With no siblings and only one cousin, the world has always revolved around her.

      I would hope with more life experience she would get wiser and less self-involved, but the example of RS shows it doesn't always happen.

      I doubt she'll get to the final, so will be interesting to see who she votes for. I do think she'll vote game, with Sam being the only one left she really dislikes.


      • #6
        If what is being reported on Twitter & other sites is true, JC is not going to be happy tomorrow night when BeamMeUp Scottie is not evicted. Appears Hay's time in the BB house is up.


        • #7
          JC is being a capital letter BRAT --- this guy does whatever the heck he wants in the house, complains being made a have not (when on countless occasions BB has made the worst comp performers have nots). Now, he's pissed about TPTB giving alcohol to the hamsters and claiming it's ONLY b/c he's a have not.

          Then he tells Brett that Angela is a sloppy drunk and it just means they (Brett/JC) will have more work to do to keep on top of the situation & keeping her away from Ty or making sure nothing happens. Not since the days of Bunny Burner & Shane have I said this --- but I seriously think Ty may need to get a restraining order post BB to keep JC away from him.

          JC is really testing me --- I want to like him b/c he's made me laugh so much, but he is so delusional thinking the game is run by him, this is "his show" & Tyler IS HIS!

          I seriously can't wait for DE so his butt gets booted b/c I can't imagine a week of him on the block.
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 09-06-2018, 01:16 AM.


          • #8
            So Haleigh sprayed Brett with the hose as they were joking about pranking each other (and of course this was fueled by alcohol). So Brett said to Hal - Scottie has my heart right now (implying he gets the last laugh with his vote) which sent Hal running from kitchen. She's now up in HOH crying to Angela/KC about what happened. Brett then pulled Sam in to discuss working with her moving forward and OF COURSE JC interupts that conversation b/c he just has to be at the center of everything. Brett is considering flipping the vote to take out Haleigh and all he needs is JC/Sam to do it.

            Meanwhile Kaycee & Angela have noticed how off Brett has been and are blaming it on JC getting in his head (BINGO). Here's the thing - it won't be bad for Tyler if Scottie stays --- in fact it might be better although he'll be harder to get out IMHO.

            So here are the things which may fall out of these convos:
            • Will Sam or JC tell Tyler they are shifting the vote to Hal (if the trio decides to do that)?
            • Is Sam going to try to work both Tyler & Brett? (this could get very interesting b/c we know Sam won't want to nom Scottie, Tyler or KC out of anyone in the house - so she could get what she wants - which is Haleigh leaving/Scottie staying & then bury JC/Brett b/c they expect Sam to vote that way but not JC/Brett).
            • Will KC, Ang decide to keep Scottie if they learn about this decision?
            • How much will Tyler try to push one way or the other?
            • Will this cement JC leaving before Sam (or possibly Scottie?)
            • How will L6 react to Brett's actions? Will they consider taking him out prior to F4 or F5 b/c of how things ahave changed this week now that JC is constantly in Brett's head?
            Edited to add: JC ran to Tyler to out Brett's plan to keep Scottie & how he (JC) wants Angela gone (JC digging a deeper and deeper hole)
            Last edited by TTOTambz; 09-06-2018, 04:03 AM.


            • belle1
              belle1 commented
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              Ty has said best for his game if Scottie stays and Hay goes. KC also picked up change in the wind on this elimination.

          • #9
            Was just watching the aftermath on BBAD of Spraygate aka Let's have a hissy fit over nuttin.

            Ty was sitting in bed behind JC while KC and Angela were sitting in chairs facing the guys defending Hayleigh's feelings. I started to laugh, when Ty began giving the girls the neck slash stop the current conversation with JC. Then as they changed the tactics a bit, he was giving them thumbs up. Gotta love the real puppeteer pulling the strings.


            • #10
              Looks like it swung back overnight with Kaycee and Angela talking Brett down. Brett then told JC the plan was still to get Scottie out.


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