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Live Feed Discussion-September 11, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 11, 2018

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    9/11-Never Forget


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      Interesting that Hay said that she would vote for Tyler over KC if they were the final two. If true this is good news, at least to me. At this point in the game, KC would be my second choice to win. Tyler, of course, first.


      • misscmm
        misscmm commented
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        I doubt she would actually do it, though. KC has now become a more powerful social, emotional, competitive gamer without the hinderance of a showmance. Tyler was doing soooo great until Lil' Tyler showed his hanky-panky head. Ahhh ... the downfall of so many great men ....

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      Does Hay still think she is the pawn? Ty will have to manage Hay's eviction in order to keep her in that frame of mind to vote for him. If he doesn't and she gets evicted she may flip on him.


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        Hey all,

        In reference to @soflaguy post above I think as much as the jury dislikes L4 and seemingly loved KC there are a couple of things which point to Tyler having odds in his favor:

        1) The FOUTTE/HIVE group worked with Tyler right up until Haleigh's HOH so that's the majority of the game. Tyler can take credit for
        • Ousting Steve (via KK's vote)
        • Backdoor of Swaggy (via removing Scottie & getting KK to nominate Swaggy)
        • Protecting Angela/Brett by keeping Rachel on block (b/c he preferred to keep Brett, KC & Angela over Rachel in the house and Angela would've been the re-nom)
        • Knowing he was winning too much Tyler let Angela win the POV to remove him so Bay would go up/out (with Angela being the one to get blood on her hands).
        • Rockstar Eviction (via winning POV to take down Angela & put KC up since Angela would be in more danger of getting voted out)

        2) Once JC hits the jury and starts complaining about Ty using him all it will take is Brett or Angela arriving to tell of L6 and how they used JC who thought he was running the house & called them all (FOUTTE/HIVE) stupid and suddenly the jury will likely think Ty was brilliant for using JC. Remember Tyler said his pregame plan was to work with someone from the other side - cut them at F4 and take credit fo all the moves (well that has worked out exactly as he's said.) And, while the jury may be mad at Tyler the fact JC called them all stupid and dummies won't sit well with them. Notably Ty's plan was for JC to go out at F4 so if that happens he'll only arrive in time for jury round table. OH PLEASE let Dr. Will be there so he can call out JC for calling Fes his dumb puppet & ask him if he's Tyler's puppet - I would pay money for that to happen.

        3) Brett took over Ty's role after Angela's first HOH win (when Haleigh was the Hacker). Up to that point in the season Ty had that role so Brett won't get the same credit as Ty (b/c that was week 9). In addition - Brett trying to work with Haleigh, JC and Sam to target his own alliance might also not work to his benefit whereas Tyler will be viewed as loyal to them. On top of that Brett has blatantly lied to all of JC (re F2 with Ty & connection to L6), Hal & Sam re his L6 connection. Ty meanwhile has never hid his attachment to Ang/KC & just downplayed his Brett connection to keep JC in hand.

        4) Ty's ability to play the poor baby wounded bird & lost little lamb had most of the jury not considering nominating him. Bay kept him off the block & Fes did consider it but was more driven to oust one of Scottie/Brett b/c they vied for Haleigh's attention

        5) Although Scottie says he won't tell the jury Ty had the power app that's about as likely as Rocky not calling someone entitled or amping up her accent for interviews. Once the jury learns that they'll begin to piece together how strong Tyler is by the fact he didn't need to use the power app & that it was Tyler who in fact played KK. I think the jury will either get angered or think it's brilliant that Tyler had everyone believing he was a lost puppy getting led around by KK/Angela when the reality is he was the leader.

        6) Where I think Tyler will gain respect will be his loyalty to L6 and KC, particularly if he can reach F2 without being the one to personally nominate JC, Sam or Brett. What occurred all season is players never checked to see where Ty's true partnerships were b/c they believed them to be with KK & then Angela. Sam I doubt will make waves (if she leaves via someone else's hand). Brett will respect Ty had that deal with KC early. JC will be bitter likely but he'll be equally bitter with Brett for playing with him to try to knock out Angela these past few weeks.

        7) Given how close Tyler has been perceived to be with Angela will the jury give him extra benefit if he is the one to pick his F2 and stays true to KC over Angela? Will they reward him for that b/c it will add to his controlling the ladies instead of them controlling him? I have to think Bay, Rocky, Fes (who all dislike Angela) plus Sam & Brett in particular would give him extra credit for that move.

        8) AND - How much will KC lying low not winning until week 7 (Hacker app) then POV in week 9, 10 & both HOH/POV week 11 be viewed by jury. In comparison Ty was viewed a comp threat the entire game winning HOH week 1 (and week 10) with POV wins in weeks 2, 5 and 7 and threw POVs week 1 to Fes and to week 6 to Angela. B/c of when Tyler won he was viewed a threat the entire time whereas KC was viewed as a floater. I guess it will depend on whether the jury respects how KC played it.

        Moving forward I could see Tyler not trying to win HOH again until F4. Logically he shouldn't want to win DE HOH b/c it would mean having to put up people he has F2 deals with. Unless Angela is HOH though I do think he will likely gun for POV to ensure his own safety and so he controls who leaves at F6. Likewise, it's doubtful he'll want to win F5 HOH and unless Angela or KC are HOH I doubt he'll try to win POV so he's not seen as he person taking out whoever leaves at that juncture.

        He'll definitely want to win F4 HOH and will say it doesn't matter who he nominates b/c POV controls who stays/goes. Again who remains at F4 may also dictate whether he guns for F4 POV. If it's Angela, KC & JC he doesn't need to win b/c JC will take out Angela & the ladies will take out JC. If it's Brett though (and not JC) then he'll need to try to win so Brett leaves via K or Angela's hand. I do think Ty's preference is to take JC to F3 as annoying as he is so KC and he can just take each other by winning all the final comps.

        By no means does Tyler have this wrapped up and there is an excellent argument for Kaycee to win and possibly Brett depending on how the jury view him. I don't believe Angela can do better than 2nd place and as much as the jury is bitter I also don't think JC could win but it's also doubtful anyone would test that theory by taking him.

        DE holds the most intrigue for me. Will Ty try to take a shot at Brett? Will the house decide to flip on JC (right now they want to keep him to F5 b/c he did more for the L6 alliance). Ty has always wanted to keep JC around deeper into the game, but he's getting on Ty's last nerve with all his over playing.
        Last edited by TTOTambz; 09-11-2018, 12:46 PM.


        • soflaguy
          soflaguy commented
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          Scottie's outburst on eviction night is the unknown. Why did he blow up like that? JC maybe eating a low of crow and humble pie when he realizes how he got played. Ty's GBM to him is also crucial. I think he has to own it. I can see Bret blowing up Ty similar to what Josh did to Paul last year. Hopefully Tyler learned from Paul's season last year.

        • CubbyBrother
          CubbyBrother commented
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          TTO—-love your insight however I think we are going to go down the same disagreeing path as last year. The object of the game is NOT to play the best, it’s to get the most votes. This year I don’t think there will be a bitter jury but I do think the jury will continue to vote with the person they like better. After all, when it comes down to it, it is a HALF MILLION dollars that they are giving away.

          To your very first point—-if he takes credit for ousting Steve—-Scottie’s vote goes the other way. If he takes credit for the backdoor of Swaggy—-Baleigh’s vote goes the other way. If he takes credit for Rockstar—that vote is gone. This game is NOT about taking credit for getting people out, it’s about getting the votes.

          If he instead says he made an early alliance that he stuck to and along the way stayed friendly with all (which he has) and just played to keep going, he fosters no more ill will (at the time of speech) and really should win. He has really made no enemies—-no need to now.

          At this point I think both he and Kaycee are very well liked (Brett, minus Rockstar is pretty solid, too).

          When it comes down to it—-it’s a half million dollars and in any case I would certainly give it to the person that I like more.

        • Walleye
          Walleye commented
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          Interesting perspective CubbyBrother I’m with Ttot. I think it is about the best game play to get you to the end, but I fear you may be right. This might have morphed into a popularity contest over the last few years. My feeling is I will not give the money to someone, even if I really like them, if I feel they don’t deserve it as much. It’s serious money. It should be given to a serious player. If it’s close, then feelings could come into play.

      • #6
        In the middle of the night JC got out of bed to do a memorial to 9/11 on the pin board. Really sweet. Hope someone can post a screen shot of it- I can't post pictures evidently. Or I just don't know how.


        • misscmm
          misscmm commented
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          I'm not allowed to post pictures or attachments, either.

      • #7
        Read on Twitter Brett is being very passive aggressive with Tyler today, but I don’t see anything specific and there’s no updates from the feeds. Anyone listening?


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          I don't see anything I checked four other places since the updates tend to be more frequent on those sites but they don't have anything of note. BUT if had to guess it 's prob tied to Hal & Brett talk last night when she implied she heard Ty/Ang having sex in middle of Blue Room. When Brett mentioned it to JC even he didn't believe it. Sure will be interesting if JC goes to Ty & tells him Brett said that.

          Also Geo noted in updates Hal said she wouldn't vote for Ty but other sites said she would vote for him over KC so now I"m super confused .
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 09-11-2018, 06:12 PM.

        • sdkgeo
          sdkgeo commented
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          Maybe I misunderstood. I am always in a hurry in the morning because I have to get ready for work. Those early morning conversations kill me. She may have said that she would vote for Kaycee over Tyler but I would have to flashback to see.

      • #8
        I saw two different sites say that Hay said she 'would' vote for Ty over KC.


        • #9
          Just read that unless Sam wins HOH or veto that she will also be leaving on Thursday. What our your thoughts? If things go as planned and JC and Sam end up on the block Who would you like to see go. I personally want JC to go, just because I am a Sam fan. If Brett wins HOH who does he nominate? I would also like to see something not go as planned.


          • Border57
            Border57 commented
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            I want JC gone, but it may actually be better for Sam to be out of the house for her own sake. I don't think she enjoys it at all, and it's not fun to see someone just existing there. Selfishly, I want JC out of there, though. Let him go enjoy his puppets in jury.

          • beckyd30
            beckyd30 commented
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            JC needs to go now, he is a menace to the straight boys in the house - let him be a menace to Fes since he hates Scottie

          • herms is here
            herms is here commented
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            Do you think that Sam will go out gracefully? I guess I get your point. At least at the jury house she will be with some people that didn't screw her. I wouldn't want to be in a house where I wasn't wanted either. But I do hope that she pulls out either a HOH or POV win.

        • #10
          Would love to see JC gone after Hay.


          • #11
            KennyERJ Perhaps you could post the instructions for IMGUR since I've seen requests from various people who want to share photos. 😀


            • #12
              So, Sam requested a hammer from production? Ah, after her rant on being nommed, maybe not such a swell idea?

              Now join me in a chorus with the Beatles:

              Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
              Came down upon his head.
              Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
              Made sure that he was dead.


              • #13
                These talks tonight are really really good 😛


                • #14
                  I think that Kaycee and Angela need to be knocked down a few pegs. They both said that they don't want to go up in the event that either JC or Sam win veto. I just hate it when an alliance doesn't realize that there is only one winner, and that 2 of them are eventually going to be evicted. Angela has a good reason to be concerned about JC and what he is up to.


                  • #15
                    I kind of feel sorry for Sam. The game does have to effect you emotionally. Especially if you are not part of an alliance.


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