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Live Feed Discussion-September 16, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 16, 2018

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    Good morning all


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        I had family over yesterday so I wasn’t around. Has Sam finally gone over the edge? It’s been fun watching JC lose it from being on the block.


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          Over the last 6 days, all we've constantly heard from JC is how angry he is. I commented on it yesterday. So, to follow bygone time-honored BBU historical historics... he was granted his own T-Shirt.. Compliments of the BBU Haberdashery.N.Stuff.

          ....I'm ....Angry
          And yesterday more discussions about JC being furious,

          ---> He's ...F U R I O U S

          So I think JC can wear his new I'm Angry T-shirt and the other HG's can wear the -->He's Furious to constantly warn and remind each other.. but of note ~~> for safety's sake--- it's camouflaged.
          It can only be read as you do the twisty turns of the red spiral stair case while attempting to not trip over the..many..versions..of..Sam as..they..cavort between the bars of the cage..they..have claimed as..their..own personal space.


          • NYGIANTSLOVER56
            NYGIANTSLOVER56 commented
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            I always crack up reading your posts, you have a lovely way of keeping your snarkiness in a fun way, while getting your point across. I thank you

          • LCnSummer
            LCnSummer commented
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            Thanks NYGIANTSLOVER56, (<' ...I'm glad it made you laugh. Somehow it's easier to write stuff from the inside out than the intelligent straight forward posts of my BBU BFF.

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          All right, just read where Angela tripped/fell over Sam, but Angela was all...

          'It's Ok, no harm done, I didn't die, I can still (maybe) have kids, etc..etc..).'

          New nick name for Sam... for being Stir-Crazy living on the stairs.



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            Sure Sam is a little crazy but she is still my favorite. I know that most of you are routing for Tyler to win. But I am routing for Kaycee. She seems to be genuinely a nice person. And has won herself to where she is. I am going to be sad to see Sam go but how are Kaycee and Tyler going to work the vote so that Tyler gets the least amount of blood on his hands? Are they going to make it a tie vote so that Angela will be the one to send Sam out?


            • Babben
              Babben commented
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              I still like Sam too. I'd be coo-koo for Cocoa Puffs after being in that house for so long.

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            If Tyler was smart he would give Sam a Hinky vote and let Angela break the tie


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              I still think he made a mistake by taking KC to final 2. Everyone likes her. The girls will vote for her because she's a girl. The guys are pissed at him. He should take Angela bc everyone hates her except KC.


              • LCnSummer
                LCnSummer commented
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                GACK. It gets so confusing.

                KC - Ang.......KC wins
                KC - Tyler..... eee...eee KC wins(long time comin' my ass*)
                Tyler - Ang..... Tyler wins

                I agree... Tyler only wins if he sits next to Ang. KC has had to many comp* wins and people like her and she can show her sassy but controlled game side during the q and a.

              • Border57
                Border57 commented
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                I tend to agree that Tyler loses if he takes KC, BUT, if he's been the one who has directed the direction of L6 since the beginning, and if he can get that across, he could very well win. KC can say "I won a lot of comps" but she can really can only say "we figured out how to get there". I think Tyler can say "I drove the car, and I did the comps, and I won the second advantage and never had to use it because I worked things out to my advantage every time I was in danger, and I pulled in information from JC through the whole game"

                He has a huge resume if he can get it across to them. I'd be happy if any of the three win, but I think Tyler deserves it.

              • Babben
                Babben commented
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                Border57, yes he has a great resume to us. I think hE is going to lose if he sits next to Kaycee since everyone on that jury is going to hear that through their own filter. Their self worth won't allow them to see it. Sadly.

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              I know Wednesday is a surprise eviction for the house and then Thursday is another eviction. Friday should be the memory show, with the first part of the last 3 HOHs starting. I just don't remember how the rest of the season goes, and why is there so much time between now and finale night?


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                I don't dislike Sam. She is the expert at passive aggressive Sammyness. She was rather cruel in the beginning by 'defining' -->

                'being a lay-on-the-boys-slut-hos' as the reason to nom Haleig and Kaitlyn. World wide, she made it her personal mission to define their behavior as not prime time worthy and thus worthy of her calling them out on it. She felt it was UNFAIR they could use their feminine wiles and she couldn't.

                All summer she has complained when she see something as not FAIR. Most recently she is mad that because SHE does not choose running as a form of exercise... it's not fair that those who do choose to run daily were able to win a competition that took a form of stamina that running can provide.

                Her decision to sit on the stairs while putting the other HG's at risk is the height of selfishness. It's like she is punishing them by sitting there since she makes them acquiesce to her needs in spite of her not getting her way in other ways.

                I guess she knows that the diary sessions of her threatening what she will do to them if she is betrayed...etc ARE filmed. ); ... She sit on the stairs saying she wants to punish something for how she feels, but can't so she will punish herself... I HOPE she is referring to taking her anger out on a pile of wood, or pounding on hot metal in a shop......???

                I hope the best for her. And the fact that she has made it to final 5 is great. If she made her way to final 2 that would also be a miracle. Right now all of her personalities should be working to push Angry-Furious-JC over the edge so HE gets evicted vs taking all of her complaining selves and parking them on the stairs.


                • OhThisHouse
                  OhThisHouse commented
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                  Sammyness = Sammymess

                • Pukahs
                  Pukahs commented
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                  I guess I see Sam differently than most. I see her as somewhat insecure who has always tried to fit in and never been able to fit comfortably. She is not a world class athlete, she is not a life guard, nor is she a professional dancer or professional football player. Each one of those occupations handle stress daily. I'm not really sure what Sam's back story is. Pretty sure she isn't crazy rather she is trying to find her way through the crowd she has had to live with for the summer. Her muttering, that people seem to say "point to crazy" are more of affirmations, she says them to convince herself she is strong and can get through all the things that are thrown at her.

                  Now rather than ramble on and on, I feel Tyler needs to put on his Big Boy pants and have a real talk with Sam. If he explains why things in the house have happened the way they have, Sam might be more comfortable. What I do know is the rest of the house right now is walking around in diapers. Yes, the discussion will hurt Sam but it will help Tyler in the end.

                • Diane40
                  Diane40 commented
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                  Pukahs, thank you. I totally agree with you. Again, thank you for those kinds words.

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                Just saw on a poll taken on another site about who people wanted to see win the veto. That Sam was the overall favorite. To bad it didn't work out that way.


                • LCnSummer
                  LCnSummer commented
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                  I'd been thrilled if she had won the veto. Her choice to 'feel comfortable cleaning' vs being social and exercising with the other when they exercised...and not just with not-rock... would have helped her greatly. Choosing to quit smoking while trying to win half a bazillion dollars was a very stupid thing to do. She still could have exercised with the others, taken a wee semi puff puff break, drink water, blow nose, then go do 5 arm curls with two baked beans cans.

                  If she had been more active all summer, she would have been in much better shape in time for Saturday's 'Run For Your MAZE-ing-life-POV.'

                  She could still have talked to all of her multiple selves while exercising some part of her body(ies). Heck, even doing kegel exercises would have helped her core muscles.

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                Originally posted by herms is here View Post
                I wasn't aware that Sam felt that way about running. So in her mind when she was running with Rockstar they weren't really exercising. But again if the veto last night was running through a maze it was definitely geared towards the jocks. It will be interesting to see if she tried.
                It's weird @herms,

                She has an almost eidetic memory for visual things, yet she hasn't heard the other HG complain
                .....'It's not FAIR that her memory is so good.' Or that she can cook and endear herself to the HGs, yet others don't have that skill.

                Should Haleigh have put Sam on the block by saying, 'I've nominated you Sam because you cook and clean and are so kind cheeringus all on,

                you make us all feel part of one big family

                while I am only a lovely specimen of a long blond haired

                nail biting, .. eyelash batting

                semi buxom femmy-fataley.n.stuff...

                and I feel helpless .. helpless I tell you against your House-Mom-Charms.'

                'I love you, everyone loves you.... so you are guilty of being toooo loving. And it's not FAIR.'


                • #14

                  A friend who reads all the twitter/bloggy stuff and is a big JC fan ...called me and said,

                  'Yikes, I just woke up from my Sunday afternoon nap where I was dreaming that JC was dreaming.'

                  .. 'Wait...what??? You dream that HE dreamed?'

                  'Yah, he got cast to be on a new reality TV show called, 'Naked and Not Angry.'

                  ..'Umnmnnnmm so, who is gonna run advertising-adds.n.stuff with all the happy dancing nakey bodies?' I ask.

                  'BaskinRobbins is the sponsor he dreams, and they are gonna make ice cream islands with palm trees just like Dubai.'

                  ..and I say... 'Well umnn.. are they gonna give him a little tool belt of some kind or will he just be nakey?"

                  She give me a big sigh and says...'Umnn what part about nakey don't you get?'

                  ..and I say... 'Well umnn.... where's he gonna hang his ice cream scoop?'
                  She hung up on me...


                  • #15
                    Seriously, the way JC is talking to Tyler right now, about how it's Tyler's fault he is going out at 4th place. I would send him home on Wednesday, since Thursday is another eviction night to get Sam out. In the GBM I would say, "There are you happy now, you aren't out at 4th place, you talked yourself into this eviction since you can't STFU for one second and listen to anyone else's opinions. Fessy may have been your puppet, dude, but I'm way smarter and had you pegged from the second you walked in - let you think you were in charge and got you to tell me everything going on in the other alliance, then made sure you voted with the 'house' aka the way I wanted you to vote. So if anyone is the 'Puppet Master' this season, it's me and you were my marionette dancing to my tune as I pulled your strings. Later, loser."
                    I know that is more a Brett message and would cause JC to be bitter, but face it JC is a bitter person to begin with. The fact he thinks everyone should do what he says just cause what? He's a minority in the house 3 ways: Little, Latino and gay? Is that supposed to give him free rein - with production yes, it has. The HGs left however, are so over him and ready to see him out the door.


                    • LCnSummer
                      LCnSummer commented
                      Editing a comment
                      I see JC more as

                      1. thinking it is his intellect that makes him better than everyone else.
                      2. thinking that because someone is a jock or life guard, or whatever can't possibly see what he sees.
                      3. and worst of all..... He knows he stubborn, but refuses to dial it back.

                      Ergo, Igo, Hego... out the door without Half A Million Do$$ars.

                      He may think he is getting 'Pauled' in a way... but Paul also refused to learn the magic of please and thank you and a touch of grace.

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