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Live Feed Discussion-September 18, 2018

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    From Vegas ...


    Nomination ceremony happening soon. JC about to go lock in noms now.


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      I guess there plan to tell JC about L6 and how they were one step ahead just went up in smoke.


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        Apparently, JC is about to make nominations & I think he'll put up Tyler & Angela. He's kind of screwed either way b/c he promised Kaycee he wouldn't put her up & if he puts up Tyler it's not anything close to the same situation as when Ty put him up at F6 b/c each of Sam, Angela, Kaycee & Brett would leave ahead of him. JC can't say the same (although it doesn't matter - only the POV winner matters).

        After days of watching paint dry & Sammy go slightly insane - the house is probably hopping, but we don't get to see it --- SUCKS!

        Tomorrow's POV most assuredly Tyler has to gun for it. If it weren't for JC winning HOH I'd expect jedi date training tonight but it doesn't behoove the trio to run dates together now. Presumably Tyler has to gun for POV even though winning means he either has to boot his showmance who JC will never take to F2 & whom he (Ty) can beat, or boot his true F2 and likely lose her vote (but need to boot her in the off chance JC-KC decided to go with each other).

        The best case scenario for Tyler would be Angela winning POV & taking out KC to keep him - but does she know that's her better choice? Since POV will be typical dates & puzzle it bodes best for Tyler/Angela to win. I've been reading that JC is SURE HE'S GOING TO WIN POV to take out Angela. Incredible one win and the season's most delusional player believes he's running the show again. KC has beasted lately but gets flummoxed with logic/questions.

        Again the dynamics of JC winning F4 HOH to guarantee F3 really threw a wrench in the trio's plans. As much as JC is mad at Tyler I can't see him winning either of Part I or II and even if he did somehow luck into it I just don't see him taking Angela. He might however take KC although my guess is he would want Tyler so he could spout his "puppet" speech.

        I'm so torn on what Tyler will do, but my gut says he guns for the POV win. All along I figured he'd stick to KC F2, but this affords him a reason to cut KC (b/c of JC) in favor of Angela. If Ty gets the choice Angela would forgive him I'm not sure KC would.

        Bit of a ramble sorry --- tired.


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          OH........ and at least if the two of the trio do reach F2 chairs the good news is JC won't have time to bloody the jury's ears lol


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            I see some would be okay with JC winning - I wouldn't. He laughed at people while taking advantage of them & was taking credit for "just a vote". Other than the first Scottie eviction (which didn't last) I don't see how he manipulated anything or anyone except Fessy.

            I'll be annoyed if JC is the representative of the best season in a very long time based on comments he made to Bay, actions he did to a sleeping Tyler & how he treated the other hamsters in general behind their backs.

            He made me laugh frequently, (especially early on in the game), but I got tired of his scrunched up evil mastermind face, clapping his hands taking credit constantly while calling everyone stupid. (that word is a big pet peeve for me, quite literally makes my skin crawl).


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              Apparently Kaycee was no where near winning & JC only beat Tyler by one point.


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                Another tidbit --- IF Tyler is smart he'll TELL JC to nominate him. If you're wondering why - only the POV matters anyway. BUT, it could work to help Tyler in the event one of the ladies wins. For Kaycee, although she has repeatedly said she's committed to a Tyler F2, if JC puts her up instead of Tyler it could work to make her think about keeping Angela if she won HOH.

                And, for Angela the same logic works, if JC puts up KC she may think keeping KC instead is better. I know it's semantics, but at this stage of the game those little nuances can make a difference. PLUS - should Tyler win he could use that as a reason if he elects to go against his ride or die stating it gives KC the best odds to reach F2.


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                  Yup and it's TYLER & Angela on the block


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