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Live Feed Discussion-September 19, 2018

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    JC so ecstatic to win HOH. Feel bad that his HOH letter was not from family and was from a friend and that he was really said about that in the DR.


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      So is the Veto competition live tomorrow or will they have already played when the feeds come back up later tonight.


      • Lexie
        Lexie commented
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        Once the feeds are back .. we should know who won Power of Veto

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      If JC wins , im done. Guy wins 1 comp so far. And run his mouth the rest of the time. Tyler needs to win veto , take himself off. And evict kaycee. If its tyler and kaycee or jc in final 2 he loses. Jury will favor kaycee or jc.


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        This is the 1st year in quite some time that I can honestly say this was a great season. I'm glad JC won HOH like Julie says "Expect the unexpected " His win makes it so much more interesting


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          I agree. He's made the season more fun! I'm hoping for a Tyler win, but I would not be unhappy if Kacee wins. She may not have been a strategist, but she has played a good social game and won competitions when they were needed.


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            Just made a donation and can't wait for this show. Have been out of the loop with mother, and MIL. Everything is much better, and now I'm just waiting for a new grandson. Be here next Thursday!!! Loved being here this year and wish I could have spent more time on here but with older mothers it just means less time for other things. Lots of doctor's appointments.


            • misscmm
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              I hear that! My 93 year old Mom, who lives with me, is beginning to think the ER is her personal Dr and I have no problem hanging out there for 10-12 hours or more ... sigh ...
              I like KC but don’t want her to win. If she shouts LET’S GO one more time I’m going to scream! Lol. Not Friendship.

            • KennyERJ
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              Thanks for your donation, Ladycop! Not only money-wise but your donation to the website! All the updates you did over the season are much appreciated! Hope everything goes well with your mothers!

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            Vegas says Kaycee won


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              Just read that too.
              If true, I think she will vote out Angela. She has 'supposed' final 2 deals with both Tyler and JC, and I can't imagine she would want to make JC angry at this point by NOT voting out Angela.

              But who knows, lol. All I know at this point is that while I want Tyler to win the game, I'll be happy with a KC win. I'd even be content with Angela winning.

              ANYONE but JC.

              I just want two members of L6 sitting together at the end. They have earned it.

              I can't believe this season is almost over. Bummer lol. But I'm thrilled that's it's been such a fantastic one!

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                Gosh I really can’t stand JC


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                  JC and KC had it locked to keep Tyler --- but now JC tells her that "because of what the DR just told him he is waffling (50-50) about taking out Tyler instead" What are the TPTB up to?

                  Edited to add: JC now tells Tyler he told KC he is 50-50 so she doesn't think he is pushing one person over the other & that just before she votes he'll go tell her - no we need to keep Tyler b/c we don't know where her (Angela) head is at.
                  Phew --- I was having a mild panic attack
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                    I can't wait until JC finds out the truth of things, that he was NOT the 'man behind the curtain' this season.
                    Poor Tyler, having to again listen to JC go on and on with his condescending, delusional statements.
                    On a better note, I do love that KC just told Tyler, 'welcome to the final 3.' 😉
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