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Live Feed Discussion-September 22, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 22, 2018

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    Morning all.

    Part 2 of the HoH today.


    • Mongado22
      Mongado22 commented
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      If JC wins, I'm going to lose it. I can't imagine that KC can't beat him. She can beat anyone!!

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    JC cannot win. I forbid it lol


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      No No No No No No No JC cannot be in F2 I just want to relax and see my 2 favs go for 1st & 2nd Is that too much to ask?


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        Let's send positive vibes to Kaycee - LET'S GO!!! KC GO!

        Does anyone remember what type of comp the 2nd part is? Skill?


        • Yaya1300
          Yaya1300 commented
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          I remember in the past it was putting things in order like who was HOH, on the block, evicted type stuff. Not sure if it’s alwaays like that

        • SmilemakerRDH
          SmilemakerRDH commented
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          It’s usually both skill and memory. Like the year Nicole won her and James had to read clues and then run through a maze up to a roller coaster and put houseguests in it that answered the question then run back and snap a picture of the coaster at just the right time. Derrick and Victoria had to scale a wall and put in order the nominees from each week.
          As long as Kaycee knows the answers to whatever the questions are she should easily beat JC, that’s my prediction anyways

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        Does anyone know what time the comp will be held?


        • SmilemakerRDH
          SmilemakerRDH commented
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          Seems like it usually at night

      • #7
        If JC loses this comp, and he better LOL, he is going to be a nightmare to live with until eviction. Anyone want to guess on how many times he would say "don't be stupid and do what I tell you." Lol


        • Mongado22
          Mongado22 commented
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          He looks so angry when things don't go his way, I wonder if he'll finally lose it. After his obnoxious behavior, he's lucky he didn't get thrown out.

      • #8
        To Tyler he will say KC will beat you. To KC he will say Tyler will beat you. He will say these two things ten thousand times each lol.


        • #9
          I am so behind this year, when is BB on next television that is? How many more shows till the final? TY


          • Bluerare
            Bluerare commented
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            Episode tomorrow (Sunday), and finale on Wednesday.

        • #10
          Hey BBUers:

          Last night the jury had their round table and YES - Dr. Will was the mediator (HAPPINESS). Of note, I think I'm in the minority, but I find Marissa rather annoying - I can't quite put my finger on it, because she seems nice enough (maybe her voice??). But, at least I found some common ground with her as she raved over getting to meet Dr. Will --- yeah he is on my bucket list of people I'd love to share a bottle of wine with and talk BB strategy (and secrets) much like I'd love to do the same with former NBA player Charles Oakley who absolutely fascinates me.

          Anyway, based on Off the Block a few tidbits which I found interesting.

          Dr. Will confirmed he goes into each session (I think he said he had been the mediator the six prior seasons) without a preconceived favorite. His goal is to discuss the pluses and minuses of each of the F3. However--- it's Dr. Will, of course he's saying the politically correct thing - you can't tell me someone that brilliant doesn't have thoughts based on what he's seen. I believe he has no vested interest --- but, that doesn't mean he hasn't viewed specific actions as smart moves. This became clear based on a few comments he made which will be notable to see how the hamsters respond. The ones which stood out and presumably he would ask the hamsters about were:

          JC made the absolutely best game move with his HOH by separating Angela/Tyler. In contrast he pointed out it's wonderful Kaycee won six POV's but what did she do with them? A fair point b/c she didn't use the POV one time (not one). Dr. Will said if Kaycee had evicted Tyler she would automatically have become the best BB player in history. The other point he made about Kaycee (which I've touched on repeatedly) is KC didn't start playing the game until it was half way over (as I've noted week 9). So, I suspect he'll be asking if a player deserves to win based on playing half a season versus the entire season and also did nothing strategically to "effect" the game.

          That said, he did point to the "complete game" (hello - again we agree) Tyler played -comps, social, strategic from Day 1. The one possible negative Dr. Will brought up about Tyler was with all those F2 deals was how Angela will interpret the fact he had so many of them but not one with the her (the lady he's professed to be in love with). Of note, in some post eviction interviews whether it was organic or they pulled the response Angela said she understood Kaycee's choice given their F2 was formed prior to L6. That said, she did say she thought Tyler threw the POV and that she felt he could've prepared her prior to the eviction (emotionally).

          Dr. Will also said this is the best F3 in many, many seasons (I can't remember the exact number he gave, but I seem to recall it might have been since All-Stars maybe). He said unlike previous seasons (cited Victoria in Derrick's winning year) as an example of sometimes it is almost impossible to point out reasons for a hamster to win.

          So, it will be interesting to see how these items effect the jury's decisions. If we read anything into those points it would seem Dr. Will will at least get the jury to address Tyler's full game versus KC sitting back and not doing anything with her POVs to affect the game. It may be a moot point, however as I pointed to on Thursday I still think Haleigh, Faysal and Scottie will be the least bitter. I'd also say Bayleigh & Rocky won't be flipped off being bitter no matter what gets discussed (read: they will never vote Tyler) and it's likely Sam aligns with them.

          I've given more thought to Brett and I think he's playing up a part in the jury house. He's waiting to make a show of L6 IMHO and will vote for game. The curious vote may be Angela who one would presume would go Tyler's way. Depending on how much stock we put in her post eviction interviews she may be shifting.

          F2 & Votes:

          Take this for what it's worth as I have no secret insights (just gut reaction). I have reverted back to the belief Tyler still has a shot versus KC based on what Dr. Will said on Off the Block.

          Even with a sore shoulder, Kaycee is an athlete, therefore it's likely she'll win Part II. That sucks for JC b/c barring him winning out he won't make a F2 chair. This is the natural assumption based on both Ty/KC outing their F2 in Angela's GBM - there was no other reason to do it unless they weren't going to honor it. Although my preference is for Tyler - Kaycee to be F2. Still, it sure would be entertaining to hear JC spout how he ran the game followed by Tyler standing to reveal L6, Coast to Coast and how L6 let JC believe he was in charge, but he was simply moving their targeted goals ahead (this with a close up of JC looking bewildered). It's unlikely this happens - but yeah, it would be funny.

          As for the votes it feels like two voting blocks of three will control the direction of who wins. I'd be shocked if Bayleigh, Rocky and Sam voted for Tyler. Sam might surprise, but since Rocky so easily influenced her and Sam noted those two were the people she most looked forward to seeing I'd say it's a lock they all vote together (read: anyone BUT Tyler).

          The second trio of votes presumably will be Haleigh, Faysal and Scottie. Hal was the most supportive of Tyler's game in the jury segment Thursday and while she entered the jury house leaning toward KC, I think she'll be most affected by Dr. Will's direction and also be the most influential with her Fes & Scottie. Notably KC didn't like one person in the house (Fes) & he also stated Ty was playing the best game. Scottie may shift, feeling betrayed but it's unlikely.

          So, if I had to guess these two voting blocks of three would make have things all square from non L6 voters. As for the two L6 votes prior to Angela's exit interview I would've thought Tyler was her choice (and he may still be) but it's not as definitive anymore. Likewise, the Brett shade I actually took as more of an act, when I saw him in jury. In the end, I think he'll vote game & respect. The fact he did want to break up Ang/KC & didn't approach Tyler til around the 84th or 85th day I think will allow him to see past the blindside.

          Therefore, if Angela & Brett vote together the winner would be determined even prior to (presumably) JC's exit to join the jury. If they split on the vote it could all come down to him. Remembering how angry he got just for going up on the block one would assume he'll be a bitter voter. In this scenario whoever votes him out will likely lose his vote.

          • If Angela is buying her/Tyler relationship I think she'll vote for Tyler
          • How Tyler responds to the copious F2's will factor. If he's the one to take KC then he can speak to navigating the game with loyalty to his first F2. As far as Sammy goes he can point to the copious pinkie swear F2 deals she made & how much he had to work to deal with her shady jury actions to lock in votes. For Brett it's easily resolved b/c of when Brett requested the F2. The only one which may be dicey is JC, but Tyler didn't ask JC for the F2 it was JC who asked & after his deal was made with Kaycee.
          • Another factor which might affect votes is based on Dr. Will's comments I think we should expect a question posed to KC asking her what strategic move SHE instigated that affected or changed the game. Will she be able to pontificate something which will sway the jurors?
          • This might all be a moot point & Kaycee may still win in a landslide if the jury is extremely bitter which we won't know until finale night (I think that's when they'll show the highlights).
          Part II HOH today:

          Today Part II should occur. Tyler ran dates with Kaycee last night while they also touched base on what JC is telling them. KC shared with Tyler that JC was talking a lot more before Tyler won endurance, but now that he has he's not saying much other than "I guarantee I'm taking you to F2

          The one thing to watch for is Kaycee's shoulder is really bothering her from the endurance comp - which depending on the "action" of this competition (ie: if they have to climb) how it will affect her. Should she win today the F2 should be cemented as it would've made no sense whatsoever for either Ty or KC to tell Angela in their GBM they had a Day 1 (2) F2 deal.

          My hot take of the day ---

          JC slaps hands together :22 seconds after learning about Level 6 and Coast to Coast & quips to camera "that's right - I put Level 6 and C2C together. They never would've worked together if it wasn't for me & they'd all be home or in jury if I hadn't put those big, dumb ungrateful puppets together"

          TPTB: "er ah - JC - you put C2C together?"

          JC: "Well I engineered it subconsciously, but I was so busy doing other game hi-jinx I forget to remind myself of that mental note I made. But yeah, - YEAH if it wasn't for me they'd never have worked together & won all the money."

          Little silliness to end the post today, but that thought truly occurred to me while JC was going on about how Angela was only in the house b/c of his actions. Too funny. lol


          • AmyBeth
            AmyBeth commented
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            I think kaycee is too much of an athlete to let a sore shoulder change anything when it's "gametime". Tonight is her Superbowl! 😍

          • Mary4BB
            Mary4BB commented
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            Bwahahahaaa earlier in your post, you mention JC looking bewildered upon learning about L6 and C2C. I was thinking he would scrunch that face up and say no I did all of it. No you are stupid that was me.

            You know, his standard chorus for Tyler.

          • Dog Lover
            Dog Lover commented
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            You may be in the minority about Marissa but I am right there with you on all points.

            She truly seems like a nice person and has tons if fans so she will remain in a great position without having me in her fan club.

            On a different note....
            I'm holding out 4 a non bitter vote buy the jury. I just think that at the end of the day while many of them will be angry or bitter they will honor the game and vote for the house guest they truly feel played the best game.

            And one final question...
            Regarding Kaycee not using the POV :
            Does she only impact the game if she uses the POV?
            Seems to me that winning the POV does impact the game.
            Even if one does not use the POV, having won the Veto prevents someone else from being able to use it which has an impact on the game.

            Sorry... Maybe I should not have attempted to make that point. Not sure it made sense at all.
            If it doesn't, just consider the source
            (and the fact that I am STILL pissy that JC is STILL in the game .... at the risk of repeating myself, I really liked JC in the beginning but when he changed, so did my feelings for him)

        • #11
          Originally posted by lyriele2 View Post
          If JC loses this comp, and he better LOL, he is going to be a nightmare to live with until eviction. Anyone want to guess on how many times he would say "don't be stupid and do what I tell you." Lol
          Most likely what will happen is when KC when's part 2, she and Tyler will sit JC down and tell him what the deal is with L6 and their final two that they've had since day one. Then Tyler can finally tell JC where he can shove his your stupid comments and let him know who the real puppet master in the game is. Then if we're lucky as viewers, JC will go ape you know what crazy and try to hit Tyler and be finally ejected from the game with no vote and they will let America cast his vote. Please OTEV let this happen, and let us finally have something nice.


          • lyriele2
            lyriele2 commented
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            I like the way you think LOL

          • Walleye
            Walleye commented
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            Wow, that’s a great idea!

          • Kimbers
            Kimbers commented
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            Nice idea but don't think it would happen at this point. BB should make this a house rule, get evict and America gets your vote.

        • #12
          I think that Kaycee's POV wins did have an impact on the game. She may not have used them, but her wins kept someone else from winning them. Whenever she had the chance she kept nominations the same, and thus kept the targets on the block. She beat Fessy by one point in the Vetonium comp. If he had won, the outcome of the game may have been completely different. Who knows? Sometimes what you don't do can influence the way things turn out.


          • Mary4BB
            Mary4BB commented
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            Yep, not using the Veto can be more powerful than using it.

        • #13
          Live feeds off so must be comp time!!


          • #14
            I feel sorry for dr. Will having to spend time with that wackadoo bunch (most of them) in the jury house. 😁
            Lots of positive thoughts for KC to win round 2!


            • #15
              Let's go, KC, Let's go! BEAT JC!


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