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Live Feed Discussion-September 23, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 23, 2018

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  • #2
    Good morning everybody.

    Tyler and Kaycee won parts 1 and 2. Will JC go nuts this week trying to convince each to take him? I keep wondering if they will tell him about their F2 before Wednesday.


    • Kimbers
      Kimbers commented
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      yay !! KC won part 2.

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    Morning all,

    First to clarify something I mentioned yesterday - some pointed out not using the POV was just as much a game move as using it and you are all correct. I didn't accurately communicate what I meant as I was following up on a thought Dr. Will dropped when he noted she did affect any changes in game. He also went on to say if she had of voted out Tyler (having won the final POV) she would be recognized as best ever to play BB. This because by winning the last POV she had the power to evict him and go to F3 with JC & Angela who she could easily beat (either of them).

    What Dr. Will (& KC) wouldn't know is if Angela won she was planning on taking JC to F2 - so hindsight is 20-20.

    All moot points now as Kaycee won Part II (sounds like by just :40) therefore barring some MAJOR shift (or TPTB interference) the F2 is set, just a matter of who wins & gets to say it out loud.

    As for JC he is on a major pity party and was downright rude a couple times last night. I get he's upset, but he sure had no problem reveling in everyone else's demise all season laughing at them & at their expense. It makes it far more difficult to feel sorry for him because of it. Suggesting TPTB changed the Part II up is ludicrous b/c it's always been a combo memory/mental with physical. Too bad he didn't fatten up his competitors enough as he tried in season.

    He often is child-like in his overly demonstrative talk and actions - as if he thought it was just owed to him to win the season. In hindsight, the fact he thought he'd never have to work again is telling. After taxes the money is about $300k so that is a nice start for anyone in life and I suppose if you invested properly it could result in not having to work for a while, but in truth I doubt any previous winners stopped working altogether. More likely they used the money to buy a house or invest in their future via a company etc. Or maybe I'm delusional b/c the cost of living in Toronto is so high b/c $300k won't even cover the price of a house here.

    Something else of note is while KC/Ty quietly celebrated they were cognizant of how upset JC is and tried to keep their euphoria in check. One side note however, is KC let Tyler know that if either Tyler or Angela had won the last POV he had intended to create a big stir of some sort telling a big lie about some fake F2.

    With that information in hand Tyler has already begun his work on JC asking him so when are you going to ask KC to take you to F2 b/c JC has implied he never said anything to KC. The problem for JC is he doesn't know Tyler is fully away of every move JC has made by creating a F2 with KC around the time Ty suggested they bring her to F3 and he's also aware of the deals JC made with Brett. Incredibly JC truly does seem to think Tyler was his big dumb puppet.

    It may end up biting Tyler b/c he knows all these things about JC - and b/c JC tends to be salty when he doesn't get his way. Throughout the game JC has constantly berated Ty to ask if he had other deals - Tyler uses his words to deflect or not outright answer questions (except in the case of Angela where he flatly denied having a F2 - and he didn't) whereas when Ty asks JC he doesn't even attempt to be careful with his wording and just blatantly lies. I suspect Tyler will keep at JC until he gets the precise lie from JC he needs to use at the end. Let's keep an eye on the precise things Tyler is asking JC b/c it could be telling. So far tonight I heard him question JC about making a F2 with Kaycee, what approach he would take, whether he already had a F2 with KC and clarification on JC never broaching the subject with her previously. Because this isn't normal interaction for them it is quite clear what Tyler is up to, but JC doens't see it (at least not yet).

    Moving forward it's bound to be 3.5 days of constant berating from JC to both parties telling Tyler he can't win sitting beside her and vice versa with Kaycee. I'm almost glad we won't have the feeds & feel sorry for Ty/KC by how often they'll need to address this. They should make a pack to constantly hang out together to limit JC's face time alone with them.

    As for the F2 - I'm thrilled this will be the result. Despite having two different strategies to get to the end their common alliance and bond to each other aided in them landing in this position. Could they have got there without each other? A debate we'll have to have one day. That said, both have a solid case to win and both are deserving.

    Enjoy your Sunday - I'm prepping 15 articles for OKC Media Day (ugh lol). As BB nears a close the ending dovetails into the start of the NBA season. For those who also go into BB withdrawl please make sure to keep in touch -- both my gmail and twitter use the same name I do here (ttotambz) so it's easy to find me.

    Looking forward to watching tonight's show. Have a great day all.


    • #4
      Well, I'm here to say I'm THRILLED with the outcome of BB20. I don't even care who wins if Tyler and Kaycee make it all the way. It's just been that good of a season. And the idea that JC still doesn't know about L6 is amazing, considering how much he thinks he runs things. Which is especially funny since he only won one comp in the whole season (probably given to him to Tyler, to boot).

      Does anyone know JC's game plan going into the season? I wonder about that. Also, does he have some kind of hearing problem? I know English is a second language for him (at least, I believe so) but at his age, I would think his English would be better. So I wondered if he has some kind of problem there. And if he's supposed to be a professional dancer, shouldn't he be more athletic than he is? I've wondered about him all season. Rock Star was listed as a stay at home mom by BB, yet she said she managed a large night club, so I know BB puts different things out about what people do for a living.


      • #5
        This is the best possible outcome for an awesome season! Very pleased!


        • #6
          Hello all you BB Junkies! Well I am very pleased with this season. I truly hope level 6 are final 2, and although I am rooting for Tyler, I will be HAPPY either way it goes. As long as JC ends up 3rd, IMO, he doesn't deserve that much. I read some comments yesterday about Angela. How she may turn on Tyler. I don't think so, I think she is staying on the DL cause she knows that the jury does NOT like her, and if she pushes for Tyler, the jury will go in the other direction, and it would hurt Tyler. JMHO. I've NEVER been one to root for"showmances" but I'm really rooting for Angela and Tyler, they make a very cute couple. Scraggly and Bailey + Fessy and Haleigh, not so much. I feel like when the 15 minutes are done, so too shall they be. Not trying to be cynical, just my gut feeling, sorry. Well until next year (BB Gods willing) see ya!


          • AmyBeth
            AmyBeth commented
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            My gut feeling tells me that ,other than Tangela, the showmances will only last long enough to see if they make it on TAR OR the equivalent..

        • #7
          Oops, my auto correct changes Swaggy to Scraggly, I could have edited, but I thought it was kind of funny, so I left to all.


          • beckyd30
            beckyd30 commented
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            It fits him perfectly.

        • #8
          I'm curious about who everyone is voting for AFP. Is this being discussed somewhere on this site? I've voted for Brett because I feel that someone else from L6 should win it. At one time I thought Sam but her lack of active game play and crazy behavior changed that. I thought JC because he made me laugh, but don't think his delusional behavior deserves to be rewarded. So, who is everyone voting for?


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            This season had so many entertaining hamsters. At first I enjoyed Sam, but I tired of her double standards. My initial gut reaction was negative to JC, then he cracked me up in the DRs. But his delight in others demises coupled with his expectations (and some nonsense) took him off my list. Brett was also pretty humorous, but I didn't like how he tried to sabotage Tyler in jury - which may end up being the reason Tyler loses the big prize. Haleigh was hit & miss for me - I liked her much better once she got away from Bay/Rocky but it still didn't take away from her early nasty comments or constant crying of things being unfair. I do think she'll get a shot (like Nicole) to return & odds are she'll be much stronger next time.

            Overall, this was my favorite season in quite some time without any one hamster getting fully on my nerves. Granted if players like Rocky had remained in the house & I'd had to listen to her turn on/off her accent or KK had stayed I might not feel the same way lol. To that end, I feel strongly this season turned out the way it did via Tyler's early game actions. Tyler & KC had the right demeanor to keep L6 functioning as a united group - but again (maybe wrongly) I credit Tyler primarily with spearheading that.

            Since Grodner said anyone can win Ive elected to give my votes to Tyler. I'd rather see him rewarded with $75k than give Hal or Brett $25k. It kind of reinforces how much I enjoyed this season & the best player in it.
            Last edited by TTOTambz; 09-23-2018, 03:44 PM.

          • herms is here
            herms is here commented
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            Sam, yes she may have acted crazy, but she had her own still of game play. I may vote for Brett as well. I think that Sam got the raw end of the deal just because of all of her pinky swears. But it has to be something to be voted out because she will have the jury votes, she played the game designed to influence the jury and Tyler did not. I think that Kaycee should win because she did not have to go back on any final 2 deals.

          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            She did though Herms b/c she agreed to the LGBT F2 with JC (I know it's not real, but like Tyler with Brett she wasn't going to say no)

        • #9
          Per RealVegas about an hour ago.......

          As of AM, Tyler leads AFP by a big double digit % lead. Kaycee next at 2nd. Brett & Sam at 3/4, close. Haleigh at distant 5th. Tyler to Haleigh swing is huge. Angela barely out of T5. New report should be tomorrow AM.
          Rest of HGs, not close.


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            Just occurred to me JC won't want to believe anything any one says (or accept he didn't run the show) but if Tyler wins AFP I bet that will drive it home for him.

        • #10
          Just a couple of random thoughts: I find it interesting that the season started with 3 power apps that promised to shake things up early. Sure didn't happen that way. The only one that was used (Sam's) was only used because it was predetermined by TPTB that it would be used in the 4th eviction if Sam didn't choose to use it earlier. If it had just been allowed to expire like the other 2 none of them would have gone into play. Bayleigh's power app only had any impact in that it was a motivating factor in getting her out. If she's gone, she can't use it. If she hadn't told Rachel she had it, things could have gone so much differently this season.

          Showmances. Hate 'em. Don't like watching how much time is spent on the show with them. Squiggy and Bayleigh hooked up the first week. Fessy and Haleigh not long after that. You can't tell me that relationships that start that fast that furious have a good chance of working out. It's just for airtime and the fact that these people don't think they can go 3 months without being with someone. I don't know if Tyler and Angela's hookup will work, but at least it seemed to develop over time. They didn't seem to get serious about each other until after jury had started.

          JC. Can't stand him. But give credit where credit is due, he did a good job of knowing what buttons to push with Fessy. I loved watching the two of them together. And JC was masterful at getting Fessy to put Scottie on the block. Of course, Fessy was easily led, but JC also got information from Fessy that he passed along to Tyler. If not for JC's inappropriate behavior, I can see that he had the potential be a good player. Some of the hinky votes that kept FOUTTE/the Hive stirred up all season were from him. His downfall in game play was in thinking that once Fessy was gone he could manipulate other players the same way. Unfortunately for Brett. But the Tyler/JC interactions have been interesting.

          House meeting. I can't understand what Haleigh thought she would accomplish by telling everyone she was the hacker. I know she said it was her conscience because she didn't want Bayleigh to be accused of something she had no part in. L6 wanted Bayleigh out because she had the power app. Whether she was the hacker or not was completely irrelevant. As a matter of fact most of them didn't think she was the hacker. What did Haleigh think was going to happen when she called a house meeting? "Oh, Bayleigh, we're so sorry to have misjudged you. Can you please forgive us?" Yeah. Right. Like that's going to happen. Just another delusion of the HIVE mentality..

          All-in-all a very enjoyable season.


          • #11
            I think JC is in for a rude awakening once the season is over. He may not want to accept the fact that he did not run the show, even when he is told the facts, but eventually he will hear and read enough that will make the realization unavoidable. I can also easily see him being a poor sport and bitter if he does not get chosen for the final two, which is most likely the case.
            A Tyler and KC f2 is perfection in my book. I am still rooting for Tyler as my number one, because I feel he played the best all around game every single day from the very beginning. But either way, I'm happy, because KC has been my second choice.
            As for AFP, my votes went to Tyler. I'm happy to see the person who I consider to be the very best player get additional reward.
            Last edited by lyriele2; 09-23-2018, 09:02 PM.


            • Lynette
              Lynette commented
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              And now that Tyler says he is moving to LA, JC is planning to move in with him. Tyler better rethink that move or be ready to stand up to JC once the game is over.

            • lyriele2
              lyriele2 commented
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              Tyler may need a restraining order. Seriously.

            • beckyd30
              beckyd30 commented
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              Kinda reminds me of Amber and Caleb. To bad he can't get one inside the house as well

          • #12
            All of votes are going for Tyler. For "just a lifeguard" he's a brilliant BB player who I've enjoyed watching all season. Wish he hadn't had a showmance, but that's just me. I CANNOT believe JC actually, for even a second, can state Tyler can get an apartment and he'll just move in and mooch off him. How can Tyler remain silent? Especially when 'ole woe is me JC blaming Tyler for not changing the plan and getting Kaycee out when he told him to. It's all Tyler's fault (in JC's little mind) that he's not in F2. I really, really think JC is so delusional he thinks he could convince the jury to vote for him to win if he made it to F2. That one HOH that Tyler gave him was such a historical and important win - - - at least in JC's book. NO way I could stay silent if I was Ty!


            • #13
              When are the feeds gonna go down?


              • KennyERJ
                KennyERJ commented
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                Sometime Wednesday morning, I believe.

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