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Live Feed Discussion-September 24, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 24, 2018

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  • #2
    Good morning, everyone!

    2 more days until it's a done deal for Season 20!

    Final HOH, Part 1 Winner: Tyler Crispen
    Final HOH, Part 2 Winner: Kaycee Clark


    • #3
      All, as the season is ending I just wanted to say thanks for all your insight and fun postings to read. I don't get on all that often, but when I do always get a nice catch up on what is happening.

      I've watched since the beginning and truly feel this was the best season ever:

      No returners!
      Power apps that didn't affect the game!
      Great players (Tyler, Kaycee, JC, Haleigh, Angela, Brett) that respected the game
      No obvious TPTB slant or interference
      A deserving final two
      A toss up on finale night
      One of the all time greats (Tyler)....I really think his play this season ranks closely with Dan's S10 and Dr. Will......well ahead of Derrick. I still favor Dan is S10 because he was so close to being gone in the first three weeks and ended up winning unanimously.
      A equally great player in Kaycee who made it to the final two with no blood on her hands.
      Very little outside the house public controversy (I said very little and want to keep the Les Moonves story away from Big Brother)
      The ability for us viewers to know (finally) if the final two are eligible for America's Favorite. If Tyler or Kaycee doesn't win---they simply weren't eligible.

      CBS/Production: if you peruse sites---please take what you did this year, put it in a box, wrap it and use again going forward. Great, great job.

      Once again to all you posters----thank you so much....I truly will watch finale night with no cheering interest and will just sit back and enjoy. (and the only tweak I would make is to get the voting done about 10-15 minutes earlier so that Julie can interview the winner----not have the sign off while the confetti is still falling).

      Until next year------enjoy the respite.


      • #4
        How does the CBS Messenger work for voting for favorite house guest? I can't see a link - do you just send a message with who you want to vote for? #TeamBrett


        • Toober
          Toober commented
          Editing a comment
          Rats. For US residents only. Someone vote for me? #TeamBrett

        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
          Editing a comment
          beckyd30 I'm not sure if that's just a one-time Vote or if its 15 votes a day since that was my first time voting using the messenger. It didn't say anything about come back tomorrow to vote again.

        • grannyrite
          grannyrite commented
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          It must be 15 per day. It let me vote 15 more times today.

      • #5
        Per RealVegas 20 minutes ago.......

        Update of AFP:

        Tyler still double digit % lead.

        Brett's 24 hrs biggest % jump, now 2nd. Kaycee 3rd lost lead.

        Haleigh and Sam now 4/5. Hayleigh big jump too. Sam dropped bunch+ Angela same as tracked. Angela < 1% from 5th.

        Rest still very distant. Small changes up.

        Still a really big swing between 1st and 5th. There's obviously time to change anything but Tyler is sweeping this vote as of now by a heavy margin. It's his to lose still.


        • Yaya1300
          Yaya1300 commented
          Editing a comment
          He’s getting all mine. I feel like he played the best game and still won’t win against Kaycee so I’d rather him get more he was my favorite house guest followed by Brett right up until The jury segment when I wanted to strangle Brett.

      • #6
        Tyler's still getting all my votes. And, all my friend's votes. They don't even watch BB but I convinced them to go and vote for him. I don't think he'll win BB (hope I'm wrong) but I want to see if he WILL win AFP. Hope so. Would love to see a close up of JC's face if he did!


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