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Live Feed Posters Needed....

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  • Live Feed Posters Needed....

    Hey guys,

    I will be doing my very, very best to be the best live feed updater out there this season ... but I'm going to need some help here and there.
    I am working again this summer ( it's not like in the olden days when I could have the summers off .. <sigh> ) ... BUT .. I will update as much, as long, and as best I can.

    If you are watching the Live Feeds, pick a Cam any Cam and if something juicy is happening .... if there's some drama .. don't save it for your llama ... add it to the Live Feed Update thread of the day.

    It can be one line, two lines or twenty ... just update the best way you can - there's no wrong way ...

    The only real rule is to not bring your personal opinions in that space... don't nickname someone something that no one else will know who you are talking about ... just use their regular name ( or a nickname they have in the house is fine ) ... and then bring your input over to the Live Feed Discussion thread of the day...

    Again ... if there's some drama .. don't save it for your llama ... share it with BBU ... on the Live Feed Updates

    Thanks for any help and support!!!

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    Need the Live Feeds... Get them through BBU ...

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      I will be helping as I can.


      • Shan
        Shan commented
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        thanks Ladycop !! we appreciate you!

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      I will update when I can.


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        Thanks to those who have jumped in when they can.

        I'm really going to need some help over the next few days ( well Thursday and on ) .. I have some family matters to take care of and I'm not sure how much, how long, I can update.. I will do my very level best to be here as much as I can ... but .. any help would be sooooooooooooooooooooo appreciated .....


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          Hi Lexie, long time bb live feeder here. I just joined your page, although have been viewing it for some time. I would be more than happy to help update the live feeds when I can. Just point me in the right direction where to post and I will do it. Thanks


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          Help is needed on a daily basis with the Live Feed Updates....

          I start back on my regular schedule work week tomorrow .. that means no more 10 hours days ( yeah ) but no Friday's off ( boo ) .. so this starts my struggle more than ever trying to get all this done by myself...

          So.. those of you how have reached out here and via email to me.. saying you would like to help .. please .. please .. please jump in anytime.... you can't know just how much any help.. is appreciated not only by me.. but by everyone who reads here to catch up on the LFU's ...

          Update away !!!


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            Bump ...


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