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Live Feed Updates-June 28, 2018-Day 8

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  • Live Feed Updates-June 28, 2018-Day 8

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    The Live Feeds will go LIVE after tonight's TV episode airs on the West Coast, so that'll be 10PM PT & 1AM ET!! That's less than 19 hours from now!


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      Thanks KennyERJ, I thought my computer was acting up.


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        THIS is the MUST HAVE for Big Brother Season 20 @ BBU....

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          Love the new button! Unfortunately I won't be getting one as I like giving one larger donation at the beginning of the season rather than smaller ones throughout. But love the ladder idea. And I love this site!

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        Fish ...


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          We're live and they ( BB HG ) know it ..


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            HoH room

            Tyler, Bayleigh, Angie, and Faysal are in the HOH.

            Haleigh and Angela say Kaycee is on the dark side

            Talk is about how the "other side got the power " ( sounds like the BB Power App has already happened )


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              Winston, Steve and Brett talking it up in the SR ...

              Talk is about how "with the girls" bullets will be flying soon enough


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                First look at the Have Not Room...


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                      In the kitchen .. it's a "Hamazon" delivery for Faysal ... which looks like a platter of sliced ham

                      Faysal "crap app" winner/loser ??


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                        ( Oy... I forget how hard it is at this time of the year with soooo many convos in sooo many rooms with sooo many people ... when you walk in and have NO IDEA what's going on ... it's like trying to figure out a living jigsaw puzzle.... with pieces missing ... moving ... changing ... so I'm doing my best to jump around and catch what I can .. bear with me... I'm a wee bit rusty )

                        Winston told Rachel that he caught Kaitlyn trying to listen in on their convo earlier .. he say her "cover" is blown ...

                        Winston tells Rachel that neither he or Brett have it ( the power? )


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                          Here's Robot Sam...


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                            Sam tells Winston that if she gets "human time" tomorrow .. she is going to climb the rock wall


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