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Live Feed Updates-June 29, 2018 (Day 9)

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  • Live Feed Updates-June 29, 2018 (Day 9)

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    2:45 BBT (5:45 EDT)

    Bayleigh was crying to Kaitlyn and Faysal because Tyler told her that if the PoV (has not been played yet) is used that she may be the replacement nom if one of the two comes off.

    Kaitlyn thinks it's stupid that Tyler won't fully commit to a side.

    Bayleigh goes to bed, she is sleeping with Chris (Swaggy). Chris does some whispering to her and then they turn over and head go to sleep.

    Kaitlym, who seems to be all stuffed up and coughing, and Faysal head to bed.


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      3:00 BBT

      All HGs tucked in


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        5:44 AM BBT



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          Currently ...

          Swaggy C telling Tyler that his plan is to force Angela's hand ( he thinks she has the power ) to make her use it

          He also told Tyler that he plans to target JC .. because he thinks that he will be liked by America and get a power.


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            BB - Please open the DR for the robot...

            Sam is coming back as a "human"


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              BB gave us a glimpse into Sam as a robot's view ...


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                So .. just to recap ...

                Here's where we are..

                Tyler is the HoH
                Sam and Steve are on the chopping block
                Have Not's are Winston, Bretty, Kaitlyn and Scottie

                Punishments so far - Sam still a Robot, Kaycee still wearing the Pinwell of Doom unitard and Faysal is still having to eat his ham ( vegan ham ) when his HAMazon delivery arrives.

                Power of Veto Players have not been picked
                PoV Competition has not been played.


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                    10:10 AM BBT

                    Sam is back ... for a bit...


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                      Tyler was called to the DR .. so it might be time to pick PoV Players...

                      We're currently on FISH

                      (I'm going to break away from here for a few.. if anyone is out there and watching .. jump in when you can )


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                        Power of Veto Players Are:

                        HoH - Tyler
                        Nominees - Sam and Steve
                        Picked Players - Faysal, Scottie and Swaggy C.
                        Host - JC


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                          JC asked Swaggy if they should talk to Scottie ( re playing in veto )
                          Swaggy C tells him no .. that he knows that Scottie will use the veto if he wins it because he ( Scottie ) and Steve are best friends...

                          Swaggy C to JC - just gotta let him play, hope he doesn't win


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                            Swaggy C and Faysal agree that one of them has to win PoV and convince Tyler to put up someone other than Bayleigh ...


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                              Swaggy C leading a meeting in the HoH room

                              Tyler, Steve, Faysal and Scottie are in attendance...

                              They agree Steve wins takes himself down or one of them wins .. takes Steve down ...


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