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Live Feed Updates-July 1, 2018 (Day 11)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 1, 2018 (Day 11)

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    4:57 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      The HGs are up and I flashback but literally no game play. They are just lounging around outside or making coffee. I will stick around for a while to see if there is anything game worthy.


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        Rachel and Sam (in person) are in blue bedroom. Rachel is making up beds for everyone and straightening up and Sam is helping her to fold blankets. Sam reports that she talked to Kaitlyn and felt it went well. Haleigh/Kaitlyn/Rock Star are the ones that Sam needs to try to connect with according to Rachel. Sam says that she did talk for a minute with Fas and he is a very simple person, but nice. JC comes in and talk stops. He says he wants to go out and “tan his butt” but not on national TV.

        (FYI Sam has lots of tattoos. She has one on her side that appears very colorful. It appears to be a wolf.)

        Sam relates to Rachel that Steve came to her and said she didn’t have anything to worry about. There is a plan to keep them both. JC just keeps telling her to be quiet that she is safe.

        Rachel – keep playing the role and be sad. Very low key, you don’t know a da*n thing. Don’t give out any information, because that’s when you get bit in the a$$.

        Sam – act like I really am.

        They find some hangers and Sam would like to use them but she hasn’t had time to unpack so nothing is hung up.

        They find some towels that have been used and Sam says she will wash them with her load because she hasn’t had much laundry as a robot.


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          Rachel continues to organize the bathroom and then again goes into the bedroom to make sure she can find all of her "stuff".

          The guys (Steve/Scottie/JC/Brett) are talking about movies and actors within them. The girls are mostly playing in the pool and discussing celebrities.


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            Pink Bedroom
            Camera: 1
            Time: 1:02

            Swaggy and Bay are in the pink bedroom. Talking about deflecting targets off of them. Swag says he is going to talk to Winston and try to scare him, in a good way. Bay says they should tell him that his name is coming up and that people are talking about him and Angela being a couple.

            Swag – if he has that in his mind he won’t fu*k with us.

            Bay thinks that will make Angela think about it as well. Swag says if they tell him that he will stop thinking about them and focus on his own game. He says they need to have fun, but try to win HOH, but if not they need to watch Winston/Angela.

            Bay says that Brett is thinking that Haleigh is flirting with him and Bay says if he believes that he won’t go after her.

            Bay – you (Swag) need to talk to Haleigh and tell her that the boys are figuring out that she is talking to all the boys.

            They think if they tell her that she will chill. Now Bay wants Swag to tell Haleigh that Brett was working out with another girl earlier today about showing her where the muscle groups were. (Sorry I don’t know which girl because they are whispering and talking quickly.)

            They agree they just need to lie low until after the veto ceremony.

            Bay says that Haleigh and Kaitlyn are fighting right now.


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              Swag goes up to the HOH room and while alone he is talking to LFer. He is going over what he believes is happening. He confirms that he is in a showmance with Bay, they act like they are both just friends, but he says Winston keeps talking about their showmance. He is going to pull Winston aside and tell him that everyone is talking about him and Angela. I want him to have fear in the house so if he wins HOH (after I have told him that people are talking about him and Angela) he will realize that I shared that information with him and he won't put me up on the block. He confirms if he wins, Winston is going up.
              Swag - my first priority me/Bay. My second me/Tyler/Scottie.
              He talks about Operation Rock/Rave/Rock. Bay is talking to Haleigh and Kailtyn to get them back together. They had a fight last night about Fas because he is jealous of Haleigh lying around with other guys and touching everyone. He wants to make sure they don't divide the group because then the target will be on his back. He will talk to Winston.
              Swag - Scottie is very trustworthy.


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                We have moved to "old BB" clips so I can only assume that it is veto ceremony time. I am leaving to get ready for mass, so I am out.
                The clips start at approximately 3:43 p.m. CDT. It is Jordan's season.


                • #9
                  ( thanks Ladycop for your help )

                  Faysal decided not to use the Power of Veto.

                  Sam and Steve remain nominated


                  • #10
                    Faysal explained to Steve that had he used the Veto, Tyler would not have put up either Winston or Angela

                    Steve says he understands .. best move for their game right now ...


                    • #11
                      Steve and Angie (RockStar ) talked ..

                      Steve says bottom line they need to keep the 7 together and strong ...

                      Angie agrees...


                      • #12
                        Sam and Tyler talked...

                        Sam tells Tyler that it's best if she can save her power, not use it this week

                        Tyler tells her that he's working on it


                        • #13
                          Tyler tells Sam that he's still working on Hayleigh ( trying to get her to vote to keep Sam over Steve )

                          Sam tells Tyler that everyone is under the impression that JC or Brett have the power....

                          Sam to Tyler -did you start that intentionally?

                          Tyler tells her no .. but it's good that no one is thinking that she has it


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                            Tyler agrees with Sam that it would be best if Sam doesn't have to use her power this week ..

                            Tyler also tells her that he really doesn't think at this point .. Haleigh is going to vote her her ( Sam ) to stay ..

                            He tells her to try to have some good convos with Haleigh ...

                            Tyler- Rockstar is a lost cause...

                            Sam - but I've got Kaitlyn


                            • #15
                              Sam says she thinks that Scottie is close to Steve.. but she thinks he will vote for her to stay


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