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Live Feed Updates-July 3, 2018 (Day 13)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 3, 2018 (Day 13)

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    3:15 BBT

    Haleigh and Faysal are in the pink bedroom cuddling and chatting in bed.

    Brett and Winston are up and chatting in the backyard. They are talking about Chris's side falling apart and Chris trying to come to them. They say they need to create security for the women over there.

    They say they now have evidence of a showmance between Faysal and Haliegh. Talk about calling it out. Faysal now has a target on him.

    Winston has been told that "everyone" wants him out. Says little do they know that Tyler and others are with them.

    They are going to cut communication with him (? not sure if they mean Faysal or Chris because they also talk about the handshake "he" made up for Rachel and I thought that was Chris).

    Talk from Winston about being angry that "he" told Kaitlyn than Winston approached him for an alliance. But he has to remind himself that this isn't real life and they have to play the game and not let it get to them.

    Apparently something happened on the toilet seat and everyone has apparently forgotten about it. They wonder if they're in the Twilight Zone and say it's a hygiene issue.

    They head off to bed. Faysal and Haleigh are still cuddling and talking in bed. The only thing I can make out in the whispers is Faysal saying "because my family is watching".


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      ( I'm just going to add here from where I left off this morning on the other LFU thread .. I only have a few minutes to be here for now )

      Kaitlyn and Haleigh continued to talk ( 1:45 AM BBT )about showmance .. no showmance... with Faysal

      Kaitlyn tells Haleigh about Faysla and Swaggy making a "deal" with Brett and Winston ...

      The girls pinky swear that from this point on they will tell each other everything

      Kaitlyn is telling Haleigh about Faysal and Swaggy’s deal with Brett and Winston. Haleigh didn’t know and Kaitlyn says they told her not to tell Haleigh. They pinky swear to tell each other

      Kaitlyn asks what was "going on under the covers" with Haleigh and Faysal ..

      Haleigh tells her she swears they didn't kiss... just talking

      Haleigh tells Kaitlyn that she's not really trying to be in a showmane with Faysla, in fact she likes Tyler more.

      They both agree that Swaggy brings too much drama and they wouldn't care if he went home sooner than later

      Kaitlyn to Haleigh - you're my ride or die bitch
      Haleigh- I agree
      Kaitlyn- say it back
      Haleigh- your're my ride or die bitch.

      They wanted for Faysal to come out of the DR and then filled him in on their talk.


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        This morning ...

        Kaitlyn ( like a bone with a bone ) hasn't let go of the Haleigh/Faysal thing ( whatever kind of thing is is or isn't ) ...
        She's been talking to Bayleigh telling her that she's fine with them .. she's fine with them having the chance to find love ..
        She says that she's shouldn't have been portrayed to be angry ... it's not true ..
        She goes on to say that she's not handing "the drama" well.
        She tells Bayleigh that the was only concerned because Faysal told her that she was his from day one and she was worried that Haleigh would replace her as his #1 ... in the house.

        Kaitlyn has been crying .. in the house.. to Swaggy C and in the DR ( so she told Tyler and Haleigh ) ..

        ( that's all I have time for now ... if anyone can .. please jump in and help.. it's much appreciated )


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          I only have a short time to be on here today and we are literally seeing flashbacks from other seasons so not sure what is happening right now. I have to leave in an hour but I will try to flashback if I get a chance and see if anything is happening.


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            Still on BB19 flashbacks and I have to leave for the evening. Sorry but nothing I can do about it.


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              They went to flashbacks about 11BBT. They just came back.

              Everyone is milling around, chatting, and getting something to eat.

              Winston and JC are trying to fix the couch, which is off it's tracks.


              • #8
                They turned the couch and JC is getting ready to climb the wall. BB had to remind him to wear a helmet and shoes. Steve, Brett, and Haleigh are in there also. Everybody else is in the kitchen eating.

                JC abandoned the climbing to go eat.

                I think Sam is still in the DR.


                • #9
                  5:13 BBT Went to fish.

                  Back. Sam is out of the DR and is in the bathroom hanging up clothes while wearing latex gloves (idk).

                  Haleigh and Faysal laying on the couch mouth at each other.

                  Everybody else in the kitchen/dining room. Looks like they are on indoor lockdown.


                  • #10
                    Brett is sitting next to Kaitlyn talking to her. JC walks up to hug her and says he loves her. (This is part of their plan to make her feel safe with them and bring her over to them.)


                    • #11
                      Tyler, Kaycee, Rachel ,and Kaitlyn have gone up to HoH.

                      Faysal and Angie are back in their beds.

                      Winston and Brett talking in the Have Not room. Brett warning him that Swaggy and them are going to try to corner him to talk to him and they will know that Brett told him.


                      • #12
                        Swaggy and Angie in the lounge talking. Angie throwing out the idea of throwing some votes for Steve to light a fire under him, but only if they have a guarantee that the votes will still be there to evict Sam.


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                          They're changing cameras around a lot.

                          Brett, Winston, Steve, and Haleigh in the living room. Steve says that he and Sam made a deal that whichever one was evicted would leave their cigarettes for the other. JC comes in. They say they're just taking a break from climbing the rock wall.

                          Tyler (couch), Kaitlyn (bed), Kaycee (couch) still in HoH. Scottie is also up there in the bathroom. Tyler jumps back into the bed and puts on the headphones. They start talking about The Office and Parks & Rec.


                          • #14
                            Sounds like Kaitlyn is going to sleep in the HoH tonight. Her, Tyler, and Scottie are talking about random stuff in the HoH. Kaycee is showering.

                            JC is doing pull ups on the rock wall. Haleigh is petting Brett. Steve is on the living room couch also, just talking about money management.


                            • #15
                              Talk in HoH about who they would put up next week if they won HoH. Kaitlyn says that she would put up JC because he is the only one that has told her that he doesn't know who he is going to evict. Scottie and Kaitlyn say that the votes are there to save Steve, at least they think. They say that Steve has counted the votes numerous times and feels good. Scottie says he hasn't talked with JC.

                              JC comes up to HOH and rings the doorbell many times as he walks in.


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