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Live Feed Updates-July 4, 2018 (Day 14)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 4, 2018 (Day 14)

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    4:20 BBT

    All HGs asleep.


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      It is 1:22 CDT and some of the HGs are cleaning up the pink bedroom. Angie says they have an infection pile, which is random tissues that they found under beds and around the room. Meanwhile, Steve and others are talking about making paper "footballs" to play a game. They talk about having no toilet paper so they will need to start using Kleenex. No game talk at this time.


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        Kaitlyn and Faysal have branded themselves as #fromance. They were on a break, but they're back they say together.


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          Bay and Chris are in HOH bathroom looking for something he is an article of clothing. They keep kissing and then she has to remind him to wipe the lipstick off.


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            Sam is back and girls talking about her getting dressed up for the 4th in her red clothing.


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              Rachel is running Kaitlyn through the paces of doing dance moves like they do in Vegas. While the girls are dancing, the guys are playing football in the kitchen. (this is killing my brain cells seriously).


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                Sam and Tyler in HOH bedroom.
                Sam asks if Tyler knows who Kaitlyn is voting for. He tells her it is still up in the air for now and he thinks it will have to be a last minute push to get her vote. He says he might say to her that he knows who has the power and if she votes for Steve she will be screwing her game. Tyler then says that Sam can tell her about her power if she wants to.
                Sam - is that what she wants me to do? Does she think I have it?
                Tyler - No, no one knows.
                Sam - no one thinks I have it, no one knows?
                Tyler - no.
                Sam - they still think it's Brett or JC.
                Tyler - yeah, every single person.
                They then talk about people thinking it was Angela for a while. Tyler says he didn't want people to think that because they were trying to target her and Sam agrees that was not what she wanted.
                Sam - I like Angela as one of my keepers. I like Angela.
                Tyler - um hmm.
                Tyler asks if Sam would like to sit down with he and Kaitlyn and explain to her that Sam has the power. Sam doesn't want to do that as she thinks if she reveals it to Kaitlyn she will be forced to use it because Kaitlyn doesn't like her or want her there.
                Tyler assures her that Kaitlyn does like her and the more they (Kaitlyn/himself) talk, the more he is sure of that.
                Tyler - more and more, she is leaning to wanting to keep you.
                Sam says that she tried to get that same point across to her in the geometry room. We talked about a lot of things that they both see her doing. She has the guys on lock down. Kaitlyn put Fessy's sock on him today. She needs to do those things for them, but Sam wants her to understand that there are girls there that can do stuff as well. (I think she is referring to the fact that girls can win comps)
                Tyler goes into the fact that Fessy has never had a girl as a friend and Kaitlyn wanted to be that for him, but now that he is looking at a romance with Haleigh it drove Kaitlyn away. Sam acts surprised about the showmance. Tyler explains that Fessy is trying to get Haleigh to sleep in his bed with him, and Haleigh has been sleeping up in the HOH room and that is causing problems between Fessy and him and he wants Haleigh to get away from him because he doesn't want Fessy to think anything is going on.
                Sam - that is absurd. So why is Kaitlyn all over him all of the time?
                She keeps questioning what is going on there and Tyler tells her he doesn't know. Kaitlyn is just afraid that she will no longer be Fessy no. 1 so she is coming to him to be her no. 1. He says he is telling Kaitlyn that he will be that.
                Tyler - That's how I'm playing that with Kaitlyn.
                He tells Sam that he hasn't told Kaitlyn he is on the other side, rather he is asking her if they should move to the other side.
                Sam - so how are you playing it with Haleigh?
                Tyler says there is nothing there. She has no play with anyone. They agree she is on the other side. He does admit that Haleigh is going to vote for Steve.
                Sam - why?
                Tyler - because he is a number for Swaggy's side. Cause they reeled him in for their side.
                They go over who will be the votes for that side. (Sam doesn't understand that Steve doesn't get a vote).
                Sam thinks that Scottie might go in and vote for her to stay. She thinks they have a lot in common and the fact that it has been easier for him to talk to her while she is a robot. She wants to know if Scottie is cool with Kaitlyn and Tyler says they are.
                Sam says she has to bite her tongue when Steve is around because he spouts all kinds of stuff as though it is fact and she thinks that Scottie is getting tired of it. We aren't going to call him out about it, but we know it ain't right. He thinks he's a know it all, but we aren't going to correct him. Sam says that Scottie told her that Steve is so aggressive about things. Tyler says that Scottie thinks Steve is his number 1. Scottie has to agree with what Steve says because he doesn't want to disagree with him.
                They say they can't rely on Scottie to flip, they need to get Kaitlyn. Tyler says if the vote is 8-5 to keep her they guys will go nuts trying to figure out who the votes were. They will have no clue what is going on.
                Sam - I am willing to lay some things out there for her, but I'm not going to tell her everything (Kaitlyn).
                Tyler - Ok, I was just wondering where your head was.
                He continues about trying last minute with her. He is a bit concerned that the other group was trying to get him to do their dirty work so he knows they are questioning him.


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                  Sam is still nice to Swaggy, she has a handshake with them. She says that Steve has agreed to be with them (the other side) and she hasn't. She says they do like her because she cleans. She was cleaning the bathroom and Chris and Bay finished it up. She thinks they could all vote for her to stay and then tell her after the vote that they were just saying they were voting Steve, but they want her on their side. Tyler burst her bubble by telling her he doesn't think that's what will happen. That they all gave Steve their word and if they go back it's out in the open. If Scottie is really with Steve he would be upset and stay away from them. Tyler believes they will vote for him. Sam says that Scottie told her last night that Steve was staying and she just turned into sad robot trying to hit him in his heart strings. She is still thinking that he wants to keep her and Tyler looks frustrated about not being able to get through. In comes in Angie and all talk stops.


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                    Bayleigh and Chris in bathroom and they are flirting. Chris tells her that America loves her. She tells him just because he likes her and he says no. They love you and then Angie. They are showing you two the most. (Not sure where he keeps his magic 8 ball).


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                      Tyler goes into the pink bedroom where Kaitlyn gets out her "oils" and rubs them on his head.


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                        Sam and JC in kitchen. Sam is cleaning a pineapple. JC is cooking. In the bathroom, Angie is playing a game with Scottie, asking questions.
                        Sam goes over her speech with Angela and Rachel while they eat all the pineapple she is trying to cut to fry with the chicken.
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                          Brett is lying down because heartburn has been really bad for him. Rachels gets him some pepto for it. He reads the directions and then takes one. He says his stomach is really wack.
                          Sam is cooking dinner for some HGs and Steve is frying loose hamburger. The HG try to sing a patriotic song and we get FISH. Now Rachel is doing a pepto commercial and she is doing a really good job. Of course, we keep getting FISH.


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                            Sam's cooking for everyone and then running around to make sure everyone has eaten. She told JC earlier that she was a waitress at one time and told him she has worked two jobs most of the time because she likes to keep busy. Tyler says that her food is the best he has had this season.


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                              Now HGs are in the storage room complaining that all the food is gone. No milk, not even Almond milk. (The horror). I guess the guys are off slop and they ate everything up, so Chris and Bay are complaining while they kiss.


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