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Live Feed Updates-July 5, 2018 (Day 15)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 5, 2018 (Day 15)

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    4:00 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      6:15 AM BBT

      All HGs are still in bed/sleeping.


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        Trying to catch us up from last night quickly. About 8:19 p.m. BBT Tyler tells Kaycee about Sam's super power but swears her to secrecy. She promises she won't say a word. He tells Kaycee that he is going to approach Kaitlyn in the morning and tell her that the power is that one vote will be cancelled and he is sure that another person will have two votes and Steve is going to be voted out hoping that she will decide to vote with the group of 6.


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          Angela and Rachel get together in the bathroom and Angela tells her that JC said that Haleigh is voting for Sam to stay. JC told her that they are idiots if they think that the other side isn’t coming for them regardless.
          Rachel – no matter if we try to keep the peace.
          Angela – we might as well go down swinging rather than treading on eggshells trying to be nice.


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            Rachel/Angela/Brett/Winston in HOH. Brett says that he plans to go to Steve and remind him that the person he picked to save him during the veto comp left him up. They are his friends and will help to save him. Brett tells them they need to start running scenario because they say they need to know what they are going to do if a double eviction is coming.


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              JC is talking to Haleigh in the lounge and trying to convince her that Chris is putting a target on her and she, and JC, could be on the block.
              JC - I have a feeling Chris is going to make both of us targets and I don't want to go home regretting it.
              Haleigh complains because Tyler isn't telling her anything and it's his HOH.


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                Tyler comes in and is talking with Angela and goes over the spiel he is going to give Kaitlyn (cancel a vote and give someone two). Angela says that JC tells her that Haleigh is going to vote with their group. Tyler says that isn’t true and Haleigh is a lost cause. We need to stop trying to talk to her. JC is making himself a target talking to her.
                Tyler – trust me a million percent, we need to vote to keep Sam.
                Angela – ok.
                Tyler – trust me a million million percent.
                Angela – vote to evict Steve.
                Tyler - say that to yourself a million times, just not out loud.
                Tyler goes over the same thing with Rachel that he just said to Angela. He reminds her that Kaitlyn isn’t a done deal yet, but she might vote with the group.


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                  Earlier I forgot to tell you that Kaitlyn is sitting on the HOH couch and Brett has his head in her lap while she tells him about his "spirit" people that surround him. She tells them that they have no idea what she really does.


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                    Kaitlyn and Tyler in HOH bathroom (third girl in a row LOL) and he tells her she is his favorite person in the house. She flirts and he tells her that they need to talk tomorrow and it is game related.


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                      Approx 10:42 p.m. there is a meeting called in the LR. Steve reads that POP TV is sending them cookies. They get a tray of red, white and blue frosted cookies. They all say "thanks POP TV".


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                        Brett/Rachel/Winston/Angela is in HOH room and the girls says that they are going to vote to keep Sam. Winston goes on and on about his theory. Sam might not be a good game player and she might not be smart. The guys want to get Scottie on their side and the girls say that Scottie will never come over to their side.


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                          Ok, my feeds are messing up and no reboot will get me back to where I want to be so I will move forward as it is almost midnight.
                          Kaycee/Angela/Rachel/Brett/Winston/Tyler are in HOH room. They are still trying to figure out who has the "power". Kaycee is doing a really good job of keeping a straight face. Winston and Brett are pushing the fact that they believe that Angie has the power.
                          Tyler - Rock Star doesn't have the power.
                          Angela opines that JC has the power but can't use it this week so he is pretending he doesn't have it. Finally Tyler jumps up and tells them to think about all the "fu*king options" and that Sam has the power.
                          Tyler - she told me. I have been trying to get a seventh vote so she doesn't have to use it this week. He is really charged up while telling them.


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                            They are all excited and want to know what the power is and why he didn't tell them. He explains and then says that she told him not to tell so they have to pretend they don't know.


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                              Tyler explains that he didn't tell them because he gave her his word, but Sam was waiting to see who voted against her, that's why he wanted them to vote. Now if they can keep the power (and not evict her) she can use it next week if one of them is evicted.


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