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Live Feed Updates-July 7, 2018 (Day 17)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 7, 2018 (Day 17)

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    4:50 BBT

    All HGs sleeping.


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      9:05 BBT

      Wake up call. Many up and milling around the kitchen. Sam is making breakfast, including biscuits from scratch. Some in the bathroom getting ready.


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        Went to flashbacks. Picking players for the PoV possibly.


        • #5
          PoV Players Picked...

          Power of Veto Players:

          HoH - Kaitlyn
          Nominees - Winston and Scottie
          Picked Players - Faysal, Rachel and Tyler
          Host -


          • #6
            Host is Angie


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              ( thanks sdkego )

              Let me catch us up quickly ... mostly talk about what if whoever wins veto ...


              • #8
                Tyler said that he convinced Scottie to pick him, if Scottie got HG Choice.


                • #9
                  Kaitlyn and Tyler talk about using the veto ...

                  Kaitlyn says that Faysal will use it on Scottie, if he wins it ... then she will be sending home Faysal's best friend ( Swaggy )

                  Tyler asked Kaitlyn if Faysal wins veto and uses it . will she still make Swaggy the replacement nominee...

                  Kaitlyn- of course I would... but I wouldn't be happy about it


                  • #10
                    Rachel told Winston that she will throw the veto to him, if there's that chance.


                    • #11
                      Rachel talks with JC and Winston and questions why Kaitlyn would pick Faysal ...

                      Rachel - she's going to get him ( Faysal ) to use the veto and then Swaggy goes up?... that is stupid... does she want that much blood on her hands?


                      • #12
                        Kaitlyn tells Rachel that it's worse case for her if Faysal does win .. she's hoping that either Winston or Scottie wins veto


                        • #13
                          Rachel asks Kaitlyn if she wins.. who would she ( Katilyn ) want her to use it on?
                          Kaitlyn- Winston, he's your friend.


                          • #14
                            Kaitlyn tells Rachel that he's okay putting up Swaggy .. she hasn't forgiven him and he has to go .. plus they have the votes


                            • #15
                              Kaitlyn tells Rachel that if she ( Kaitlyn ) won ..she wouldn't use it on Winston, because that would be weird.


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