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Live Feed Updates-July 9, 2018 (Day 19)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 9, 2018 (Day 19)

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    I'm sneaking in to catch us up a little bit from where I left off last night ... just to give you guys a feel for what's going on BEFORE today's Veto Ceremony .. where all hell is going to break loose...

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    So... Rockstar and Haleigh talked again ( remember, Kaitlyn told Haleigh about her plan to back door Swaggy .. the Haleigh told Rockstar )

    Rockstar touched base with Haleigh asking if she thought Katilyn was still going to do it ..
    Haleigh told her yes.. and asked if she told anyone ..
    Rockstar tells her she didn't ...

    Haleigh- for us to know about it before it happens is even worse....

    Haleigh - even if we told them.. it wouldn't help anything except hurt our game..
    Rockstar- it would just be explosive before ( the veto ceremony )

    Rockstar - Kaitlyn is on the other side completely... because Tyler is on the other side

    They talk about how Kaitlyn told Haleigh that she made a deal with the bros not to put them up ...

    Rocksstar to Haliegh - how dare she make a deal for us. .. I don't want to be included in that bull****... they're not going to keep that deal

    Rockstar- ****ing Kaitlyn, man.

    Haleigh- maybe she'll bitch out. .. maybe she won't do it ..
    Rockstar- I hope she bitches out... she's ruined everything. Tyler has to go


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      Rockstar and Haleigh wonder if they can talk Kaitlyn off the ledge...

      They both agree that by doing what she's doing ... she's breaking up their alliance...


      • #4
        Haleigh talks with Kaitlyn

        She tells her that she just wants to make sure that she knows what she's doing ...

        Katilyn tells her that this is about her getting justice...

        Kaitlyn - I'm not promised getting another HoH ever....I'll be damned if I use this one opportunity to do something safe


        • #5
          Kaitlyn tells Haleigh that she can't risk keeping Swaggy around.. that he thinks she's a liability

          She tells Haliegh what she would like to see ( for an alliance ) is her, Haleigh, Rockstar, Fessy, Tyler and Brett

          Haleigh- I like that...


          • #6
            Kaitlyn and Haleigh talked about how Bayleigh is going to blow up once this happens...

            Haleigh - I'm scared for my own game...

            Kaitlyn tells her that Brett and Winston are better to align with....

            Kaitlyn - at least Brett and Winston are transparent... you just don't know with Swaggy


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              Haleigh to Kaitlyn - you need to be prepared. ... you thought Bayleigh was dramatic last week... this is going to be a dramatic situation.


              • #8
                Brett and Haleigh talk ... and count votes...

                Haleigh - if you put Swaggy up,.. there's no numbers to keep him... Rockstar, Bayleigh, Fessy. Scottie...those 4


                • #9
                  Swaggy and Faysal talk ... Scottie there too

                  Swaggy asks if Katilyn's said anything...

                  Faysal tells him that she's going to use it ( have Tyler use the veto ) ...

                  Faysal wonders if Kaitlyn is bluffing ...

                  Scottie tells them that he's confident that he's coming off the block ...

                  Faysal- this is good... because now she (Kaitlyn) will show her cards... that she's on our side... we knew she was ... but ...

                  Scottie- this confirms it


                  • #10
                    Swaggy to Scottie and Faysal - if Kaitlyn does this ( removes Scottie and the THINKS she's putting up Angela ) .. then I've got no problem..... she did exactly what she said she would

                    ( So that's about it ... I have to run for now ... I will try to check in when I can .. if anyone wants to jump in, once they are up and going .. please do ... )

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                      Happy POV Ceremony Day!!

                      Rachel & Kaycee are outside working out and chatting with Brett & Winston. Rachel is telling them how she thinks they should threaten Scottie to tell them if he has a power. Winston is complaining that Winston should be taken down and let Scottie and Swaggy fight it out if one of them has a power.


                      • #12
                        Sorry, I got interrupted. Rachel keeps referring to something that happened at 4 in the morning, so I am in flashback mode to see what it's about. In realtime we are on

                        BB Reruns!


                        • #13
                          4:00 AM BBT

                          Rachel and JC in the backyard. It's a typical talk about everybody session, as in, Swaggy washed his bedclothes/enjoy that clean bedding because you're not going to need it soon, Rockstar and Hayleigh trying to break up conversations with people, stuff like that.


                          • #14
                            12:02 PM BBT

                            We are back! Swaggy C and Bayleigh are mad, Kaitlyn is crying in another room. Bayleigh is telling Swaggy that she tried to talk to Kaitlyn but Kaitlyn was trying to ignore Bay. Bay says that Kaitlyn has Tyler consoling her right now and that Kaitlyn told Bay that she didn't want America to see her (Kait) getting bullied right now.

                            Swaggy and Bay are sure they have the votes for Swaggy to stay.


                            • #15
                              Tyler used the POV on Scottie and Kaitlyn replaced the nom with Swaggy C!


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