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Live Feed Updates-July 10, 2018 (Day 20)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 10, 2018 (Day 20)

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    3:30 BBT

    Bayleigh and Faysal on the backyard couches talking about how the vote will go.

    Bayleigh talking about dating Chris outside the house, but he still has to figure out his life. Her last boyfriend was 30. She talks about girls being more mature than boys that are the same age.

    They talk about Haleigh, then Rachel. Faysal said he had his eye on Rachel the first night and then she opened her mouth and it was just "SHUT UP!". Bayleigh says Chris said the same thing.

    BAyleigh tells him that Rachel and Kaycee have a thing going on.

    Chris is in the kitchen cleaning and then comes out and they start telling him what they were talking about.


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      Whoa .. I'll catch us up as quick as I can ...


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          Catching us up speedy quick ...

          Earlier this afternoon .. Scottie and Kaitlyn talked..

          She told him that she wanted to work with him moving forward and promised to never lie to him.

          He told her that Brett and Winston were making it seem like the flip vote came from Swaggy ...


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            Scottie told Tyler and Kaitlyn that they are the only ones that he trust right now

            They talk about votes...

            Kaitlyn tells Scottie that she will get a feel for how everyone is leaning towards voting ...

            She tells him that her gut tells her that he needs to go .. but she's comfortable with whatever the house wants to do


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              Tyler and Scottie talked ...

              They talk about how Swaggy is trying to swing Tyler's vote, Sam's vote and JC's vote to keep him in the house...

              They talk about keeping close with Kaitlyn and Haleigh as they move forward in the game...

              They both agree that Haleigh is "scary smart" about the game...

              Scottie- I would rather have her ( Haleigh ) on our side rather than against us

              Tyler agrees..


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                JC asked Tyler if he's falling in love with Kaitlyn

                Tyler asks if he's serious ...

                JC tells him yes, that everyone thinks that ...

                Tyler tells him no.. he says that she ( Kaitlyn ) is everywhere he goes ...

                JC tells Tyler that Faysal is 100% targeting him ( Tyler ) and Kaitlyn ...

                Tyler tells JC that Faysal wouldn't target Katilyn .. just him ..

                JC says both ..


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                  Swaggy and Rockstar talked...

                  She told him that he needs to try to get votes ... she told him to offer someone safety in return for keeping him
                  He tells her he already did that with Tyler and Kaitlyn ..

                  She tells him that she doesn't trust them.. .. and suggested that he make a deal with Rachel...

                  Swaggy says he doesn't know how he would get Rachel away from Winston ..

                  Rockstar continues to tell him that he needs to focus on others rather than just Tyler and Kaitlyn ( in trying to get votes )


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                    Kaitlyn talks to Tyler about the possibility that Sam could vote Winston out ...

                    She also tells him that Winston isn't offering her anything .. but Swaggy is ..

                    She tells him that them keeping Winston.. doesn't mean that she has to be loyal to him ( Winston ) and Angela... she still wants them to go home


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                      Kaitlyn tells Tyler that Swaggy is going home... but she likes that he owned up to what he did .. and that she stands by forgiveness...

                      She says that is one of her biggest qualities...

                      She tells Tyler that she's conflicted ( about Swaggy going home )

                      He tells her that he's trying to protect her ...

                      She questions if that's true or not...


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                        Tyler tells Kaitlyn that he is genuinely trying to protect her... and that now he's feeling like she doesn't trust him...

                        She tells him that she does trust him...

                        He tells her that even though Swaggy was one of his best friends in the house .. he told her what Swaggy was saying about her ... because that's how much he trusted her ...


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                          Kaitlyn and Haleigh talked..

                          She told her that she ( Kailyn) was the one that flipped votes and she did it so that Sam wouldn't use her power ...

                          Haleigh asks why she didn't tell her to vote to keep Sam

                          Kaitlyn tells her that it didn't matter... she was just doing it to keep the power from being used...


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                            Kaitlyn to Haleigh- I voted to evict Steve and I put on the performance of a lifetime.... America watched me flip my ****ing vote to protect you guys and to protect my ass and then I win HoH.

                            Kaitlyn - now America is freaking out


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                              Kaitlyn to Haleigh - she ( Sam ) know and now she owes me a limb and a ****ing thigh... the other side knew I flipped my vote.... but I didn't do it for them. ... I did it for me ...


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