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Live Feed Updates-July 14, 2018 (Day 24)

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 14, 2018 (Day 24)

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    4:45 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      Power of Veto Players:

      HoH - Scottie
      Nominees - Winston and Brett
      Picked Players - Rockstar, Rachel and Tyler
      Host - Bayleigh


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        Catching us up ...

        JC and Tyler talked...

        JC tells Tyler that has to throw the Veto Competition ..

        Tyler tells him he knows.. but only after Rockstar is out ..

        JC to Tyler - if we don't Brett out now.. he's going to make it all the way until the end.

        Tyler - trust me I know


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          Rachel tells JC that it won't be good for her to win the veto ..

          JC to Rachel- you better ****ing throw that **** ...

          He tells her to get out after Rockstar


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            Scottie and Kaycee talked...

            Scottie tells her that if someone uses the PoV .. their best friend will go on the block.


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              Scottie to Kaycee - if they ( any of the picked players ) use it ( the veto ) ... they void their deal and I don't have to honor any deal with them...


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                Winston and Rachel talk ...

                He tells her that he's sorry she's caught in the middle of this..

                He talks about how he knows that Scottie voted to evict Swaggy ... but he's lying to everyone about it...

                Rachel tells him it's fine.. she just wishes that he hadn't of blown up ( on Scottie )

                Winston to Rachel- he ( Scottie ) tries to build this whole persona that... whoever lied to me is going up...

                Winston- you ( Scottie ) have been lying since Day 1


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                  Kaitlyn tells Rachel, Rockstar and Bayeligh that a 3rd guy is going home this week.... and that they ( the girls ) can ****ing do this


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                    Kaitlyn - girl ****ing power ..
                    Bayleigh - finally....

                    Rockstar - girls always rip each other apart in this ****ing game.... let's do this ...

                    Rachel - yeah .. let's do that ...


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                      Tyler and Kaycee talked...

                      They talked about how Scottie said if the veto was used .. that he would put Kaitlyn up as the replacement nominee... and how she (Kaitlyn) thinks if that does happen she won't go home... but how they don't know how many alliances Brett has with other people..

                      Kaycee asked Tyler if Sam should use her power to save either Winston or Brett this week...

                      Tyler- if we use it now and next week or her are up there.... we're ****ed


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                        Kaycee and Angela talked..

                        Kaycee tells her that Tyler is going to throw the veto to either Brett or Winston ... and to remind Rachel to do the same...

                        Kaycee to Angela- of we've got 2 people up that's on our side....Sam will have to use her power.... this is the last week to use it.... if she doesn't use it this week.... it's automatically used next week


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                            Scottie won the Power of Veto

                            Scottie also won a trip to Greece ...


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                              ( I will catch us up .. was spending time with the family .. I used to say that I couldn't because of Big Brother ... but since my mom passed.... when they ask.. I say what time? ... so bear with me that I'm not here 24/7 ... I was watching on my phone and updated the PoV winner as soon as I could ... but now I'll get us up to date .. )


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